Car Talk with Scott and Pete

December 13, 2017:

Scott absconds with Piotr to get some parts to fix the electrical system, but also to give them a chance to catch up.

Mostly Scott's Car


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Spurred on by Westchester Magazine the nickname Biochester is becoming popular around the 'County' itself and to some beyond. Recent years has seen a spectacular 'boom' in development of the Valhalla located bioscience center, tens of thousands of jobs in the past few years. This has encouraged a rather impressive growth that has made things in part more difficult but also easier for the X-Men. Today? Easier as Scott is seeking a supporter of Xavier's out to help them with their current Demon Bear electrical insipired issues they are suffering. The issue being electrical and technical suggests he is headed the wrong way and likely should be on his way towards the 'Tech Valley' marketed and eastern part of New York but no… not this time around.

The Mazda Spirit R that Scott is driving a silver thing and not cheap, rare even in the United States. Those X-Men who have known the older Summers for some time know exactly where his money goes, fast things like bikes and cars also according to the X-Ladies 'grandpa' clothes. Perhaps its some wannabe 'Fighter Pilot' thing but Scott very much loves his motorcycles and sports cars. A collection thats gotten smaller over the years.

A corner taken on the side of too fast and they're crossing lanes, rolling underneath a billboard thats advertising some new Starktech Holotablet. One of many no doubt. Welcome to a world without intellectual inhibitors.

"Sorry to abduct you like this. I figured we could use some time away from Xavier's." Genosha talk also. Its depressing and frankly makes him concerned, Lorna's uncertainty and rebellious attitude towards both Scott and Erik could easily pit her in either direction and right now, with Aquaman's bombdrop of Cyclops withholding information. Not that such a thing hasn't happened before.


Having been trying to get in touch with Scott, as it seems like half of the mansion is at any given time, Piotr is readily available to be abducted. He is also a little quieter than expected at the start of the ride. He has a lot to discuss but somehow, as soon as he finally has the chance, he seems to have trouble broaching the subject. So he enjoys the ride, even if the car is slightly small for his large frame.

When Scott breaks the ice though he readily agrees. "Da. I have not been back long and yet I could use the time out. Probably not as much as you Scott. I understand there is much going on." He considers letting Scott vent for a bit but decides to try to get his own business out of the way. "I know you have a lot going on, but I need to discuss my sister." The tone is serious and though Piotr says it without looking at Scott, it's clear this isn't like some friendly breezy chat. Not that Piotr or Scott are really prone to those.


A turn and they're starting to slow which might be a relief. Given his own bit of hubris and familarity with the territory the always shaded X-Man has a bit of a heavy foot at times. Not that hes not a excellent driver… The click of a turn signal and they're rolling through a newer area higher builders, billboards going from the old world steel and picture to projected televisions and images, a big change in the past ten to twenty years they've all grown used to.

"Your sister." Scott says quietly, there is an almost palpable mood change and the music which sounds a lot like it was Will Smiths 'Get Jiggy With it" is turned off completely. "Anytime, Peter. Whats going on?" He doesn't say anything about everything going on. Scott Summers likes to be busy and after the invasion he instigated on Genosha its a welcome distraction and almost lighter than Dani's dilemma. Darkchylde vs a Demon Bear though? Thats a hand and hand supernatural mindmelter of WTFery. One that he feels ill equipped to tackle for once. He can only imagine how it feels for the elder Rasputin.


"I am trying to relate to her as a good older brother. But. I know she is keeping secrets." Piotr is really torn even talking about it. He trusts Scott implicitly though, so that helps. He continues on, "She thought that she was going to ready for the bear. She acts like she is this … untouchable sorceress. I am worried." He is conflicted even in that worry and he tries to explain as best he can. "Either she is. Something else. Or. She is in over her head and pretending to be untouchable." He sighs and admits "I hate both options."

Now with that little background out of the way he gets to the point he's been dancing around. "Scott, I need to know what happened in the demon bear … place. It rattled her. Which I think is good? But, she won't be honest with me. And I, I don't have it in me to push." He is a cupcake. A giant 7' steel cupcake of a man when it comes to his sister but at least he knows it. So that's why he is seeking out Scott.


Scott's eyes behind those shades drift over as the car pulls in to a parking lot slowly.

"Your sister… is… " A thoughtful pause and then as if quoting, "Mother Russia Makes You Strong, right?" They're looking for a parking space and the demeanor he is trying to maintain is starting to shake, unfun business Summers is trying to resurface past the forced Holiday cheer.

"She needs you. That much you do know, should know and I can attest to. Shes… its complicated what happened with the attack. You have to understand it wasn't like being drug in to our minds or thrown in to anothers, we were transported to a place of nightmare, confusions and inner fears being exposed."

They park. Lights remain on a moment and the engine is killed, keys removed but no departure.
"I seen things I didn't want to see and so did your sister. I can't even tell you what is real and unreal about what I witnessed and I imagine she might have the same issue, shes more experienced with this sort of… incident." Evasion, Scotts generally fairly good at talking around things but with his older teammates it's trickier.​it feels more akin to betrayel than it should. He's struggling under an attempted stoic display.


