Iron Swan

December 09, 2017:

Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern respond to a Shi'ar ship entering Earth's atmosphere and discover a former Valkyrie.

Westfjords, Iceland


NPCs: 4 Strontian mercenaries

Mentions: Dinah Lance


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Fade In…

It's not an Earth ship. Nor Asgardian in design. In fact the underlaying structure suggests an origin from somewhere in the Sh'iar Empire. But that can't be accurate, and if it is may have potential greater implications for the future. The embellishments of it don't match a scout ship or other attempt at covert operations, necessarily.. but for a ship that shouldn't be in this sector, it certainly seems to be making a beeline for Earth. And, more particularly, a reasonably remote part of Iceland.

If this in and of itself wasn't enough to be… concerning, the pulse of a until that moment dormant Asgardian signal from the same region might in and of itself suggest that things are afoot in the world worthy of investigation. Certainly, it's enough to rouse Syn out of her cups with a bleary kind of confusion and dredge her out to her bike. Because while the damned ship might have stopped moving a few years ago at this point, she'd rather have it in one piece than many.

Having been on duty at the Watchtower, as usual for the Martian, J'onn sees the alert come through the Global Alert System as the anomaly appears to be heading for Earth. As standard protocol, J'onn puts the alerting system on automatic and inputs the League communicator system since he will be awhile from the Tower. Once he has enabled all the appropriate systems, J'onn begins flying to intercept at the likely point of entry for the Planet… in this case, it will be near Iceland.

Flames. It's not hard to find the ship once he draws close enough. From the ground the plume of blackened smoke hasn't risen high enough among the green folds of land to draw attention to the remote location, but from the air the dark smudge of burning fuel is a black thumb against the picturesque land surrounding it. The ship itself; definitely Shi'ar in basic scope, with Strontian influence in its embellishments, is certainly not large enough to consistute much more than a freighter, is settling itself onto the grass a comfortable distance away from what remains of its patchworked target.

Syn had the advantage of proximity, if one wants to call it such, but a motorcycle's no competition for a ship, and the 'too late' is obvious even as the offending ship pivots and starts to settle itself in the grass. Which means that even as she elects to grab her shield and jam it onto her arm and snatch up her sword she's both uncomfortably sober, and pissed the hell off. Not, perhaps, as concerned as she ought to be about the ships cannons as she starts to stalk towards the ship.

J'onn begins a mental scan of the area, with a focus on the ship, to determine what and how many there may be running around as the vessel makes it's landing. His Martian Vision scans the area for electromagnetic emissions, radio signals, and other forms of communication that may hail other such ships to the Earth. He will broaden his scan out, attempting to determine if there are any civilians in the area that are coming to 'Check out the UFO' instead of doing something smarter… like hiding for their lives.

He is able to hear as the motorcycle as it closed in, and his gaze looks for the driver. He approaches from the opposite side of the ship, but clearly visible to Syn before he makes his landing. There are very few individuals that would move towards a ship like this, especially wearing a sword and shield, and with that information he is left with an individual capable of protecting themselves… or a crazy person… His deep voice calls out to Syn, "Hello, is this someone you happen to know?"

Nothing like a kick to the skull to make a man sleep well and heavy. Hal Jordan awoke in the Watchtower, a room in the living quarters he claimed early on, made sure to recharge his ring and set a date he'll have to return to Oa. A dreaded thing that. A slow day. A reclusive day and then while sipping coffee he sees the system alert, unauthorized entry. Logged and responded to be Martian Manhunter.
"Crap. I slept through that… "

Within minutes his ring is updating him with as much intel as it can and he is hitting re-entry, fire encasing his emerald autoshields until hes in the skies, clouds parting around him. The Martian's own flight path having been traced through JL comms and a combination of his ring. He'll arrive eventually.

