A New Amazon

December 10, 2017:

Diana Prince comes to the Titan tower to recruit Cassie Sandsmark and bring her into the fold as a member of the Amazons and a citizen of Themyscira.


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It's a cloudy, snowy day in New York, and being so deep in the fall, the weather certainly isn't getting any warmer. But it takes more than the cold to keep a certain teen from hanging around the top of the Titan Tower!

Well, 'Hanging out' wouldn't be as accurate as 'working', as she's taken it upon herself to do some shoveling. There's likely some sort of tech that keeps too much snow from piling up atop it but, frankly, Wonder Girl's old fashioned in a lot of ways. Besides, for someone as fast as herself, it wouldn't take long anyway! And so she's quickly zooming about to make short work of the mere inches of white powder so she can go back to doing something more entertaining.
It should also be noted that while Cassie is in costume, he's also wearing a long, festive holiday scarf of red and dark green color.

Diana was a busy woman, her schedule was jam-packed with appointments / appearances / conferences and more. But when her mother contacts her and deems a mission to be of the umost importance… the Princess abides and honors her mother's call for her aide.

The story had been told to her of a young woman (who she'd had on her radar anyway) was in-fact the daughter of Zeus. A daughter of Zeus left to grow up in man's world without any REAL guideance or assistance provided to her by the Gods or the Amazons.

This was to change.

Diana flew toward the Titan Island, she was wearing a dark blue formal robe around her armored body and it gently waved about her in the wind as she did a full circle around the building. She'd had intentions of landing on the ground level and approaching the facility from its lobby—however that changed when she spied the girl she'd come to see, shoveling snow on the roof?

Princess Diana completed a full circle around the towre and then came in for a gentle landing, a good fifteen feet away from where Cassie was, on a part of the roof the young one had already conveniently shoveled!

Diaan's blue eyes landed on the young one and her pointed chin dipped as her dark brows rose up in an expression of curiosity. "Cassie Sandsmark?" Diana asked in her heavily accented non-American English voice.

Since Cassie wasn't paying the closest attention, she didn't notice Diana's arrival until she had already been taking her landing, and even with the speed she's going her halt has the abruptness of one that had slammed face first into a wall. The completely dumbfounded expression on her face might suggest she wasn't expecting company- especially so for the likes of one Wonder Woman, then her jaw drops once her own name is said. After a moment of silent gawking, she raises her hi-tech goggles from her eyes up to her forehead.

'All right, hold it together, Cassie' she thinks to herself. That Diana knows her name is absolutely not something to freak out about; she probably is just being polite and is only here to, like, deliver a message to Red Robin or something. Just play it cool. ".. Wh- Uh- Y- Yes?" Wonder Girl manages to blurt with a twitching half-smile as she not only feels her face get hot but her heart start to race.

Of course, Diana already knew it was Cassie… but even still it was good to be polite. When the girl confirmed it though, the Amazon Princess leveled her chin and a smile spread over her lips.

Diana's armored boots started to move forward and she swept across the space between them while extending her right half-gloved hand toward Cassie. "I am glad to finally get an opportunity to speak with you face to face. I only wish that I could have done it some time ago." She'd say in a friendly and calming tone to her pleasant sounding voice.

"How are you doing…?" Diana would then ask, sparing a moment to let her eyes look around at the snowy roof being cleared off. "Good exercise, shoveling snow. If a bit… tedious." She'd say then, glancing back to the young girl with a faint grin on her expression.

Cassie is, quite simply, stunned. The shocked smile remains plastered upon her face as Diana steps forth, the sounds likely overtaking the sound of the plastic handle of her shovel cracking under her tightening grip.

Said shovel drops from her hands, which she quickly waves while also shaking her head, "Oh no; no no! It's totally fine, I mean your schedule has to be crazy right now, especially during the 'Big Three', it's.. Ah ha ha.."

She's a bit slow in accepting the offered hand, but takes it with both of her own and her excitement shines in the way her smile widens and eyes sparkle. "I am trying *so* hard not to freak out right now?" she replies, "I mean it's such an honor.. I've *really* wanted to meet you, I seriously can't believe this is happening right now. Just.. You're *such* an inspiration to me!" And while she could ramble on for minutes on end, she quickly recalls the mention of the snow. "Oh, well.. I'm from San Francisco, so we don't get to see an awful lot of it over there. It's kind of fun. Does it snow in Themyscira?"

Diana met a lot of people who expressed a level of excitement in getting to meet her, the trick was never taking that for granted however… to never let yourselve get jaded by the happiness that you could bring to another's life. Diana's entire life's mission was to make others in this world as happy as she could manage to.

She would show a large smile to Cassie and a simple and soft nod of her head. "It is an honor to meet you, Cassie." She'd tell the younger one. "I have done a lot of reading about you, as much as I could find. You are an active and contributing member of the Titans here, yes?" She'd ask.

A grin would then show on her lips and she'd shake her head. "And no, it does not snow on Themyscira… Though I have gotten a lot of experience with it since leaving home some time ago."

MAIL: You have a new message from Hawkgirl. Subject: Hello!
"Ooh; I see. Well that does make sense." Cassie murmurs about the snow, her expression thoughtful for a moment. But then her face lights up a bright red. "W- Wait, you.. You read up about *me*?"


"Well, I.. Yes, I am, I mean not as active as Red Robin, I kind of.. It's a little complicated, but yes. The team's getting pretty big, and, you know, gotta let the newbies get their licks in, ah haha.." she pokes her pointer fingers together. "… Um. So, you can give it to me straight: I'm in trouble, right? For taking the 'Wonder' name?"

