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December 13, 2017:

The League has a plan now and are on the offensive against the Red Lantern threat.


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Earth's Moon. The Luther Crater.

This area looks like an excavation site now with moon rock debris scattered over old city wreckage, dig spots sectioned off, repair towers, cranes, trailer habitats, parked rovers and so forth. Once it was an actual location of the Inhuman city of Attilan. That was almost a year ago now. It's become a contention spot for several spacefaring countries of the world and right now it's a location for a meeting of the Justice League.

Despite the city itself having been eradicated and the Inhumans escaping to Earth with aid of the X-Men the Crater hosts an artificial human safe environmental zone, gravity is even normalized to reflect Terra Firma's own. They can talk, move and even breath.

The presence of the Justice League here is to ensure peace between the gathered bodies usually, to also maintain that the Inhumans claimed territory remains respected. With the political aspect and claims of the 'Blue Zone' in a stasis the place is mostly deserted save for a few representatives who steer clear of the JL camp. It's presence a singular massive silver 'tent' of aluminum with crates, a point to point teleporter from the Watchtower to here (and back) and cots. Its a temporary zone only nothing is meant to go down here thats beyond shaking finger at the opportunists beyond. It does look like someone has been sleeping on one of the cots though, a reflective Astronauts blanket, portable coffee machine and spacer food with a tiny TV all present.

The Interceptor is parked outside the JL tent. A JL Javelin.

Hal Jordan awaits the others, why hes not at the Watchtower is another question but he currently holding a small plastic cup with coffee in it, sipping away while looking off towards the Earth and stars. Its a great view. Better at times than the Watchtowers own observation deck.
Welcome to the fifth largest natural satellite in the Solar System.


A disk of swirling light at one side of the tent announces the arrival of Doctor Strange, those with sharp senses can see his office in New York behind him for a moment. The moon would be an exhausting spontaneous 'jump' even for the Supreme Sorcerer, but with a few minutes of ritual preparation and doing it from his Sanctum, he manages to make it look easy. The return won't be so easy, but if he needs to save power he can always rely on the teleporter to the Watchtower.

Show off? Maybe a little. He is a magician.

"Good afternoon… or whatever time of the day is here," he greets. "By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, I had heard of this Blue Area, but I had never been here before. Did the Inhumans build this technological wonder?"

Superman, much like the other members of the league most likely, arrives via the teleporter that transmits them straight from the watchtower to the satellite station. It's been a little bit since Superman has been to this particular area, but he recalls being one of the few to make sure everything between the Inhumans and…well, everyone else, is fair and mutual. Everyone gets their share.

Once Superman arrives at the Justice League tent, He sees Hal Jordan almost immediately, a warm smile for the Green Lantern. "Green Lantern, good to see you." he pats Hal's shoulder once. Then, Doctor Strange arrives through the use of magic, but he gives him a big smile. "Doctor Strange! It's good to see you, old friend. Good afternoon indeed." he approaches the Sorcerer Supreme and gives a bow of his head in respect.

He then moves to the table likely present, arms hung down at his sides as he looks around. Doctor Strange was present…he wondered if any other surprises were in store…


With Batman busy in Gotham lately, he hasn't had much time to deal with international territory concerns. He's kept in the loop, certainly… but left the day to day to more space-capable members of the League.

Then, a meeting was called… on the moon. Time to test the new space Batsuit.

Piloting the Javelin over himself, Batman is wearing something akin to his normal suit… except for the full head helm sealed for space, the slightly bulky looking life support system on his chest, and the retractable cape. Batman has been busy looking out into the busyness of the area… but for an entirely different reason from sightseeing. He's busy monitoring ComNet chatter for the area, a rudimentary AI sifting through the useless chatter for him in real time.

"It was an interesting city for sure." Batman replies, that voice scrambler active even here, before he hits a button on his wristcomp and turns to regard those coming in.


J'onn waited for Kal to use the teleporter, promising that he would be along shortly, and finishing up some last minute automation on the Watchtower Early Warning System… the Martian's vigilance when it comes to the well-being of Earth is never forgotten.

The Martian arrives shortly after Superman, his eyes unconsciously taking to the stars and specifically in the direction of the Red Planet not so far off. The gaze is left for only a few moments, but for those present it is easy to understand where and why he looks in that direction.

His easy gait takes him to meet with the other members of the League, "Greetings and Well Met, Green Lantern, Batman and Doctor Strange." J'onn's deep voice calls out, his eyes falling on Kal and smile and nod as he adds, "All is good at the Watchtower, Superman. I told you my work would not take long."

J'onn was aware of what happened here, his objectivity and skills also asked for in order to make sure all was treated fairly, and he has returned from time to time to enjoy the quiet that can be found up here, "And an interesting group of People as well, Batman." J'onn adds in agreement with Bruce's assessment.


