Put a Ring on It

December 17, 2017:

Marcos asks Lorna a very, very, important question

Genosha, Magneto's military base


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Genosha was cooling off from the heat of the day, few people were out and about, though a few refuges had arrived to the military base, seeking talks with someone in charge. A few children had been left in what more or less served as the lobby. They were clearly mutants, with various mutations of the visible range from scales, to eyes that glowed gently even in the illuminated room.

Lorna for her part, seemed to have been caught up in whatever it was they were talking about. She knelt beside a little girl with purple hair that seemed to be able to make tiny puffs of smoke with her hands. The green haired woman was slowly coaxing the little mutant to show her what she could do.

As a small puff of smoke appeared and then wafted away into the air, Lorna clapped encouragingly, smiling and ruffling the little girl's hair.

"That was very good! If you keep trying, I'm sure you'll get even better. Maybe you'll be able to create a large smokescreen." A pause as she considered and arched a brow upwards. "Your code name should be Smokescreen you know.."


Marcos was out and about helping out the refugees where he could while Lorna stuck to what she did best: giving people hope. Thus was Marcos presently in a conversation with another mutant about perhaps rebuilding a little home to help house some of the refugees, if not have a place where they can have some measure of shelter. Marcos nods a few times, his eyes often wandering over to Lorna as she speaks with kids…

and in truth, all that does is make Marcos's belief that Lorna would be an incredible mother that much stronger. Regardless, with a few nods and exchange of words with the mutant in question, Marcos makes his way over to Lorna with the warmest smile on his face.

Still wearing his bodysuit just with the top unzipped so that he could wear a tanktop in the hot weather (as well as recharge his photokinesis), he puts a hand on Lorna's shoulder before speaking to the child herself. "Amazing trick you have there little lady. You'll be an expert with it in no time." he smiles big and warm then, before he looks to Lorna, his hand gliding down to take hers if she let him.



Lorna grinned as the little girl shyly smiled at the mention of a codename before the purple haired mutant tucked her hands behind her back and turned around to return with her small gaggle of friends or siblings— it was hard to tell. Either way, Marcos' compliment came with another shy glance his way before the kids returned to whatever little game they were playing. It was clear that these children were not originally Genoshan and had come to settle. They still had it in them to play around.

Still, Lorna rose as Marcos arrived at her side and stole her hand. She arched a brow upwards, her lips twitching in a faint smile.

"Hey there stranger. How are you doing?" She gave his hand a squeeze.


Marcos smiles warmly to Lorna as his fingers intertwine with hers, moving close to her so that they are chest to chest. "Better, now that I'm with you. You're so good with kids, you know that? you sure you wouldn't be a good teacher?" he asks her with a teasing sound to his voice, his eyes looking right into hers. "All in all, I'm good. Was talking with others about helping rebuild some shelters so these people have a place to sleep. A safer, place, anyway." a small sigh then, but he looks right back to Lorna after.

"How about you? how you holding up?" he asks her curiously. They just went back to the mainland to get supplies after all. But his paranoia was maxed out. In a strange island, in a strange government, around stranger people. This is way outside of Marcos's usual jurisdiction.

"Good I hope?"


Lorna flushed faintly at his comment about her being good with kids and she exhaled a breath, eyebrows climbing upwards. "That's a load of shit and you know it, Diaz." She poked at his chest with the index finger of her free hand. "I'm only good in talking about their powers. And if they cry or something? Ick. I'd rather hand them back to whoever is in charge and deal with them later." She murmured lightly.

Lorna squinted at him briefly and frowned, "And no, that does not count for future children talks. Okay? Totally not acceptable in a war zone." She added, and glanced back at the little gaggle of children that now, it seemed were being rounded up by someone they knew and herded out the door to where ever it was they were staying.

"And I'm fine. Sorry I ran out when you were chatting with Jamie. I guess the pizza I ate or something I had wasn't so good."


Marcos can't help but laugh at Lorna's words, though it's a good natured one. Her pokes to his chest are simply returned with his offhand wrapping around her waist to hold her close to him. A public display may help keep Lorna's hopeless suitors off her back to know that she is in fact, taken in every sense of the word. "Heh, you just say that to cover up." he winks at her then in playful humor.

"Alright alright…wasn't really the direction I was headed with that, but the meaning is fully noted, I promise." he smiles warmly to her, kissing her forehead. Then his attention follows hers: those children running off as they play. Though when Lorna apologizes, Marcos just shakes his head.

"You had me worried about you, Dane. Seriously." he states even though there is a legitimate…sincere worry in his eyes. "Thought you had gotten sick."


A soft, stifled laugh escaped her as Marcos slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. She couldn't help herself, even if she typically refrained from any public displays while in Genosha. She hated the chance that she might make Marcos look like even more of a target. Still, she allowed the affection, even as he leaned in to kiss her forehead gently.

