Father and Daughter Talk

December 16, 2017:

Lorna and Max finally have a private conversation and try to solve some issues. They both have hidden agendas, however. (Magneto emitted by Nate)

Magneto's office, Hammer Bay, Genosha

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Although Lorna and Marcos have been invited a few times to the cabinet meetings, the truth is that Magneto seems to have little time to spare to his daughter. Only today he finally agreed to see Lorna, and it is pretty late in the evening.

His office is not as Spartan as his living quarters. No, it looks pretty impressive, spacious, with expensive-looking artwork, beautiful furniture and a chair behind the desk that almost looks like a throne. Obviously Magneto wants to give an impression to the important people he receives here.

When Lorna is ushered in, he stands up. "Good evening, Lorna," he greets, "please, sit down. Would you like a cup of tea? Or perhaps wine?" The robot, Ferris, stands hovering quietly by the corner.

Lorna glanced at the robot as she entered her father's rather, well, plush, office. She hadn't truly expected anything else from him. Not after acolytes started to call her 'princess', either in all seriousness or jokingly. She didn't know and hadn't confronted her father about it. She had been trying to be diplomatic. Of course, then again, she was pissed at Cortez, though the fact her father hadn't so much as said a word against her for it.. had her feeling oddly ill at ease with the whole situation.

She had told Scott as much and he'd talked about throwing wrenches into things.. So here she was, a wrench. She hoped.

"Wine is fine." She murmured, it's not like she drank on Genosha to get drunk. She never dared.

She made to sit down, pushing green hair back from her face. Lorna wore something of a cross between her combat jumpsuit and her street clothes. All of the fibers were of course, fused with magnetic compounds, so she could manipulate it at will.. But it was still a measure of just how much she kept trying to find herself in the chaos that was Genosha.

Her sleeves were slashes with gaps running along the seams, and her shirt remained closed with a skull around her neck. But she wore pants more or less styled like jeans, with chains hanging off the sides as easy weapons. Not that there was a lack of steel in the area.. but better safe than sorry.

"There's a lot I wanted to speak with you about, actually…" She trailed off, glancing to her father.

Magneto has 'punished' Cortez by removing him from the Cabinet for a couple weeks. Unfortunately Lorna will soon have to deal with his bigoted, murderous ways during the meetings. But it takes all kinds of viewpoints, right? A fair number of mutants agree with Fabian.

Magneto is wearing his purple and red armor. Always. One would say he sleeps on it. (He doesn't, but he sleeps four or five hours every night at most). The helmet is on the table, between them.

Ferris brings a pair of cups of Sherry for the magnetic mutants. "Very well, we can talk," he glances to the clock by the wall. "We have at least six hours. Barring emergencies."

Lorna pursed her lips, oh the day that Cortez was released would be a day Magneto had to hold his daughter back from killing someone. The irony of it all.

Still, for the moment, she sipped her wine and leaned back in her chair. "Okay, so, I guess I'll throw out the less personal bombshell first. Aquaman came to talk to me the other night. His people want blood for the torture they received at the hands of the previous Genoshans that saw their people experimented on. They don't care really who is on the island, but they want to flood it. I spoke at length with him, and informed him that you'd be more than happy to see such people die, though doubtlessly don't want the island destroyed in the process. He agreed to send an emissary at the beach every day at noon for a week. If you're interested in an alliance. He's willing to meet on the beach to discuss terms of an alliance, and would bring a number of advisors and guards." She exhaled a breath and looked down at her wine.

"He demands that I be present for such an alliance if you're interested in it. It would be the first alliance between the surface world they've ever made. I know I don't have to point out how useful it would be to have an alliance considering Genosha is an island.."

"Aquaman, of the Justice League?" Magneto looks vaguely amused. "So this 'hero' is talking about destroying an island of nine million people, most of them civilians? Because something the previous fascist government did to…?" Magneto is not even aware the old regimen had kidnapped a handful Homo Mermanus for inhumane experiments. Not that it would surprise him the least.

He looks at Lorna for a few seconds, "and then offers an alliance. Atlantis is in another ocean, Lorna. And despite their pretensions of having lordship over all the oceans, it is more like a city state. Other submarine nations are closer to Genosha. The mysterious Blue are in this region, I think. Even King Namor's New Atlantis is closer. Still, I suppose we can humor him. As long as he abstains of making threats."

Lorna shrugged, what did she know about the ocean's cities? Nothing. Less than nothing. But it was something, she figured. Though when Magneto points out the murderous tendencies that Aquaman was talking about… she fought back a wince. What could she say to that? "he claimed that as king he had to listen to what his people said or face the threat of being taken from the throne."

