The Dockyard Fight

December 10, 2017:

What was supposed to be a simple black market Gotham deal… erupts into a gang war, with Gotham vigilantes coming to clean up the mess.

Gotham Docks

One of the quieter docks of Gotham at night


NPCs: A few dozen gang thugs



Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Gotham, 11 PM.

It's been months since Batman disappeared from Gotham, and it shows. The criminals have gotten bolder, the alleyways darker, and the sounds of gang violence are becoming more routine as turf unclaimed for years under Batman has suddenly become very attractive, and so was the allure of conducting 'legitimate business' out of the warehouses and tunnels illegal gang deals have been routinely forced into over the last years under Batmans pressure.

So it was only a matter of time before a major technology black market deal was made boldly out in the open on a Gotham dock… so boldly that rival gangs and a few vigilantes who keep a decent ear to the ground have heard about it.

Which means the newly returned Batman has heard about it, too.

Batman is coming. The Batmobile is a few minutes out, and even the heavy duty muffler can't mask the high speed Batman drives at, to get to the meeting in time.

Even as the Bat was already on his way, Red Hood was already in position, atop a nearby tall structure. Out of sight, and most definitely out of mind. Jason uses his binoculars to tag the targets…or soon to be victims. he is armed to the teeth, his red bat symbol on his chest and his red hood helmet the only color on him. everything else is black. Even his leather jacket. He looks to one of the men below that are scattered about, front flipping off the structure to land without a single sound. For the Bat and the League of Assassins…and the all-caste taught him well.

Sneaking up on one, he attempts to muffle him into unconsciousness with an impeccable choke hold around his neck, a hand over his mouth so he can't scream.

Gotham had more than one protector at night.


Catwoman is no hero of Gotham City, except perhaps to the downtrodden and needy she looks out for from time to time amid her more illegal acts doing the sorts of things she's developed a reputation for.

Keeping abreast of matters both on the right and wrong side of the law, she caught wind of the evening's plans. It had the feel of something that could be effective if stopped, but chances are she wouldn't be the only one there. Did she give a heads-up to anybody else? No way. If it did turn out there was anything here that could benefit her, why run the risk of missing out on that? Besides, she had no true partners at this point.

Having parked her motorcycle a couple blocks away, left locked and under cover, she took to the rooftops and moved along quietly, using stealth to her advantage as always. Chilly again, even some snow here and there, it was a good night for the thicker insulation of a cold-weather catsuit. For now, she would wait.


It's not just the rival gangs that have heard of the big deal going down. Little rumors and whispers have been heard all over town, even reaching the ears of a little birdy. Isn't that supposed to be the other way around.

Her motorcycle is also parked a couple blocks away, off in the opposite direction of Catwoman's, or the two might have crossed paths before arriving. She's heard a rumor that Batman is back, but rumors don't pay the rent. Canary has been busy in Gotham, worried that another good crime-fighter was gone for good. She wonders if she needs to start looking for someone to start learning the ropes to take her place, like she did for her own mother.

Fishnets and leather, long blonde hair and a body that won't quit. She walks along, her hands in her pockets, looking to the unknowing eye like a streetwalker just plying her trade. Just another part of the city's underbelly nightlife. Nothing to see here, folks. Just go about your nefarious business and I'll go about mine.


Then, it happens.

No one can tell where the shot came from originally unless they were specifically looking for it. Red streaks in the air start to fly as the sniper picks off the two at the pier in rapid succession. There's no suppressor, so the report of the round is easily heard in the area, if not the direction, due to the echoing nature of the buildings surrounding. Then, the locals scatter… and a group of a dozen come out of the shipping container maze and open fire on the original buyers from random directions. A mix of pistols and sub-machine guns. Killing one who was just about to get behind a container. The rest? They get into a shoot-out with the newcomers, the sniper silent for now.

Not a one notices the one the Red Hood had taken down already.


Jason is still laying low until the shooting starts.

But that's how Jason wants it. Less guys for him to pick off, he thinks. So he eventually starts moving around, though he knows a sniper shot when he hears one. He looks in the direction he thinks it came from -and his instincts are often pretty accurate- and he narrows his eyes, switching on his heat sensors on his helmet.

Hm…deal with him later.

He keeps sneaking around, attempting to stealthily overwhelm one of the lone shooters and promptly break his neck.


As the loud report of the sniper fill the air, Black Canary flattens herself against the wall. She eyes the skyline, looking for any sort of silhouette, doubting that a sniper would be that foolish. Mind you, Gotham seems to have a fair number of pretty stupid criminal types or they would have left by now with so many costumed crime-fighters protecting the city. It's actually an interesting theory that the reason for so many of the villain types is *because* of the vigilantes, a never-ending and escalating cycle of the one side needing to be better and stronger to fight against the other. The two sides see-sawing up and down in superiority again and again.

