No Eggnog, No Booze and No Girlfriend

December 13, 2017:

Alex, Rogue, Scott, Betsy and Marcos all have some casual time in the Mansion's Rec Room.


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Mentions: Lorna Dane, Jessica Jones, Piotr Rasputin, Rachel Summers


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Always one to make a good impression, Alex is slouched down in a comfy chair. He's put his sunglasses on, and could very well be asleep at this point. Next to his chair rests the half-full box of Christmas Decorations he has neglected to finish putting out. In his lap is an open box of Cheezits.

On the television, some sort of marmot appears to be doing marmot things while a pleasant-sounding British Person prattles on about its activities.


Rogue steps into the recreation room after having just gotten home. She parked her car in the garage and came upstairs to unwind in the recreation lounge before going to bed. She'd been out all night at a friend's Christmas party and it was kind of fun and kind of boring. Her friend was married and had a couple kids already, so they were all being soooo adult and soooo happy about it!

Rogue swept into the room and walked across the hardwood part of the floor, she was wearing thigh-high leather boots with wedge heels and a black sweater over a pair of dark green pants that disappeared inside the boots.

The southern woman threw the fridge doors open, scanning the insides… for booze.


A *hiss* of a can is audible from entry to the rec room. Not a beer no. Scott Summers has his hand around an Energy Drink one that shows some orange alien with a fin and too much muscles on it punching in big words KAPOW ENERGY!

A green sweater, jeans, boots. Those forever present red shades on his nose, yawning when he enters. The British on the television immediately has him thinking Betsy is in here but its not, he is trailing behind Rogue and spying Alex lounging around. A half a box of decorations still out that haven't gone up yet.

Scott walks over and kicks it several times. The rattle of trinkets and objects inside meeting impact and cardboard audible.


The abrupt opening of the fridge doesn't cause Alex to budge. Jangling knickknacks however, result in the man sitting up suddenly with a loud SNORT. This transitions into a brief coughing fit, and is finished up with him staring up at Scott for a couple of uncomprehending moments.

Clearing his throat, Alex readjusts himself in the chair, pushes his shades back up onto the top of his head, and rubs his face, "Hey, Captain Responsible." He clears his throat a couple of times. Man. Cheezits. "Ray roped me into decorating and then immediately bailed on me. See the tree, yet? Hardly can see the scorch marks." He glances over his shoulder to appraise Rogue's fridge rummaging. When'd SHE get here?


Rogue sighed when she saw no booze and it made her slap the fridge door shut again. She turned around and dropped her body back against it with a thud and then crossed her gloved arms over her stomach and eyed Scott as he crossed across the room toward…

"Alex?" She said at him, looking surprised. "When did you get here?" She asked the man she only 'kind of' knew. "I mean… Hey. Nice t'see ya, Mistah. Hows… stuff?" She asked him before gliding her eyes back to Scott.

"Is this house dry'a stronger drinks than that cancer water you're downin'?" She asked him, husky voice sounding a bit… stressed.


"Captain Responsible?" Scott stares down. "We're still on that? I thought that was last week."

"I seen and I keep missing Ray. I almost think shes avoiding me." Scott takes a long drink and looks at Rogue.

"Trouble. Stuff is good, busy, how is whatever mayhem you've been up to?" He eyes Rogue in kind, "Cancer water? This stuff will give you rocket legs."

He walks over and sits on the edge of a table, not a chair! He is going all casual Commander William T. Riker in here.


"Oh, hey!" Crap. Name? Abort, abort. "Sorry I didn't see you come in. Long night at Harry's, accidental make-up sleep, I guess." Alex glances sidelong at Scott. Going Out Drinking probably was not on his list of expectations for the week, but hey. "Yeah, no drinks. Already looked."

"Good, I'm pretty good. Still trying to settle in and figure out what I'm going to DO, or how long I'm sticking around, even." The entire Lorna and Marcos thing has had him renewing a nationwide job hunt. Somebody has to have use for a Geophysicist. "How've you been?"

Grinning back at Scott as his brother sits, "Hey, Captain Responsible is the only one I'm comfortable using in a school."


Rogue waltzed over to where Scott was with a sway in her hips and she sat down on the arm of a sofa chair next to him while Alex spoke. She reached out to take Scott's drink from him with a slight grin, apparently she was thirsty and wanted a sip?

She'd look to Alex then though and offer him a smile on her dark red painted lips. "I just got back from my friend's horrible Christmas sweater party. Why do people keep throwin' those things every year and act like its the first time anyone's thought'a doin' that kinda thing? Seriously, its not even slightly original!"