A sigh fell from her lips and she sipped at her wine. Her fingers idly playing with the neck of the wine glass. "Maybe it would be worth it to talk to the Submariner the instead. I don't know but I do know I want to help, I want to make sure Genosha is safe." She pressed her lips into a thin line and then glanced back to her father.

"Do you remember how I mentioned that other reality? How I had siblings there?"

Magneto nods. He is certainly not adverse to meet other national rulers. Although Atlantis is an odd one to start. They are not influential (or maybe even interested) in international politics. He possibly would prefer Namor, too, since it is rumored he is a mutant. "I will listen to what he has to say, Lorna." That is all he can offer for now.

Of course he remembers her talk about visiting another reality. It was interesting and Magneto never forgets anything. He figures they do have time to talk about it. "Ah yes. What happened to you?" He sips the wine, expecting some kind of super-hero adventures tale.

Lorna grimaced faintly at the promise to talk, it was better than then threats wasn't it she didn't want to think about what would happen if Aquaman and Magneto went to war. Another sip of her wine followed. "Well, in that world… Professor Xavier had died in the 60s or 70s I don't remember. You led the X-Men, you had a son named Pietro Maximoff, he was leading the X-men when that version of you, became vice president of the United States ….or at least what was left of it… that world's version of me died some time before I got there.. So that was interesting." She exhaled a breath, watching her father.

"You see, I started to wonder, when I got back.. if this world's version was related to me too.. And I sought him out. He has no idea who his father is. And really pissed when I suggested that we might be related."

She watched her father, green eyes glued to his features. Did he know? Did he suspect?

Magneto's eyes narrow briefly at hearing of Xavier's death. A flicker of emotion there. And a thoughtful expression follows, considering the consequences it would have had for him losing Xavier when they were still like brothers.

The rest. Him leading the X-Men? Becoming the vice president of the US? Sounds crazy. Not that he voices it. Alternate realities might be strange. That other Magneto might have been a very different man. But Lorna is not even explaining in detail, she is focusing in this man. Her brother.

"So you found this world counterpart to this other 'Pietro Maximoff'? And you now think perhaps he is also your brother and my son, correct?" He sighs. "I… am not prone to have adventures with women, Lorna. Your mother was a rare exception." Still, the chance he has a son. It must be investigated. "Do you have a picture of this Pietro?"

Lorna shifted to watch her father and then half stood to pull out a blurry picture of the attack on the gala. "This is Pietro, and this is Pietro's sister, Wanda. She went through my head. She wanted to know if I was lying about the chance that we might be related. Dad, you never happened to know a woman with the last name Maximoff, did you?" She arched a brow upwards.

"Please, whatever else you might've lied to me about, tell me the truth this once. Do you think it's possible they're my half siblings?"

Magneto studies the picture for a minute. It is too blurry. "I do not know, Lorna. You have seen them, does this Pietro look like me?" Nevertheless, if they are in the New York area and committing acts of mutant terrorism he can contact the local Broterhood cells and ask around. "Maximoff… not a common American name, certainly. You make it sound as if they have been quite hostile to you in the past, despite your attempts to reach them. What happened?"

That wasn't exactly an answer to her question and Lorna refrained from grumbling, as she sat back and eyed her father. "He has white hair and he's only a few years old than me, he has blue eyes." Lorna shrugged as she sat back, crossing her arms as she bit back a frown.

"And yeah, well, when I tried to speak with him he slammed me back into a brick wall. He's fast. Super fast. And I couldn't even respond before he was gone. The second time? Wanda combed through my head like it was a toy box. It hurt. A lot. I had to ask Jean to help me get the head ache away." She grimaced and glanced back at the blurry images.

"I didn't tell the X-men I sought them out on my own. They, and everyone else want to find them and lock them up. I just want them to stop attacking people for no reason. They're making it worse for mutants over in the US. People have been talking about the mutant registration acts again."

"Of course they are," but Magneto does not believe it is due to episodes of mutant violence. It is simply a return to normal hostility and racism after two years of reeling from an alien raid. "You mentioned their activities in our previous conversation. I suppose I will try to reach them. Perhaps invite them to come to Genosha. Maybe we can have a civilized conversation here, hmm? It sounds as if it is due."

The glass of wine now empty, he leans back on his chair, considering. "You didn't tell the X-Men. So you must be quite sure they are related to you. Us. And still persist despite their poor reaction. Why is it so important to you?"