Slipping between the shipping containers, Canary hopes to grab as many of the thugs as she is able. To both save them from the sniper and subdue them for later apprehension by the cops.


+MEET: Sugar has arrived via +meet.


"Oh, just perfect." When the shooting begins, and it's no real surprise when it does, Catwoman hunkers a bit lower on the rooftop so she might stay a little safer. No sense in being picked off by a stray bullet. That doesn't mean she's helpless, however. While others here have fancier gadgets and toys, she isn't completely lacking.

Moving closer to a corner of the roof, it gets her in the vicinity of a group of gunmen here to cause trouble. "A little gift from me to you," she all but whispers, lobbing a couple smoke bombs their way. "It is the Christmas season, after all."


No, the sniper is not firing, the tip of tongue is pressed to the inside of her cheek, bitten lightly between teeth that flash despite the outline of facial paintings that lay a shadowed camouflage over her facial features, and bear the design of the Sugar Skull in black on white. Gotham Camno!

Fingers are flying over her very dimmed Smartphone Screen, the burner only uploaded to 'Check In', and then quickly message her 'Fecha Especial', AKA Booty Call: Gonna be late, bitches had to get stitches.

But as the burner phone is swept across deftly her other hand is lofting the H & K rifle upon its poised stand, the magazine checked, scope slapped up to line over the long pointed barrel, but when a button is pressed…

The barrel extends, snapping into place in a mechanical whir, the screen of her smart phone completely black, now as chaos below is looked upon through a focusing scope, a red laser bead now slices through the night, seen once, sweeping (Platfully?) just before Catwoman's path and then down, one gang member suddenly losing an Achilles Heel… Literally.

"Pay Day, Perras Beratas." Queue, the sniper -



Sugar LOG NOTE: (Playfully*)


Red Hood looks in the direction of the sniper, narrowing his eyes behind that Red Hood mask of his. Though suddenly he takes a deep breath, draws his pistols and puts them together, the machinery combining to form a rifle. He aims it at the sniper and pulls the trigger, Though he was mostly aiming for her scope, instead of her. A warning shot from a barely friendly face.

Though then he splits his rifle back into pistols and he leaps into the fray, firing accurate shots at a few random gang members, some for the kill, most to maim. Then he's back behind cover.

"Heh..better night than I thought it'd be.." he mumbles to himself.


The smoke grenades are actually a boon in Canary's eyes. The cover of the smoke makes it harder to see and therefore to attack, both for the sniper and the thugs. She keeps herself low, trying to stay under the smoke, and make her way closer to the main target, to deal with the transaction that was planned and to foil it.

The heavy roar of the Batmobile is heard and Black Canary has to pause. Either the rumors are true, or someone is trying to play an elaborate game of pretend. If it's the latter, the guy will likely be dead in a week or two. She can't help but smile when she sees the car, muttering softly to herself. "Cavalry's here."


In this case, the smoke is just smoke, meant to affect sight while leaving it easy enough to breathe without complication. Catwoman's eyes shift momentarily to the red dot from the laser sight, eyes narrowing as she briefly searches for the source of it before shifting to another spot behind better cover. Snipers. With all the gunfire going on, leaping into the midst of it isn't a great idea in the first place. Snipers could be even worse.

Having picked out a couple other costumed types through the goggles, currently set for night vision, it tells her getting in and out with something good will be easier said than done. Then, that new Batmobile. She /has/ heard it before, and while she hasn't spoken to or sought out Batman in the week or so since she learned he was back, and hasn't even used the thing he gave her, his arrival is a clear reminder that whether his 'trainees' are as active or not, doing what she wants in Gotham isn't going to be quite as easy any more. "Just my luck," she mutters, taking the opportunity to fill a hand with something else to toss into the crowd when the time is right.


"Anyone who is still holding a gun in five seconds is going to regret it for the next ten days." A scrambled voice comes out of the Batmobile. It's strange, electronic, but clear to most of the dockyard.

Some of the thugs start to shoot the Batmobile… to no effect. The bullets just bounce off or fall to the ground. "Anyone who isn't on the ground in ten is going to regret it for the next *twenty* days. I'm Batman… and you and the rest of the scum are finished shooting up my city." The voice has an intimidating quality to it even as some of the thugs start to run hearing Batman is back.

A couple of the thugs that run, run into Red Hood, and panicking, start to point their pistols at him at close range. Another couple also run into Black Canary as she tries to get to the container with the cargo, nearly bumping into her in their panic, and try for wild swings of their own.


Red Hood dodges the guy who took a swing at him…and he promptly gets shot in the face, leaving a dead gangster. Though when he hears the Batmobile, he happens to flash a wicked grin. "Heh….the big bad's back. About damn time." and he stands up straight…until people start to prepare to shoot at him. But Red Hood is much faster.