Whoever parked the first one there did a pretty good job at finding somewhere remote enough that it's easy to pick out the few distant individuals who have the technology and awareness to have noticed and tried to get the word out about it. Though so far the only one dumb enough to decide that the ship needs a makeover appears to be the tall blond stomping her way in the direction of the ship. Four occupants; non-human. Strontian, in fact, and though there was already that sense of righteous jubilation at the smoking ruin of the other ship, oh boy do the excitement levels go incandescent when the blond is noticed.

For Syn, on the other hand, realizing that there's… another person, present, takes a second or three of processing. The sword-bearing hand has the back of it pushed across her lips, spit cast in the grass before she grunts acknowledgment.

"Well, that was my ship." she can be understood, at least, Icelandic, Norwegian, English… for the Asgardian it doesn't really make a difference. It's not really a smile, the way she peels her lips back from her teeth, or at least, not the kind likely to be mistaken for anything benign,"Y'might want to stand back." because sword and shield against the armed aliens inside… sounds like good odds in Syn's book at least. Confidence? Or madness? Certainly the way that one of the aliens inside the ship pivots a gun in the direction of the blond woman there's a little bit of something going on or she's going to wind up a smoking crater in the ground very soon.

As J'onn can feel the approach of Hal, he reaches out a mental link «Hal, multiple hostiles, I believe…» to which the Martian will send an image of what he's seeing so Hal is ready when he arrives. «It seems there is about to be a major confrontation with advanced technological weapons. I have not located any nearby humans… yet.»

His attention is returned to the upcoming battle, "What reason do they have for their act of aggression?" he asks of her as she closes the distance. As the gun pivots, J'onn places a telekinetic block at the end of the barrel, and waits to see what transpires.

Mentally reaching out to the Strontians with Syn being included for her situational awareness, he sends them «Cease and Desist any further hostile actions. Any attempts at committing violence will be met with equal force.»

«I suppose that makes me the token.» Hal replies as his accelerated flight speeds start to decrease until hes at full stop, hovering near Martian Manhunter. The a green flat monitor screen pops up over his fist, "Stronians and a… an Asgardian?"

"Pal, if you got them on the line let them know they're in several violations of this sector and there is an assigned Green Lantern present and your handsome green Oreo munching mug if they don't want to listen to the law." Jordan is saying this much, a look being tossed around away from that screen to scan for Syn.

"My head is still killing me. I hope they're not going to come out swinging." Also he is not entirely sure he's 'Red Clean'. It makes the concept of violence a tad off putting.

"And don't let that go to your head that I called you handsome. You're still the designated 'take one for the team guy' when you're next to me." Hal will explain later.

"I pissed in their beer." there's things to be said for timing. And whether the truth or not, there's some aggravation as Syn tilts her head up towards the arriving Lantern, shaking her head just slightly as she mutters under her breath and turns her attention towards the ship again. Apparently to her at least, orders to stand down are… uh… optional. Or maybe it's just that having been dragged away from her beer with her ship a smoking ruin she's tilted the math in favor of getting-arrested-is totally worth kicking some ass.

The guy manning the cannon, at least, either doesn't have the time to reconsider his actions or agrees with the Asgardian, given the inevitable tremor in the whine of the cannon and the vacuum-displacement *WHUMF* as it attempts to fire. Metal tears and peels, the ship rocking on its struts as the explosion mushrooms through the sides of the barrel. Not that it gives the ships occupants pause, seemingly, as they work on getting the door open. The two professionals might be looking for a calming solution, but the Asgardian, at least, is entirely content with breaking into a sprint. She's… uh… just going to help them. Open the door. Really.

«I am only passing familiar with Strontians…» J'onn notifies Hal, «A quick scan of their physiology makes me believe they are far more resilient and stronger than Humans that do not bear a Lantern Ring. I will proceed with caution.» J'onn continues his movements towards the group that is slowly coming together.

A slight pause in his walk, and J'onn sends to Hal «Your head? From the Red Light?» It appears he hasn't heard about any potential 'fun' that might have happened at a family visit earlier. "I know the Agardian…" his eyes moving to Syn, "…speaks and understands English." Just then the decision for how this will go is made, and the cannon is destroyed from within. J'onn uses another telekinetic field to keep the explosion contained around the ship.