Lorna crossed her arms as she seemed to ignore the wine for the moment and glanced back to her father with a furrow of her brow. She inhaled a breath and slowly released it, not arguing the point over the mutant registration act. Either way, she hated it. And either way, she knew her father would assume it a natural step in the bigotry of humans.

"I don't think they'll want to talk, when I suggested it last time? They seemed pretty pissed off that, if you're their father, you.. weren't there.." She trailed off, her voice going softer. And green eyes lifted to look at him once more.

"I don't understand how you couldn't possibly know about them! How can you sit here and ask me why I care about my possibly half siblings, when you're not even giving me so much of a hint if it's possible! Why can't you just tell me? A few years before you met my mother, did you have relations with a woman with the last name of Maximoff?"

Magneto shakes his head. "That name means nothing to me. And if they don't want to talk with you or me, so be it. I simply don't have time to investigate this issue, I have a whole nation is shambles I need to pacify and rebuild." He narrows his eyes at the young woman. "I have the impression you disapprove… ah! I see." He shakes his head. "Lorna, even if your mother had not asked me to stay out of your life, I would not been able to be a good father to you. Even now I can barely give you a few hours every week. Please, do not request for more."

Lorna's features twisted as he narrowed his gaze at her and the anger that leapt to her gaze was hot. "It doesn't matter at all that you might have some kids that you never knew about and had to go through life without a family, or anyone to care about them. It doesn't matter that after my mom died, you'd rather leave me to be raised by a bunch of humans in the foster care system that never gave two shits about me. Because before this? You had to fight some nebulous a war without end. That's what was important to you. Now it's an island that you claim you won't even spend all that long on because you want to keep on your never ending war with the world. Unless that was a lie too. Why are the acolytes calling me 'Princess'? Huh? Was that whole democracy a lie too? When will it ever be enough?" Her lips curled as she scowled.

"It's not, ever, going to be enough for you, is it?" She stood, reaching for her wine and downing it. She swallowed heavily, breathing hard as she squeezed her eyes shut and struggled to regain some measure of control of her emotions. It was truly for naught and she sank back down to the chair, hanging her head as she buried her hands through her green hair and seethed. Her powers too on edge and too tied to her emotions for her to feel comfortable actually storming out without causing property damage.

Those are quite a number of questions, and most of them are not really important at the moment. "I won't lie to you. My priority is the safety of mutantkind. Everything else, even my family, will have to be secondary. It is not I don't care Lorna. But I am one of the most powerful mutants alive and I have considerable scientist and strategic skills. I have a duty to our race."

And now… "I have worked for years to achieve the current leadership position I am on. It is an opportunity unheard of a year ago, and a huge responsibility. We can't fail in Genosha, Lorna. And there might be even more important projects afterwards. No, in truth it is never enough. I doubt we will live to see the world in peace."

As for the rest. 'Princesses'. Future political system. Cortez manipulations. The blind hero worship of some Acolytes. All are minor issues. Which Lorna needs to short it out by herself.

Lorna lifted her head from her hands massaging her temples. Her head was pounding with anger, enough that it was a struggle to breath and to regain enough of her cool to meet her father's otherwise impassive gaze. His cold, calculating gaze. Scott had warned her that Magneto would only ever want to use her for her power, as if she were a chess piece to captured and used in a game spanning decades between the Professor and her father.

The green haired mutant exhaled a rough, harsh breath through her nose as she leaned back in her chair, her cheeks flushed with the strength of her rage at her father. At the rush of vitrolic anger that typically meant she was about to crush something, and instead choked back.

"Peace is never going to happen, the world isn't going to change. People have been trying to kill others since they figured out how. Whether you try to force that change, or the Professor tries through his own passive whatever.. It's not going to happen." She swallowed a hard lump in her throat. Optimism was never Lorna's strong point.

"I'm not going to stay here on Genosha because of you, or because I believe in you or some shit. I will because I think it's important that mutants have a homeland and I think that what was done here was wrong. People here need help. And.. you're not wrong about it's…" She sighed."…importance." She murmured.

To those words, which are quite truthful, Magneto offers Lorna a nod and a faint smile. Then replies. "Good, I appreciate your commitment. And even if you are here for the cause of mutantkind, I do hope we have a few moments to talk to each other aside from our duties. As I said, I do care for you, Lorna. Always have. I will listen to you and I will try to help you with your problems and with your powers."

