eXes and Oh Nos

December 13, 2017:

Marcos and Alex Summers meet for the first time. No one explodes

X-mansion Kitchen


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It was late afternoon in Westchester and Lorna had dragged Marcos through the portal to the X-mansion in a stubborn manner. Scott had told her to get Marcos checked out, Marcos had refused Magneto's medics… So here the two were, through a portal and out the gate. They'd spent an hour in the medical room, making sure that Nurse Annie checked over Marcos and cleared him to be okay.

There had been a lot of scowling, grumbling and pacing from the green haired mutant, all of which finally subsided when Maros was given the all clear.

Now the two were up and looking to head toward the kitchen for a snack break before their return to Genosha. Lorna at least, had a mind for coffee and adding some Irish cream to it from a flask she'd grabbed. Ever since Betsy gave her a hard time about being too young for drinks the other night, which she no longer was, Lorna had taken glee in pointedly adding various alcohols to her drinks. At least for now. When they returned to Genosha, she'd likely stop again. That whole.. war zone bit. But it was a break time for her and she was going to enjoy it.


Meanwhile Nate is barely stopping at the mansion when he crosses over. He needs to write some reports, but actually he won't. Instead next time he sees Cyclops he is going to do a telepathic dumping of all the things he has learned and let the older mutant figure them out. He prefers to be on the field, hunting down renegade Magistrates. Or in New York for his private business.

Not that he can't make okay reports. It is just he feels he has no time right now.

He forgot breakfast and lunch, though, and his growling stomach is telling him that if he wants to use his psionics at high level during the afternoon (late night in Genosha) he better grab some food now. "Hey guys," he greets on the way to the fridge. "I want to nuke a pizza. Do we have pizza in the freezer? There is no pizza in Genosha."


Marcos had heard the constant nagging and demanding from Lorna, while he was supremely touched by her care and worry for him….he was stubborn. But he didn't want to upset Lorna more than she already was…since she blamed herself for the incident which caused his injuries. "I told you…I'm fine.." he tells the nurse, who definately doesn't believe him, at least not at sight.

Regardless, Marcos gets cleared and he walks with her hand in hand. Though once they made it to the kitchen and he sees her drink-mixing capabilitites, he can't help but chuckle "Heh…healthiest drink in the world right here." Then Nate arrives, and Marcos gives him a friendly smile.

"Hey Nate. I have no idea if there's pizza…we just arrived ourselves what, like a half hour ago?


An increasingly common fixture is Alex Summers fiddling with his containment/dampening/focusing units. Who knows why he hasn't gone for a more private office type setting deeper in the mansion, or perhaps something in a section of the garage. He's currently got a silvery bracer in place on his right forearm and is jabbing at the side of it with a screwdriver in a way that might imply that he is not left-handed.

The next two seconds are at least fairly exciting for Alex, as the device on his forearm releases a high-pitched whine and begins to vibrate against the table. At the same time, the inert circular array upon his chest springs to life. From here, electric blue lighting traces a path from chest to shoulder, then down the inside of his arm to the bracer. Alex's eyes widen, "What? No. What?"

As his right forearm begins to glow, Alex abruptly drops his tool, grabs it with his free hand, and twists the offending technology free of its connections, and he returns to a more normal lack of luminance. A single wisp of smoke rises from the clearly-scorched table as Alex guiltily looks about.


Lorna glanced around the kitchen as they entered and her eyes landed on Alex. If there was one way to physically scream 'Ohshit' without actually verbalizing it, Lorna managed. She stumbled over her own two feet, her unoccupied hand flinging out as she caught herself, green eyes wide as she glanced from Alex to Marcos and Alex and back to Marcos. Coffee sloshed and she cursed as she brought her scalded hand to her lips.

Then she straigthened, coughing once as she swallowed the gulp of sweet, hot, coffee down her throat and almost choked on it.

"Pizza sounds great." She croaked, coughing and rubbing her throat. Mentally chanting a string of curses.


Someone needs to buy pizza constantly in this school full of teens. Nate is lucky to find a triple-cheese one still there. Of course using the microwave oven instead of the regular one is a bit of a crime against the spirit of pizza, but he is ever impatient. He didn't expect Lorna to say yes.

And Alex burned the table. Which means, hmm… maybe pizza a-la-plasma. It would be quick! No, some ideas are too bad even for Nate. And Nate has burned a few kitchens in the past few years.