With a disarming kick, he attempts to use one of the thugs as a meat shield, then throws him into the other thug. Leaving one left with a gun pointed at him. "I wouldn't." Jason says in his snarky tone. "Or I'll fill you up with so much led I could use you as a pencil."


Platformed boots burrow into the rooftop, the gravel shifting slow beneath the curved toes, one lifting just to brace her stance as the rifle is following targets, none specific, as none are on Sugar's side, but the view through the scope gains her visual of Red Hood just before he takes his own aim upon her Preciousseesss!

The rifle is lofted from the ledge in a manner that is along the line of Emergencia! Rolling back to platformed heels in her absorbed fall, taking the brunt from learned martial art-form, scraping her path backwards in a shove of those heels to lift with her spine aligned to the Old Chimney Shaft.

Rifle is slowly being dissembled while Batman's entry is heard, the count gathered through the sweep of the scope at least a 'close' estimate, even if some are missed, Sugar rounds up.

"Tan loco…" A rapid tap of fingerless gloved hand upon her temple, knocking!
…Anyone Home???

"Joder…" /Fuck it!/ The frills of the skirt, now tattered, loft her ass from the rooftop and through all the layers of something worthy of an Anime-Con VS. Dia de los Muertos, a hook layered in rubber latches over a wire running from roof to roof, The compacted rifle hooked to her corseted hip before she is basically KAMEHAMEH—— Something…

So Kwaii in her Latina'ness?

No matter!

The landing upon opposing Fire escape has the stairwell clattering downward under her weight and landing, but the Sugared Smile is only a reflection before heat and light go off around the landing upon the escape in a ground level of fireworks! Heat and UV detectors attempting to be redirected!

Sugar just needs one 'tiny' component, so stop shooting at her, or looking her way /idiotas!/.


Hearing the threat that comes from the impressive wheeled fortress, Black Canary has to smile. She hadn't realized just how much she had disliked there being one less of the good guys in this city. It's that feeling one gets when their big brother comes home from college. The house feels a little more homey.

She's not too worried about the threat to her safety. After all, she doesn't carry a gun. She prefers to let her boots do the walking and her fists do the talking. She uses this distraction Batman's arrival has given to take out the thugs that run towards her, throwing one over her shoulder into the steel of one of the containers and then kicking another in the throat. "It *must* be getting close to Christmas. He's already sending me presents!"


And there he is, making his threats. Some things don't change, but at least Batman's directing them toward someone else. Catwoman's not stealing anything this time! Not yet, but it's beginning to look like that might not happen tonight anyway.

She continues to use cover to her advantage, though she scrambles from one roof to another - about one story now - that brings her closer to the ground. Just as an open gunman, heedless of Batman's warning, trains a rifle on Black Canary's back, the *CRACK* of a whip might be heard just as the gun is being yanked away from him, only a couple stray bullets sent off into the air. "Bad boy. Didn't you hear what he told you?" Just as he's turning to react and swear at her, she tumbles forward in a calculated leap off the edge of the roof to lead with a swift kick across the jaw. Upon landing, she makes a show of dusting her hands off.


There are still a few shooting at the Batmobile by the time limit, though they look about to run for it.

Batman has other plans.

A panel just above the right wheel slides up and back, and a rifle looking setup pops up, and *CRACK*, it begins to shoot one at a time.

Rubber bullets start to knock guns out of hands… and then knock thugs down *hard* *CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK*. Anyone visible still in the area gets one hit, or two, depending on gun status. Looks like Batman is *really* not in a good mood tonight. From the way some people are bent, he's broken more than a few hands and limbs with those rubber rounds. Chaos is slowly coming to order.

Under Batmans distraction, Black Canary is nearing the container, and she can feel the report of the rifle behind her as Catwoman sends it flying her way; an indication of the source of her help?

Elsewhere, Red Hood has the last thug looking conflicted. Then, he hears the *BAT* of all people *SHOOTING* people, and he starts to run off, terrified.


Sugar is moving before she can even assume her cover 4th of July works!

From the fettered folds of black-on-white tu-tu, fishnetted fingers delve beneath the tattered hems to grip along her own thighs beneath, a pocket of small garter-like tac-belts is delved into. Batman called for no guns, fiiinnneee cono!

However, he did not say no tiny little mines that with pressure applied will fire off shrapnel in 360 degrees of direction! Sugar isn't the one shooting after all, its the marbles! Blame them.

But Sugar also wants nothing to do with Black Canary or Batman.
Catwoman and Red Hood? /Handwobble/.
Maybe later!

She just wants her trinket, and no, it is not exactly in the container, once she meets the wall of it, a booted foot bearing the ridged edges of mountain climbing boots scrapes over the surface, aiding in the Urban Parkour that lofts her upward, eased while hazel dark eyes search for a target carrying her tiny whoosit and whatsit, a la uno!