His worried look had her rolling her eyes though. "Mutants don't get sick so easily. It's in our biology. So don't go all worry-ier on me. I ate something bad, that's all. I've been fine since then." She shrugged, "I've been working on getting more of the buildings rebuilt and established. We've got little in terms of glass still.." She sighed, and then paused as she looked back to Marcos.

"Marcos, that's it! Why didn't I think of this sooner. Your powers! We've got sand.. you can make heat. Why don't we work on figuring out if you can make glass!"


Marcos smiles to her as the affection is returned. She knows these were the moments he liked….the moments where they can just -be- with each other, regardless of who's watching or who's judging. Damn them, as it were. Though when she starts to explain a bit why she felt fine, he chuckles faintly.

"Fair enough, fair enough…I just worry is all, Lorna. we may be hard to get sick, but we still suffer like humans do." he smiles to her warmly. His heart was so big when it came to Lorna. Regardless, when she starts to freak out a little bit in excitement at the possibility of Marcos making glass, he ponders this.

"actually….I have no idea if I can make glass or not…could be worth something to try though!"


Lorna arched a brow, still grinning widely, "But think about it. Glass requires slow, constant heat, right? I mean, it wouldn't be like perfect see through glass, but it could help let in light. And I think it could be a big morale boost if we could figure out how to make it. Or at the very least, repair the ones that are already damaged. Don't you think?" She leaned back slightly, her hands settling on his arms for balance as she gaze at him.

"Between the two of us, we'd be like a two person construction crew." She glanced around the area and then back to him.

"Want to head back to the room? I think things are starting to clear up around here. It's almost dinner time."


Marcos laughs a bit to her as they talk about rebuilding the place. "I think it could work in all honesty….could fix up alot of the damage to at least make some temporary homes for these people. Let's try it out tomorrow yeah?" he grins at her, both of his hands moving to her waist so that it looks like they may start dancing. Though he chuckles at her words again.

"A pretty badass overall construction team. If the others feel like helping, hey, more the merrier." he smiles. "Maybe a mutant who can control earth….." he hums then. Terraforming could help too. Regardless, at the prospect of returning home, Marcos nods a few times.

"I think heading back would be a good idea. I'm pretty exhausted…" he gives her a small smile. "Besides, I can attempt to make pasta."


Lorna arched a brow as she started to tug Marcos along toward their room, "Mmm, that would be a good idea. We also need to start looking at food, and the growing seasons here. If we can work on getting crops going the sooner we don't have to rely on external trade. Not that the UN has provided or offered any of that, and I doubt many want to get involved. I'm willing to bet that the outside world doesn't want to help or have ties to Genosha just now." She murmured.

Ah, the joys of politics.

"Pasta sounds good."

Later in the apartment***

Marcos had led Lorna into the bedroom after their extensive talk on the way from the refugee site to their home about the possibiility of Marcos being able to turn sand into glass. While it'd certianly help for certain, Marcos is only a little skeptical about this…especially since his abilities presently hurt him….glass and painful powers don't sound too promising, but he's optimistic, and is definately willing to try only because Lorna asked him to.

"Home sweet home." he says with a small sigh as he walks Lorna into the room by the hand, giving it a small squeeze after…then he pulls her close to him to give her a kiss. "Happy to be home…" he looks at the calendar then. oooo now he had to think. Regardless, he gives Lorna a smile.

"It's almost Christmas."


Lorna smiled as she closed the door behind them as they slipped inside. She'd had a horrible time with her father, an emotional roller coaster that left her exhausted. To spend time with Marcos? It was like slipping under a warm blanket. Safe. She returned the kiss, and chuckled against his lips as he paused to glance at the calendar.

"Yeah, that's what happens at this time of year typically." She murmured, her hand drawing over his shirt.

Her thoughts drifted, her expression growing darker for a moment, clouding with the unsaid. Christmas time was always bitter sweet for her.

"We've got gifts under the tree at the Mansion you know.."


Marcos nods a few times to Lorna with a big chuckle after the kiss at her sass about Christmas. "Hardy har har. You know what I mean." his hands glide down her arms. "But hey, I have a present for you." He reaches into his bodysuit pocket and he looks her in the eyes as he reaches, Though eventually, she'd find her hand being held by his. "Lorna, since the day I met you, you've been nothing but kind and compassionate towards me. We've worked together for years and there's no one on this earth that I trust more than you. You're the only woman for me, and the only one I could ever love. When I was at my lowest, it was you who brought me back to the light. I'm the luckiest man in the world because I have you. Now…I have one last thing to ask you." He starts to kneel down then, his hand keeping together with hers.

"Lorna Sally Dane, will you make me the happpiest man in the world? Will you marry me?" he asks her and he pops open a little box, showcasing a melted down metal ring that is actually pretty impressively done and crafted, a smooth, black metal ring for her.

He holds his breath for a moment as he looks directly into her eyes, this was something he had spent alot of time planning and thinking out, well…now she knows why he was nervous.