Regular over it is.


Marcos caught Lorna started to stumble for reasons unknown to him, for he hadn't noticed Alex yet. "Whoa…you alright?" he asks her, checking her to make sure she didn't get hit by something. Mutants man. Though he could see that she was looking at Alex…and Marcos connects the dots. He was warned about this….regardless, he looks at Lorna and gives her the warmest smile, making gestures to breathe slowly. Everything's gonna be fine.

Then he glances to Alex, giving the man a small nod in a friendly and totally self-controlled manner. Because it's nice to be a gentleman. "What are you working on there?" he asks quietly, curious as to what contraption he's trying to fix or make. aaand then the table gets burned. "Hm." is all Marcos said.

at this point….you're just not surprised anymore. he almost went supernova just the other day.


Alex glances in Lorna's direction. She -would- see him try to blow up the house. Fully prepared to chime in on the topic of Pizza and its Benefits and Pay No Mind to the Smoking Table, the younger Summers cuts himself off before saying anything at all. Various moods duel for control of his expression, none really winning out to provide something clear. There's plenty of trepidation, some alarm, and a bit of faux happy at play with a dash of nausea. As though he just stepped in something offensive, but it was at his employer's house and he's pretending to enjoy it.

As Marcos approaches, this manages to convert into a more credibly pleasant grin, "Things beyond my expertise, to start." He looks back to the now innocent-looking silvery bracer sitting near a bracer-shaped scorch mark with fully genuine disappointment, "This terrible useless thing is an attempt to redirect a plasma pulse in more useful directions than 'Straight Forward' or 'Everywhere'."

He extends a hand, better at putting two and two together than he is at modifying his tech, "Alex Summers. You're Marcos, I presume."


Lorna seemed to catch her breath as Marcos smiled at her and gestured for her to breath. That gained him an eyeroll. She stepped further into the kitchen, taking another sip of her coffee in hopes it would sooth her now burning throat from having to cough up the previous gulp. She reached up to drag a hand through her hair, glancing toward Nate, the pizza and back to the unfolding drama before her.

Marcos' politeness at least was a point in the postive direction. Alex's introduction a little less so with that whole 'I presume' making her wince.

What had she to say in all of this? An Ex-boyfriend on one side, current boyfriend on the other. Awkward feelings all around.

"Hey Nate, need help with that pizza?" She called, moving over toward the other mutant instead. Safer. Yep. Safer.


"I can hear your cursing, Lorna," points out Nate with a grin, keeping his voice low. "Why Alex and…" then he catches up. Oh. "Yes. Pizza. I think I got it." Programming the oven and all that. But he lets Lorna verify he didn't somehow find the self-destruction button for the kitchen.

"How are things going in Hammer Bay?" He asks, loud enough for Alex and Marcos-I-Presume to hear.


Marcos gives a bit of an 'ah' kind of expression when Alex explains his actions to him. "yeah…never was too good at that myself." he extends a hand to give his a firm shake. "Marcos Diaz. Nice to meet you Alex." then he releases his hand after the shake is good and done. Though he looks over at Nate and Lorna. "Save a slice for me Lorna?" he asks kindly.

But at Nate's question, Marcos shrugs. "It….goes."


Stilted and Awkward might be the best Alex has on offer, having managed to avoid both sulking AND combative as inappropriate impulsive options. He scowls at the table for a moment before pronouncing, "I'm thinking seriously about just declaring it a paperweight and getting on with my life."

He gives a bit of a crooked grin, glancing back up at Marcos, "But there's this, like ten year old Scott Summers voice nagging me about being a quitter, so … " He picks up the screwdriver with clearly mock determination. He raises his voice, directing the inquiry to more available ears, "You guys arriving or departing?"


Lorna shot Nate a glower, her lips pursing together once. "No kidding." She muttered right back at him, her back half turned to the drama going on behind her as she glanced at Nate. She made a show of checking the oven, checking the pizza over before turning to glance back at Marcos and Alex once more.

"Yeah, I'll save you a slice if Nate doesn't consume it all." She offered dryly, glancing back to the telepath. Panic bright in her eyes that honestly didn't need powers to know it was there. Not without the excuse of pizza to hide behind.

Of course, neither was on fire, nor was the kitchen, so that was good. "Marcos almost was blown up the other day, you might've heard." She muttered toward Nate's question about Hammer Bay and her lips twisted into thin line.