Through one of the entrances, Diana appears with a crate of moon rocks and a grin on her lips. "Gifts." She said. "For the children." What children? Diana had children?! Noooooo. But she did interact with a lot of them and what kid wouldn't want their own moon rock from Wonder Woman?

She strides into the area and sets the crate down with some of the other supplies that were bound to return to Earth at some point. She exhaled then and removed the gloves she was wearing, a space uniform was upon her body rather than her standard armor… she was wearing a bodysuit like a real Moon citizen should!


Kyle Rayner has been in and out of Earths' orbit so many times in the last few weeks alone, that he may as well have a 10-visit punch card. The Lantern known as 2814.2 has been an emerald streak out light out to the further reaches, then to Oa, then back again on a regular pattern, scouting around the system and disappearing to places unknown, with short stops at the infirmary to check on Starfire and visits to a pair of graves in Gotham. After clearing a two-day warning for the yellow element coming into Earth's orbit, he's been mum on his whereabouts, logging in with the Watchtower every forty-eight hours.

Now, with a blast of energy between Earth and Mars, the spatial warp spits out Kyle Rayner and speeds him towards the moon proper. He slows upon his approach and lands, sending a ping to Hal Jordan's ring that he's arrived, and strides in shortly after Diana. His all-white eyes scan the room from behind his domino mask, and he lifts a hand. "Good…" Kyle blinks. His ring blinks. "…evening, everybody."


The call comes through, Starfire is not at the Watchtower anymore, her time of observation is over and instead she is curled into her room upon the Interceptor, twisted in sheets with a tablet in front of her playing the cartoon'd reflection of a Disney movie. It keeps her 'Zen' in check, even if she keeps her eyes closed and just listens while colors flutter over her features in the projected relay.

For once in a while Starfire smiles as the Art laid in her mind holds a relevance, but the call has her eyes opening easily. Not sleep, evidently, emerald gaze lacking pupils is clear, darting around the room, looking back…

Legs fling over the edge of the bed and in a stretch that Amethyst armor ascends over her figure in place of where sheet is removed from in the rise that has sensors whispering doors open in her path to the moons surface and the Blue… What?

A smear of fingers over her eyes. "When did we get he—-" Beat, staring at Hal, Strange, J'onn, Bats, Supes, and Di… As well as the arrival of Kyle that has her slowly tilting her head while the smile faintly is in place. "I'm up." Rise and shine on the Dark Side of the Moon??


"The Inhumans? No. I don't honestly think so. What registers from preliminary scans is three other technological types that look more closely Skrull, Kree and Cotati. The Inhumans likely piggybacking off all three. I don't know. It's just a wonder they kept all of this hidden for so long." And that the X-Men and Apocalypse managed to beat the Justice League to it. Thats another tale though for another time and the League seriously needs to find a representative for the Inhumans for their number. If any of the Royals even still live.

"Not important though, I mean, not right now our topic tonight."
Hal looks at those arriving, one by one, taking headcount.

"I picked this spot becauseI have a wild idea and if it goes as I am going to presume we need some distance and the relative empty space." A grin appears below that black half mask, a daring one.

"We, Oa and the Guardians had a leak inside of the Red Lantern's forces, a spy I guess. Just to monitor them after the Spectrum War to make sure their numbers didn't climb too much. We lost that person a while ago or I think we did. The delivery changes, tone and source."

A pause to make sure everyone is following. "I think it was found out and a 'good Samaritan' has picked up or that was a badly executed trap." Hal cuts off and lets them have an opening to talk and for more to arrive. The arrival of Kyle gets a look down at his Ring and that incoming 'ping' before the junior Lantern arrives and Koriand'r. Good. A better assembly than he anticipated.


"Gentlemen, Princess," Strange is pleased to see some old friends are back into the League. So he shakes hands where is most warranted. Strange doesn't think the history of the Blue Area is not important. He is a bit disappointed it is not actually build by humans (or Inhumans - same thing to him). Cotati? Never heard of those either. He will check the Watchtower databanks when he can find time.

Obviously Hal wants to discuss the Red Lantern problem some more. Strange knows it is very important, possibly of Galactic scale importance. Unfortunately he can offer very little. His primary responsibility is the supernatural side of Earth and his time is currently consumed chasing after a crazy soul-sucking Demon Bear. He had no time even to research the likely links of the red rings to demon blood.

Neverthless, he nods to Hal and settles in. He will listen, but today he has little advice of help to offer.


Superman turns his head to Diana as she arrives…in a spacesuit? Though once he sees what she has in her hands, he can't help but chuckle. "Diana, never change your loving heart." he says with the warmest smile, then he turns his head to Kyle Rayner as he arrives. "Green Lantern, good to see you with us." a big smile for him. Though when Doctor Strange speaks, he gets a kind nod.

