A Rather Entertaining Encounter

December 13, 2017:

William Kaplan and Syn end up bumping into each other…the following conversations occur with Pizza involved!

Lower Manhattan - New York City

The southern end of the island of Manhattan is the seat of Wall Street and
City Hall. Bounded by the Hudson on the west, the East River on the east,
and the harbor to the south, it's a veritable mosaic of smaller, storied
neighborhoods that fill in the patchwork south of 14th street. From the
arts-friendly, boutique-laden, gentrified areas of Greenwich Village, SoHo,
and TriBeCa, to the tenement dwelling, immigrant-filled, working class
districts in the Lower East Side, Bowery, Little Italy, Lower Manhattan is
one of the most diverse places in the city. Just about anything can be found
here, and often is.


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New York City. As loud and crazy as it ever is. The hour is just after the setting sun, with the nightlife of Manhattan coming and breeding anew with life. People yell at each other, the streets are crowded beyond belief, and cars honk their horns. On a comedic note, there is always one person still yelling 'GET YOUR HOTDOGS!' at this time of day.

Wiccan was standing atop a rooftop, wearing his sorcerers attire. A long, flowing red cape, whose hood covers BIlly's face at present and whose length comes down to his ankles. His bodysuit's sides and arms reflecting what looks like the cosmos themselves, while the rest is simply a dark blue bodysuit with red lining.

The Sorcerer looks down on the city, though eventually he casts a speel with a gesture of his hand that allows him to fly, from his height, he can be seen, but overall, he keeps an eye on the city below.

Syn doesn't blend into a crowd. First… there's the height. How often do you see a woman who is almost six foot tall? Then… the cut, shaved up one side and tangled with braids on the other like. Then… the leather. Not all sleek black and can barely breathe fashion leather. The well-worn butter hued leather of one who quite possibly hunted the animal themselves.

It's also in the behavior of the crowds; the combination of a long-legged prowl with purpose on the milling tourists and huddled locals making them part like a sea to allow Syn passage.

And if these things weren't enough? What kind of New Yorker actually looks up? With the kind of assessing gaze of one determining potential threats based upon limited information. She might be earthbound, but she's certainly not of Earth.

Wiccan notices Syn pretty easily out of the crowd. The height of the woman giving her a powerful presence. Thus, does Wiccan happen to hum softly to himself…but he quickly came to the conclusion that she didn't belong on earth. or at least not originally.

So he shadows her for a small time. Though eventually, he lands on the street…but with a snap of his fingers, regular human clothes cover his body and he looks like some random New Yorker that someone could come across. and he purposefully starts walking on the same street as Syn. Though his intentions at her were not hostile or vile, curiousity simply guided his step.
The motorcycle's accoutrement is as plain as the woman herself. A sword sheathed on it, a shield hung across the panniers. And yet, untouched. Depending on his senses the hum of magic may be clear. A barrier virtually invisible to the naked eye, but for those with mystical sight, as plain as day and crawling with Asgardian runes.

She saunters over to it without hesitation, casting a look towards the sky, and then over the street with the slightest shake of her head. She's not really waiting for him, it's coincidence. Despite the tightness of the barrier there's no formality or ritual to the way she reaches out and it winks out of existence to allow her to place a hand on the handlebar. As casual for her as breathing.

Wiccan notices the magic off the motorcycle. Clear as day. Though when she breaks through the magical barrier surrounding it in an instant, he ponders if she has magic talent herself…since the asgardian runes eminate it off rather normally.

Eventually, Wiccan ends up right next to her, looking at her motorcycle. Though it takes him a moment to say anything, the motorcycle is given a knowing glance, then to Syn. "Good evening. Nice ride you have there." the warmest smile then from the handsome young man. Though he came off as a gentleman, and not someone who would likely lynch Syn. or attempt to.
Syn settles herself onto the bike, but before she can consider further intent, there he is. There's a pause and tilt of her head. The slide of her eyes as if assessing whether or not he's actually addressing her. The conclusion reached obvious in the dip of her head,"A replacement, for one left in Iceland." it might sound like English, no doubt does to most, but he might be able to pick up on it actually being All-Speak. The foot she'd raised is set back down on the concrete,"Not difficult to acquire, with sufficient coin."

It's at least accompanied by a broad and toothy smile after the fact before she elects to add,"Are you a native of these parts?"

Wiccan gives her the warmest smile as he listens to her. Though even he can detect the magic aura of all-speak that comes from those lips. Despite the fact that William soon deduces that he is dealing with an Asgardian of sorts, he listens closely to her words. "Ah…I see. I would hope the one left in Iceland finds itself a worhty owner." he adjusts his speech only al ittle bit.

