Meet Whodka

December 10, 2017:

Piotr's studio in the garage is invaded by a bamf, a mini version of his friend Nightcrawler. Lorna comes to his rescue, but in reality is looking to debrief Scott on possible international incidents. The bamf is quickly renamed Whodka and is the best thing ever, the end.

The Garage - Xavier's Institute

+-[ The Garage - Xavier's Institute - New York City ]------+
The garage of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is no small
affair. This section of the mansion is capable of storing a large number of
vehicles each inside of their own 'berth'. The berth's have wooden walls
that contain cabinets and drawers, each with tools and parts for their
designated vehicles.
The floors of the garage are a polished granite with in-laid
designs that are their own artistic displays… intricately placed wild
patterns of muted color tones. This, clearly expensive, floor stretches the
many yards of the whole garage.
The ceilings of the garage are a good thirty feet off of the ground
and contain dark cherry wood support beams. There are tall windows along the
walls that stretch up to these high ceilings and some more smaller windows
up there as well. There are also silver chandeliers that hang from the
wooden rafters that supply soft warm lighting.
Multiple large wooden doors can be raised and lowered to allow for
the vehicles entrance into the garage and there are a few large workstations
set aside for cars to be parked at for service.
On one end of the garage is the doorways up into the west wing of
the mansion itself and the far other end of the garage are the wooden
doorways that lead into the horse stables.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Scott Summers, Kurt Wagner, Marcos Diaz, Magneto, Illyana Rasputin, Jhiao Ting Li


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Fade In…

Having taken some time to settle in and help with the various cleanup procedures from the bear attack and setup for the Genosha mission, Piotr has finally carved out some time to get his studio space setup. Since he doesn't own a vehicle, he has decided to use one of the berths in the garage as a studio space. Much of his supplies were in storage, and some were even undamaged from the bear attack. So with a couple trips to the city and a few hours of work he has managed … to make a complete wreck. It looks like an art supply bomb whent off in the space.

It's been most of the afternoon and by now Piotr is getting a bit discouraged. He grumphs to himself as he tries to find the rest of the oil paints in the piles of stuff, bags, boxes and cartons. A small clanking noise stops his grumbling though and he perks up, looking around to see if he is not alone. Seeing no one, he returns to his grousing. A few more times of this and Piotr is forced to investigate. One by one he begins opening cabinets, looking for mice or other vermin. Finally coming to the cabinet where he keeps his vodka, he opens the door to find… A mini Kurt?
Blink. Blink.

*BAMF* The little bamf, dissappears, reappering across the room with the same noise and puff of sulpher.

Piotr looks at the little guy and very cautiously opens a comm channel and asks, "Guys. Stupid question. I know Logan is now old, but Kurt is not suddenly a small mini elf like version of himself… right?"


Lorna stepped into the area, peering around. She'd been in Genosha and had things to report. Typically speaking the garage was the place to find Scott.. but Scott wasn't around it seemed. So she stepped in to where she heard sounds and came across Piotr inside, setting up his studio. "Piotr?" And then the question that he asked over the comms, the comms that, while in Genosha she'd removed.

No good getting Magneto pissed because she was holding onto X-men comms all over. Still, a green eyebrow shot upwards as she looked around the room. "Wait, what?" She frowned, stepping further inside. She wore a pair of battered jeans, and a metal-fiber fused top with a matching black jean jacket thrown over it. The sleeves rolled up above her elbows to combat the heat of Genosha.

"What is that?"


When Lorna comes in, Piotr looks up and gives a confused half wave. He tilts his head and peers at the small little cute version of Kurt. He slowly half-shrugs and says "Kurt?" Half to her and half to the little munchkin elf.

The little guy, or bamf, shakes his head, so at least he understands. He replies "Bamf" as if that's an answer to Piotr's question.

Piotr again looks between Lorna and the bamf and asks "Bamf?" Piotr is dressed in his usual studio work attire, tan carpenter pants with rips and paint stains all over them. On top he has just a plain white v neck tee shirt, the cheap undershirt kind that is relatively paint free.

The bamf teleports again, landing on Piotr's shoulder and nuzzling his beard. "Bamf" This of course startles the big guy who tries to pull it off and hold it out, thoroughly and completely weirded out. "Lorna? .. Help?"


Lorna approached with her eyebrows held high, her hands held outwards toward Piotr to 'help' as best she could in regards to the little creature that was apparently called 'Bamf'. How odd. Still she held her hands out in offer. "Hey, little one. Bamf?" She murmured, glancing back to Piotr.