With a small sigh, J'onn says "It appears we are doing what your friend, Guy Gardner always talks about, Hal…" the Martians arms turning into oversized clubs, "…We are Hitting Things." J'onn follows right behind Syn, adding "I am guessing that urinating in their beverage is not quite enough to bring someone from outside the Galaxy to fire on your ship." and then as he phases through the hull, he can be heard adding "Maybe defecating in their breakfast meal might do that…"

«Likewise. They're Shi'ar Imperium tough guys. Yes, they can do some damage.» The canons side blowing out encourages Hal to fly up higher, watching as Syn begins her sprint. "Come on, are we really going to do this, lady?"

«The Rage Juice? No. Kind of. Black Canary tried to kung fu kick my head off my shoulders.» The Martian's TK field is bolstered by a green chain that begins to wrap around the outside of it. A chain that stretches up and over more of the ship, constricting down, thorn sprouting out of it.

"Damnit. We can't just challenge them to a friendly game of Go Fish!." As J'onn phases through the hull Hal soars around in a circle.
"I've met aliens that would consider that a marriage proposal. Maybe our Asgardian friend here got the wrong travel guide?"
"We could always hope this is a simple misunderstanding."

"Do all Lanterns whine this much?" Syn retorts. Hey. Not fair. Bloody Martians. Syn finds herself bringing up the proverbial rear, for all that she's entirely happy to jump onto the ship and plant the tip of her sword in the seam. Helping. See? Okay, granted, it elicits gunfire from inside, BUT STILL. The slide of her hand along her blade might seem accidental at first, but the smack of her hand against the hull of the ship is certainly not. Apparently, at least, she's grudgingly deciding that maybe they should at least be kept confined to their current area of impact, given the ripple and flare of Asgardian runes some twenty foot from the edge of the vehicle. Hal, at least, probably has a few moments to decide which side of the barrier he's going to be on, but inside the ship J'onn's had that luxury removed.

Strontians, especially young, stronger, bigger Strontians like half of the ships four-man complement aren't the sort to hesitate. Even when suddenly confronted by an unexpected Martian presence phasing into the cramped cockpit of the ship. Of course, a little forethought might have told them that trying to open fire on a guy that just phased through the damned wall is liable to do more damage to their ship than the Martian, but one of them is busy trying to kick the dented door open wide enough for a clear shot at the Asgardian with the cover of his friend at least making sure she doesn't elect to just drop through the gap into the space.

«Why would Dinah…» J'onn starts to ask, and sends a mental shake of his head «..topic for another time.» When Hal relays what he knows about the Strontians, he will receive a mental acknowledgment from the Martian. «Understood. So subdue as quickly as possible before the battle is out of hand.» As J'onn comes through the hull he is confronted by the crew, and so turns Invisible so he can provide the best reconnaissance on what force they are facing.

Both Hal and Syn will receive the view form the interior from the Martian, as he adds «They are mentally resistant to telepathy, but I can overcome one at a time.»

His telepathic assault focuses on the one in the gunner seat of the ship, an attack that attempts to knock the Strontian unconscious, and at the same time brings both of his Club Arms down on the pilot with enough force to register on the Richter Scale. «Attempting to disable their ability to fire the vessels weapons, and their ability to escape.»

Then, in English as well as Telepathically he tells the remaining crew «This Sector's Green Lantern requires you to stand down immediately.»

"Only when they don't finish their first cup of coffee because some Red Sonja wants to stir shit with overpowered Alien jackholes who make a living out of war and conquest!" Hal shouts after the Asgardian he descends in to the barriers more dangerous side. This is Hal Jordan the man enjoys punching and headbutting things as much as the next Space Cowboy.

«As quickly as you can, Martian Manhunter.» He agrees. Using the heroic name since Syn has just been queued in. «You want to give us the real reason they are after you?» A giant green tiger starts to tear at the side of the ship where the chain is not. Attempting to make an entryway for the Lantern.