Then his attention is solely on Hal as he explains the situation. Never heard of a 'Cotati' before, but when Hal describes having an idea, he nods. "Alright, let's hear it." Then he starts talking about how the Guardians have been monitoring the Reds, "Good Samaratin? among the Red Lanterns? Sounds like a rather strange piece of luck."

Then he looks to Starfire. "Good to see you up and about, Starfire."


Kyle Rayner looks up to Hal, watching him as he strides a path across the floor to Starfire. Listening in earnest, his hidden brows behind his mask are in /sitrep/ mode. Concern dots his lips at the report of a /leak/ inside of the Red Lanterns, but strangely enough this look of concern fades at the mention of one of them being 'better' than the others. Kyle Rayner, ever the idealist.

"Do we know which one it is, Hal?" Kyle asks. "Or is that on the downlow just in case?" He adds, throwing a hand up to wave to Superman, grinning his way in greeting. "Superman. Always good to know you're around, too." Kyle offers, then comes to a stop beside Starfire, turning his attention to her.

"How you feeling?" Kyle asks quietly, reaching out to her arm, checking her over once.


As the group continues to gather J'onn will give each a small smile and a nod in greeting, "I am sure that the children will appreciate such gifts, Diana." In reference to her Box of Moon Rocks, "I think if we were to each put a mark on them then the Children would appreciate them even more." Souvenirs from the Moon is cool, but with Eye Beam or Finger Print or Ring imprints from the Justice League they would be priceless.

When J'onn notices Starfire, he quirks a brow slightly, glad to see that she is here and not quite as angry as he felt last. Just the quickest of looks, however, as Hal has started in on his reasons for bringing the League here.

The Martian can feel the excitement that radiates from Hal, something familiar whenever 'Wild Ideas' are in play, but what the Green Lantern relates is most interesting. "You had an individual monitoring the Red Lanterns from the inside. The source of your current information, you believe, is not the same person. You believe this is an individual either sympathetic with the plans of Oa and the Green Lantern Corps, or a poorly executed subterfuge?" Restating what he is hearing to make sure that he understands what Hal is telling him. "Do you wish to check the validity of this new source of information?"


Diana would smile to the others gathering within the facility and she'd lift her hands up to reach around behind her neck where she unclipped her black ponytail and then let it loose out around her shoulders, running her hand through it. She grinned at Superman and then looked to J'onn and let her eyes go wide.

"That is a fantastic idea!" She said at him. "Once we have them back aboard the Watchtower, I will force you all to sign them in your own unique ways." She showed another grin before she looked over toward Hal.

Diana would simply settle into a seat and listen to the conversation unfolding around her.


"Makes sense, people powered by rage tend to ignore treaties." Batman confirms -mostly to himself- in that scrambled voice of his as he sits down. His helmet moves to turn towards Starfire, "Interesting." He notes, vaguely, before he pulls out a datapad, "Everything I've seen suggests they're trying to mask their actual numbers until they can grab more people themselves. Towards what end? I need more data to make an assessment for that."

He reaches into his belt then, and tosses a holoprojector onto the table, and a small map of the galaxy pops up.. A red aura surrounds one of them. "The route the tower on Ungara was using also confirms that they were trying to send all that energy into this sector of space. With some time, I may be able to do a more accurate analysis and narrow it down to find the target outpost. There are a lot of factors for that to compensate though. I should note that a Javelin can reach this section of the galaxy without issue, as well."


Doctor Stranges brief handshake is returned even though Hal is in presentation mode. Pausing long enough to give out that small pleasantry before he carries on.

"You would be surprised, Superman. Not every Red Lantern is a monster, many of them are just very wronged people with a lot of unchecked anger and pain. The ring and the rage power it produces transforms a person in to a machine fueled by this. A machine with lacking an off switch for those moments in time where we say chill out, calm down, enough is enough or its not worth it." Self explanatory on some of that.

"We have no clue yet." Hal says to Kyle, the use of his first name a habit between them and Jordan doesn't think twice about it.

"Exactly Martian Manhunter. It changed hands. Now we need confirmation or a more reliable spy, someone that is ours." Thats the big drop there. One that his Hal checking responses.

"With this data that Batman is sharing, trajectory of the Ungara ray, a little help from our 'friend'… we have an opportunity to slip one of us in. They gave us the tool for that I believe, if what Spooky has determined and their numbers are low, theyre actively recruiting and that means more rings are seeking targets." This part he knows they'll all figure out the next steps are much harder.


Superman seems to take a sigh a moment as he listens to Hal Jordan, looking guilty for making an assumption. "You're right." but then Hal drops that bomb of needing a more reliable spy, and Kal is the brave one to ask. "Someone that's ours? Who would you suggest to even try to be our mole?" he asks curiously.

aT Diana and J'onn's discussion about marking the moonstones so the children can appreciate them more, Superman is easy to get on board with that idea. "I'd love to join that particular crusade. It'll be nice to make those children's day." a warm smile then. Then his attention falls on Batman as he gives his findings and reports…a hum then.

