Crime FIghtin'

December 13, 2017:

Misfit and Black Bolt come across a robbery in progress. Superheroics and conversations ensue.

Queensland Park - Metropolis

Originally, this land was set aside by King George III for his
consort Queen Charlotte, though after the Revolution those who wanted to
live like 'Kings' quickly set up their farms and became the shining welcome
to newcomers to Metropolis.
This area is home to the bulk of the immigrant population and while
in other areas, like New York and Gotham, would say that members of these
diverse ethnic cultures cannot live in close proximity, the residents of
Queensland Park prove it untrue, especially after the Apokolips invasion as
most of the surviving residents sought home here and helped rebuild the part
of this island that also suffered from the blast.
Welcome to the melting pot of humanity.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Robin, Spoiler, Batman, Impulse, Fairchild


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Fade In…

Ah yes Metropolis. Home of the brave. Also while it is not home of more crime per capita than Gotham it is home to more challenging street criminals really. Gotham is up for a good mugging, car jacking, assault every night of the week of course. Metropolis though is good for metahumans and ridiculously daytime chaos. Despite all the heroes who call it home.

This is why Misfit is prone to coming here more often lately. Everytime she visited the site her family died lately there has been a ridiculous adventure. Maybe coincidence or maybe fate or .. hell maybe it is just the chaos around Misfit.

Still today is no exception and right now there totally is a jewelry store robbery with an actual to goodness metahuman. There is totes a frozen cop car out front with two frozen police officers, which is sad really. Right now Misfit is perched on a roof across from the store trying to catch sight of the bad guy.

Black Bolt was already having an interesting day.

He had witnessed his first pizza eating contest between Impulse and Fairchild, and he doesn't know if he was impossibly amused or somewhat uncomfortable watching people eat -that- much food! Regardless, he's out wandering the streets wearing his hero garb. A long, black tailcoat with the royal family emblem (black bolt logo) on the front, black pants, combat boots, and a hood to cover his face because secret identities matter, or so he learned.

He is presently flying overhead, so when he sees the robbery in progress…well, he lands. Softly, like he was greeting a friend. Tilting his head lightly at the scene itself, he approaches. But it perhaps looks a little careless….

Well to be honest it does look a little careless. To Misfit at least who isn't at all sure who you are since she hasn't seen you yet in the news or the subreddits on Metropolis heroes yet. "Huh… I hope he doesn't end up an icecube… kinda cute." she mutters to herself.

Speaking of Ice the front door and window of the jewelry stoe explode outwards as shards of ice and some glass with it get launched out at the street and Black Bolt there. This is even as Icicle (well Icicle Jr.) steps out carrying a dufflebag full of expensive goods over one shoulder "Get out of my way cape."

Misfit winces and disappears from the roof /bouncing with a flash of pink and purple smoke/ and reappearing on a street light off to the right of you both. Two batarangs flying towards the criminal with one swing of her arm. "Vengeance!" okay she has a battle cry it seems, though it ends up getting her sharp things flash frozen before they get to the late teenage ice criminal.

When that ice comes flying out at Black Bolt like a bat out of hell…he uses his electron manipulation to increase his speed…though the way he does it is casual. That metal thing around his collar glows, and from his perspective, it's like there was only a little bit of slow motion, dodging the ice and glass with relative ease.

Though when Icicle junior calls him a 'cape', Black Bolt looks at himself, then back to Icicle Jr. in a manner that was like 'cape? what cape?' But he sighs a moment, a hand lifting that sparks with electricity, but he hesitates…perhaps a quiet way to ask him to surrender?

Though he turns his head inquisitively when he hears 'VENGEANCE!' from above..huh.

There is a disgruntled almost curse "Geeeeeze" when her batarangs shatter from the sheer cold after being knocked off course by the blast from Icicle. "Those are expensive… I assume!" is yelled from Misfit. The young woman looks a bit like Batgirl from a distance and when moving fast. Still that assumption won't last long up close later if it is made. After yelling she vanishes with a slash of smoke gone from her streetlamp.

Icicle meanwhile looks very skeptical at the whisp of smoke "The hell…" then turns his attention back to you, and the fact you aren't cut up. "Huh… right then…." he waves his hand and ices down the pavement on the entire street, under your feet and up and down it now.

Misfit meanwhile reappears behind the guy and considers her options….. picking a pouch she flicks her hand and throws a bolo-bat-a-rang at the guys feet wrapping them up. It will be questionable how useful that is.

Black Bolt tilts his head a moment as he hears Misfit yelling about her equipment and how Icicle Jr. is an unfair human being. Harsh, Misfit, harsh. Regardless, When Black Bolt finds ice under his feet…he simply floats a little off the ground. Though a sigh leaves his mouth, because it means he has to fight this guy when he prefers peaceful solutions. A wild and powerful bolt of lihtning flies from Black Bolts hand, aimed right for Icicle Jr assuming Misfit could leave him in place.