Of course, then her glance was returning to Alex. "We're grabbing snacks before we head back. Marcos refused medical attention on the island so I dragged him here, per Scott's orders last night."


"I heard, one guy called Cortez, right? Sounded like an ass." Replies Nate, glancing at Marcos to see if he is injured. "Last I knew you went to see the old Genigeneer's son. But I got busy in the north coast, I caught up with another Sentinel. It was in a sorry state but could still kill people. Not anymore. I also think I have a lead on a slaver ship. Some people has gone missing in Carrion Cove and I am pretty sure there is a human trafficking ring involved"


Marcos gives Lorna a small grin as he crosses his arms. "Trust me, he won't eat it all." he gives Nate a pointed stare for a moment like it was a threat…before he just starts laughing. "Just save me -one- okay?" a small chuckle then before he sighs a moment once the island incident is mentioned. "Yeah…." he sighs, before looking to Alex. "Well…he is a bit of a nagger like that." he teases before he joins Lorna.

"Cortez was an asshole. He's being taken care of." he recalls Magneto imprisoning him.


"It's easiest to just give in," Alex offers by way of unsolicited advice, "I torqued my knee not too long after Lorna's prom … Uh, yeah, had to be hoops season. Anyway, I'm thinking 'jog it off', just do half practices. Oh, man, no way. If I didn't know better, I'd think she called my coach and told on me." He smirks, an expression intended as self-directed though easily open for interpretation, "Though I don't suppose college boy war stories are quite the same."

It hasn't taken long for Alex's general sense of injustice to start making him feel left out with all of these Important Trips to Genosha. It's entirely at odds with his No Superheroing for Me avoidance, but the younger Summers has rarely let logic stand in the way of butthurt. "Well. Good luck, be safe, and general well-wishes." He muses. These Sentinels sound like pretty big targets. Maybe… Gah. Stop. Alex rubs at a temple, massaging away delusions of explosive heroics.


Lorna sighed heavily, and leaned back against the counter. "Shit, I didn't hear about the people going missing. Of course, most people don't talk to me in a way that I can trust there." She muttered, it was harder for her to figure out anything in regards to the general populace. Most people avoided her. But Magneto's groupies? They didn't shut up with the flattery..

Though she nodded about Cortez. "Yeah, well, as far as he's concerned if I see him again he's a dead man walking." She muttered, of course, Magneto claimed the man was handled, but how could she trust that? Especially after Jean and Scott both warned her that Magneto was likely trying to keep her close and somewhat mollified. It certainly explained why he'd bother to lie to her.


A glance was spared for Alex as he commented about old injuries. "I did call, considering that you were going to end up without a leg if you kept up. And I gave you time to try to figure out how bad it was on your own." She crossed her arms and huffed, green eyes narrowed faintly in thought. Perhaps it was just a sign of how too alike Lorna and Alex were, that both had tried so hard to avoid being heroes.. and now both wanted to be involved. The difference being that she'd already taken that dive.


"Sentinels are mostly gone, actually," points out Nate. Pizza is in the oven, so he moves back to the fridge to see what else he can eat while waiting. "But we have a serious refugees situation. Millions of humans are leaving the island due to the civil war and fearing Magneto. Whenever there is a serious refugees situation there will be human traffickers. Those bastards just need to die. They are the worse of the worst."

Yes. And Lorna is the not-an-X-Men doing Xavier's job, and thinking like an X-Men. Some people lives in denial, but Nate is going to keep his mouth shut because for years he has been going with 'I am not a X-men, but call me if you need help' himself.


Marcos nods a few times to Alex. "Yeah…she's a guardian angel like that. I would choose no one else to walk with me." he gives Lorna the warmest smile then. He always liked that she was as overprotective as he was. Regardless, he gives Alex a small nod as he rested his head against a wall. "Sentinels are-" he started when Nate did, and he let Nate finish, a small chucle then.

He puts a hand on Lorna's as if to comfort her still. He knew she was still ripping angry at the guy and so was he. Freakin' Fabian.


Setting his screwdriver back down, Alex works a little more on those temples. Hey, people get headaches when talking about Sentinels and Human Trafficking and Whom Whoever Would Choose to Walk With Whom. He's uncertain if any offers have been made, but opts out of pizza at this point, "Not hungry over here, but thanks, pizza people."