The telepathic barrier of the Martian and the thorns of the Lantern get an outer circle. Not a physical thing, but no less solid for its intangible invisibility,"That's your own stupid fault." Syn sneers at Hal. She might not recognize who Red Sonja is, but still! It's frustrating that all she can hear is thumps and shouting from inside. Most would be smart enough to at least listen, but these poor guys, they weren't expecting Lanterns or Martians, they were expecting Syn… and they know better than to trust the Asgardian. Add to that their own inherant confidence in their skills and 'righteousness' and no wonder they're not listening.

The one in the gunners seat is twitching, struggling, no match for the Martian but not inclined to give ground without the ooze of blood starting to come from his nose. The pilot at least lured away from his panel as he throws up an arm to block the Martians blow. No human, these, that the blow fails to knock him unconscious from the outset testimony to the Strontians resilience as he starts shouting to the others.

The sounds of the green light tiger tearing at the metal is probably the stuff of nightmares, metal shrieking in protest. The one that makes the mistake of faltering in his personal belief, drawing back from the gap and torn between trying to fire at the Martian or find somewhere to hide clear in the way he backs up.

Syn takes the opportunity to drop feet first into the gap of the door pried between her sword and the blows of the fourth alien inside.

«This is between me and them, didn't ask for your help or y'rattling around in my head.» she offers up to the pair, distracted by the 'greeting' awaiting her at the bottom of the ramp and the sudden necessity of trying to avoid having her face punched in by the one that had been trying to open the door.

As his blow is blocked, the Martians arms and hands shift into giant sized versions of his fists, and one works to grip the Strontian pilot by the neck. A well aimed punch heads for the Martian's face, but moves right through his head as he phases through the attempted attack. J'onn's eyes begin to glow, warning of an impending burst of fiery vision, "Surrender or face the consequences…" the Martian growls, his own Red fighting against the restraint he has shown to this point.

«When the battle was brought to Earth, it included us as Protectors of this Planet, and the Green Lantern as Protector of this Sector.» J'onn retorts back to Syn. There is no debate on whether she would need assistance or not, but rather that their duty is to protect the people of this World.

Then he switches to verbal communications, "And perhaps we are in the mood for a bit of battle ourselves…" uncharacteristic of the stoic Martian, which he quickly realizes, and focuses some of his own mental energies into containing his growing Rage. Then, just to the Green Lantern «Careful Hal, I feel some residuals of the Red. I am working on combating within myself. If you feel any, let me know, and I will attempt to assist you in controlling it.»

The tiger disappears and Hal drops in. The chains and tiger were fancy for him right now, the green auto-shield lit up around his form is all he needs as encouragement to launch himself at the nearest Stronian and begin a simple 1-2-3 series of jab, cross, cross. Fights inside of space crafts always made him appreciate bar fight experience, cramped, things leak, break, spill, you can get thrown out unexpectadly and someone always vomits.

«My partner is right. You brought this on yourself. Start a fight in our backyard and you get to deal with us.» The Green Lantern informs Syn. «We're good neighbors like that.»
Hal tips back, fists lifted up like hes some boxer in a ring, trying to distance himself from the Stronian he just struck several times. J'onn's over eager words have him drawing his attention from his own fight. «Careful, J'onn. No one here wants to see a berserker mode, Martian.»

A dip back in and Hal ducks a swing and comes up with an uppercut. «I'm okay so far and Black Canary's idea of curing Red-Eyes is not recommended. If you got the same medicine in mind it is a hard pass.»

How… well, disappointing. For Syn at least. All the satisfaction of stomping on the guy who tried to stomp her face in fading away as she has the opportunity to take in the greater 'battlefield' and note that neither Martian nor Lantern particularly need her assistance. Which perhaps goes to the hmpf as she peels her shield off her arm and slings it across her back. Even a Strontian has their breaking point, and surrender now appears to be the general consensus.