Rogue would shake her head and shoot out a heavy sigh.

"I'm okay though. Tryin' t'get my spirits back up… its been a pretty shitty year."


"Long drunken nights and putting a foot out the door again?" Scott studies Alex from behind those glossy lenses of deep rose. "Lorna?" He questions bluntly? He doesn't mind that Rogue is there. Shes kind of his go to anyways, not a person in the X-Men talks to him or spends more random 'guy' time with Scott than the Southern Belle.

The abduction of his drink has him looking down at Rogue's hand then her face, "Thought you said it was cancer water?"
"Because its become a really dumb honored tradition." He says, "Decorate like everyone else and listen to bad Christmas music. It helps… jar something loose thats akin to a soul. Sia has Christmas album. I'm sure thats right up your alley." ScoTt teases, a vibrate of his phone has him hunting it down one pocket to the next.


Nodding to Rogue, Alex gives a crooked smirk, "Yep. Wouldn't rank it as my best. I got booted from my doctoral program for blowing up a little bit. Due to the 'political climate'," Alex air quotes, "They would be unable to provide any recommendations." He slumps back in his chair with a whumpf.

To Scott's name-based question, he quickly offers, "No." Then smirks at himself and elaborates, "A bit. I mean, I know it's stupid ancient history type stuff and I don't think I'm actively stuck on her… maybe? No. Pretty sure not. It just … They're disgustingly cute together. He's being all poetic, fucking sparkle pony lights when they touch, it's…" He shrugs awkwardly from deep within the Comfy Chair, "Just a lot to process."

He blinks. Okay, that was a pent-up rant. "Yeah, Lorna."


Rogue would smile a bit at Scott and then take a sip from the drink before she'd wrinkle her face up at the taste of it and hand it back. "Gross." She said. "And I ain't afraid'a cancer, cause all I gotta do is… sneak myself up behind Logan and just… brush my fingers across the back'a his neck while he's watchin' football. Poof, cancer free again." She smirked at the man in the shades before looking back to Alex.

Rogue sighed softly at his rough story and she shook her head side to side. "I am really sorry things ain't been goin' how ya'd like it, handsome." She said at him, giving him a little smile too. "You're always welcome here though, t'take some time t'find your bearins…" She knew about Lorna and Marcos though, they were pretty hot and heavy.

"But trust me, I totally understand if you blow this place off and go find greener pastures t'graze in too."


"Lorna is the past Alex." Scott says with some measure of sympathy but maybe not enough. Some measure of his tone sounds that usual chiding. Perhaps its just older brother tone.
"You're needed here and you need to train, seriously, you can't just keep blowing up every school or workplace you find yourself in." A grin. Its there again and its genuine this time. Scotts joking!
" Cancer is the least of your worries if you want to go fondling Logan, Rogue." More jesting. The X-Man with no humor to him has it tonight. Possibly brief lived as it is.

"Rogue can always find you some trouble, it's been her thing lately."

"Don't encourage him to leave. He just got here. You're supposed to help me out… "


"I feel a bit weird even complaining, considering the news coming back from Genosha." Alex gives his head a bit of a shake, "So, that's where the shutting up and drinking recreationally kicks in, I guess." He chuckles, perfectly aware he's not wowing Scott with his diligent training regimen.

Raising his eyebrows at Scott, Alex doesn't hop at a chance to argue. Maybe the single malt therapy is working, "Past, yeah. But still kind of awkwardly present. I definitely don't want to make life weird and stressful for her, she's got more than enough of THAT." He gives another odd Comfy Chair Shrug, then struggles free to sit up, elbows resting upon his knees, "Training's probably a good plan, but man. Got to find a more eco-friendly spot. Feelin' some feels for the fishies at this point."

Assuming there are still fish. The lake has taken some blows over the past few weeks.


Rogue just shrugged her shoulders at Scott's words while she sat up nice and tall on that sofa chair's arm. "Whats a few more shitty memories t'clutter up my mind?" She said at him with a sly little smirk.

Rogue looked over at Alex then. "Just hang out, get your shit together and don't worry about stress or whatever… We've all got it, so we might as well all stay together and wallow in it like a nice big miserable family." She grinned nice and big then.

She stood up from the chair then and walked back toward the kitchen. It the talk was going to angle itself back toward Genosha, she was considering just heading straight to her bedroom. She was NOT a fan.