Getting to his feet and moving to a bit more polite conversational distance, Alex stuffs his hands into his pockets and finds a suitable leaning wall, "Need me to grab you any … Supplies or … stuff? I'm just guessing at vaguely helpful things to do while you guys snack up. Anything?"


Lorna pursed her lips as Marcos came up and took her hands, auroras blooming to life in a swirl of rainbow lights where their flesh met. Yeah, what kind of a girl didn't love fireworks when she touched her boyfriend? It was like something out of a bad poem. Still, she glanced side long at her boyfriend and gave his hand a squeeze as he trailed off.

A glance was spared for the oven and she sighed, a few more minutes left.

Couldn't come soon enough. "And Magneto claims thousands of mutants are showing up all the time. So there are people coming and people going. It's hard to keep track of anyone. It's a bad situation." She muttered, and glanced toward Alex as the man offered to get supplies.

"I dunno… I think we've got most everything we need.. It's a small space."


"We can't do much from here about the supplies situation," comments Nate. "Genosha had 10 million inhabitants. Still have eight or nine. They need cargo ships full of supplies and the UN is not sending anything because this or that small detail needs fixing." And not so small details, like super-powered insurgents, Sentinels and heavily armed super-tech flying vehicles the hostile factions have. But hey, they could send SHIELD. Why aren't they?

"Anyway. Big clusterfuck," grumbles Nate, not finding much in the fridge. "I am going to check the panty. Back in ten. Do not eat all the pizza, for the love of Thor."


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Marcos stayed near Lorna as their hands alit with light. Regardless, he chuckles faintly to Nate. "Yeah…it's all a massive mess. The fact that Magneto became a ruler of that place really fucked up alot of plans." a small sigh then before he waves at Nate when he wanders off. "Later Nate."

He then proceeds to stage whisper to Alex and Lorna. "Eat all the pizza." he chuckles faintly in a mischievous manner, before he sighs a moment. "It's not going to get easier anytime soon either. Magneto already has a revolution of sorts about to bare down on the island. Talk about an islands worth of mixed feelings."


Rainbow lights and Hallmark captions. Alex mentally catalogues his evening's drinking options. Or maybe the lake could use some more blasting. Or maybe drunk lake blasting. Who doesn't like plasma-boiled lake trout? His expression has shifted to a reasonable representation of Scott Summers Stoicism, though for Alex it's usually a carefully cultivated mask than his natural state.

A single simple nod to Lorna, "Okay. Well, let me know. Any general warm-body help, or… Well, I'd be weirdly surprised if I could render aid as a Geophysicist. Anyway, I'll be … around." Doing little of import, it seems. It's definitely time to make his exit, since saying something stupid and/or obnoxious has been creeping into the realm of possibility for at least a few minutes. He turns and heads for the front door, pausing to grab his jacket from the back of his abandoned chair. On the way out, he raises a hand and calls back some acknowledgement, "Diaz."


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As Alex filed out after Nate, Lorna sighed, glancing back toward Marcos with a wave of her hand in the departing Summers' direction. The timer went off on the oven and she gave Marcos' hand a squeeze and waved her free hand. The oven popped open and the pizza floated out to a trivet on the countertop beside her. "Well I'll be going grey from that encounter. Now that I've aged ten years in the span of five minutes, shall we dig into that pizza?" She arched a brow, letting go of Marcos' hand to start slicing the pizza with a wave of her hand once more and with a flick of her wrist. Then she was grabbing a slice, without a plate, and biting into it.

"Still, no explosions.. So I guess it's as well as can be expected. Yay me."


Marcos gives Alex a small wave "…you could smell the tension there. Though now we're alone.." he looks at her mischievously as she gets the pizza perfectly ready to how they both like it. "Yes, yes we shall." he takes a bite of the pizza himself, and when he knew she was finished with that particular bite, he leans in to give her a warm kiss.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" a teasing smile there.


Lorna shouldn't really be so surprised by Marcos' affection, and yet so often he managed to surprise her. She laughed against his lips, kissing him back for a moment with the taste of tomato sauce and cheese still on her lips. She leaned back, peering at him with a hooked eyebrow upwards. "I'm not complaining, but, there are kids still here and kids with heightened senses.." She drawled lightly.