"Hey, I didn't start this. And I don't recall inviting you into my skull, either." she opts for with a jab in the direction of Hal, planting a foot on her opponent and directing her attention towards the one who wisely elected that he wanted none of the above to the point of throwing down his gun and raising his hands. A sour kind of grunt is offered,"Here I was hoping to at /least/ get a decent fight out of this mess, but it is what it is. I'm keeping th' ship. Y'can have them. Once they start doubting themselves they're worthless, anyways."

J'onn sends an affirmative to Hal, the red glow from his eyes receding from his Martian Vision and Anger as he gets both under control, and the fighting seems to be calming down. There is a moment, brief as it is, that J'onn grimaces before he has total control again. He nods to Hal, "I believe this is now your show, Green Lantern." and his hands slowly shift to their normal size.

Taking a step away fro the Pilot/Gunner, J'onn turns his gaze towards Syn, "You are correct. I was uninvited into your mind, and for that I apologise. My attempt at making our actions more tactical should have included a request first." His words are sincere, and a good bit of his bloodlust has died away.

"Oh lovely it is clean up time!" Hal says outloud. The ring is held up and those Stronians start to find green ribbons ensnaring ankles and wrists drawing the Shi'ar soldiers in to one massive jumble of limbs.

«You sure? I'm not Superman. You start to lose your cool you yell something like cucumber. I'm not about to get sucker punched because you stub your toe in here.» Hal isn't being fearful, no, hes laying some prep out, a game plan.

"Right, bad manners all around. You called me a whiner and he gave you the gift of our voices in your noggin. I think we're even."

"Also this ship is going back to where it came from. This technology isn't cleared to be on Earth and these men, they will be packaged and delivered to their nearest outpost. So, sorry… uh, whatever your name is." The half mask doesn't hide Hal's ever so charming and cocky smile that Syn is being graced with.

There's a grunt from Syn,"Tactical." it's in the tone, that slight curl of her lip as she repeats J'onn's word, only to be distracted by Hal,"You /are/ a whiner. Oh my head hurts, oh I haven't had my coffee… if this had been a situation that actually required tactics your flapping gums would have at least given them something to focus on." oblivious to the potential for Martian cucumber she shakes her head in refusal,"Nope. 's mine. Y'can have them… the… guns… whatever else, don't care. But I'm keeping the ship. I'll be nice and move it where the Midgardian's can't see though. Promise." because that's so trustworthy with that smile. The 'whatever your name is' does, for whatever reason, merit a narrowing of her eyes however and the pursing of her lips.

"Syn. My name is Syn." the second iteration huffed as she turned to find a place to hook her free hand and plant a boot to try and force the door open further for purposes of Strontian evacuation.

«I am sure, Hal…» J'onn replies to the Lantern, a small mile on his features «Cucumber sounds like an excellent Anger word to shout.» The Martian looks between Syn and Hal, and decides to let the two figure out how to split up the 'spoils of war.' "I will return to the Watchtower since I am on shift. You know if you need anything I will be available, Green Lantern."

Turning to Syn, J'onn bows his head in a formal greeting, "It is an Honor to meet you, Syn…" A quick pause, perhaps a moment of recognition, but J'onn decides to let it go for now, "I am the Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz." For him, his Identity is less secret given that in his Martian Form almost everyone recognizes him.

As he starts to phase through the hull again, he adds "Perhaps next time I can hear the story of 'pissing in their beer' over a drink of your choosing. I hear Asgardians are fond of mead." then the Martian is out and through the hull to disappear into the sky.

"Uhm. No. Definitely not with you calling me a whiner yet again. I might have said, sure take the super awesome warship, I trust you! But then you up and had to push the envelope." Hal replies to Syn.

"Syn is it? Syn, Really? I hope your parents didn't name you that." The hatchway once she has it open will be her own exit as a large green hand appears in mid air and shoves. The Lantern flies out immediately after and turns fist raising again, high above him and those chains start to ravel towards his glowing knuckles the ship itself will start to ascend in to the sky, off the ground.