Lorna grinned at him, cheeky through and through. Of course, that grin slid off her face as she slowly came to realize what it was that Marcos was doing. As he started to speak in something that was clearly practiced.. her eyes went wide and round. Her lips parted in shock as Marcos slowly knelt before her and pulled out a tiny box. Her hand spasmed in his grip, her heart pounded in her chest and her eyes watered faintly at the corners.

A sharp inhale of breath followed, her free hand rising to cover her mouth.

"Oh Marcos.." She whispered, clearly choked up as she struggled to process the range of emotions that tangled within her.

Her knees gave out and she found herself sinking down to him, her free hand rising to wrap around his hand that gripped her own. She sniffled, and nodded, moved beyond words as she tried to find her voice. Her lips trembling as a smile bloomed over her features.


Marcos looked up right at her with the biggest sense of a smile. and when she sunk down in front of him in a clear state of almost overwhelming joy, he takes out the ring and he slips it right onto her finger. A perfect fit. and the material the ring was made out of made it easy for her to make it malleable with her powers. Looking overjoyed that she actually said yes, he laughs a bit, his hands wrapping around her then as he embraced her tight.

His lips soon found hers for a passionate kiss as the two were now officially engaged to be married. and Marcos couldn't be happier. It was this moment that he realized that everything he ever wanted came true. She was his world. and now, soon she was literally going to be his life.

"I love you." he whispers between kisses and chuckles of joy.


Lorna was crying, she couldn't help it. Even between the kisses and the joy, wrapped in his arms and her own sliding around him, she couldn't stop the tears. Couldn't help the choked noise that escaped her at the back of her throat.

After her father told her that family always came second to him? After dealing with the feelings of abandonment from him, not once, but twice in her life it was hard to wrap her mind around the idea that Marcos wanted her in his life. That he wanted her enough that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Her father had said, that in a perfect, ideal world, he would've happily married her mother. This world wasn't perfect, but here she was.. more than willing to get married to the man she loved. Because the world would never be perfect. It would never ideal.. They had what time they were given, and that was it.

Better to make the most of it.

She kissed him thoroughly, her frame sinking against him fully as her arms tightened around him. Her tears continued to trickle down her cheeks, even as she smiled against his lips. "I love you too." She whispered.


Marcos held her close and tight to him as they kissed. Her whispered words bringing the best smile out of him. This happened for him. FOr a kid who everyone told he would never go anywhere, and the only place he should be is lighting places on fire. But here he was…with the love of his life. She said yes. He still couldn't believe it.

The world may not be perfect, but in that moment between Lorna and Marcos, it might as well have been.

Eventually, he pulls away just lightly so he can see her eyes. "Your the most beautiful woman in the world. and I'm the luckiest guy to ever walk." he chuckles then, kissing her lips once more as they just share that moment of joy.


The aurora bloomed to life around them as the two kissed, leaving them in a halo of rainbow light the likes of which rarely burst into quite the strength and magnitude of twirls as it was now. Her hands slid back and over his shoulders to frame his face as she leaned back a moment, still sniffling faintly as tear tracts trailed down her cheeks. "I highly doubt that, as I think you might be a tad biased." She chuckled softly, her thumb rubbing against the stubble on his cheek.

"It's okay though, I'm pretty biased too." She murmured, leaning in to press another tender kiss against his lips.


Marcos smiles to her then, looking at the ring on her finger. Yep! he put a ring on it. "I think you need to pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming." he chuckles then, a tear actually escaping his eye. "Best day of my life. Don't want it ruined if it was a dream." he teases her just lightly. "Now, I'm quite biased." he teases her, and he kisses her in return when she kisses him. "Best thing that ever happened to me."

and he's more than happy to sit there with her on the ground, holding her against him. He lifted up a hand to wipe away her tears.


Lorna reached up to pinch his cheek, grinning at him. "It's not a dream, if it is, then we're in this together." She murmured, winking at him and then dragging her hands through his hair. She laughed softly, drawing her hand back to look down at the ring there on her finger. Tears jumped to her eyes again and she broke down into open sobs at the sight of it.

"Where did you get this ring?" She whispered, her voice choked. Her green eyes lifted to look back at him, tears splashing down her cheeks anew.


Marcos smiles to her big and warm when she pinches him, kissing her softly once more. he wiped away her tears as she examined the ring. "Well…I made it. Melted down three metals to get it to be that shape." he says pretty proud of himself. "…it may have taken me a few tries." he laughs then a bit as he looks right into her eyes.


Lorna lifted her gaze from the ring to him, rubbing her fingers over the metal in wonder. "I can sense them.." She breathed, her lips parting as he wiped away the tears that trailed down her cheeks. "You used magnetic metals.. It's beautiful." She looked down at it again in wonder. The balance, it was so unique and sang in her senses. It meant more to her than any gold ring, where the metal was dead to her senses.

A soft chuckle escaped her as she leaned in to steal another kiss from him, wrapping her arms around him again.

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