"And yeah, it was just a little awkward there. Alex has a tendancy of … well, reacting pretty explosively.."


Marcos chuckled a little against her lips in return, the taste of tomato sauce and cheese returned. Though when they eventually pull away, he smiles to her. "Well…they gotta grow up sometime right?" he says teasingly. "I kid, I kid." he grins. Though when he hears that Alex has a tendency to explode when using his emotions, Marcos nods a few times.

"I'm surprised he acted as peacefully as he did. I fully expected an argument…." he sighs a moment, before it turns into a smile. "No worries though. All's well that ends better."


Lorna smoothed a hand over Marcos' cheek smiling gently at him. "I'm not giving them the talk." She murmured, chuckling softly as she pulled back to nibble away and finish off a piece of pizza. She sighed heavily, and dragged her hand through her hair once more.

"And yeah, well, it helps that he had Nate around and me. I'd imagine if he'd met just you things might've gone differently." She winced and exhaled a breath. "And you holding my hand did not help… you know."


Marcos leaned into Lorna's touch when she placed her hand on his cheek. "Neither am I." he laughs. Though he does blink a moment when she tells him holding her hand was a bad move…he facepalms in knowledge of his own stupidity. "Aghh…I wasn't even thinking about that. Damn it." he sighs a moment…"Well, here's hoping I'm not walking down a street and I get hit by plasma." he sighs as he finishes up his own pizza slice.

"I'm happy you held up so well, minus your initial startle." a wink then. "I haven't seen you jump like that in a while."


Lorna finished off her second slice of pizza and eyed a third before she decided against it and reached for her coffee to finish it off as well. "Hey, I am perfectly allowed to startle at the fact my boyfriend is meeting my Ex-boyfriend in the same kitchen where the fridge incident occurred." She murmured, and dusted her hands off of crumbs.

"How are you feeling? Holding up alright? I know the nurse cleared you, but I'm still worried.." She offered softly, reaching out to smooth her hand over the buttons on his flannel shirt.


Marcos chuckles as he finished his pizza, a warm smile crosses his features. "Hey, hey, not talking shit, promise." he laughs a bit as he wraps his arms around her to look her in the eyes. "Don't worry…I'm alright. I love you." he whispers before kissing her forehead.

"So, Alex seemed hellbent on getting us supplies. Think he wants to go with us?" he asked curiously, though the written expression on his face is 'don't let him come along. He might try to kill us.'


Lorna rolled her eyes, "He's trying to measure himself against you. You came to Genosha with me and have been fighting in a warzone. Alex always compares himself to others. It's his biggest fault. Compared to his brother, other mutants.. it's what Alex does. So I can promise you the entire time, he was comparing himself to you. " She exhaled a breath, and looked down as he kissed her forehead.

"It's why Alex used to at least… take everything personally. As if he was failing if something didn't go his way. It didn't work out so well with my own issues. And it's why we blew up so badly, so often.."


Marcos nods a few times. "Right…inferiority complex. YOu told me about htat in depth." he takes a small sigh…he hopes he wasn't measuring hismelf up to Marcos..in terms of mutant powers, Alex is superior. Easily. Regardless, Marcos takes a small breath, nodding a few times.

"It makes sense why your argument with him ended as badly as it did. Makes sense." he nods a few times. "Well, it won't ever happen to us." he smiles warmly as he keeps close to her. "Though, now we should think on what our next step for Genosha will be."


Lorna shifted to put herself closer to Marcos, brushing a hand over his shirt sleeve and letting her hand fall away. "..I talked to him the other day. Told him what was going on back then.. with me. And well, it took three years but he apologized. He said I .. deserved more support for what I was going through. I know, I have issues, mentally speaking.. I'm not the most stable person." She murmured, turning to play with the buttons on his flannel.

As far as Genosha, that had her arching a brow upwards. "I spoke with Scott and Jean last night. Scott hinted that I needed to make more trouble, slow down my father. Especially as Aquaman is threatening to flood the whole island if Magneto doesn't agree to some kind of a treaty.. which was my suggestion.." She pursed her lips. "Because yeah.. it's messy to say the least."

She sighed softly and dropped her hand again.