What had appeared as boot laces is unraveled from around an ankle, a bola looped in wrists rotation like a lasso, the weighted balls evidently bladed at the Saturn-Like rings.

Cripple, not kill! For now…

Always fun and games until someone loses an eye…

Then… hilarious! (Can say that with no Wilson's in this scene for PC'ness xD)


Red Hood lifted his gun as if to shoot the crook that was running off….but he had business to do. He turns his body in the direction of the Batmobile…which looks like it's seen an upgrade. Jason stood his ground, not afraid to face down his mentor, if need be.

Regardless, he notices Sugar moving about as she and Canary attempt to get to the container. But his attention is where he thinks it matters most: On the Bat. Besides, he needs to see if Bruce still has it, after all…even if Batman may or may not know it's Jason under that mask…AKA Robin number two.


Hearing the crack of a rifle behind her, Canary looks quickly over her shoulder, only to see that the weapon has been taken away by… Catwoman? She just got saved by… Will wonders never cease? Gotham is a strange place and it's not like she hasn't had dealings with other members of the Sirens. She hopes that Catwoman doesn't go telling Ivy that she saved Canary's life, or she will never hear the end of it from Pamela.

Seeing movement overhead, Canary gets back to the task at hand. Luckily, the containers are close enough to each other that the fellow parkour fan can use them to bounce off of and get to the top of them. An unfamiliar costume. Friend? Or foe? Canary takes a defensive stance, ready to fight if she has to. "So, other then the lovechild of Taskmaster and Harley Quinn, who the hell are you?"


Whatever Catwoman had in her hands before ended up replaced by the whip, no mess made on her part. "Can't have you getting shot in the back, birdie," she calls over before Black Canary is otherwise engaged with a new focus.

The whip is coiled back up but kept in one hand, lest she need it again on short notice, but as the bullets - she doesn't know they're rubber yet - start to fly from the Batmobile of all things, she curses and scrambles behind cover whether any come her way or not.

In fact, it might just be time to call this one an overall loss and scram. Bats is here, there's Canary, Red Hood around as well, and..Sugar, whoever she is. She doesn't reappear, sticking to walls instead on her way back toward that motorcycle of hers. Not worth the further risk.


Once all the thug targets are down, the canopy of the Batmobile slides back, and out comes Batman. He's wearing a new, hi-tech, black and red suit. Red screened eyes sweep the area on various visual spectrums… before they go to Red Hood.

The cowl has been replaced with a full on helm with air filter for this one, expecting combat… and Jason can hear the scrambled -but clear- voice of Batman, "Who are you? What are you doing here?" His right hand has a pair of batarangs ready to go, tension evident even with the suit. "I don't appreciate impostors." Batman starts to slowly walk off the Batmobile… like a predator sizing up his prey.

Over near the container with whatever was being bought, Black Canary and Sugar are within visual of each other… and Catwoman has slinked off into the shadows.


Catwoman heads out to Diamond District.


Red Hood can't help but laugh when Batman starts to interrogate him. "What? you don't recognize me? That hurts, it really does." his guns are at the ready in his hands, ready for this to go down and ready for it to be a scrap. "As for being an impostor…..heh, well, I guess I can't say anything there."

The Name.

"I'm the Red Hood. Figures there would be a few new names since you decided to take a vacation Batman. Though I do like the armor. It suits you." a smile under the helmet as those glowing eye-slits lock onto Batman's.


"Definitely the love child of someone," A hand lifts, wobbles in a so-so fashion, just aligned with that of the span between herself and Canary when the Thug hits the ground and scrapes across the broken concrete with a hell as he is hamstrung. "But definitely not them. That'd be way beyond my level of 'squiggy'." But Canbary's knowledge of Task and Harls has a brow lifting.

This will be reported later!

A glance to the Bat and the Hood and Sugar splits her lips into that feral grin. "Now, if you do not mind, I signed up for something totally different than Luchador escapades!" A blown kiss to Canary with a wink and Sugar is headed for the downed foe, a leap from the container bearing 'the Net Worth of the Moment', to her own private collection.


Sugar LOG NOTE! - with a yell* as he is hamstrung*


Black Canary is not about to let someone run off, and not when they look like a weird cross between Gotham's favorite clown girl and the well known skull-faced mercenary. She pauses long enough to look down to Batman, her smile quirking higher on one side. "It's good to have you back. We have a lot to talk about," she tells him before running after Sugar.


Then, without warning, the two batarangs in Batmans right hand are tossed at Red Hood, aiming to disarm him or force him to dodge. He follows up with a dead sprint over to Red Hood while his right hand extends out, the forearm bending to aim towards Red Hood, the pellet launcher built into the bottom of the forearm gauntlet starting to pop out to launch a smoke bomb.


