Tracking A Kryptonian

December 17, 2017:

Emma Frost and Tony Stark track down the Kryptonian who nearly ruined Emma's party from the other day. Or perhaps she did ruin it?

5th Avenue - Manhattan


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Kara has been spooked out of her mind last night, discovering her super strength, her x-ray vision and heat vision, which luckily Wiccan didn't experience right in the face. Because that was about to happen. And when she was fleeing to avoid being interrogated over what happened, coupled with embarrassment, she also found out she has super speed, leading her to stop when she was already in Maryland. Luckily, her cousin gave her a lift back later in the night.

Now she just took some time to herself, to reflect, and as she learned from her good friend Carol Danvers, an awesome way to reflect is consider shopping. Right now she's walking 5th Avenue, looking at all the fancy windows with their remarkable and very expensive displays. Sadly, she doesn't have Carol's magic card to get clothes.


"You know what I don't like about Metropolis, Emma?" Tony Stark is driving of course, he loves to show off his new toys. In this case that new toy would be a Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Overtuned of course. With his own set of optional extras. Which means full heating system, overtuned sound system(which isn't blaring as deference to his guest), uplink to JARVIS and various other satalites. "Its so /clean/. I mean a city should be a little bit dirty…right?"

He turns a corner near 5th Avenue, glancing as a holographic display that shows in at least a general direction and area where he /thinks/ someone might be.

The car of course handles like a dream and the ride over was…exciting as Stark usually takes speed limits as a suggestion.

But at least its warm, and comfortable.

"Thanks for this though, finding a lost Kryptonian in a sea of…well normal people. Thats not easy even for someone like me." A beatpause. "And you know how humble I am."


"I wasn't aware that Eau d'Hobo was a fragrance you appreciated so, dear," Emma quips back, where she's leaning back in the luxurious seats with her golden-hued Cartier aviator sunglasses shining with whatever light comes through the windshield. "I'm so glad I found out with Christmas just around the corner."

Her long legs, wrapped in white denim and white leather laced knee-high boots stretch out, a little in front of her. The golden tresses that fall over the shoulders of her jacket - a white suede number with lace details at the cuffs and over the flaps of the pockets at her hips - shift slightly as the telepath looks out the passenger side window. "I was having an issue pin-pointing her, so. Team work: Occasionally, it's not horrible. I'm certain between the two of us, we'll find her soon enough." She looks back to her billionaire chauffeur and her ruby lips smile. "I do love it when the other half pulls their weight."

Closing her pale eyes behind those mirrored lenses, Frost gets back to work, pinging at that barely familiar but very distinct Kryptonian mind from the night before to see if she can help her companion zero in on her. "She's nearby, Tony. Keep an eye out."


Kara is meanwhile standing out quite a bit, not only by her peculiar fashion, seeing how she's wearing an airy red dress with black belt with golden circles, along with an off the shoulder top featuring a Giraffe with a speech bubble that read: "Moo, I'm a cat." But also with the fact she's literally shoving her face in a shopping window studying the content of the store from outside. Apparently the X-ray thing is good for something! Yay!


"Don't get used to it, I'm notorously flakey. Just ask Rodey or Pepper." The billionare replies as he works his way down 5th Avenue with a smirk on his face. "But since I'm usually stuck with the Star Spangled Man I'm perfectly fine with this change. The company is way better. You at least can get a refrence." A smirk again before he notes a little bit of a disturbance on the sidewalk.

People whispering and dodging some girl with her face pressed up against a window.

Slowly he raises an eyebrow then looks towards Emma. "I'm gonna guess we should park." A beatpause. "Yeah. Gonna park." Which is usually difficult in this area, but when your car can hover and slide? It becomes easier.

"You try to get her attention without her blowing up a dress shop then?" A further pause before he adds. "Do you think krpytonians do the whole shopping therapy thing?"


"She's female. That has to translate across galactic culture, right?" And then… Then Tony suggests Emma get her attention. Her pale blue gaze shifts slowly in his direction, along with her frown.

"Is that really the reason you asked me to come along, Tony? So I could be the one in front when she freaks out again?"

It's not really a bad plan, however, since it's something she is surprisingly comfortable with. She's dealt with scared children before. But it wouldn't be a road trip if she didn't bust his chops about it. "Yes, park." There's a brief pause as she considers that word, and it's other meanings, but that only draws a smirk to her lips.