Though his attention falls on Hal…clearly in thought.


What 'Disney' Toon laid still playing on the tablet?

Clone Wars Series, of course! (Yes, Disney bought them, still good, surprisingly!)

It takes a moment, the people gathered is a surprise as her eyes reflect their images and shadows back to them like a mirror of /green/, but it is a heartening thing… Despite Hal's words that draw the smile to waver at the edges only slightly.

Yes, they still are a very real threat… The touch of Kyle snaps Kori from it, even as the edges of hair that fall around ankles are casting a luminescent yellow glow, tracers in the sway when she turns his way and gives him the same assessment. "I am better." A tentative touch and then she embraces Kyle, her worry evident, but fading as she pulls back slightly.

"Everyone here is to thank, but J'onn's stopped me." A mere whisper and she looks the Martian's way, silencing herself to look towards the rocks Di brings forth, her fingers drumming a path across Kyle's shoulder before they slide downward. Always Hope despite the evidence…

Superman is flashed a smile as well but between Hal and Bats it dims… Interesting?.

Let's not go there!


"I'll do it." Batman replies without hesitation. "I'm the obvious candidate. I have… issues… which can make me easy to seek. I can do a thorough assessment of their assets far better from the inside, and I'm a null presence outside of Earth." Batman gives a nod to the projector, "And my absence from the League won't be as crippling as the more space-capable among us."


"Good." Kyle leans into the hug, squeezing Starfire. He leans back twisting his arm back behind his shoulder to guide the Tamaranean's fingers down to a brush with his. "We'll talk?" Kyle whispers to her. "After."

It takes a furtive shake of Kyle's head to fall back into his professional mode. Mention of /slipping someone in/ lubricates that transition /rather/ quickly, cutting his sharp chin towards Hal. The incredulous look on his face that he shares with the rest of the JLA is like a buffet, open to all.

"This leader of theirs isn't one of them, though. I've been burned by the Reds enough to hear him mentioned more than enough times. Whatever he's up to isn't going to be diplomatic in the least." Kyle speaks up. "I've seen /traces/ of the element in passing even as far in as this sector, but no confirmed activity. One can only hope if a ring comes here we can get more of the Reds to listen to reason, but slip one in?" Kyle pauses a beat. "How? Not even my contacts outside of this sector-" Codespeak for 'Other non-Green Lanterns' "-have a bead on that kind of inside move."

Kyle looks to J'onn, softly nodding a debt of gratitude to the Martian.

"What?" Kyle snaps his head to Batman. "I know a way to get the ring surgically taken off of a finger, but realize going in that this means the moment that ring comes off, you're without a working bloodflow, Batman. Please, understand that risk."


"Your question, then, is there an individual or a volunteer among us to infiltrate the Red Lanterns." J'onn states, considering the various options, "I am believe that in order to do as you ask, that the Infiltrator would need to wear a ring…"

Looking between Hal and Kyle, J'onn asks "Since you both wear a Green Ring, does that mean you are not valid candidates?" His mind working through the various options available to them here, "Superman is a Symbol recognized globally, and having him take a Ring of Rage is ill-advised. We need You.." his eyes moving to Kal, "…to continue to be that Symbol. We cannot have the appearance of that Symbol to Tarnish."

In his clinical way, J'onn continues "Diana, what you have done for the people of the Planet is equally important. A bastion of kindness, protection, and caring that as strong a Political Power as the heroics you perform."

This lets the Martian's gaze fall on Batman, "You have equally important responsibilities that fall on the members of your extended Family." Obviously speaking of the Bat Family, and what Bruce does on a daily basis With and For them. "You also are the Chief Technologist of our League, Batman. You are vital in building communications that are secure, following what information is relayed, and building the plan to counteract what the Reds may be planning."

"Starfire. You have had the hardest of times with what we have all been through. I would not want to put you at risk." Simply stated, but given their last conversation Starfire realizes there is more behind the Martian's concern.

"I think this leaves little options left…" Looking to the gathered League, Family to him, "…I have controlled an Anger in me for years longer than many of you realize. It is not an unfamiliar concept, but one in which I have come to accept. It would not be… difficult.. for me to find this Anger, but yet still manage to control it when the time came."


Diana was sitting straight on her moon chair with her legs crossed at the knees in her blue/white spacesuit. She moved her blue eyes from one face to the other as they spoke and discussed this complicated plan of action. From one to the next she would look and listen but it was J'onn that made her show a faint frown a slight shake of her head, even if what he said all added up to some degree.

"This is a classic 'draw straws' scenario. Otherwise, we are likely to be here holding debate for some time to decide on such a thing." She'd look to Hal though, since this was primarily his sphere and his place of expertise.


"We are low on options and time is pressing. They are right now weaker in numbers than they want us to believe the state of logistics dictates we force action." Hal explains, "We wait too long their numbers will be too much and we have no real idea of their true strength or plans. We cannot trust the new mole, not with our lives."