"Eggnog." Scott says randomly. "We don't have any eggnog." A sigh and he gives his brother a lift of brows, leaning down the drink pressed off fully in to Rogue's grasp he hunts down a softer ornament, one of those velvet wrapped ones takes the top off of it with a twist and chucks it at Alex's head. It's not like it will hurt.

"We have a spot. We'll make use of it soon enough just not yet. Right now you get to just murder more trees and frozen fish."

No comment towards Genosha. Its not the best of place to remember for many of them and right now it's Lorna's mission, "Current mission… we make this Christmas a better one than last year." The vibration of his phone in pocket going off again. A missed call. Jessica Jones.


The younger Summers gives a bit of a chuckle, grinning crookedly in Rogue's direction. It's impressive how differently two physically similar siblings can look with a little variance in hair color and expressiveness. Having had no particular insight on Genosha, he doesn't pursue the topic past the casual mention in reference to People Having it Tougher than Alex Summers. An ornament bounces off the side of his head, his Combat Reflexes utterly failing to … do anything whatsoever.

With a laugh, he looks back to Scott, "Ok, man. I know you've got a court around here, so… You, me, some one on one hoo…" And then Marcos arrives, "So, got a thing. Got to… Eggnog? Hell, I can run out for some eggnog." Alex hates eggnog.


Eclipse arrives with a bag over his shoulder. Just standard necessities like water and the like since he slept over the other day. Though he ends up seeing everyone there in the rec room. He wears a red flannel T-shirt with a blue jean jacket over it, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. He smiles to everyone present, waving. "Yo."

Then he sees Alex being weird when he arrived again…and he didn't question it. "Taking off Alex?" he asks, before he looks at Scott and Rogue. "Hey Scott, Rogue."


Rogue sighed at the revelation that they didn't even have any eggnog! She threw open the fridge door and reached inside to pull out a pudding cup she'd seen there within one of the little clear plastic shelves.

She went for a spoon then and peeled the cup's lid back while she pulled her right hand glove off and exposed the skin beneath it… had to get her spoonin' on afterall.

"If you're runnin' out for eggnog then you're also runnin' out for booze t'get poured inta it." Rogue would say with a grin as she looked up and put a spoonful of chocolate pudding into her mouth, smiling around it while pressing her lips down around the spoon's neck.

A moment later and Rogue was eyeballing pretty pretty Marcos when he strode into the room. She drew the spoon out from her mouth and wiggled a few fingers at him. "Heya, sugah." She said at Lorna's beau.


Psylocke is back, her shopping trip a success, always! But there is a frustration in her gaze, an internal debate that has her pulling a handled paper bag boasting 'Choice' of expense in the contents of a more decorated evidence. Betsy wants wine, now and she is working fingers over her alpaca lined trench coat of leather (it isn't baby seal, don't judge!), flinging it aside over the back of the couch, perhaps near-missing Scott and Alex.

Rogue's presence is offered a small smile as she opens a drawer and… "Bloody 'ell, not one corkscrew in this blasted junk drawer?"

A glance up and Eclipse is offered a quirk of lips, Alex… "Oh… What have I missed?"

Rogue? Help a sister out here!?


"Just hang Alex and don't make things weirder than they need to be." Scott requests with his casual manner hes employed right now crouching again to pillage the Christmas box. "Marco, good to see you." He adds his own polite greeting at the man's arrival.

"We have several courts. I'll beat you there too." Maybe. The talk can be made the walk will have to happen later.


"We are drinking, again, all of us?" Scott questions Betsy and Rogue together. If its not them it's Lorna and last time he seen Jean she was getting drunk as well. Such good influences.

Alex hasn't actually moved from his perch on the edge of the seat of the Too-Comfy Chair. He flicks a quick glance in Marcos' direction, a half-smile working at his features, "Nah. Bad joke." He perks up a bit, gesturing back toward Rogue, "Unless Rogue just really wanted to hit Harry's and needed a designated … assistant drinker?"

Glancing back toward Scott, his expression only slightly incredulous. "Beat … me? Did you bring the Knicks up here for private lessons while I was gone? NOW who's making things weirder, Captain No-D?" And Alex still can't dribble left, but shit-talking can't go unaddressed.


"Yeah…" Psylocke iterates, either as an answer to Scott, or in general.