Red Hood simply lets out a breath. "Guess you really don't.." he thinks as he sees Batman's arm in motion. Though when he throws the Batarangs, Jason shoots them out of the air, the sound of bullet hitting metal clinging and clanging throughout the night sky in such an echo. He does run at Batman though, tilting his head out of the way of the smoke bomb for a direct strike…but now it will become a battle of shadows.

Jason throws a roundhouse kick at Batman, aimed for the side of his head. He also brings up his offhand pistol and attempts to shoot him in the chest.


Ducking over the roundhouse kick, Batman uses the momentum of Red Hood to jump out of the line of fire and dip into the smoke, disappearing into the container maze under it's cover.


Red Hood moves out of the smoke and moves into the Container maze himself…Batman isn't the only one who can dance in the shadows. Though Jason now lies in wait…ears preening and eyes moving as if waiting for the Bat to make his presence known.


One thing about new suits that genius billionaires design; if you have access to state of the art technology of both human and martian origin, you have plenty of toys to come up with, the miniaturization now possible.

So, when Red Hood went into the maze, the first thing he'd hear is the almost silent telltale *twip* as Batman fires a grapnel into the air, zipping out onto the cranes.

The voice scrambled voice of Batman can be heard, somewhere out of sight. "You have practice with those, but don't have Deadshots MO." He notes, almost conversationally. "Since you're not going for the merchandise and are fixated on me… trying to test yourself against me?"


Red takes a deep breath, leaping between containers but all Batman could likely hear was a single sound: the sound of a pistol cocking. Though Red took a few Shuriken in his hand…three, specifically, though when Batman speaks, he can't help but chuckle.

"Heh, I put Deadshot in a cell a few weeks ago while you were of on your vacation. Or dead. Whichever. But I figured a man as bastardly stubborn as you wouldn't go down that easy." he knows him. "As for testing myself…can you really blame me?"

A small grin as he throws a shuriken at one of the hanging containers…perhaps attempting to distract Batman as they close in on each other.


If Batman was near that hanging container, he isn't flushed out by it. Instead, more batarangs come out of thin air to try to unbalance Red Hood. Given a moment to think on it, they give away Batmans position… and if Red Hood looks in that direction, he can catch a glimpse of Batman dropping back down into the maze just a few dozen meters to his right… though he isn't there by the time Red Hood gets there.


Red Hood turns his head when he hears the whistle of the batarangs. dodging one completely and catching the next before he drops it and kicks it away in case it's an explosive. He knows how Batman likes to trick-shot his Batarangs…don't want an amnesic gas batarang….what? He wouldn't put it beneath him with the tech at his disposal. Regardless he fires twice where Bats used to be before he front flips back into the shadows himself.

"You know….you were an inspiration. Inspiration to us all." he says in the shadows..though the way he uses his voice…it sounds like it could come from a multitude of directions. "Though you have a habit of abandoning them."


"I've never abandoned anyone if I could help it." Batman replies out of nowhere, that voice scrambler clear in the night.

Then, Red Hood can probably hear it just in time as a Batclaw launcher is fired from the top of a container at Red Hood, the line deployed right at his pistols as Batman trying to disarm him again.


Jason can't help but frown at his words…he remembers. Or at least it was what it seemed. Though then he turns his head just in time to see Batman's batclaw launches coming right for him. He lets it wrap around him pistol…but he also wraps himself around it, attempting to pull the Dark Knight to him! Though he is now disarmed, Jason still has one pistol….


When Red Hood tries to pull him along, Batman seems to be prepared for this possibility. Instead of holding onto the launcher, Batman lets go of it… and dive bombs right for Red Hood, trying to knock Red Hood down under his own weight.


Red Hood lets Batman tackle him down when he sees the Dark Knight coming right for him. Though he attempts to roll with the momentum and kick the Bat off him. "So that's what it takes…" he mumbles to himself mockingly towards Batman.


The Red Hood mocking him doesn't seem to have any real effect. Instead, Batman gets back to his feet with a kip up and goes right for a grapple on Red Hood. "If you have something to prove against me, fine. Right now I don't care. I have a few dozen runners to collect for the GCPD and a lieutenant to interrogate. Get out of the way, and we can talk about this when a major tech deal isn't being conducted."


Red Simply kips up right after Batman is off of him, turning around to engage the Bat in hand to hand. "You said it yourself…I have something to prove. and a bone to pick." he says as he grapples him, attempting to bring his knee into Batman's armored gut.


A split second after his kip up, Batman is concentrating on putting the hurt on Red Hood. He moves into a series of moves and countermoves with Red Hood, knee to his gut grabbed and tossed to the side, the two almost dancing in place. If it weren't for how deadly serious the two are intent on causing serious bodily harm, it'd almost look like a semifinals martial arts tourney match. Batman has the armor and tech advantage… but Red Hood has no qualms about damage, or lethality to his attacks. It's a case of immovable object versus unstoppable force, with the sound of composite armor joints and solid plates impacting against Kevlar and metal ringing throughout the docks as Batman and Red Hood go toe to toe.