Lorna's nose wrinkled faintly as he smiled, her rage not completely abated, it was difficult for her to swallow the dry lump that formed in the back of her throat. A smile was hardly what she was expecting. She reached up to rub her temple, her blood still pounding in her veins, even as she slowly cooled off. The remark about her father offering help in regards to her powers seemed to ruffle her anew and she scowled faintly.

"My powers are fine. The Professor trained me since high school. I've had great teachers who've been there for me for years." No thanks to you, was almost a given in her tight lipped response. Anger was easier than hurt. Than to acknowledge how very badly she felt abandoned and unwanted for so many years… anger and hatred for her father was much easier to hold onto.

Even if it was now muddled horribly with each passing day she spent time with her father. He no longer was that nebulous vision of Magneto from X-men reports and TV appearances. Now he smiled at her and talked to her and… and showed up when she needed help. It was hard for her to figure out the two very different perspectives.

She was silent for a long time after that thought, and she looked down at the empty wine glass in front of her. "…Did you actually love my mother, or care about her?" She asked softly.

Even if the powers are fine and Xavier's school has taught her the basics, Magneto has 60 years of experience on Lorna. He thinks he has quite a bit to teach to her. He gave her a few pointers after the Savage Land affair, but they were in contact only briefly before his Crusade carried him away. Now he is planning to remain in Genosha for years, he can offer some stability.

The personal question Lorna is asking makes him purse his lips. "I did, of course I did. We were very close for a time. Although we knew we had no future together. I couldn't commit to a long term relationship. You… were a surprise to me." Again, he smiles faintly. "Not unwelcomed, although I knew even before Suzanne asked me to stay away, I wouldn't be able to raise you properly."

Lorna was stubborn, as stubborn as her father some would say, enough that she refused to acknowledge that her father could possibly teach her anything. Much less would carry through with his word. She was determined to carry on as she was, without her father's help. She would be loathe to admit that, sharing the same powers.. he would be able to teacher her worlds of knowledge. Much as the telepaths learned from Xavier.. It was an old wound that had been sparked by his presence in her life three years ago and his subsequent departure.

Still, the green haired mutant remained poised in her chair, itching to ask the questions she wanted to about her mother's death. Had he done it? The copies of the copies of the reports mentioned the wreckage being oddly magnetized.. But she waited. She was waiting to hear back from Jamie for confirmation.

So she exhaled a breath, watching her father closely. "..The fact that she was a married woman …didn't bother you at all?" An eyebrow arched upwards as she spoke. Further questioned choked in her throat and she averted her gaze. Why did you stay away after she died? Did you even bother going to her funeral? What about me? Why did you think it was okay to leave me in the foster system?

She closed her eyes briefly, her chest constricting. Talk about her mother was dangerously emotional for her. Though she had no memory of the woman.

Definitely Magneto needs some more drink to talk about this with his angry daughter, so Ferris silently hovers forward and fills his glass. She is treading dangerous ground wanting to know about those years, Magneto knows exactly what happened to her mother. He was the first person to reach that wrecked plane.

"Bothered me? Hmm. As I said I knew from the start we had no future together. I did not ask, she didn't either," he sighs, sips more wine. "Under ideal circumstances I would have been more than willing to marry her, Lorna."

Lorna leaned forward as the robot returned with more wine and filled her father's glass, she slid her own forward on the desk toward the robot in question. Her lips pursed together as she watched her father sharply. And then he said he would've married her mother and her brows pinched in confusion. "Wait. You would've married my mom, if.. I asked around about her. No one… she didn't have powers. No one ever saw.. or heard.." She exhaled, her speech haltering as she struggled to wrap her head around that information.

Her mother having an affair with Magneto and her being not a mutant but a baseline could be waved away as Magneto getting shit faced or something. Magneto caring about her mother enough to have wanted to possibly marry her under 'ideal' circumstances? What?

Magneto tilts his head, "she was a mutant, yes. Not a powerful one and not an obvious one. And she didn't want to join the Brotherhood, but she did some research… which is why we meet." It strikes him now that no one else alive might know Lorna's mother was a mutant. Secrets that shouldn't have been secrets, buried for good. "It doesn't matter anymore, I suppose," he adds quietly.

Lorna's brows furrowed, her hands falling to her lap at the news. "She wasn't.. a baseline human at all.. then.." It was odd to think of things that way, to realize that no one else alive knew her mother so well to say that. It wasn't as much of a shock, as somethings in Lorna's life. It made more sense that her father would've had relations with a mutant, or even a latent mutant, rather than a human.

That was one little brick in the network of her life that she was no longer missing.