Though when asked about if he's a native to New York..or just America in general, depending on the nature of the question, Wiccan nods. "Yeah, that I am. Been walking these streets since I was a babe." he returns her broad smile with one of his own then. "Might if I ask where you're headed? or can you be bothered with a pleasant conversation?" he teases merrily.
"Perhaps." Syn agree's, leaning back a little as she settles her weight comfortably, clearly not in a hurry for the moment, for all that her blue eyes watch him with all the amused puzzlement of one trying to place purpose where there isn't necessarily any,"Is our conversation unpleasant?" she asks without effort to conceal the amusement in her tone.

"The sun is setting. I had a mind for mead and food. Native-of-this-place, perhaps you know of a suitable location?" there's that curl of her lip again as she rests one hand absently on her own thigh and the other lightly upon the handle of the machine.

William gives Syn another warm smile, though when asked about if the conversation is unpleasant, the corner of Will's lip rises a little in a smirk. "Well, we haven't gotten to that part yet, my dear." a warm smile then. Did he just flirt? Regardless, he notices the way she sits. It's charming and attractive, and William is more than happy to remain and speak with her. "That it is. There are quite a few restaurants around here. Ever been to Lombardi's? it's a pizza place. very delicious."

Though then he makes a face like he forgot something. "Oh, I should introduce myself. I'm William. William Kaplan. Friends call me Billy." he smiles to her warmly, extending a hand. "May I ask what yours is? or shall I be left to curiousity?"
There's a notch of Syn's brow by three degree's and the slightest snort that doesn't endeavour to conceal its disbelief for all the dip of her head,"Your paths are less than clear in this place. But if this pizza is good, it shall suit." is offered.

"Stynfridr Valkyrior. Once your ancestors called me Syn." someone missed the memo about subtlety when it comes to that sort of thing… or more likely, she simply doesn't care. Certainly there's no indication that this should be considered odd information to impart in the way she slides forward a bare inch to help make room.

Wiccan seems to take delight in her expression of amusement and humor. Though as a friend to Asgard himself, he's certainly heard of this woman. "I see Stynfridr. A pleasure to meet you. If you like then, in accordance with the traditions of my ancestors, I will call you the same." a small grin then.

Though when he sees her scootch forward, he steps up to the bike. "I suppose you wouldn't mind me riding with you?" he says with a small sense of flirtateous behavior in his tone, but he was likely just playing.
Though it has been a good thousand years since Syn walked Asgardian lands. Once Valkyrie and guardian of Valhalla, dead or banished about the signing of the pact with the Celestials 'd no doubt be the story's told. Once called the Goddess of Barriers, the arrogance might be there, even if the trappings are not.

"It would seem the most efficient, unless you are concerned for your safety?" there's that arch again, amused and decidedly judgementally challenging in its tone,"Unless your inquiry regarding intention was mere pleasantry."

Never fearing a challenge, Wiccan lifts a leg over the motorcycle and sits down. "If I was concerned for my safety, I'm uncertain if I'd have offered where you were going." he gives her a little wink then as his hands wrap around her waist to hold on. He knew exactly who she was. Though what she was doing on earth was anyone's guess.

"Alright..you drive, I'll guide." coming from a sorcerer who could show her what it looks like to do some dimension hopping with a side effect of a city inverting on itself infinitely, this was going to be an interesting night.
Syn's Realm-spanning ability's have been on the fritz since she was 'retired', but she's had a few centuries to adjust to this whole 'driving' thing, even if… admittedly, probably not on Earth. To judge from the way she takes off into traffic. New York drivers, however, are mostly used to the lunacy of motorcyclists, /but still/… most of them are not relatively immortal with her particular array of talents. As such; it's probably to his benefit he could pretzel reality because she definitely doesn't drive like she knows a damned thing about road rules… or cares for that matter.

"It certainly earns you points for courage, William." the words offered with amusement to accompany the headlong journey.

Wiccan simply chuckles at Syn's words. "I think I have enough of those points already…more than meets the eye to both of us." Oh? now the question is, what is William? Though if Syn could read magical energy like a book, she could find that he was -radiating- with powerful magic. Not one to trifle with, for certain, though he is no Doctor Strange.