"J'onn, back me up here?" Nope. The Manhunter is gone in his polite alien manner. At least eventually Hal will have some justice in knowing the man may just one day battle cry 'cucumber'. That is more than worth it.

"Green Lantern." Thats what he says his name is to her. No Hal Jordan. Secret Identities and all.. at least on Earth.

"I take it with that bike you're not going to be flying off on us, some questions need answered. I'd rather not have to field questions to my own superiors as to why the Shi'ar Empire is sending soldiers to Earth. Because I asked and you still haven't told me why!"

"Tut tut. Don't say it! Pissing in their beer is still an unacceptable answer." Lantern holds one finger up as he says that last part. Like it will silence her from expressing as much again.

It had taken a thought to free the barrier for the Martian's leaving, but Syn finds herself shoved out of the ship, and then, /then/ he has the nerve to start taking off. There's just an outraged blink… oh HELL naw. There's the flare of runes again, brighter this time, fueled by the sudden pique of her rage as she leaps onto the ship. Airborne under his power? There's microscope's that might measure the level of her concern. Bloody flying… that this once used to be a lot easier is not lost on her and definitely doesn't help the sudden flare of temper.

The lack of precise familiarity with Lanterns probably obvious at the attempt to sever the first chain with her sword as stomps her way across the surface of the thing, apparently entirely willing to fight to keep her prize, Green Lantern or not!

"Y'weren't invited, y'help wasn't needed, and y'can't have it. Now stand aside!"

Hal is just that level of cocky once he laid it out he assumed she was going to just quietly smolder at him. No. His familiarity with Asgardians is clearly limited the force of will it takes to move a ship of this size for a Lantern is immense. Junior Lanterns would be hard pressed. That to be said it's still a considerable weight and as she leaps to land and then sever a chain, his focus slips. That chain and another cleave with the strike, bursting free and fragmenting in to nothing.

The ship will lurch and sway, a vein pops out of Hal's neck and he grips his wrist with his other hand. Those white eyes of his mask going rounded in surprise.

"Are you nuts!? Quit it!"
"If I drop this… GET OFF of it!" Hal can't retaliate right now. Not while hes trying to refocus up and keep the thing aloft. A coil of more chains starting to tendril out through the air to latch on and spread, he is reconstructing his cargo net or trying.
Syn is, quite probably by the definition of humans, nuts, she's declared it hers, and he has the nerve to steal her fight /and/ her prize and her pride and anger just is having none of it… it's going to go badly for her even if she gets her way, the sudden jerk of the ship where the tendril unravels sending her to three hands and a sword tip on deck to try and stop herself from suddenly gaining air. But that grin suggests that she's got no qualms whatsoever about the potential disaster of it crashing back to the ground if he looses her grip, she's focused on the whole 'It's MINE and you can't HAVE IT', shoving herself to her feet to try and hasten the nets demise.

The cocky swagger and twirl of her sword is because… from her perspective she has the upper hand, even if it is on ground entirely under his control,"Even if you capture it, little man, you can't leave until I let you go… so take what's yours and leave what's mine. As was agreed." bloody Asgardians.

"How the hell do you think this is yours?" Hal Jordan is entirely dumbfounded. "How are you even going to fly it? Do you even know how in the first place? Just no. This isn't even a discussion. Get off or I am going to drag your ass with it in to space. You will not enjoy the ride." More chains swatted free with that Uru metal blade, its sharp. It's causing some ruin and frustration for Hal.

"Final warning." The Green Lantern doesn't bait in to the insults instead he flies higher, picking up speed even as chains keep curling out, webbing over the vessel, if she doesnt evade them they'll snatch her up too. The clouds are getting closer. "Whats your game plan, peaches? Times'a'ticken!"

"Because they shot MINE up!" Syn seethes, completely ignoring the question as to whether or not she even knows how to fly it in the first place. It's a losing battle, but well, she's not exactly good on the whole 'losing' thing, too. With him gaining speed that she's having to place her footing far, far more carefully at least slows down her ability to try and attack his tendrils, but it does take the jolt of severing one before the others can snatch her and she'd neglected the thought that her barrier's tied to the /ship/ rather than simply the ground where it had been.