Batman does *not* have time for this. He was here to send a message and bring in as many of the thugs as he could, not get into a grudge match with some new player with guns. Nonetheless, Red Hood is keeping the Batman tied up with him, for now.


Red Hood is a surprisingly good combatant….good enough to hang on Batman's level and not back down for a single inch. Armor against armor as they exchange blows. Both of them already manage to get in some pretty good shots, but neither of them could keep the other down for long. Eventually, a kick from Batman sends Red Hood rolling backwards, only for him to leap right back into the fray with a flying kick of his own. The stalemated contest begins anew…that is until Red Hood pulls out a hidden magnum pistol and attempts to shoot batman right in the chest with it.

What? nobody said they couldn't use their gadgets. Though he's likely prepared even if Batman manages to dodge. Lethality vs. Prowess. The two almost a perfect match.


Canary lost sight of the sniper. She scowls and shakes her head, not happy one bit about losing her target. Still, there is more to be done back at the docks. All the thugs, a call to the GCPD to do clean up. Mind you, the police are probably already on their way considering all the gunshots.

Realizing she's almost right where she parked her motorcycle, she gets on and guns it and returns to where the fighting all started. She arrives at the dock, her heel knocking down the kick stand. Black Canary stops and listens.

She can hear the fighting continuing, but it sounds like only two combatants. Male. Batman and that guy with the guns and the red helmet. She decides that Batman is more then enough of a match for some new guy on the scene and so grabs her zipties from her bike and starts dealing with the thugs that have been subdued, cuffing them with the strips of zippered plastic.


+MEET: Misfit has arrived via +meet.


"I hope what they're-" kick, "-paying you is-" roundhouse, "-worth it." The follow up kick manages to connect and send Red Hood flying… only for the man to get back up in his face… with a magnum. Batmans first reaction? Dodging is useless at this range. Instead, he moves to take that arm into a grapple away into the air, his free hand going for the wrist to try and crush it enough for the pain reaction to force a drop of said pistol. "In the end, just like all the other thugs; all that skill, and you use it for scum like this?" Batman sneers. it might be an assumption on his part… but Red Hood is an obviously prideful person. Pressing that button might unbalance or at least push him into revealing more about his intentions.

By the time Black Canary returns, the two dozen thugs that was shot by rubber rounds from the Batmobile are starting to come to their senses, the moans and groaning getting a bit quieter. She's just in time to get most of the rabble, and coming in, can spot a group of four making a run for the gate after she opens it for them.


Red Hoods wrist is grabbed by the bat and with that wrenching, Red Hood bends over slightly and the gun drops from his hand as the bullet just barely grazes his armor. Though his words about being hired and paid, he can't help but laugh. "What makes you think I was hired Bats?" a small metallic chuckle from the Red Hood before he front flips, releasing the pressure on his wrist in a more forceful manner to resume their battle of martial arts supremacy. Though since they are once again at a standoff, Red speaks anew.

"Heh…you really don't know who I am do you? That's a shame….it really is." the tone goes from the lighthearted…to utterly grim and serious, before he rushes the bat again with an onslaught of assaults, leading with a back flip that is actually a kick aimed for Batman's jaw.

and so they begin anew.


If the roar of her Harley (Davidson, not Quinn) was not enough of a hint that Black Canary is back on the dock, the occasional Canary Cry certainly is. The thugs that were incapacitated by Batman's rubber bullet barrage, only just starting to come to their senses, would be easy to tie up and leave where they were. But it's the ones that still have the ability to run that are going to be the real problem.

The blonde makes after them, running after the fleeing four. "An arrow would have come in really handy right now," she mutters to herself as she works to catch up with the quartet of runners.


Charlie was off on the other part of town. Not much of a patrol all said either. Her section is dead, so she is hanging upside down from a billboard playing a handheld video game instead of wandering around like a ninja of the night. Well Misfit did manage to stop three muggings and one wanna be rapist there. Maybe she is just taking her equivalent of a smoke break.

Then the comms lit up with some sort of world war three scenario down by the docks. Huh okay that is more interesting than Mario. Misfit tucks her game system in a belt pouch and then drops now, vanishing before she becomes a road pancake and reappearing on a building moments later with a good view of the dock. The only sign of oddness being a slash of pinkish purple smoke.

Well hell not WW3 but definitely something going down, so Misfit bounces again much closer onto a shipping container. "Oh puppies…." as the girl watches the Batman and whoever the Red Hood guy is throwing down. Then she looks and notes Black Canary. "huh…" tapping her goggles to activate her comms ~Batman do you need assistance?~ even as she leaps off the container and vanishes again. A split second later she appears between two of the fleeing four and snaps her arms up trusting the reinforced armor as she clotheslines two of the gang members.