"He is right Batman. That thing replaces the heart. It from what has been determined becomes it… you're a Red until you die or we go through more grisly and hazardous methods to free you. As far as we know, only one operation has been successful and that wasn't on a vampire or human or… whatever you are."

Hal nods to Superman and Martian Manhunter, "Thats my suggestion and I want one of us to volunteer as Batman already has. Then we'll as a team decide who that best should be. If we have to draw straws but it cannot be myself for him." A nod towards Rayner, J'onn likely pegged it right in his conclusion there.
"It has to be one of you and I'm trusting in our Green friend's opinion on both Starfire and Superman. I also feel that Batman's intelligence is going to be needed should our surgical option fail us or one of us Lanterns cannot find another of the Bearers capable." Saint Walker isn't exactly in contact right now. "I can also see Batman's point in this. We need powerhouses if it all hits the fan and we fail horribly."

Diana gets a smile, "We are in debate. Someone has to make a call. Because thats just one part of it… "

"Once we determine WHO gets to be our sacrificial lamb we have to find a way to transfer all this spectrum energy in to that person. You're our best guy for that." He is looking at Martian Manhunter again, "Either as a possible bridge or the sponge.'

"Democracy for the win, right? Toss your vote out. Lets get this over with so we can take these assholes down and show them we're not to be messed with on our home turf."


Starfire does not draw away, suddenly rapt on what is transpiring between them all, what offerings are laid out - sacrifices, risks, and how close to home it is to them all in their own way.

Kyle's snap towards Batman comes upon the fall of her hand into his, fingers twining and squeezing ligh—- tightly when he speaks of his Ace, the other that has her looking back towards him, over the suit in places where beneath only a practiced surgeon has grafted him back into the position he stands here…

Causing Kori to exhale and look upward towards the stars after skimming the surface of the moon outside of this 'fallen' Attilan. Her grip in Kyle's own, shakes lightly and the heat comes in a slow pulse.

It is her own parsing of words exchanged that has her smiling, a faint thing. "Could she work with him?" A lower of chin, a light hold of 'Pride' as she mutters to Kyle that question, her eyes skimming towards Batman. She knows nothing of him since his reappearance, but he is League, and therefore…. So much doubt, un surety, and apprehension is stifled in those words, but it id for the Good.

A look to Hal and the question is there, but unasked, she is curling her fingers into Kyle's own a bit harsher to show the strain in what she suggests, but it is the /right thing/.

"I won't question it," A pause, an apologetic look to J'onn as she for once, disagrees with him - in part. "J'onn, we are all allowed our choice in what Diana states, unless Hal or Kyle disagree." As this… is not any of their field, but fair is fair to Starfire.


Superman looks to Hal "I volunteer." but J'onn's words bring silence in the Kryptonian. He always did trust J'onn's recommendations, even if he thought that if they had a big gun there, less chance of things going absolutely haywire. "Hm…" he crosses his arms a moment. But when votes are beginning to be cast, he takes a breath.

"We have no guarantee that if one of goes, we won't be corrupted by the ring." like a particular nerdy fanbase Superman is a fan of. Another small breath. "I vote J'onn takes the leap. He makes a fair point. Besides, J'onn knows how to regulate his emotions and avoid corruption." he gives a small nod to his #alienbro. Though that's not why Superman suggested he go, he merely thinks J'onn is the most equipped for the situation.


"No. We're not." Kyle shakes his head towards J'onn. The neckline of his suit peels away to reveal a Chicago Cubs jersey, which he pulls aside to show the still healing hint of scar tissue from a burn of some kind. "I've been up against them too many times, and I'd be breaking an oath to even risk turning myself into something that dangers this sector or any other." Kyle frowns to the man, lips flattening into a hard line. Crackling green energy reseals his black, white, and green suit back to the form-fitting seal on his neck. "That and…" Kyle looks to Starfire, then across to Hal with a frown. "…if we need the surgical option, that's my contact that'll want me making that call personally."

Kyle lifts his fingers to his mouth, balling them into a fist which he clears his throat into.

"And if our new Red Lantern goes on a rampage and this goes to hell, I've got billions, if not trillions of people to put myself in between you and them. I believe she would come help. It's not…guaranteed, though."

Kyle quiets as a vote is called for. His fingers curl into Starfire's as he mulls it over, eventually turning his attention towards Batman.

"We'll take care of Gotham." Kyle nods towards Batman, then looks towards J'onn. He nods, as well. "Batman and the Martian Manhunter." Kyle shakes his head. "No offense, Superman, but the idea of you overcome with rage…"


"If it's a choice between the chance that I'll die, and the Red Lanterns coming to Earth and destroying it, that isn't a choice at all to me. I knew since the day I put on my first suit that every day I go out on patrol might be my last." Batman notes, his voice grim even over the scrambler. "With me, or with the Manhunter, it's a risk. With all that said, he's the shapeshifter, and may be able to survive being removed from the Corps better than I could." Batman looks to J'onn, "if you're willing, my vote is for you. I can coach you on some basics to look out for, before you go in." Batman confirms, before he looks to Superman, "you're already a heavy hitter, Superman. If this goes wrong, we'll need you to offset so we can work on a correction."