"Alright. Shall we?" he smiles as his hands wrap fully around her waist. He probably figures that she'll drive recklessly, so might as well hold on. his hands stop at her stomach, and a look from Wiccan suggests he is stable and ready to go.
Syn's a curious 'deafness', sure, on a level she can sense that there's something different about him, but despite the power of the barriers that earned her a name, she's as neophytey as neophyte's come magically. Talk, loudly, over her shoulder, while driving? Why not? She's got no qualms about calling back to him,"Is that so? You don't look like much of a warrior. But sometimes, the greatest courage comes from those who are not."

She's content to take his directions. It doesn't matter how last second they may be, she's unpreturbed about her ability to make room in the traffic one way or another.

At Syn's words, William nods. "Well-said!" a small smile from him. Perhaps it was a good thing she couldn't sense his magic in depth…could make her wary, and from thel egends he's read and from what he's heard from other Asgardians…tends to be a bad thing when Syn gets upset.

Like really bad.

Regardless, with Wiccan's directions and Syn's badass driving talents, they arrive at the pizza place in no time. "Good driving." he compliments, giving her sides a little squeeze as he dismounts. "Here we are."
There's dubiousness in which Syn eyes the pizza place, the hand placed on the bike once they have dismounted as casual as the one that cancelled the original barrier, causing a fresh one to snap into place. Can't afford for someone to walk off with her weapons, after all. But there is a sniff of the air, and another, and from the noise she makes as she prowls towards the place, apparently it passes the 'sniff test' at least.

"There is an air about you, William of Kaplan. You are other than entirely native to this place. Or perhaps you are one of these… mutants? That I have heard tell of? Share your story, and I will insure your cup does not run dry." a fair offer, at least, in her mind. At least she's… well, familiar enough with doors and things of that nature to not be left staring at the thing stupidly when 'push' doesn't work… and calibrated enough not to just shove a hand through it accidentally. Still, there's all the affronted dignity of a cat in the calculation it takes to have to switch to 'pull' to get the door open. Hrf.

Well…at least she thinks it smells nice.

At her words of acknowledgement to him about him being more than how he appears. "That…is a complicated answer to give." he smiels to her as he guides her to a booth, where he shouts to the man of the place, Jax. "Hey Jax! two full sized!" Jax gives Wiccan a two finger salute and gets to work. Sounds like he's a regular.

"So..my story. I'm a mutant, and so much more. Much like how you are so much more than you appear." the warmest smile then. "I'm what you call a Homo-Magi. A species of human who are both mutant, and mage."
Syn's not about to disagree with him placing the order, probably good. Though probably she'd have ended up with 'one of everything' just to be on the safe side. She settles in to the chosen booth carefully given the creak it gives. Asgardian density certainly giving her a greater 'weight' than might be expected from her appearance. She's got no qualms settling herself in comfortably though, even if there's more than a little distracted amusement looking about the place. A novel curiousity to her at least.

It might, in fact, seem like she's not paying attention at all when he first starts to speak, but the truth is revealed when her eyes finally settle on him,"Magi." with a grunt,"I seem to be attracting a number of your kind lately. Though I suppose with the amount of people in this village it's to be expected. So you are mutant, and mage… but born upon this pebble, in this village, no less? Is that a common thing? I do not recall magic being particularly common to humanity, the last time I was here."

"Earth. A pebble it may be, in the grand stand of the universe, but one I'm happy to call home. It's a humble place, for the most part." he smiles then warmly to her. "My lady, you of all should know, magic exists in all living things. There is always a spark of it in every living creature. The only difference is some are just more equipped to wield it than others." a warmness in his tone. Not a challenge. "Though I imagine much has changed since last you were here."
Wiccan is pretty smart when it comes to food. He'd tell you himself, but well…looks like someone's going to have to get this Asgardian acclimated to earth like another Asgardian he knows. Regardless, when he hears that Syn has been attracting mages and/or mutants, he smiles. "Well, you have an attractive personality." yep, a flirt.

Though when asked about if he is what he is, he nods. "Earth. A pebble it may be, in the grand stand of the universe, but one I'm happy to call home. It's a humble place, for the most part." he smiles then warmly to her. "My lady, you of all should know, magic exists in all living things. There is always a spark of it in every living creature. The only difference is some are just more equipped to wield it than others." a warmness in his tone. Not a challenge. "Though I imagine much has changed since last you were here."
There's naked disbelief in Syn's eyes now, to go with the snort at the claim regarding her personality,"The selection of women in this village must be extraordinarily poor then." she opines drily,"Though I suppose it is understandable to be proud of your pebble. It may pale in the face of Asgard to mine eyes, but one never quite loses the love of home."