It appears Batman is a bit busy when Misfit calls. In a contest of martial supremacy, seconds can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Batman, however, does a backwards roll to get out of the way of the kick, and somersaults his way onto a crate, instantly grabbing a concussive blast batarang set to proximity fuse and tossing it at Red Hood.

One of the new upgrades to Batmans suit is a fairly state of the art neural interface in a closed system with the technology in his suit, and the thought of it turns on his comm-link briefly. "Negative. I need the runners from this deal rounded up or they'll just try again." Misfit can hear the new voice scrambler Batman uses in the field now… and Red Hood can hear the one sided conversation… assuming he can hear after the blast. Everyone on the docks can hear it go off…. along with the containers in the vicinity pinging the wave back in an echo.


As the Red Hood and Batman engage further in their bout to turn each other into gravel, the Bat manages to escape from Under the Red Hood's kick and onto a different container. Though when that Batarang comes into his hand, Red sighs a moment before he ninja-flips off the container with a twirl and spin, landing perfectly on his feet and adjusting his helmet so the concussive blast does minimal damage…


is Red's first thought. Though Bats would find two shuriken flying his way now as Red readjusts himself…though he now sees the numbers stacked against him, but keeps his attention on the Bat for now.


Black Canary is hot on the heels of the four. Until they split up, that is. She rolls her eyes, looking momentary skyward. This is just not her night for chasing running opponents. She looks to the pair that is a bit farther away and takes a deep breath. She starts to scream, but chokes it back quickly when a cloud of pink and purple smoke appears and Misfit clotheslines the pair.

With a nod to the other crime-fighter, Canary turns on her heels to go after the other two, taking another deep breath as she gets ready to Cry again.


Misfit shoots Canary a big old grin there and then and then twists and shoots out two kicks fast into the temples of the two she clothes-lined. It may be a bit rough with those weighted boots but it is very effective at knocking them both out cold.

The young bat knockoff crouches down fishing out some zipties from a pouch and making quick work to cinch the two thugs up like a Christmas present, just come early.

Misfit is convinced that Canary has control of the other two, well probably. She gives it a wait and see at least.


There's a grunt as one shuriken is dodged, with the other bouncing off the side of his armor and latched onto the container behind him, centimeters from getting into one of the joints. Then, Batman throws another set of precision timed concussive batarangs, offset to force Red Hood back towards the gate, or take the brunt of them head on. To anyone watching, it becomes obvious Batman is herding Red Hood out into the open, towards the other two. "He's coming your way." Batman notes between blasts.


Red sees the other concussive Batarangs incoming, though this time he's more prepared to dodge them thanks tot he given environment. Leaping and twirling, showing off his athletic abilities as he dodges the batarangs, he realizes that he's being drawn into a corner, eventually stopping after the last batarang misses him.

"Heh….that's the bats I remember." recalling the man used his cleverness and strategy instead of a one on one confrontation. But the Former Robin still looks impressed…and in a way, still looks up to his mentor. But he had a bone to pick.

Thus, when he realizes he's going to be surrounded, he simply stands up straight, and looks right at Batman. a small chuckle then. "Heh…bastard."


Her last attempt at a Cry was cut short, which makes this time so much sweeter for the Canary. She screams at the back of the two runners, the decibels high enough to create a wave of concussive force behind them. The two men go flying, one hitting a dumpster and the other making a face-plant into the wall. The Black Canary slows down to a stroll, the sound of her heels echoing in the alley as she slides out some zipties from her leather jacket.

"You two just sit here until our boys in blue come for you, okay?" she tells the two men. Not that they actually hear her as they are both out cold and likely concussed. She stands up and sighs, looking over her shoulder. Time to head back to the docks and zip-cuff the ones that were still barely moving when she went after the runners.


Charlie's head snaps up from her work when the cry happens as well as Batman's comm about him heading that way. When Canary goes trotting back by "One more" is called by Charlie and then she gestures and points the way. Then Misfit goes charging along to get into position to back up Batman with this Red Hood guy. Falling into place.

She is definitely no batgirl, costume is stylistically very askew but she is a bat adjacent sort. Misfit looks to Red Hood and waits for Bat's cue on this one.


As Red Hood starts to stand, Batman reaches out with his forearm mounted grapnel launcher, the line fired right above Red Hood, pulling Batman straight towards him at a rate that guarantees a full on leg ram if Red Hood doesn't dodge. "Hit the back with me, or trip him up if he dodges." He hasn't really worked with Misfit much, so his tone is a gentle prod rather than an admonishment.