Offering a small smile to Diana, "I would not take the choice from you…" his eyes looking to Starfire as well, "…any of you. I merely suggest the most logical choice that would allow us the greatest chance of recovering whomever is sent."

To Kal and Kyle, he gives them both a nod in appreciation of his abilities to overcome the Rage when it is needed. "If a situation occurs that requires the removal of the Finger, Limb, Arm…" a simple shrug, not that it would be painless, but he has had worse happen, "…I could survive and recover from such an injury. I trust Green Lantern Rayner's ability to find someone to remove the Ring if it becomes a problem."

J'onn looks to the rest gathered here, he has made his case, and has yet to be dissuaded from it's course. Although Kyle does bring up a good point, "Two of us, from two different Planets, if they are recruiting would not be a horrible idea…" Looking to Batman, he adds "..the added anchor for both individuals may not be a horrible compromise." Looking to everyone else, he does add "Of course, the worst case scenario is that we both fall, and could we afford that?"


Diana would grimace at something that Hal said and then she'd look to the others as they all tossed in their votes for the Martian Manhunter… she seemed much more withdrawn on the idea of voting for him though, even if he was the 'right' decision.

"I abstain." She said then after the others. Her blue eyes went to J'onn. "I refuse to place the title of 'Sacrificial Lamb' onto any of the members of this League." She looked at Hal then and exhaled lightly before looking back to J'onn and Kyle as well. "Clearly the vote has been cast in favor of it either way though." She added then in a grim tone of her calm voice.


Starfire had spoken her peace. #princesspower with Diana of Themyscira and Starfire of….

A glance to Batman, Hal, Kyle, Superman, Kyle… Back to Di.

Earth. Now.

No glance to the Sectors and Galaxies beyond this place of meet.

She spoke her mind, and as the votes weigh in the draw of straws to a direction, her eyes cast sidelong, her lips thin in the 'pincher' of suggestion. Diana's words finalize the split in her mind, that conflict held internal.

"We'll take care of Our Home." A pause and she looks to Kyle, her eyes a reflective dart over his features while that suit reforms to seal away the intricately healed scars beneath.

Then Hal.


"J'onn should not be alone, and I have trust in Kyle's… ally." The clear of Kyle's throat is fitting enough.

"We'll be here when you come back. I abstain." Echoing Di in her words, her stance unchanging beside Kyle, despite..


Hal's hands had cupped together and he is shaking green thin tubes of varying sizes between them, the sound off of each member of the League present says they've come to a consensus.
Tubes then one by one blink out.

"Two abstains. Rayner split his vote. Superman for J'onn. I'm finding myself also opting for Martian Manhunter. I am directly opposed to more than one of us submitting ourselves to the Red. One of us is enough to have to deal with let alone two and Atrocitus' army to deal with."

A look at the Martian, "Are you sure about this?"

"If so, Batman, you're going to be needed to find the exact location of their outpost here in the Milky Way. Rayner you need to talk to your contacts, have them ready and on call to assist us or prepare to remove the ring."

"J'onns once Batman has found the outpost we need a way to get all of the Ungara residual from us to you… " Jordan looks at Diana, "I heard you mention something about Lan… Landline… la.. something crystals once, they used similar on Ungara in a massive scale to channel in the first place maybe your island has something we can use to get this out of us? Get it in to him. Maybe thats reaching, I'm not sure. I'm working off jacked up theory and limited experience here."

Hal is in the dark on much of this, hes actually looking from face to face for input, "Once we have a destination we escort J'onn. Corral him the right way and hope they have an open beacon calling them in. It'll be on him then." Likely also Batman can plant a new tracer on him or a Lantern can try for one of Oa's. At least that might ease some of the fear and apprehension they have about him going alone.

"I told you all this is a wild one." Wild and half-baked… to say the least… Jordan is putting a lot of faith in his team.


Superman gives a saddened look to Diana. "I don't want to either. But.." he looks to Hal for a moment, clearly not liking this idea one bit. But it's the consensus, and so he surrenders. Though a look is given back to Diana. "A moment of your time later?" he asks her before he looks back to Hal. "Alright…then it's a plan."

He gives a concerned look to J'onn..a look that said 'if I lose you brother, every Red Lantern is going down.'. J'onn was really one of the few to really understand Kal. Then he looks to Starfire. Clearly against the two going to the reds idea as well.

"Alright..I may have a few tools to help with this too."