Marcos definately allowed her to get that close to him. They've been together for years now. He sincerely didn't mind it. Though he looked at the calendar for a moment…perhaps he's plotting something? Regardless, he does smile warmly to Lorna when she admits that Alex did eventually apologize to her. "Good. Bury the hatchet as it were right? Good to see it laid to rest." anotehr soft kiss to her forehead. "Hey, everyone has issues. Everyone. THere's not a single perfect thing in this world. Learned that the hard way."

But when she starts speaking about the relations between Genosha and Atlantis, Marcos smiles warmly to her and gives a few nods. "Well…shouldn't be too hard for us to cook up some more trouble for your father. After all…he has been low-key a dick." he sighs then, and when she dropped her hand, he reaches to take it in his own. "A mess that can be fixed. Optimism Lorna." he teases.


Lorna arched a brow as he spoke, even as she continued to idly play with the buttons and seam of his shirt. She leaned a hip against counter and sighed softly. "Yeah, it's better this way. I know. I just suspect that shit will get more complicated and worse before it gets completely better. Too many years of issues.." She trailed off and grimaced.

A laugh escaped her as Marcos called her father a 'low-key dick'. "I don't think most people would give my father that label of all of them, you know." She murmured with a twitch of her lips. "Terrorist.. monster.. abomination.. murderer…"


Marcos smiled to her warmly, letting her play with his shirt as much as she wanted. "Yeah…it's usually how it goes in our line of work. But hey, maybe…just maybe it'll be different this time around huh?" he smiles "Heh, years and years. I got them too." he shrugs.

"Hey hey, I was being nice." he laughs a little bit as he throws a piece of pepperoni at Lorna playfully.


+MEET: Madrox has arrived via +meet.


Lorna grinned softly at Marcos as she let go of his shirt, her figure propped up against the counter. A half eaten pizza on the counter beside the two. Even as Marcos tossed a pepperoni at her she dodged it and shot him a look. "That's so not nice. And do it again, and I'll so get you back when you least expect it, Marcos Diaz." She teased back.

Her lightness was rare, something she didn't share often. Much less over in Genosha where they were constantly watched. It seemed that the X-mansion was one of the few places where Lorna well and truly relaxed.


Marcos smiles to Lorna when she is playful in return to him, and it made him so happy to see her just -breathe-. He seems to laugh at her playful threat before he picks up two more pepperoni's and looks like he's zoning in on her. His arm goes back like it's gonna throw…..before he eats one.

Then tosses the other at her playfully.

"Sorry." NOT! he laughs then, walking up to her with a chuckle and a look like he enjoys being mischievous, even when he's just being fun.


Lorna glared at him as he held up two pieces of pepperoni and held it up behind him. She scowled warningly, and was honestly surprised when instead he ate one.. only to toss the other one her way. She gasped, and then growled. "Oh now you're in for it! I know where you sleep!" She called, and made her move for him.

Her hands reached to grasp at his wrists and yank them down toward his back; closing the distance between them as she moved.

"That's enough of that," She squinted up at him, and arched a brow, her head tilted back.


Marcos laughs when she pretty much charges him and grabs his wrists pretty easily to move them at his back. He looks her right in the eyes as their noses touch, with Marcos still chuckling. "There you are…" he whispers, and definately plans to steal a kiss from her. What? He loved it when she was playful and not worrying about -everything-.

What a place for someone to drop in….Marcos was kind of hoping someone would pass by just so he could see Lorna blush.


"No doing anything to anyone at the apartment. If you do that it makes a lot of paper work for me." The mutant detective says as he walks into the room. He doesn't actually know what's going on. But well of course he heard the mention of where they sleep and stuff. "Now what exactly did I walk in on, there wasn't a sock on the door or anything so I assume it was safe, right?" Hey one can never be sure of that, people will do stuff in the strangest of places. "Cause if you want I can go around and do something else? It's always fun when I play chess by myself."


"No doing anything to anyone at the apartment. If you do that it makes a lot of paper work for me." The mutant detective says as he walks into the room. He doesn't actually know what's going on. But well of course he heard the mention of where they sleep and stuff.

"Now what exactly did I walk in on, there wasn't a sock on the door or anything so I assume it was safe, right?" Hey one can never be sure of that, people will do stuff in the strangest of places. "Cause if you want I can go around and do something else? It's always fun when I play chess by myself."


Lorna practically jumped in her skin when Jamie arrived into the kitchen, though she didn't actually jump. Though a faint blush crossed her features and she dropped her grip on Marcos' wrists to step back, giving him space once more. "Jamie, just the person I was hoping to get a hold of." She muttered, tucking her hair back behind an ear as she crossed her arms.