She wanted to ask for more, what powers her mother had, what she could do, how she manifested, when.. all of the things that she didn't know about her mother started to pile up and she was left staring at a man that looked mutedly… sad.. almost, at the topic of conversation. Perhaps he cared more for her mother than she had realized.

"..Do I look like her?" She blurted out.

"Very much so. She had light brown hair but your green eyes are all hers," replies Magneto. "It has been a long time, but I might still have some pictures scanned in the databanks of my…" he pauses, "one of my bases. I'll make sure you receive copies, if you want."

In Asteroid M, which is the only place he would keep such private information. Of course the Acolytes have already told everyone willing to listen Lorna is his daughter, the secret is out. And he allowed it for… not entirely innocent reasons. It will make Lorna's life easier in Genosha, but probably much harder in America.

Perhaps for the first time since she arrived, she smiled an honest and entirely open smile, though it was wreathed with sadness. She didn't have anything from her mother, didn't have a frame of reference. The Danes had adopted her, yes, but for most of her life, they hadn't wanted to let that secret out. Had hid from her the truth of them not being her parents.. Photo albums had gone on the wayside it would seem.

"Thanks.. I would appreciate that…" She sighed, and looked down at her lap. The emotional rollercoaster that was her relationship with her father only proved to grow more complicated. And as the world's eyes remained on Genosha, so too, would the information of her parentage spread. It wasn't a pretty thought and it hounded Lorna with every day she remained on Genosha.

Her hands closed together on her lap as her mind wandered, it was so rare to actually have her father talking to her.. and being honest. The sad topic of conversation seemed to bring some manner of emotion to the typically cold man's expressions and she continued to struggle to find some balance with this new addition to her world view.

Perhaps this was what Jean and Scott truly worried about when sending Lorna to Genosha to meet with her father.

No one in his right mind is going to give Magneto a father of the year award, but within the limitations of his ultimate goals and driven mindset, he sometimes can afford to show some human feelings. Xavier would know this better than any of the X-Men.

Wasn't Xavier worried about sending Lorna to Genosha. Sometimes the old man does not pay enough attention.

Lorna's vulnerability has not gone unnoticed. Magneto is very observant and intelligent. And he told Lorna, with absolute sincerity: Even his family is secondary to his cause. "Should I write a message to the Maximoff siblings inviting them to come to Genosha? Would you deliver it?"

Lorna looked up, dragged from her thoughts as her father brought up the main point once more that she'd more or less blown up over. Pietro and Wanda. She blinked, and her brows furrowed. "I.. uh.. sure.. I guess.." She hesitated, her gaze searching her father's features. "I just.." She dragged a hand through her hair briefly.

"Last time Wanda more or less went through my head, I nearly took out a whole city block from the pain alone." She paused, pursing her lips and a thought came to her that would definitely, make the X-men uncomfortable.

"In that other world, that other Magneto, gave me use of his helmet to keep telepaths out of my head while we rescued some of our own. I fried it.. or something got fried on the return trip. I don't know, what Wanda can do, or what her powers are exactly. But if I face them again, I need to get that helmet patched or temporarily working again."

"If that kind of precautions are needed it might be better to try to reach them through my contacts in the Brotherhood," considers Magneto. Although his curiosity is piqued at the mention of a helmet from the other Magneto. "Let me see that helmet, although if it was made for me I am not surprised it would fail if you used it. Our powers are very similar, but not identical."

Lorna pursed her lips together at the thought of the Brotherhood reaching out, but it was likely better than her going on her own again. Pietro and Wanda combined were powerful, dangerous, and had the ability to leave her a mess. If it hadn't been for Marcos, then things could have gone very, very, badly in New York. Still, at least it would give her father a few more wrenches to deal with. More personal matters to occupy things and would do as Scott had asked of her. To draw attention to her familial bonds rather than the political.

She hoped it was worth it.

"That might be for the best, if they can find them. If not I'll go. And yeah, I can bring the helmet to you later. In that reality, the magnetic fields were warped from nuclear bombs. And that world's version of Magneto had lost his connection to them. It was strange to sense.. But the helmet worked long enough that I didn't get my head messed with in battle. I dunno what's wrong with it. Just that it doesn't work anymore." She murmured and rose.

"Marcos and I are going to try to see if we can't make glass with using his powers. Or at least repair existing windows in some of the civil buildings this afternoon. I should get going…" She glanced down at the desk once and back to him.

Magneto stands up when the young woman does, nodding to Lorna. "Nuclear war? You should give me more details of that other world some other day," he requests. "But it is quite late tonight so it will have to wait. Sleep well, Lorna. Give my regards to your partner."

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