"I do not consider it Sacrificial Lamb, Diana, but another of our duties in defense of a place we call Our Home…" a smile sent Kori's way, echoing her sentiments, and understanding the stance of both women. J'onn would find it hard to send any of them on a similar mission, but he is confident in his ability to protect himself… perhaps another … if it is required.

"I agree with your assessment, Green Lantern. I do not wish for another to be risked." Then, eyes focused on Hal, he nods "I am sure. It is the best option we have at this point, and we cannot wait for the Reds. We must be proactive."

J'onn catches Kal's look, offering a nod in understanding, "I will see you all again. I do this because I am confident in /your/ skills more than my own…" His red orbs fall on each in turn here, "…I have lost a Planet, a People, a Family once. It will /not/ happen again." His stoic features, normally peaceful and serene, take on a slightly harder caste "In this /We/ will be successful. All of us have our part to play. Mine is the easiest. Yours will be the most important. Bringing me back to our Family here."

"So, I believe the next step is needing to call the Ring to me?" J'onn asks of Hal and Kyle, "If that is the case, I can see why you wanted it done here, but I would prefer if I am away from this area so as to not damage it in the transition."


Kyle Rayner has long since fallen silent. Watching more than anything, his all-white eyes without pupils don't aid in telling exactly /where/ he's looking, but the way he shifts his head when someone is far enough out of his periphery is obvious. His knuckles twist, scratching his fingertips against his side, and the edge of his mouth dips in, chewing against his lip.

In the body language of Kyle Rayner: He's not a fan.

"It's not so much a call as it is an audition." Kyle speaks up to J'onn. "Not that I could bottle up a magic spell that would call a ring to anyone in this room, because the Book of Oa says that Ring Bearers are chosen by the energy itself. It's not just the capacity for Willpower." Kyle motions to Hal, then himself, "But the deep reserves of it unknown even to the self that light a strong enough beacon to attract the ring."

Kyle folds his arms across his chest and looks across their faces.

"Which means you've got to be so filled with rage that a red ring out there takes a hard left turn like a cartoon, and chooses you, Pikachu."


"The people I've trained over the years have handled themselves well enough in my absence." Batman observes, before he takes the datapad, connects a line from the wristcomp to it, and starts to type into it. "I'll need updated star chart of the region and those surrounding it to make it quicker. I have a lot of stellar drift to account for. I'll have to rely on Earth based observations otherwise." Batman confirms to Hal, "Get me those, and I can probably narrow it down within the month."

Then, Diana gets a look, "Sacrificial lamb is a bit overdramatic, but a bit accurate. Planting a spy into a force as unstable as the Red Lantern Corp is very risky, but if we're going to be effective at counteracting them, it's this, or a force recon they'll detect and counter themselves." Ever the strategist, Batman. "With the sort of power these people have, this is our best option." Batman agreeing with Hal? Quick, someone mindscan him.


"Exactly." Hal agrees with Kyle's explanation. "Next step is making you the biggest most obvious beacon in our galaxy. That is where the possibility of using what remains of the Ungara residual before it fully bleeds off. You need to become the angriest man alive." Which might be a title several others host, one of them also green.

"Ideas? This crystal thing work or no? Rayner and I might be able to help channel it if we can make it workable energy but the rest… it's not exactly like I was good at science or theres any manuals out there to make this a thing." A shame Doctor Strange's presence was a brief visit, inquiry and escape back to Earth and whatever library Hal imagines the man haunts.

"We'll get you plenty of star charts for analysis, Spooky."


Diana would look back to Hal then when he struggled with the L-word. "Yes, its a Landline. I plan to hook a phone booth up to it." She said to the Green Lantern before cracking a sly little grin at him. A headshake was given then as she dismissed her own silly response and then she continued. "It is the Lansinarian Morphing Disk, a gift from… an admiring race of aliens who visited Earth some time ago. It is what I use to create the Jet with… its power is extensive, and I have not fully explored what the limitations of it truly are. But I know it certainly has them based on what I have tried."

She'd offer a nod then to Superman and a look to Batman. "I know—and I do trust all of your judgments and your ability to craft the best possible plan even amidst the worst of odds. But it does not make me any less uncomfortable, I am afraid to admit."


Starfire stands there, there is nothing visible in her reaction to this finality, but each one of them is given a glance before her eyes close, Hal is watched carefully, as he has suffered loss to this before, and the moment of sorrow and acknowledgement comes in a slow nod, a close of lids over her eyes and the bow of relent in the dip of chin as she steps back a bit more, the release of Kyle's hand has her hands clasping in front of her, tawny fingers twining together as if in a silent prayer as she breathes out one word.


"Can you replay the Red Planet to the coordinates and time frames…?" «I'm sorry, J'onn..» Sacrifice is what it takes. 'Lamb' is just a turn of phrase, humans are not even the apex predators anymore.

"You have every right, Wonder Woman." A pause and Starfire's face is placid now, if her words and apology does not give way.

