The Young Magician

December 18, 2017:

Stranded by the Omega Shift into a world not quite his own, Wiccan seeks Dr. Strange for guidance

Dr. Strange Sanctum


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It was a beautiful day in New York City. The festive holiday had officially long arrived, with people generally being more…polite and caring to others in such time as this, goodwill towards men. Or at least most of them. There are always those who would lurk in the shadows…but today, a young man had a mission…a much-needed talk with Doctor Stephen Strange.

In his world, Doctor Strange was the Sorcerer Supreme. According to what he knows with his cosmic awareness and filtered with Magic, the same is true for this world as well. Thus does Billy Kaplan make way for the Sanctum Sanctorum. He wore dark clothes today, a black jacket over a dark blue T-shirt, blue jeans, and tenneshoes. He looked like your average college student who might only be stopping by for soliciting. Though once he walks up to the door, he takes a deeep breath, and knocks on the sacred door to the Sanctorum.

"Hello? May I come in?" he asks curiously, looking around as he keeps his arms crossed. Anyone who passes him gets a little smile when awkward eye contact meets, then his eyes are back to the door, sincerely hoping the Sorcerer is home.

The person that opens the door is a bald oriental man apparently in his thirties, of about William’s height. "Oh, good afternoon. I am afraid I can't allow you to…" he squints his eyes. "Ah, but you are an adept." He seems to hesitate. "Please, come in," he decides, "I suppose you are looking for the Doctor and not trying to sell me anything."

Amazingly some door-to-door salesmen manage to find the mystically hidden door of the Sanctum. Happens several times a month. Truly there must be some dark magic at work.

"Follow me to the living room, young man. I am Wong, the Doctor's assistant," he announces. "Who should I tell the Doctor wants to meet him?"

Billy sits there in the cold for a moment until Wong opens the door, and Wiccan greets him with a kind smile. "Ah, hey! Oh, uh, I'm not a-" then Wong classifies him as an experienced magic user. "Well…I don't know about adept, but I'll go with it." he smiles big and wide as he's let in, whewing at the feel of warmth. Once they are out of sight, Wiccan snaps his fingers and his clothes change to his sorcerers attire.

A long, hooded and tattered cloak hangs from his shoulders, and he wears a dark blue bodysuit with red pipe lining. his sides and arms though look like they are the cosmos themselves. Though it may be just for appearance…but who knows?

"Happily, sir. and uh…Billy Kaplan will do, if it's not to much trouble?" he asks humbly.

The Sanctum feels warm and weirdly comfortable for a magician. It is an enchanted place, highly warded against dark magic. For heroic-minded magic-users, it feels good. It is also richly furnished, to the point of opulence.

Wong invites Billy to sit down, "would you like tea, or a soda drink?" He offers. He has already warned Strange, but the magician is up in the workshop, spellcrafting, and he needs a minute to leave it all in a stable situation. Then, possibly before Wong returns with Billy's choice, Doctor Strange enters the room from a side door. "Good afternoon, Mr. Kaplan. Or do you prefer…" he stalls. "Ah, but are you William Kaplan, also known as Wiccan?"

Billy would sit down and clasp his hands together as he is asked if he would like something to drink, and he smiles at Wong "uhm…a sprite, if it's not too much trouble?" he says with a kind smile before Doctor Strange arrives, and Wiccan stands up to greet him. Though he's only partially surprised that Stephen already knows his name. "Ah…yeah, that's me! Uhm, you're Doctor Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme." ah yes, sorcerers know who the big sorcerer is.

"It's a pleasure to meet you…well, again, but..I should stop talking. Good afternoon, Doctor Strange." a smile then. "I hope I haven't interrupted you doing anything important?"

Wong nods, smiling briefly to Billy, and leaves the room. No need to ask Strange what he wants.

Meanwhile the Doctor walks closer to Billy and seizes him briefly. "I am, indeed, and you, young man. Ah, I suppose you have a story to tell. I had heard of a Billy Kaplan a few years ago, but you are not him. And yet you are him." It seems one of those paradoxes that he has learned to live with.

Nevertheless, he offers the young man his hand. "Welcome to the Sanctum, regardless. What can I do for you?"

Billy smiles to Doctor Strange as he approaches and seizes him, giving Stephen a smile. "Good to see you." he's far more friendly than his world's Doctor Strange. Which is a good thing in his humble opinion. Regardless, he gives Doctor Strange a few nods. "Yeah….it's…complicated, to put it into words. I wouldn't be wrong in assuming you know of the Omega Shift event?"