"We need a glass." A pause from Bets to Scott, freshly 'threaded' brow lifting in question. "It is just a Moscato." A 100 dollar bottle, aged and ripened, none the less… "Split amongst us all it will not do as much as Piotr's Whodka." Perhaps annunciation is lost, but the point is made. "As long as I do not get the R2Dtoo mug, I don't get it…"

"Harry's is still going strong. Well I'll be jiggered, it's been a while…" While other memories bring her to smile faintly she is still making a mess of the drawers in her hunt.

If all else fails she will stab the cork out! Promise!

"Don't judge, Slim, unless you want me to…" Captain No-whut?


Marcos gives a little glance to Scott a moment, giving him a little two-finger wave. "Yo." then he looks at Rogue, and he blushes because he forgot how flirty she was, but he's a loyal guy, and so he just gives her a little wave in return. "Hey Rogue. How goes?" Though he looks between Scott and Alex at the latter's words, and figures it's a display of brotherly competition.

He looks to Betsy as she walks on in like she owns the place…which kind of sparks Marcos's ire only a little bit. Regardless, he gives her a small wave. "Hello." he greets as he walks over to the table, setting it down.


Rogue reached over to take the wine bottle from Betsy and she gave her a light grin. Shaking her head then at Alex's words. "Not going t'the bars until its officially the weekend. I don't wanna get a reputation as a -drunk-." She said…. while pulling the cork out of the top of the wine bottle like it weren't anything at all.

She then handed it back to Betsy and went back to her pudding cup while listening to the conversations.

"Goes good." Rogue replied through a mouthful of pudding back at Marcos. "Neve'ah bette'ah." She added after clearing her palette, her green eyes down on the pudding cup she was poking into with said silver spoon.


"The Knicks." Scott shakes his head. "Why would I waste their time or mine?" Standing up right with a stocking in hand, red and green, typical with fuzzy bells hanging off of it. One of the prior kids who graduated, now living a normal enough life somewhere in Ohio. He loses his train of thought a moment until he hears Betsy knocking on his cup again, "It's still you all drinking again doesn't matter if its moscato or everclear."

The rec room has always been a lounge for the X-Men to just unwind the look Marcos gives Betsy has a curious tip of Scott's chin, "Whats up, Marco?" He pointedly inquires tossing the man that stocking meanwhile. "Want to hang that on up on the wall over there please? Got a bunch of them to go up. It's nice to remind some of the kids they had others before them."

"Reputation as a drunk is already owned by someone else. You got a different rep, Rogue." Scott teases tossing her another stocking.


Alex gives a solemn nod, "Fair 'nuff. Probably nobody on the roster good enough to actually learn from, anyway." Shots fired, Knicks fans. He sinks back into his chair, sits up abruptly, roots around behind him and produces his Cheezits box. Haute cuisine. He scoops a manageable handful into his mouth and crunches.

"Hus e iffern rep?" He inquires of Rogue, munching. A bit more eloquently as the Cheezit obstacle is overcome, "Inside joke?"


Eclipse smiles when Scott tosses him a stocking, more than happy to hang it up on the wall. "Sure thing, Summers." he nods a few times as he gets the job done, giving Rogue a smile afterwards. "Good to hear it Rogue. any of you seen Lorna around?" he asks curiously. Likely she just ran off to go grab supplies, but he worries.

A look then to Alex as he speaks, a small smile for the guy before he looks at everyone. "What's this about drinking?" he asks wit a mischievous smile.


"I have never drank in front of students before, but after my day," A tap of finger to her temple, manicured and glossy nail tip dimples flesh there as she peers over at Rogue's little puddin' cup. "I'm thirsty and whut tha 'ell is tha'??" The two accented femmes from opposing sides of the pind are now a slur of words even as the cork pops and Psylocke smiles.

"Bah, Slim, do allow a girl to poke fun at the inanimate for once?" A lift of the AreTwoD2 and it lowers to be filled. But when sipped it is measured, slow, savored. No - not the drunk they speak of.

"What'd he say?" A glance back to Alex as legs cross behind the bar in her leaning stance to rest elbows on the counter, the thigh high back-laced boots a pattern of 'x' in her stance, the mug lofted.

"The girlfriend, right? Not seen her." Sip.

Pinky up!


Rogue just grinned past her pudding cup at what Scott said to her and then she shifted her eyes over to Alex before she replied. She lowered the cup down to her lap while she leaned back against the countertop in the kitchen. "Its his kind'n'nice way'a callin' me a whore." She said back at Alex. "The one'a us who's had the least amount'a action. Makes sense, right?" She could tease back too, even if it was a bit of a sharper tease and sort of at her own expense!

Rogue looked over at Marcos and shook her head side to side. "Ain't seen her. Haven't talk t'her a lot lately."