"When are we doing this, then?" Her voice is even low, careful.

The reflection that goes from Superman in understanding, darts between Hal and Kyle. "If your contacts fail, I won't hesitate to bring the Sun to them." But will any of them?


J'onn listens to Kyle's explanation, digesting all he has to say, "I understand…" and even more so when Hal adds a bit more description of how he thinks he can make it happen. "Do you think the Rage, since it is an energy source, could be drawn out like a magnet?"

"There is a… Darkness, Anger… Hate, even. That I have used various Martian techniques to contain. It is a topic that I have discussed only once." Even beginning to mention it causes a bit of his empathic abilities to push some of that simmering anger to be felt by the assembled crowd, "If I release it, I am not sure about the Angriest Man Alive, but it could be a focal point for the Rage Energy stored within us all?"

«There is no need to be sorry, Kori. It is a choice freely made for the protection of a Planet and a People I have come to care for.» He returns his gaze to Hal and Kyle, as they are the experts in this discussion, "Any way to draw the energy and focus it to me is the key."


Superman looks at J'onn, a concern still plastered on his face before he nods. "Alright J'onn…I trust you." he says simply, before he looks at all the others, a worry in his look before he sighs. A look to Starfire then when she gives him a look of understanding.

He approaches Diana and puts a hand on her shoulder. "It'll all be alright." and that hand lingers for a moment to display comfort before he removes it. His eyes on Hal and Kyle. "Alright…then I guess If J'onn can focus it, we could get him a Red Lantern ring?" he asks once more in curiosity before it's agreed upon.


"Loungesinger Crystal er Disc. Thats what I said." Hal Jordan corrects himself and Diana. A look from Batman and Starfire who, is very confused about what Batman is and is not capable of, "He's not… that event took place a long time ago Starfire. If I am guessing what you're trying to hint at."

A frown and he considers, "Maybe if we can't get it magnetized out you can just do your mindtrip stuff, become focus point and we'll all just be very near one another. Draw one to us." Hopefully just one.
"If these other options are no good… amplify what we have already. Cross fingers and pray its enough to bring us an early Christmas gift." Worst gift. Horrible gift. Atrocitus makes for a very bad Santa despite their color tastes.


Then, there's more typing into that datapad, before Batman unplugs the wristcomp, instantly tossing the datapad across the table to J'onn. "Press the red button, and every single rage inducing thing we have will play out non-stop for you. When you're ready." A beat, "it's in hologram form and with good sound."


"Lan-sin-ahhrrr." Pirate style. Starfire corrects Hal, repeating Diana's accent back to him to not sully the dialect.

Starfire is narrowing her eyes at Hal and his very own tone. Is that sarcasm? She is still trying to figure that one out, considering honesty is no joke to her!


"I…have rage that I could spare." Kyle adds to the mix, quirking his brow as he floats onto a box and sits, looking carefully to the wristcomp and the ominous red button. The symbol in his chest flares brightly as he breathes in, then sighs out the breath towards Hal and Kori, brows tipping in silent 'you ready for this?' eye contact with them. "On second thought, maybe I won't sit down." Kyle pushes back to his feet and turns, lifting his arms above his head and bending them, fingers hanging down his back, to limber up.

"J'onn, for what it's worth, I apologize ahead of time for what you're about to have inflicted on you." Kyle mutters as he rounds past Diana towards Superman. "But the fact is, you weren't strong enough to save your own people, and we've got to be strong enough to protect ours." Kyle throws towards the Manhunter with a smirk. "So buck up and push the red button, get this over with, and we'll make sure to catch you before it gets too far, and you can see what it's really like to save a planet from extinction."


Hal throws his hands in the air, "Lawn sinner? Landspeeder? This ring translates billions of languages and I have no damn clue what you're saying, lady." Turning towards the entry flap of the silver tent he opens it.

"We need to take a breather, give Batman some time to find the outpost while we work on how to get J'onn really really pissed off or somehow Unga… Kyle what the hell."

If Batman was wise he also loaded that up with with social media from the last 10 years. Then again they don't want the Martian to start outright hating humankind…


"We talked about this, Hal." Kyle says to the Lantern in passing. "You knew how I was gonna vote."


"When you're ready, Manhunter, come see me for that briefing. That datapad is for after." Batman confirms, before he stands, "If that's all I have work to do in Gotham. I'll be in touch." He presses a few command into his wristcomp, and the Javelin starts on it's own. "Find me on the Watchtower or Batcave if anyone needs me." And he walks out, to the makeshift hangar zone.


Superman looks around then. "I'll see you all soon." he looks to Diana. "Diana, a word when you have time." he smiles to her warmly then before he looks to J'onn and Hal and Kyle "Be careful." he says with a severely concerned look, and with that…he floats away. Though this time he doesn't go for the teleporter. It's apparent he prefers to fly back to earth the old fashioned way. Likely to think.

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