"Let's see if I can get close and suss out what our little visitor is like when she doesn't have that mewling idiot beside her, shall we?" The mutant will wait until the car is, as aforementioned, parked and then she will disembark the pretty little classic - so pretty - and begin making her way towards Kara, if there's no objection.


Kara doesn't seem to be very aware of her surrounding, so when Emma approaches, she's quite oblivious to it. Instead, she's busy at marking some of the items on display to flag down for future purchase when she next gets a hold of Carol Danvers and her magic card. She's curious about bathing suits, not having any of those yet, and there are some nice looking dresses. She finds poofy stuff to be quite fun, being very different from the styles on Krypton. Having marked mentally all of her potential purchases in one store, she moves on to the next shopping window, turning her back on Emma as she heads to the next store. Apparently, still utterly oblivious that Emma Frost is nearby.


"Oh come on, if she ruins your dress I'll just buy you a new one." The billionare replies with a wink towards Emma, the frown seemingly bouncing off his hide. He has very high resistance against looks like that. In point of fact he craves them at points.

But he does park though, smirking as he slips into a spot that he has /no/ right to actually slip into though a combonation of hovertech and repulsor burts. Someone is going to hate him later, but he's fine with it.

"Well not /that/ much to suss out. If she's Kyrptonian at least. That powerset is preeeety well established. And merchandised. I mean they stick the Boy Scout's 'S' on everything nowdays don't they? He's as much of a brand name as the Bat."

He shuts the car off though, slipping out to reveal the man himself much dressed down from last night. No tux at least. Just blue-jeans and t-shirts. And a pair of shades of course.

Always must have the shades.

Though it seems that Kara doesn't really notice them yet. A glance at Emma before Tony just smirks.

"So," He drawls. "Looks like you found a new dress."


Powersets aren't personalities, but Emma doesn't say that. Instead, the blonde crosses her arms and half-smiles, trying to look less oppressive than she did at her ruined party. "It's… Well, I'd tell you that it's a very nice dress, but I don't think lying from the very beginning is the best foot to start on." In this particular instance, anyway. ….Okay, well, it sounds good. So she's lying and saying that lying is a horrible way to start things off. Stop being so judgy. "But it's very distinct. I can give you 'distinct.'"

And, if that girl turns around, you can bet your bottom dollar that Emma's fine-boned hands will lift defensively with palms towards Kara in the international sign for 'not here to hurt you.'


When she realizes she's been spoken to, Kara whirls around in surprise, blinking a few times when she sees who it is. On the one hand, she's excited to see Tony Stark, because she really meant to ask him about those Crystals. On the other hand, she's terrified of Emma, that evil eye from the other night still haunting her nightmares, and the way she bailed out after shooting some weird eye lasers, well…she doesn't know whether Emma means to kill her or not, so she does take a few steps back, and quickly murmurs, "I'm sorry about last night, I didn't mean to ruin the party!" It's only after the reflexive appeasement attempt on Emma, that she actually notices what is being said, and looks down at her skirt with concern, reaching to playfully shift it about and lift it abit, luckily only enough to expose her knees, "is it that bad…?" She asks, frowning, "do I look like a clown?"


"Naw, not like a clown." Stark waves a hand dismissively. "Just like someone who steppted out of a magazine add. Which isn't too terrible." A smirk again from the billionare as he tries not to laugh at Emma being…


"And you didn't totally ruin it, besides. I'm fairly sure your date deserved the eyelasers." A shrug. "Gave me a chance to test my new suit out, so I was happy."

Emma wasn't. But he doesn't /think/ the White Queen will kill anyone tonight.



Not like a clown, Tony says.

Emma's gaze shoots in the inventor's direction and she subtly pinches her index finger and thumb together as one eye squints a little to indicate her understated verdict: «A little like a clown,» she murmurs in his brain. «Just a little.»

"He definitely deserved the eye lasers," Emma confirms without hesitation. The rest of the absolution, if Kara expected it, doesn't come. Because - so far as the White Queen is concerned - Kara is the one who kinda helped ruin the party. But she at least doesn't say that part outloud.

The sunglasses on her face are pushed up, brushing back blonde tresses. "If it hadn't have been inside at my club's party, then I probably would have found it more humorous."