There's a bare shrug of her shoulders,"A difference, there is, in the spark of the arcane, and a wielder thereof. It is not a subject that has caught my interest. But I concede that great things can be achieved with it." there's acknowledgment in the smile she gives,"One or two things, yes. There's more of you, to start with." the wolfish grin that crosses her face evidence of the understatements involved.

Wiccan seems to take the challenge then when she speaks of selection of women. But he lets her keep speaking, nodding in agreement when it comes to pride in one's home. "Many…many great things can be achieved with magic. Perhaps one day I will show you."

Though when he hears of the amazing understatements, he can't help but chuckle. But before he can answer, the pizza arrives. a full circle for both of them. "Eat up. It's on me." he says with a smile. Best Pizza in new york…even she may find it ridiculously good. "Heh…more of us is an understatement at it's finest." he smiles "So then…what brings you to our little pebble?" a smile then. Her turn for stories it seems.

That brow creeps up again before Syn barks a laugh,"I'm sure you are correct. Many terrible things can also be achieved. And danger can be found in both." which is not a refusal, though from the shift in her gaze and the brief ripple of a frown that pinches at the corner of her mouth it's sparked some thought, at least. It fades, immediately, with the arrival of pizza, and the distraction of an appropriately boisterous greeting as it is set down. Commentary reserved, indeed.

She's content to wait until she can get a proper eyeful of the pie, though the beer is met with dubious acceptance. It requires consideration, and perhaps the briefest moment to watch how she's supposed to approach this 'delicasy' before she digs in with her fingers to pull up a piece, unconcerned about the heat. It allows her moments, though there's little in her face it's a question that requires considerations she's not voicing, settling at last for something approaching an edited truth,"I heard that some of my brethren could be found on it. So do you style yourself a hero, then?"

Wiccan nods a few times as she speaks, and when he sees her attempting to figure out how to eat it, he can't help but laugh a little. "Syn, you're doing it right. Simply take a bite. Promise it doesn't bite back." he teases her. Though when she tells him that some of her brethren were on earth…that warrents more concern. He knows about Thor, but others? not so much. But he could find out.

When asked if he was a hero, he nods lightly. "I help people from both natural and supernatural dangers..or rather, physical and spiritual dangers." he nods a few times. "I'm not sure if I could call myself a 'hero' rather than a more appropriate 'protector'." a smile then. "What of you? Do you help others?"

There's a grunt from Syn, that grunt of 'of course I'm doing it right, I'm perfect', content to shove at least some of it in her mouth and chew meditatively. From the expressions that cross her face, it's acceptable, apparently. Odd. But acceptable. At least there's the slight bob of her head and no… well, throwing of things.

"A protector." is repeated somewhat more gutturally,"It was my duty, once, to judge the worthiness of the fallen for entrance to Valhalla, and help prepare those souls for Ragnarok. I have helped some, but I shall not pretend to be hero in such regard. Merely a wanderer." merely a nothing, though the tone is flippantly dismissive at least,"By and large I have little patience for the natives of this world. Few of them seem to have the courage to even speak, let alone be entertaining."

Wiccan nods a few times to Syn as she speaks about being the guard to Valhalla's gates. He already knew this, but figured he'd get a negative reaction if he pressed on it. Respectfully, he leaves it at that. Even when he's dismissed. Though when she tells him of her issues with patience for the people of the world, he nods a few times.

"It's true…compared to other civilizations..Humanity has a long way to go. But..there's a beauty in it. Many fear courage because in this day and age..humans base everything on 'feeling'. If someone feels offended, then their world comes crashing down. We've fallen from where we used to be, but I think someday we can make it there again. As for entertaining….well, It depends on what you mean by 'entertain', I suppose." a warm smile for her then.

"Once your people were full of great warriors. The fearless were plentiful. Humanity was in a fine state, when last I was here." there's a tone there, Syn might be trying to sound offhanded, but the edge can't quite be erased so easily. It's a genuine statement, and yet there's that unspoken 'someone screwed it up' in the silence that accompanies shoving more of the pizza in her mouth.

His words in the vein are acknowledged with that grunt and dip of her head,"Perhaps." offered when there's at least little enough food in her mouth that she can form a coherant word,"I would not be disappointed by humanity reforming themselves once more. And you have a confidence to you. You are too pretty by half for a man, and a witch to boot, but you have a sharp tongue and wit and little fear. Entertaining."