Though when offered a hand, Wiccan takes it and gives it a good shake. "I…have a request. I know that I already know much about Magic…but I want to learn more. Can you teach me?"

Strange sighs when he hears of the Omega Shift, nodding briefly. "Yes, the Justice League was involved, but…" but they failed to stop Alfie O'Meagan. The D.E.O. played with forces way beyond human control and they are lucky the world was not shattered in pieces. "I know. So I imagine you find yourself with conflicting memories? Fortunately you are a sorcerer, you are better equipped to deal with this than most humans."

He takes the seat in front of Billy. And Wong's returns delays his response. The oriental man brings a tall glass with Sprite and ice for Billy, and a cup of tea for Strange.

"There is always more to learn about magic," he decides, in a neutral tone. Would he have taught the other Wiccan, who was a hero? Probably yes. But he just met this version of him. "Why do you want to learn more magic?"

Wiccan nods a few times when Strange clearly knows what the Omega shift is. "Yeha…it's been hard. Just this past week I tried talking to Tony Stark and he didn't even know who I was…in my world, I trusted him with everything you know? and It's just…it's been a ride." he chuckles then. "But I'm happy I can handle it at all." homo-magi's were usually pretty resilient in terms of the mind.

He sits back down once Doctor Strange does, and he looks at Wong as he arrives with a tall glass of sprite for him. "Ah, thank you so much. I really appreciate it." he says politely as he sips the drink with a hum. "Delicious." Then Strange asks him why he wants to learn more magic. "Always. As for why I want to learn…well, I'm a homo-magi and I've always just been captivated with magic. It's one of, if not the only thing, that really makes me feel alive. I want to use magic and defend people of all backgrounds. I was given this power for a reason, and I want to put it to good use."

and Now strange knows why this kid was a possible sorcerer supreme candidate. That and his already existing magic power.

Homo-Magi, uh? Strange thought he knew all the Homo-Magi clans, but it would explain why Billy holds so much power in his personal energy reserves. So, not a mutant.

"I am going to be frank with you, Wiccan. I heard some good things of your… other self," he starts. "He was a promising young hero. And I would have been proud to mentor him. You are an unknown factor, however. And I already have two students. This year has been complicated, and I barely had spare time to teach my own daughter. Moreover, I sense you are already remarkably powerful for your age. Perhaps even a master already. I would like to know you better before accepting you as a disciple. Where are you living right now?"

Billy listens to Strange when he tells him he's going to be frank with him. "Oh, sure, sure!" he says, the slight immaturity still there perhaps. "Yeah…I'm still trying to figure out the reputation of the..other me, I guess." and when he's praised as being a powerful mage, he kind of blushes actually from possible embarassment. "Oh? oh thank you! I really appreciate it…uhm, yeah, yeah we can totally get to know each other better before I'm accepted as a disciple. I live in New York. College student apartment…NYU." he says with a smile.

Strange nods. New Yorker and he missed his presence… or maybe there was nothing to miss as reality keeps re-aligned. Trice-damned be the souls of Alfie O'Meagan and the reckless, power hungry scientists and politicians behind the DEO.

"Very well… there are a good number of supernatural problems currently afflicting the city," explains Strange. "The next few weeks I am going to be quite busy. We can try to work together, however. This current weather, so cold even for December, is a supernatural attack on New York and I need to find the one responsible."

Wiccan takes a sip of his sprite as Doctor Strange takes that moment to think, then has his full attention when the Sorcerer Supreme -does- speak. "Oh, if you need an extra hand, I'd be more than happy to help out. I've noticed it's a little too chilly outside. Unless you have another task for me to do?" Billy asked curiously.

It was clear that Strange was very looked up to by Billy. Though if the Sorcerer Supreme offered to work together on a few things, it was generally quite polite not to say no.

Good question. In truth Strange needs just find out if Billy is the heroic type he seems to be. Oh, and defeat the Demon Bear, since right now he is busy with the problem. “College apartment now? Aren’t you going to spend time with your family for the holidays?” Pause. “Or… did the Shift left you stranded completely?”

Wiccan nods a few times when Strange mentions his College apartment home…but when asked if he was going to spend time with his family, he takes a small breath. "THat's……really complicated. I still have my…'parents' I guess..the Kaplans. But…Scarlett Witch was my mother. But in this world…she never became a mage or joined the avengers. So uh…yeah, still figuring that part out. This world is much different than mine…ours…ugh." he rubs his temples a moment.

"Frustrating really. I still have the Kaplans to spend Christmas with."