Piotr is making very little eye contact during the conversation, maybe it's because Scott's driving. Maybe it's because he feels like he's betraying his sister by even talking about her like this. He nods at the part about her being strong but still needing him. This he knows.

When Scott starts talking about the experience he turns and faces him. His brow furrows as he tries to follow along and understand what it entailed. He knows the experience was unpleasant to say the least but few people are talking details and the rumors are all over the place. He nods and frowns, "She is more experienced. She had a plan of sorts, before she went in. She left her sword on purpose." Something he didn't realize until she told him. "I found it. While you were … wherever you were."

And we're back to Piotr making no eye contact. "I was able to pick it up Scott. I do not know if you are familiar with the sword. I should not have been able to do that." Pausing for a moment to let that sink in. "I thought that meant Illyana was dead." Yea, that's sad but it gets worse. "I am not sure it still doesn't." Yea… Pete isn't super clear on the soul sword, but that combined with his worries over losing Illyana to darkness are kind of screwing with his head at the moment.


Scott remembers the sword in the Shadowrealm or at least one. Maybe he is wrong though. It's hard for him to dredge a lot of that up but he is fairly certain the Darkchylde had one in hand or did she? Scott just slaughtered everyone he ever loved in a loss of control and over extension of his mutant gift. He isn't exactly certain he was sound of mind throughout that enough to trust his memories. Then again that could just be a self convincing misdirection to help alleviate some of his guilt here.

"I'm not honestly. I know little about what the sword means to her. I figure it's something important considering… it's you know, a sword." Not claws attached to her, bladed wings, metal skin or even a firearm which is far more accepted a weapon choice in the 21st century even if Scott's own personal idol is a shield bearer.
"What has she told you about what happened?" Scott did promise he would let Illyana reveal these things on her own but he didn't expect he'd know before Colossus.


Now that Piotr has at least gotten that worry off his chest, he seems to relax a bit now. He is still very serious obviously but even just saying those things out loud somehow make him feel a little less haunted by the thoughts. About the sword he just mentions "I know it was formed by pieces of her soul, that she lost." Whatever that means, who knows if it's helpful but he informs Scott about it anyway.

"She told me the bear made her an offer. I think… to make her soul whole again. To remove the demonic side. Illyana told me she turned it down, because she wouldn't sacrifice the team to the bear." He thinks about it and says "I believe her. I just don't know that I can trust there isn't more to it than that." What if there was another deal? What would she have agreed to? What if she is just delaying for a different reason. "I know my judgement is clouded when it comes to my sister." So what? Is he asking Scott if she's evil? Is he asking if she's as good as he hopes? Does he even know?


The car is cramped with Piotr's large form in it and the fact Scott himself is no short man himself. Why on Earth he has owned two Mazda RX variants is beyond him but the sudden need to exit overwhelming now that they're not moving, Slipping fre of the car the driver side sun-visor is flipped to take a package of chewing gum out and offering one to Colossus from his side to passenger.

"She made a choice and stood with us. I witnessed that… or I think it did. Not sure really a lot was going down."

Scott leans against the open door of the car looking in at the big Russian somewhat stooped so he can see inside the parked automobile, "I want to believe she is loyal. She saved my life that day and I owe her at least some measure of good faith and trust. If she hadn't been there for me… I think this conversation would be a lot different right now." Especially as Scott witnessed Darkchylde with his own eyes and the woman's hesitation in picking a path.

A beat skip… "Demonic side? Then you know right?" Hrm. I'm thinking as long as we remain on her good side and nothing ever happens to you." Scott gives a half-assed grin, "We will be okay and she won't murder all of us."


Thankful to be given the cue to exit the car, Piotr shakes his head at the offered gum, but he is glad to be able to get out and stretch his frame. When Scott reassures him that she made the right choices, he feels a little vindication. He told her that meant something. He wants really badly to believe it himself, so it helps when someone he trusts can say it too.

"I know some. She is not as good a liar as she believes. And I am not as blind an older brother either." But he knows that she is good enough at lying and he is blind enough at times that it's only in part. When Scott says the last part he laughs out loud, "Exactly. This is all I need you to say. Just tell me this every few days and I will stop worrying like old woman." He laughs at himself that he is worrying like an old woman, and because at least temporarily it's good to make fun of such serious worries.


Scott does his best to maintain some measure of optimism in this. Frankly the Darkchylde scares the hell out of him and the look it gave him is still burnt into his mind's eye, Piotr's concern is very much warranted. Where is Illyana in there? A weapon though and family. Scott has to remind himself they're all in this together and they are a tribe at war against a world that hates them.
"You're also more observant than anyone gives you credit for." Scott maintains his grin before gum is being chewed. "Glad to hear it. It's that time of year for Holly Jolly and whatever else, right? Plus at this rate you're right and we will be really hard pressed to find any old lady dresses in your size."

"Lets get inside and see if we can't get some replacement parts for the Bunker." Extraterrestrila components? So very easy to find… a new headache for a new day.

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