Wiccan smiles to her warmly then when she states that she wouldn't mind humanity rising once more. "Your words are humbling, I thank you for them." a smile then. He doesn't mind being called a witch. It's warlock he has problems with. But his friendly attitude continues even as he eats the pizza.
Syn just lacks a filter, she's… well, not a diplomat, by any measure, that she's at least respectfully not opening up about where she thinks things went wrong is probably the closest that she's skirted to 'diplomatic' in millenia. There's a laugh from her at mention of her words being humbling as she reaches for the beer… which is at least tolerable even if it possibly misses her entirely as being supposed to be alcoholic.

"People fear words. As you say… there are many for whom simple words are treated as mortal wounds. And I have no patience for it. Granted, dealing with the Einherjar, mincing words was pointless. I cannot fault your taste in food, however. At least that has… well, not necessarily improved… but diversified."

Wiccan nods a few times. Though her laugh at his words is a welcome sight…he just seemed happy he could get her to laugh, even if it was at him. Though at her words of how people fear words, he nods a few times. "Peace, while beautiful…has made humans overconfident in themselves I think..to the point where they think no one can challenge them on anything because they are always right. While this is severely false, it's not uncommon to see spineless people about." a small smile for her then.

"I am happy to hear you find our food somewhat enjoyable, at the very least." a small wink for her then.
"That peace has lasted long enough for them to become so may be beautiful to you, but it is also disturbing. Because should war come… they are utterly unprepared. They place their faith in heros and pay no consideration to the thought of having to protect themselves. But… I am perhaps not the best proponent for peace." there's a wry smile from Syn.

"So, Magi… should war come to this Realm, do you consider yourself prepared? And willing to fight? Not that I would wish war upon this pebble, but that I find myself disturbed by the number of… cattle… who will need protection if it does." it's not really a casual question, even for a Valkyrie, something in the hooding of her eyes and the solemnness with which it's asked suggesting that the concept isn't merely theoretical to her.

Wiccan nods a few times at her words. Though when asked if he would be prepared if war would come to earth, he nods once. "I am." he opens his mouth to explain then. "Syn…I have fought in wars across reality itself for the sake of defending others.. Sadly, I am not under the blissfulness of ignorance that my humankin have developed. I am more prepared than most, but can one truly say they are prepared until the time comes?" he smiles then.

he finishes his last slice of pizza then before he sits back and sips on his beer. She asked a serious question, and he took it as such.
"Ah, not so youthful as your face would suggest." is Syn's guess, though she raises her glass in his direction by way of acknowledgment,"The time may come. And sooner than one might like. Though it's heralds are not one's whose word I trust with absolute certainty… the signs are there." there's a physical shake to banish it from her mind,"But such are words for other times. Ill-suited to food and companionship."

Wiccan smiles then. "I am still very much in my youth, by human life standards." though he could totally magic his way into immortality…that's one thing for another time. Though he does smile at Syn. "Ill-suited indeed. Let us enjoy each other's company no?" that can be taken so many different ways that Wiccan can't think of them all.

"Is that so?" Syn enquires,"They must have been short wars then." there's judgment, there's totally judgment, she can't help it. She's trying not to be judgey, even, for her, but it's still there in the inflection and look of her eyes. Still. The beer stein is raised to call, loudly, for another round. At least she knows enough not to smash it on the ground, but still, odd looks are ignored entirely,"So what does a youth of this modern world do for their entertainment? Aside from stare at small boxes and complain about words?"

Wiccan smiles to her. "I can only wish they were. THere's more than one way to reach a battlefield." he winks at ther then. He's a sorcerer! a powerful one at that. Regardless, he notices her judgemental look and meets it only with the warmest of smiles…tot he point where it's infectious. "The youth of this world are like the elderly of this world: They simply do whatever they wish. Commune with others in conversation, perform their tasks, read..write, explore the world, fall in love…any number of things."
"Sadly, that machine is the closest steed to my name at present." a nod is given in the direction of the bike,"Though I imagine my sisters were more cautious about adherance after my punishment." at least there is pizza, which saves her for the moment in it's gooey gloriousness,"Sounds markedly dull." in her opinion, at least,"Exploration, at least, has a purpose… but the things I have heard them bragging about to this point are… painfully dull. I heard about this football, and it was described as a great battle between two opposing forces… and then I saw the pictures… and all it appeared to involve was men prancing about in tight clothing and too much padding." so much judgment. SO much.

Wiccan can't help but laugh then at her words as she describes possibly the most trivial of all human interactions. "yes…we are..an interesting people. But we'll grow on you eventually I think." a playful wink there. Regardless, the two end up spending most if not all night at this pizza place, talking and already seeming to be getting along splendidly. Who knows what all happened that night? but in the end, both were happy to have made each other's greeting and company. Even if one was more stubborn to admit it than the other.

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