Diana heard everything she said and it all made her smile, but that last part made her genuinely chuckle and also got a dismissive headshake. "Goodness no." She told her. "I do not take insult in others using such a title if they are truly striving to uphold it. Which I believe you to be doing just so."

An inhale was taken then and Diana glance away for a moment toward Manhattan and then back to Cassie again.

"No, no." She continued. "Actually I am here for something… related to that though, distantly at least." No puns intended there.

A second later and Diana reached behind herself, she pulled the sword and shield off of her back that had been harnessed there by the leather straps wrapped about her torso overtop of that dark blue robe she was wearing.

Diana extended the sword and shield to Cassie, the sword was in a finely crafted brown leather / gold-accented sheath.

"I want you to come and join us at the Embassy. I want you to have these two items, even if you do not wish to use them in combat… they are now yours." The sword was ornate with an eagle crafted into pommel.

"I have been told that you hold the blood of the God's within you. I want you to become an Amazon and learn in our traditions… Should you wish it. Of course."

With a cringe, Cassie prepares herself for the chiding that doesn't arrive, which leads to her stance becoming more relaxed, but certainly still flustered as she nods in agreement to her intent, "Absolutely!"

But then what could the visit be for? The answer isn't long after, she looks to the sword in shield with nothing but admiration, the archaeologist in her particularly finding appreciation of the craftmanship. Until they're handed to her. "Wait, *seriously*?"

With the offerings and the additional information given Cassie finds herself overwhelmed, which is written all over her face, though she instinctively accepts the two items then blurts without thought not long after, "YES!"

"Yes, please! I do! Absolutely! Please, that's what I've always wanted, I want to learn everything!"

Diana would watch her response closely and it'd make her smile warmly back to the younger woman. A nod was given to her when she accepted the offer. "I am glad to hear it." She'd say back to Cassie's excited words.

"The sword is named Eagle's Talon. I have had it since my early days of training. It is a bit… battle worn, but I have kept its maintenance up and I have a wealth of trust in its ability. Be very careful with it, it is quite sharp." She'd show a sly grin.

With a slight nod then, Diana would continue. "I am opening a community center near to the Themysciran Embassy. It will be a place for anyone to come and learn the ways of our people, to study Themysicra and immerse themselves in our we live our lives on the island. This will include daily combat training classes to shoe who wish to take them. I will not be able to attend -every- class, but there will always be at least one of us in attendance."

Another light and soft nod. "We plan to have this facility open by early next year." She'd reach her hand out to lightly place it upon Cassie's right shoulder. "I hope to see you there as well, as often as you can find time for it. You are to become an Amazon, Cassie Sandsmark… in every way that we can see to it."

Hopefully this isn't TOO overwhelming for the young girl!

The excited smile upon the younger Wonder's face vanishes immedietly upon learning that the set is more than just a sword and shield taken from some barracks. Of course she intended to take care of them from the beginning, but suddenly she feels a lot more pressure upon her shoulders as she doesn't exactly know how to maintain the two. After a moment, she does manage to ask with a weak smile, "R- right. I.. Uh, don't suppose you have an instruction manual on 'Eagle' care, do you?"

She hadn't heard anything about the community center until now; either her forum circle's out of the loop, or she's the first to hear about it. Either way is incredibly exciting though the nervousness at this point is making it difficult to properly convey her excitement at that point. Ocassional nods are given, and there isn't a trace of disappointement, as she'd be just as pleased to meet other Amazons on top of all she's been told thus far. Diana's touch would reveal that's she's trembling at this point, though it's more visible post touch, with only moments after that tears well up in her eyes. "Thank you.." she finally whispers as she wipes at them with the back of her hand. "I.. um, I- I don't really know what else to say, um.. Geez."

Diana's heart would melt a little when she saw Cassie's tears welling up, her expression would turn to one of compassion and she'd tilt her head toward her new Sister. "Look to me." She said, wanting eye contact. "You did not get 'given' this simply because of your bloodline. You have been given this… because of who you have displayed yourself to be, in spite of it. Through it."

Diana's hand would squeeze softly at Cassie's shoulder before falling away.

"You are a good person, a person with a wealth of heart and care for the world. Your father has witnessed this, he has informed usthe Amkazonsof this, and we are now here to bring you with us to where you belong."

Diana would summon up a warming smile. "Come to the Embassy at your earliest chance. You can meet your fellow Sisters and we will talk about how to take care of the sword and shield then."

For a while, Cassie can't get control of her trembling but Diana's words along with her touch eventually does get her body to relax enough, as well as take away some of the embarrassment she's feeling. Not to mention that the fire that was already in her heart burns even hotter than before, she's even more determined that before to not only better herself, but to become someone to exceed Diana's expectations whatever they may be at this point.

She gives a deeper nod than before, "Of course. And I'll be looking forward to it, I- Uh.. I-… Yes, I'll be there!"

Sensing that their meeting is about to come to an end, Cassie then realizes she has a chance to get one more question out- better make the most of it! "Hey, Um.. Do you have a favorite burger?"

Nailed it.

Diana's hands disappeared back beneath her dark blue robe and she was about to turn to leave, but she paused to hear the question and she had a grin cross over her visage at hearing it.

"I am contractually obligated to only ever reply to favorite food questions with 'What the Embassy's wonderful Chef Makes'." She said, which was a sort of inside joke with the man who worked in the Themysciran kitchen demanded. He was an… eccentric fellow who cooked out of sheer pride and a deep rooted love for Themyscira… A very entertaining, if a bit loud, man.

"We shall have you try it out soon too then?" Diana would grin again before she'd turn and walk back toward the edge of the shoveled snow where she'd first landed.

"Stay warm, Cassie." She'd say back to the girl before silently lifting off again into the wintery hazey sky.

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