Icicle is super skeptical of the bolo-bat-a-rang all said. He gestures freezing it and starting to snap it to little pieces as he steps towards Black Bolt. Tat arrogance though causes him to step right into the lightning bolt which… well is damn impressive.

Misfit yelps as the world in front of her lights up and she bounces away appearing on the streetlight behind Black Bolt. "Holy cow!"

Poor Icicle is down twitching with electricity spasms. That is some tazer.

Black Bolt approaches the downed Icicle then, looking almost apologetic as he kneels down to make sure he's alright, his hand touching the ice on the ground and it almost seems to turn into water. Electron use huh? Regardless, he stands ups traight after making sure he's still alive and he glances to Misfit. He hasn't said a single word.

Though after deciding that Misfit was friend, not foe, he gives her a light wave and a bow of his head, and he approaches, offering a handshake.

With a slash of smoke she is behind you crouching down and cinching up the Icicle guy in zipties that could be used on Mr. Freeze. Then a couple of moments later Misfit is back in front of you standing in the water.

Yeah she isn't Batgirl. The costume is a bit knock-off themed. OFf kilter. Skewed. The Bat is really a stylized M. Nope Misfit is not Batgirl. She is friendly though and offers a bright smile and sticks her hand out. "Hey there.. that was… well all of that was awesome! I'm Misfit."

Blackagar isn't sure what to think of this one..other than that she is apparently very sneaky and doubly fast. Though he does seem to smile a moment when he realizes her name is Misfit. Regardless, he gives her hand a firm and sturdy shake, though Black Bolt continues to not say a word. Eventually, he takes one of his fingers and makes a slice at his throat a few times.

He can't talk. Great.

However, Black Bolt does touch his head, then points to yours, suggesting that he is telepathic, and is asking you for permission to speak with you in such a manner.

There is a tilt of her head now as she watches you there and then blinks "Ooh man that sucks…" she looks concerned at your throat and Misfit almost missed the whole gesture you did there. "Oh.. uh…" there is a very unsure look and then she hesitantly nods. Well shit he better not read her mind past the whole surface talking thoughts because god Bats would be very pissed and she would get some sort of lecture. Someone would need to be Martian Manthunted into forgetting things. Very messy.

Misfit thinks ~hello?~ thoughts.

Fortunately for Misfit, Black Bolt is an extremely non-invasive individual.

At her thought of greeting, she would hear a calm..smooth, peaceful voice..the kind that could calm a raging sea and cool a wrathful spirit. «Greetings, and good tidings to you. I apologize that I cannot speak…if I were to speak, great destruction would transpire, and I do not wish such dangers upon you.» Wow, polite.

<My name is Blackagar Boltagon..though many call me Black Bolt, for short. It is a pleasure to meet you, Misfit.»

The young woman tilts her head the other way now. This is definitely the first time she has ever had someone speak in her mind like this. Her thoughts are abit flitting and definitely chaotic there as she listens to him. ~This is totes cool!~ there is a blink a couple of times and then girns. ~Also I definitely appreciate the lack great destruction. So it is very nice to meet you Black Bolt. Is that just a shortening of your name then… or yeah guess it would be then~ she is sort of rambling, but Misfit seems genuinely nice, if chaotic.

Blackagar continues to look at her with the warmest expression. A small mental chuckle from Black Bolt as she speaks. «This is an amazing talent, I must say. It makes conversing far easier.» he says pretty easily. Regardless, he knows how chaotic…constantly shifting her mind is. While it's tempting to dig, Black Bolt doesn't do so, merely staying on the surface with a small smile to Misfit.

«Do you know who this is, perchance?» he looks then to Icicle Jr.

The young woman leans and peers at the downed and cuffed individual there. Then Misfit shakes her head. «I know the rogues gallery for Gotham a lot better than Metropolis… though the villians here have been a lot more fun then patrols there lately. A lot more ridiculous» there is another crooked grin, lopsided. «Very cool trick, probably good for coordinating fighting bad guys I imagine. So are you a Metro hero… I haven't seen you online really in any of the hero watching boards?»

Black Bolt nods a few times at her words, and when she compliments him, he smiles big and warm. «Thank you. As for being a Metro hero…I am from the earth city New York.» he states simply. The Inhuman King was still getting used to man's world. Regardless, he speaks anew.

«I am a member of the Titans. Sadly, I know not of these 'watching boards." Well…least he was honest.

«Earth City» yeah Misfit didn't miss that and then she ooohs «Robin and Spoiler are my team.. well family sorta… on that team. I keep meeting you guys here in Metropolis.» she muses and then shrugs «I should jet back to Gotham before the cops show up but maybe we can fight crime again sometime… they know how to get ahold of me. I'll show you the watch boards» amusement, dep amusement.

The young woman salutes and then vanishes teleporting, or bouncing as she calls it, with a slash of smoke.

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