A Smooth Patch

December 11, 2017:

Alex and Lorna apologize to each other.



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Lorna walked the steps with a hurried pace, her features set into a determined manner as she took the steps two at a time. She wore her now, usual, steel toed boots, battered jeans and a skin tight top of fused metal. Over which she wore a black denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up past her elbows. The weather in Genosha was hot and it was difficult to get used to the constant switching of temperatures (and hours) that the portal gave her.

She glanced around, clearly looking for someone in particular as she passed by various students and others. "Anyone seen Scott? No? I checked the garage." She groused at one of the kids that bothered to answer her before she continued onwards.


Alex has been multitasking. In this instance, it means brushing up on some basic math and physics in preparation for some teaching duties while ruminating over superheroing, superheroic siblings, and super ex-girlfriends. That second part of the multitasking has done a number on the therapeutic beer budget. The self-care has also temporarily gone to hell, but Alex manages to pull off haggard-looking pretty well.

He's following a handful of students as they depart a room, having spent a portion of the afternoon easing himself into the gig by sitting in. "Not since same time you did." He snaps shut the math textbook he was walk-reading and holds up a hand, "Hey, before we get all awkward and angry with one another, I'm sorry. I just needed to process a bit and more jerkass than intended came out by reflex." A couple nearby students snerk. Jerkass. "Hey, keep walkin'."


Lorna paused, turning her focus to the classroom and making to lean against the door frame as she found the other Summer's brother. Decidedly not the one she was looking for, it was clear she was about ready to shove off the second he spoke her way. She sighed though as he started to apologize and cut off the sharper words that came to her tongue.

Course as the kids snickered she moved inside and shut the door behind her with a flick of her wrist, leaving them alone.

"You're still a jackass. But yeah, I forgive you. Your brother made a very good point that in your position, I'd be a total bitch. So lets call our mutual tempers and inability to process emotional highs and lows even. Yeah?"


"Easier and cheaper than therapy." Alex nods, leaning against a desk and settling his book down atop it before folding his arms across his chest, "So. Lot going on in Genosha it sounds like. I kinda gave up asking, it just leads to this 'Ask Scott' who'll just tell me 'Go Train' loop." Sidestepping people in your first week back. Well played, Alex.

Giving a smirk, Alex adds, "I'm not really much of a treehugger, but there's got to be a better option than visiting horror on the lake fish every day. Think Scott underestimated a bit what kinda damage we were talking about. There's no subtle, precise version to work in the backyard."


Lorna folded her arms as she stepped in and perched on the edge of a student's desk at random so she could still meet Alex's gaze easily. "Well, at the moment, unoffically, the X-men toppled the mutant hating government that was there. They had slaves there Alex, they were using our people as experiments and forcing people with latent abilities to manifest powers so they could use them as slave labor." Her jaw worked over her words for a while.

"And I don't give a damn about telling you because when I showed up back in August no one would tell me jack shit and it's cost me while I've been over there." She exhaled a breath, and reached up to rub her temples.

"Magneto has been more or less given control by the UN, and his acolytes have been acting like his army. He's been calling mutants over there from all over the world. He doesn't have full control over the island, but he thinks he'll accomplish it in two months. There were sentinels there that were loosed on the population, over a hundred originally. They're now down to twelve. People are dying and fighting in for what they believe is right and I don't see the slaughter ending until either Magneto is in control or is killed."


"Ah, right…" He trails off to conduct an internal debate for a few moments before going with a fairly innocuous lead-in, "Yeah, Rachel told me some stuff about, er, Magneto." At the time, it was more of a 'Holy Shit' moment for Alex, but he's had some time and a couple of unrestrained drinking sessions to cope."

"Yeah, I caught -some- of that with bits of news, but…" He just gives a shrug. Time at school was a time for pretty willful ignorance of mutant issues, "I was kind of avoiding it. That's gotta go down as one of the UN's less insightful moves."


Lorna watched him, her green eyebrows furrowing as she shifted in her perch on the edge of the desk. "Well, I know Magneto was being held in Genosha, the X-men actually released him. Whatever the scientists were doing over there, they didn't care who they had. And I think Nate died, and Rogue.. went through some shit. So it's going to be hard for you to find out much here beyond Scott. Trust me, I did the run around already." She reached up to push her hair back and paused, considering Alex again.

"And yeah, he even called the UN a bunch of morons. He admitted to me that he wasn't going to stay occupied on Genosha, obviously. Which, was unexpectedly honest for him, considering he's lied about everything else.." She dragged her lower lip and glanced down at the floor.