Rogue looked to Betsy then and she lifted up her cup. "Its chocolate puddin', Beautiful Betsy." She replied to her lovely friend.


"Inside joke. Yeah." Scott confirms. "No, not seen Lorna since the other night in the hangar." He informs Marcos at the question, a tap of his fingertip against the table and he motions towards Betsy and Rogue, "Ask them. They're the ones dispensing drinks tonight."

"No, thats not my nice way of calling you a whore. I would never." Scott says firmly, almost like he just got offended she said as much a look behind his glasses leveling on the woman's face as if hes trying to read if shes joking or not.
"Trouble. Don't be a punk." He adds in, walking to the wall to pound in a stocking with a tac.

"She'll turn up unless there's a reason we should be concerned, Marcos?" A second thought and Scott has to double take. Too much right now could go wrong and will go wrong. Best to keep everyone accounted for.


The Girlfriend. Alex stoically munches Cheezits, mentally testing out new forms of profanity. Or maybe just a small, controlled explosion. Then some ruminations on just how much control one can have over something if one is still calling it an explosion. Rogue's comment is a welcome distraction, and he gives a single loud laugh. Somewhere in there the notion of Scott openly calling someone a whore, along with the pointed denial, provides Alex with a deep vein of humor.

"I've got to be … Somewhere in the top five, at least. Anyone else top three years?" He starts to go for another handful of Cheezits, then forces himself to put the box down on an end table. Cheezit dust, meet pants. "I was too busy looking at bizarre rock formations in the desert, and just worrying about causing property damage when back among the public. I … did not get out much."


Marcos gives a small nod to Rogue and Betsy "Ah….gotcha. I'm sure I'll find her soon enough. Thanks anyway." A warm mess in his tone then before he looks to Scott and shakes his head "Nope. Just curiosity." And she doesn't have a phone….making always finding her an adventure.

Once that's out of the way and seeing Alex low-key despise the idea of him and Lorna, he moves to take a seat in one of those big bean bags.


Rogue grinned at Alex laughing at her response and she watched Scott stalk over to pin up the sock. "I'm sorry." She said quietly as she finished her pudding cup and dropped it into the waste bin beside the sink, spoon into the dish cleaner.

Rogue then turned around and slipped her glove back onto her hand. "This mean I ain't gonna get any stockin' stuffers this year?" She asked their esteemed leader while his back was still to her.

With her glove back on, Rogue walked past Betsy and gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze. "We gotta drink wine togethe'ah sometime when I ain't dead tired."

Moving then for the exit, Rogue waved to the other Summers. "I'm glad t'see ya, Alex. I hope ya stick around with us, I wanna hear all your adventure stories." And with that, the southern belle moved for the lounge exit.


Betsy is watching Eclipse carefully. She has already done one session in the assist of gathering his 'wits' back and more are likely to come.

Apparently she may have missed something but as he pinned up his stocking and the look from Scott has her silently sipping her wine. Observation is key, and from those stocking 'stuffer' to Alex, her amethyst gaze lowers, the inspection is one of a slow roll over figure, even as she (almost) silently scoffs at the finger-painting of faux-cheesy crumbs along his pants. "I think the mistake is anyone to call another a…. whore," Though that word seems strained from Betsy.

"I don't buy it.." But when Rogue passes, the touch to her shoulder has Bets smiling her way, lightly, and casting a leer back over her shoulder at the rest. When Rogue passes though if there is more of this puddin', she is raiding the fridge, it smelled like an offshoot of confectioned Nutella!

"Why not drink ourselves into sleep! Can count 'trifles' while doing so!" Pudding cups in hand she is hooking fingers into her belongings.

"Heaven forbid I do not pick up after myself, right lads?" A wink to Alex and Scott and she is striding her way on out, that saunter perfected by the 'cheers' loft of the Droid Mug filled with 200$ wine.


"Good luck, Marcos." Scott isn't honestly sure if Lorna is currently here or in Genosha. The open option of Illyana's static ritual for teleportation has been holding strong and no one has been lost in between or been mugged by Limbo demons yet to say the least.
"Coal,yeah. Plenty of it. We have to set standards somewhere." The man rumbles, hes not smile despite trying.
"Betsy, you two behave. We still got some students here." He warns playfully and then gives Alex a long stare. "We have an XBOX and Madden. You feel like a night of losing? And tomorrow we take it to the courts. You can tell your fratboy adventures to the girls later when they're sober again."

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