"Did Jean contact you? While we've been in Genosha we've figured out some troubling news. And I'm pretty sure my father has the apartment bugged or watched…"


Marcos smiles to Lorna "I know where you sleep too." he gives her a small wink, though this opened the door for probably tons of fun to come. With a smile, he looks on over at Madrox when he walks in, then he turns his head just in time to catch Lorna blushing. Giving her a wink before he still chills next to her, just leaning against the table. "Good to see you bossman." he nods once.

"Don't worry, you can stick around. We weren't doing anything illegal." a chuckle then.


"No one told me anything." Is all he says when Lorna asks him about Jean, man he feels so out of the loop and stuff. "Uhm the apartment's bugged? That isn't a good thing you know." Cause that means the offices are also bugged. Clients can get mad at that sort of thing if they find out about it.

"I can have one of my dupes sweep the apartment, to see what they can find." But of course it did happen once, it could happen again. "I'll see what I can find out about making sure it doesn't happen again though."

There is the nod to Marcos, "Good, I may have passed the Bar. But I really don't want my first case to be defending you guys doing anything illegal."


Lorna sighed heavily, "Great. Double check and ask around here if you can bring a telepath around to see if anyone is watching it. Magneto knew all about Marcos, his name, street name, powers, and power level. We can assume he's watched us for sometime." She made a face, her hand settling onto her hip as she glanced once at Marcos and back to Jamie.

"Also, I need you to do me a favor. Look into an airplane crash, from about, seventeen years ago. Out west. Mrs Suzana Dane and Mr. Arnold Dane both died. I need to have details confirmed and soon. I want to confront my father about something, but I need to make sure everything is double checked." She murmured and then grimaced, rubbing her side with a wince.

"Also, please excuse me… I.. don't feel so good.." She murmured, and made a beeline for the bathroom.


Marcos looks at Lorna concernedly when she runs off, and he takes a small breath…he knew she was going to ask him about checking into the deaths of her mother and adopted father. With a small sigh, he looks to Madrox. "Oh, you ahven't heard? Well, we've come upon a massive mess." he says tiredly.

"Thanks for the help. We realized we were being watched. Magneto knew me by name. As Marcos and as Eclipse." Eclipse being his street name. "Look for the small things, it'll help." he advises Madrox. "and don't worry, we're the ones helping you, remember?" a grin then.


"So somehow Magneto knew about you. Okay that's not good. Is it possible that there was a telepath that could have told him anything?" Hey easy to get into someone's mind and get all that information as well.

There is a look as Lorna just leaves all of a sudden, "Well I guess I will see what I can find out about the plane crash. But well depending on the records that is going to be tough." Most of what he would find out would be from any of the crash records or black box stuff. "But I'll see what I can do."


Marcos nods a few times to Jamie. Shaking his head lightly when he asks about having a telepath. "I mean..it's possible. Could be someone in the same complex as us for all we know. All we know is that somehow Magneto has eyes on us. THat's got to disappear." he says clear as day, knowing Jamie was his homeboy in terms of equal understanding of 'hey, we gotta lay low'.

"Thanks Madrox. We greatly appreciate it. So, what should we do for Christmas dinner? or do you have other plans?" and by christmas dinner, he means him, Madrox, Lorna, and whoever else they invite.


"I got ya. We'll see what we can do to talk to others. Maybe I can take one for the team and have a dupe get mugged so I can get a chance to talk to others around." Hey it could work or something. At least he would get a better chance to know his neighbors after all.

"I have no plans actually. I usually spend it alone, so well not used to having others around." Hey the guy is an orphan after all. And well he is never truly alone, technically. "But I am sure we can figure something out. One of dupes did learn how to be a chef, so I can probably make something."


Marcos nods a few times to Madrox, "Thanks man. Heh, hey, you don't ahve to go that far to help us out. Simply looking around is good enough for us, you know, keeping an ear open." he smiles to Jamie then with a kind smile.

Though when he hears that Madrox spends Christmas alone more often than not, Marcos just shakes his head. "Well, you have guests now. So we're going to have fun alright?" he shrugs then. "I'm gonna go check on Lorna. Thanks for your help man..I'll see you around." he pats Jamie's shoulder as he walks past him.

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