Red Hood looks at Batman as he comes at him, tilting his head out of the way of Batman's grapnel launcher. Though he knew someone else was waiting in the shadows in the form of an elegant trap. "Heh…well played, old man." very few people actually called him that. Jason being one of them. But that's impossible…Jason's dead. Regardless, he takes out a smoke bomb in his hand and he throws it at the ground after saying

"You win this round."

Then the smoke goes off…leaving a cloud where Jason was. Despite the teamwork approaching, both Batman and Misfit, if they Struck out, would find nothing.

Red Hood was gone.


Seeing the young girl with the red hair, freckles and improvised Bat outfit, Canary tries to call out to the girl. "Wait!" Crime-fighting on the streets of Gotham is dangerous, and just wearing a Batman t-shirt isn't enough to go against some of the thugs that abound the streets at night. "Kid!"

Black Canary knows that the guy in the red helmet had guns and was more then willing to use them against people. She doesn't know that he's been disarmed and is worried that this girl cos playing as one of the Batfamily is going to get herself shot.


Well. Misfit's gear is a bit more than a t-shirt and all. It actually looks pretty legit, just the aesthetic and stylistic qualities is less bat and more a touch of chaos ad skewed flavor. The B is more an M for instance. though to be fair for everyone she isn't well known at all so assumption she is going to be shot is fair.

In the wake of the smoke bomb and waves some of it out of her face. "Daaaangit… is it that annoying when we do it…" she sounds really displeased there and looks around slowly. "Uh.. should I go after him?"

Thing is she could. She can't take backup though. So the answer is probably no.


"No. That man is extremely dangerous, and there's no telling if he's getting new firearms right now or not." Batmans scrambled voice barks to Misfit, before the red and black suited Batman turns to regard the stragglers. "This mission turned into a massacre. Just what Gotham needs, more insanity." Those red screened eyes watch the dissipating smoke, before Batman pulls a collapsed device out of his utility belt. He pulls on it, and the front opens up. Aiming it at the remaining thugs, Batman launches weighted bola wires at each of them that have managed to get up, tying them down with more screams.

Once done with that, those red eyes turn on Misfit as he collapses the bola launcher back into his utility belt. "We need to talk, but not here. Go wait in the Batmobile." Batman commands as he presses a button on his wrist-comp, and the canopy on it opens. Batman then wastes no time walking over to Black Canary… who can see Batmans new suit up close for the first time; a major departure from his original gray and black. "We should talk." Batman reaches into his utility belt, handing over a… Batphone? A phone with bat symbolism on it, at least. "I'll call you." He starts to walk over to the Batmobile then, starting to get into the drivers seat.


Black Canary looks over the new and improved Batman. She's not sure how she feels about it, but it's not her outfit so it's not like she has any say in the matter. She holds out her hand when he goes to give her something. She arches a brow at him, that playful smile of hers starting to show now that the fighting is over. "Is this your way of asking me to go steady?" she teases, knowing that Batman won't banter back and act as if her comment was serious. That's part of his charm.


There is a noise of impending sadness from Misfit when Batman tells her they need to talk and to go wait in the Batmobile. She definitely doesn't backtalk though. Now she just heads towards the Batmobile, kicking a rock as she does. Odds are Charlie thinks she is going to be lectured.

Still the young woman vaults into the passenger seat and settles in to wait. Misfit does try to hear whatever Canary and Batman are talking about with a tilt of her cowled head as she waits.


"No." Batman answers, flatly. He might know she was teasing, might not. Either way, it's clear that 'not in the mood' is prevalent with the way this went down. "I have bigger concerns right now." Batman grates out, "I'll be letting police know what happened here, you can go if you want." Batman notes to Black Canary as he steps into the driver seat, and the Canopy closes.

Once inside, Batman presses a button on the controls, and the wheels on the Batmobile pop out slightly, sending the Batmobile turning in place for a perfect 180 degree turn… then he starts to drive out into the Gotham night. To Misfit? "If you're going to be doing this with or without my approval, we need to lay down some ground rules and do some basic work." He doesn't sound… admonishing, but rather resigned.


Charlie sighs and leans her head back against the seat rest. "I know.. I know… it is dangerous but I'll be okay." also resigned, not mad or pissy. Like this was what she expected as the bat mobile pulls out. "It is good having you back in town though." she admits looking over to him.


The blonde smiles as the broody Bat gives her exactly the answer she was expecting. She nods as he tells her she can head off, heading towards her bike and straddling it. She watches as the Batmobile turns and heads off into the night. She can hear the sirens starting to approach the area and chuckles to herself. It's almost as if the GCPD have their timing down to a science, knowing how long before gunshots are reported to delay so Batman or one of the other crime-fighters can do all the dirty work. Still, it's probably for the best. Less lives lost that way. Sliding on her helmet, Canary lets the engine roar to life and then vanishes into the night herself.

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