Strange arches an eyebrow at that statement. Complicate indeed! "Alright, I think you need to explain me all this more slowly. The Scarlet Witch," he sighs. "Before the Omega Shift I knew her a little. Now she seems a terrorist working with the Brotherhood. She is still too young to be your mother, in any case. Unless it involves time travel or…" yes, of course it involves time travel, he realizes. The life of a mage.

Wiccan runs a hand through his hair. "In my world, I was the reincarnation of her son. She's my….'spiritual' mother. It's very complicated and I barely understand it myself." he states simply. "Now….it hurts hearing that she's this person. We were very close." Damn those people who brought the omega shift. Talk about al life change. "…a dimension-slicing shift that spread across space and time and merged certain dimensions together, some large changes, some small, some unaffected?"

"….and in my world, she was much older…" he adds.

That is so completely incredible that is must be the truth. Strange has heard and read of weirder things in the last 40 years. "There have been fragments of other continuities merging with ours, yes. It has caused instabilities and incursions from hostile dimensions. I think we will still suffer a few years of related problems. As for now… no, but I suppose we will have to deal with the Scarlet Witch sooner or later."

Wiccan nods a few times as Doctor Strange speaks of the vast intricacies of the multiple continuities bonding together to form multiple realities. "Agreed. But I think eventually we can bring things back into stability." though when he hears about dealing with the Scarlett Witch, he nods. "I don't know if I can convince her to change, but…it's worth a shot right?" he asks with a hope in his eyes. But then he takes a small breath, sipping more at his sprite…

Which refills itself

"…that's so cool." sure he's done it before, but the difference is it's a -Doctor Strange- cup. SO COOL!

Strange smiles slightly at the conjuration spell, nodding at his question. Yes, he should try to talk to Wanda. It might be better if he does, and not Strange in person. "That is, I suppose, one task you could consider… in fact it might be your duty, as her son."

The Doctor finishes his tea, and considers the young man in front of him for a few seconds. “I will help you.” He decides, “in this and also to ease your transition to this continuum, if you wish to stay. Once this Demon Bear problem is solved, I will also take you as my disciple.”

Wiccan keeps looking at the sprite refilling a few times as he takes certain lengths of drink before Strange speaks again. Though his words hold a vast truth, Wiccan nods a few times then. "Yeah…I think I should."

Though when Doctor Strange…the freaking sorcerer supreme..offers Billy his help in the matter, -and- permits him stay in this continuum -AND- will take Billy on as his disciple, Billy looks a little shocked to be honest. "You're serious? You're serious. Oh my god. Oh thank you! I would like to stay in this continuum…even spend a few days here if you don't mind…and thank you!" he says with wide eyes and a happy spirit. His main goal was becoming Strange's disciple…but he's been given so much more.
Though he tilts his head at 'demon bear' "….demon bear? Do you need my help?" he offers.

"The Bear is the one responsible of the harsh winter weather," explains Strange. He offers a genuine smile to the young man eagerness. No, he is not 'permitting' him to stay. "You don't need my permission, William. I am merely offering to ease the transition. I know the mixing of memories can be traumatic."

The sorcerer stands up, then adds. "I am going to do some research on your situation, and then I will contact you. Hopefully before Christmas Eve. I'd like to explain to you my findings and talk more about the current emergency situation. Perhaps introduce you to other magic-users. Although… do you know about the Oblivion Bar?"

Wiccan gives Strange an 'ahh…got it.' kind of expression when Strange reveals that the bear is responsible for the more severe weather they were having. "Ah, alrighty. Though thank you, even still." Though when asked about the Oblivion Bar and being introduced to other magic users, Billy nods.

"Yeah…I went there only once in the past. I could get there again…though meeting other magic users and sorcerers would be nice." he smiles then big and wide, rising up to his feet when Strange does as per social etiquette.

"Yes, exactly," confirms Strange. Perhaps a good place for a dimensionally displaced magician to make some contacts. "You have your family… perhaps you should try to reconnect with your friends. Those that belong to the native William Kaplan and those you had from your other memories. There might be resonance, and they might remember you past the Omega Shift changes. Stay safe. Call me if you run into trouble, please."

Wiccan nods a few times when Strange suggests that he should see if he can reconnect with old friends. "I think that'd be a good place to start." and he extends a hand to the good Doctor when he tells him to stay safe. "Will do. and You too, Doctor Strange sir."

After the handshake, Billy turns and with a rotation of his hand, a circle of swirling blue embers starts to open and grow wider, a gate being opened back into Billy's room. "I'll see you soon Doctor." he gives him a kind smile and he steps through the gate, the portal closing behind him and flickering out.

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