"Really…?" Kara asks Tony, before peering at Emma, after all she made the critique, so maybe Tony is just being nice to her. Emma was right in her assessment about certain things translating galactically with females, at least in Kara's case, she'd loathe to look a fool, or ugly.

Kara looks relieved that Emma isn't angry about the eye laser bit, but she's not stupid, she notes the distinct lack of mention of the rest of it, which leaves Kara with a crestfallen face as she murmurs, "I'm sorry about the party, I really didn't mean it…I wish I could pay you back, but I don't have a magic card like Carol has."

Taking a moment to show her apology is sincere, Kara looks from Emma to Tony, and then asks, "do you two know each other?"


«I'd say be nice, but I know you too well.» Tony thinks back before he chuckles and shakes his head slightly. "You really /arn't/ from around here. I'm going to assume by 'magic card' you mean credit card and…Carol…." A beatpause. "…Danvers…maybe?"

Its the first Carol that comes to mind. He's guessing here.

At the question though he glances towards Emma and smirks. "Well yeah, pretty well. I suppose you could say we're friends. As in she puts up with me being a jackass most of the time."

A clap of his hands together. "So though, Krypton?" A shake of his head. "And don't worry, I'm not gonna tell anyone. Everyone already knows I'm Iron Man, but I know that most people don't like that kind of fame." A flash of a grin. "I love it though." A beatpause as he glances towards Emma. "Does that make me a horrible person?"


As the conversation turns and continues, passersby that might think to listen in are certain to hear a riveting conversation about an upcoming runway show in Milan. And, to spare Tony's reputation, he would likely be thrilled to know that he's just "talking" about the models.

Emma doesn't like eavesdroppers.

To the unspoken accusation put to her by Stark about playing nice, she shrugs her suede wrapped shoulders helplessly. Guilty as charged.

She remains silent as he speaks, answers for them, focusing her energy on keeping them unheard on a public street. But then he puts a question to her, and she hums a little in agreement. "It probably does," she tells him, "but I find it endearing. Sometimes, anyway."

Her head tilts as as she continues. "But, to your point, I don't like that kind of fame. So, perhaps we can move this off the street?"


"Yes! That's the Carol, how did you guess?" Kara asks Tony, after she shrugs at his guess of what a 'magic card' is, explaining, "magic card is something Carol has, you use to get clothes, and shoes, and stuff like that. It's amazing! But I don't have one." When he mentions Krypton again, Kara does ask, "how did you come by the crystals from Krypton?"

Looking at Emma, she points at the store, "do you want to go in there?" Yeah, Kara didn't at all understand what's behind Emma's desire to be off the street.


"Well call it a lucky guess," Tony replies with a smirk. "The whole powered community isn't /that/ big. And I keep tabs on some of them. Espicially the ones that happen to be attractive and can punch me into the sun if I piss them off." He replies before he flashes a grin. "Salvage team found some wreckage…but…thats really something best discussed when we arn't in public. Most people you pass arn't nice enough to stay quiet about secrets."

A glance between Emma and Kara as he /really/ tries to repress a laugh. I mean he really tries.

"I think Emma was thinking about someplace less public. But hell I can just buy the store if I want too so why not. You two can talk about dresses or something…" A smirk towards Kara. "Carol isn't the only one with a magic card."

Nope he isn't about to explain credit to her right here.


"Oh, because that's so subtle," Emma retorts with with a roll of her pale eyes. She points back towards the Aston Martin. "Why don't we get in the car and you can use your magic card to get a hotel meeting room? Or a restaurant with a private dining room. I don't want to raise more questions than we turn away."


"Okay…but I do want to talk to you about it," Kara reaffirms to Tony, before turning to look over at Emma again, "could you advise me on something that wouldn't look bad? I know Tony was being nice to me, I can see how you look at my skirt," but then Tony mentions something about a 'magic card' and Kara is looking his way again, "you got one too!? How do people get them? Do you think they would let me have one of my own?"


"Emma," A smirk from Stark as he turns towards the car. "I don't /do/ subtle. I mean come on. You know me. My suit is hotrod red and gold. You can't get less subtle than that." However he waves both of them towards his car. "Come on though, I'll find a different shot in a hotel. And you can explain all about the theory of credit to our newly arrived visitor." He adds towards the White Queen even as he starts the car.

Remote starts are the best.

"And you two can talk dresses while I get us a meeting room."

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