The snarl she gives suggests she's not so much focused on clouds or… well, distance to the ground as she would probably gleefully stick that blade into him as many times as she could if she could get that far right now.

"Sorry to hear that but this ship and its occupants do not belong on Earth. I'm starting to doubt you do as well." There is an abrupt lurch, a hard stop and the ship groans. The chains proceed to wrap and bundle the entire thing up but he lands upon it near her. They're parked above the clouds now its just hovering.

"Look, Syn. You seem like a… " The Lantern stares, reasonable? No. Intelligent? Maybe but the stubborn focus is clearly outweighing that. "Vicious and… " Another pause. The man is failing hard here. "Help me out here? Can we talk this out or come to some agreement. I don't want to fight you and frankly its taking everything in me to keep this thing held like this right now. You end up stabbing me we are both going to end up pizza smears somewhere in Siberia."

"There is a galactic treaty that Earth is meant to be left alone, if this thing stays on this planet or gets parted out or these men vanish here? We are dealing with one of the largest most dangerous empires in the known galaxies coming down hard. What will this ship be worth to you then?"

"Points for observation, but you missed the part where you would end up a smear in Siberia… not me." she's reasonably confident of that, at least, or perhaps less concerned than she ought to be about the potential, but after some writhing she does concede,"Let me loose, and I will not kill you. My word on that." how reliable that might be, well, that's anyone's guess, but still. Dignity. If released, true to her word at least the sword is stowed for now.

"I would love to leave your precious little pebble, the slight issue with that is that it took everything my ship had simply to land here. And what was left of it was destroyed by your little friends here. They don't serve the Shi'ar. They work for themselves. They double-crossed me on a deal, I left them to deal with the fallout. Somehow, they found me. As far as I'm concerned… they got what they deserve, and should be grateful you and your green friend showed up for them still breathing… but it doesn't change that I'm out one ship." an eye is at least cast for the distance, finally, that's a respectable drop. It doesn't bring fear into her expression, but there's at least the brief pinch of respect that it would probably in the least /hurt/ to hit the ground at this distance,"You and the other one, I have no issue with. You held your own even if you couldn't keep your mouth shut, but I'm not going to just stand by while you rob me."

"This changes things very little. They're still Stronians and they're not going to be killed they'll be hauled out far enough I can have them collected by a galactic officiated enforcer. Doesn't matter who as long as they're not 'here'. The options you now face, join them or yield this claim you have on their ship and I'll set you back down by your motorcycle."

None of those green chains relent. Crazy. She is definitely on some level of it. Hal waits patiently, observing the ship and it's damaged portions. "Picking up a signal. Sounds like SHIELD is trying to scramble to this location. We're on borrowed time now. By the rules I'm supposed to work with local authorities, I do my best to keep this sort of thing off planet and clear of that as much as possible because frankly I don't trust them… You familiar with SHIELD at all?"

Syn's expression suggests she's indifferent to the mention of the galactic officiated enforcer,"Paste over Siberia is beginning to look better." is probably not the answer to inspire confidence in the woman's sanity, its true,"You wish to threaten me with imprisonment, but do not understand that it would hardly be the first time I have been imprisoned, or that the smoke from my ship may well yield them just as good a bounty as what is present here, while you attempting to pretend that your actions are other than thievery and interference. Neither of your supposed options are amenable."

Hal sighs and stares at the woman and his mouth just wants to hang open like hes daft but he manages to speak, "I guess we are going for a trip on a rocket ship then. Make sure to clean out any loose change or stray trinkets!" Then they are up and gone. The green mesh turning in to a giant 'Santa' bag over his shoulder. She'll be safe inside and despite his bluff which she called, it is very unlikely that hes going to leave her to the laws of space and what exists out there. They'll see though!

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