"I know.. I haven't exactly.. shared much about my life with you.. And when I found out … well, shit went down. It's why I wasn't.. myself three years ago. And I'm still trying to figure out who I am.. and what it means to me.. That Magneto is my father.."


The smile Alex offers is a small, borderline grim expression, and he rolls a shoulder in another half-shrug, "You're probably the only person who knows just how terrible any … advice or support I might have to offer is, with MY whole pile of doubt and neuroticism." He gives a bit of a chuckle, "I try to at least act like I know what I'm talking about for everyone else."

Giving his head a bit of a shake, he muses aloud, "I don't know. THAT said, I'm not a big 'Sins of the Father' sort, so I'd say what it means to you is entirely up to you." He pauses for a bit of a dramatic wince, "Which doesn't necessarily make it simpler to figure out."


Lorna grimaced, "You'll be pleased to know my half siblings, and yeah, I have two of those.. are wanted criminals in the Brotherhood too." She murmured and folded her arms over her chest. "Also, Magneto's acolytes know.. they've taken to calling 'Princess' over in Genosha. So if you ever show up, yeah.. that's a thing." She shuddered and rolled her eyes.

"But I.. I wanted to apologize.. for how I was back then.. three years ago. I was upset.. I'd found out my mom died.. and yeah… that whole Magneto thing. I was eightteen, Alex.. I couldn't wrap my head around it. I still can't some days. It's hard.. and I'm still struggling with it."


"Nah, I… I appreciate it, but apologies aren't necessary. You deserved a more stable support system from me." He smirks, giving his head a shake, "Still do. I don't lash out like an idiot quite as often, now, but I'm…" Glancing briefly at the ceiling, Alex works for a succinct way to explain, "I'm just too eager to justify my worth. Back in those days just about EVERYthing sounded like some version of 'Alex isn't cutting it'. Now…?" He flashes a quick grin, "Now, fifty or sixty percent, tops. Anyway." With a heavy exhalation, he stuffs his hands into his pockets. "The other day wasn't … I wasn't mad or anything. I just needed to slip away and -think- a bit, you know?"


Lorna laughed softly, smothering it behind a hand. "Trust me, I know. What do you think I'm doing here? I'm trying to process the fact that I'm temporarily living under my father's roof. When guys are throwing themselves at me and making insinuations that I'd be better off with a 'real mutant' and shit because I'm Magneto's daughter and they have a hard on for my dad." She exhaled a rough breath, dragging her hands through her hair.

"And then people are coming to me asking for me to be diplomatic, to smooth shit over, to help settle talks. To try to end the civil war over there. Over there? People look to me for answers and I don't have them Alex. It's driving me up the wall. I hate it. I've spent three years avoiding the public eye because I didn't want to bring down the media on this place or anyone else because of who my father is. And now I have to. I have to step into Genosha and fill that role or the X-men and everyone else has no idea what Magento is up to."


"Oh, I dunno. He DOES like to pontificate…" Dry Summers 'wit' with stoic delivery, "Give it a week and he'll be hovering over the school explaining his plan in excruciating detail, right?" Bad jokes are about all he has on offer, Alex muses, this kind of global ordeal is way beyond his pay grade.

"I'm going to be teaching teenagers Math and Physics. Want to trade?" He straightens from his desk lean, recollecting his book, "I might have to draw the line at being called Princess, though." Yeah, it's going to be hard for him to let that go unmocked for long.


Lorna arched a brow, and a hint of a smile flickered to life on her lips that she tried in vain to hide. "You're such an ass." She drawled, coughing and clearing her throat. "And no, I don't want to trade. Teenagers are scary as hell. I'll take the most wanted mutant terrorist in the world, thank you very much. Also the constant threat to my life. At least there I can lob an airplane at them. Teenagers? Can't do that." She murmured and then paused.

"Well it's highly frowned upon."


"I can't be all that bad. I used to date royalty." Self-aggrandizement, to boot. Serious Time for Alex seems to have passed for now. "Yeah, it's kind of terrifying. At least with teenagers, I don't have to suspect they think less of me than they're letting on. I KNOW they think I'm boring, lame, and out of touch."

"So, need a hand finding Scotty?"


Lorna waved a hand and shrugged as she opened the door, "Yeah, might as well. Why not. It's not like you've got a billion papers to grade and lessons to plan for. At least my job I don't have to do for twenty hours after I get off work." She drawled, of course.. what was her job right now?

It was complicated to say the least.

"Lets go find Scotty then."

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