"You haven't seen Scott around, have you? I have an earful for him. The man messed up with the Atlanteans really badly and Genosha might be their next target. I'm trying to play diplomat, but things are… uhm.. complicated."


Jhiao Ting Li's reply over the coms of a cat like 'Mrow?' is heard. And Piotr stares at the comm, as if trying to divine some meaning from it. He eventually has to shrug and admit "I… have no idea what that means."

Scrabbling and fighting against the big man's meaty grasp the little bamf is glad to jump to Lorna. It is very much a little fuzzy version of Kurt, tail and all, who gleefully if not so helpfully says "Bamf!" in appreciation of the 'rescue'.

Piotr eyes the thing, still not sure if that is Kurt. He is distracted from his pondering by Lorna's questions. "Scott? No, I don't believe I have." When she continues on, he nods solemnly and says, "I do not believe that things went well with the Atlanteans. I believe Rogue or Betsy could also fill you in, if they are around." He also doesn't know details, but he knows the two X-Women accompanied Scott, so maybe that's helpful? "Have you heard something about an attack? If Atlantis is going to make a move, we may need to get other …" allies? teams? organizations? "… people involved. Though I admit, I'm not sure who is currently taking our calls." It always seems to be shifting.


Lorna heaved a sigh, "Aquaman came to talk to me on Genosha. He said his people are going to want blood for the torture they suffered at the hands of the Genoshan scientists there. And he understands that it's wrong, but he's bound by what his people want… I might've suggested he make an alliance with Magneto to fish out the remaining Genoshans that were responsible." She exhaled a breath.

"At the very least it's bought us time." She murmured, looking at the little blue miniature of Kurt. She smiled, and brought him nearer to her feautres. "Hey Bamf, aren't you just amazing." She murmured softly.


"Oh." It's a soft rejoinder when she informs the big Russian of her meeting with Aquaman. "That is not good." As ever, he retains his gift for understatement. Piotr narrows his eyes at the suggestion about Magneto. "I am unsure I like the idea of a Magneto and Aquaman alliance."

*Bamf* The little guy disappears again, back to the cabinet that Piotr originally found him in. His small voice can be heard saying "Whiskey!" from the open cabinet as he clinks amongst the bottles.

"Perhaps I should be spending more time in Genosha, if things seem like they might get violent?" Piotr tries his best to ignore the little bamf, but can't help look over at what it's trying to do.


Lorna blinked in surprise as the little guy bamf'ed away into the cabinet again. "It's the only solution I could come up with in the middle of the night to prevent a mass slaughter of the island. I'm dealing with a lot of.. a lot of unexpected issues over there. And I'll be needing some muscle soon. There's a faction on the island led by a guy named 'The Zealot', and his brother, a baseline human, wants the X-men's help to try to talk him out of civil war."

The green haired mutant sighed, "And it also sounds like my father told the Acolytes about me.. They've taken to calling me Princess. It's terrible."


"Princess?" There is a sparkle in Piotr's eye, and a teasing smile. "That is hardly the worst thing to be called." Yes, he knows Lorna well enough to know that it would not be high on her list. "But da, I am always a portal away if you need me. And if you are not on comms, cellphones work well enough there?" SOmetimes it is the little things like figuring out communication protocols that make a difference.

"I am not saying it was the wrong call Lorna. Believe me, I do not envy your position. It is stressful and you are doing very well." He thinks about it and narrows his eyes "But you know you are not responsible for your father's actions, nyet? You can do your best, but if he does something terrible, that is not on you." Again he can't help but think of his own family, as much as he doesn't want to put Illyana and Magneto in the same bucket, sometimes he can't help ask what if?

"Whiskey!" Again is shouted from the cabinet as it appears the bamf is perfectly capable of uncapping the liquor and pouring a small tumbler full. Piotr scowls and corrects it, "Nyet. Vhodka! My vhodka." Though with his accent it comes out a little more like whodka. The bamf, unconcerned by what it is specifically, drinks it.


Lorna grimaced, running her hands through her hair. "Yeah, yeah, laugh about it. Marcos got a good chuckle out of it. It drives me up the wall, but I'll use it if it means I can do any good on that island. It's the whole reason why I went there in the first place. To try to limit the harm my father might cause. Instead, I've almost gotten Marcos killed once already and have otherwise sat around meeting with people. It feels like a whole lot of nothing, especially when I know my father is lying to me."

His words that it wasn't her fault what Magneto did? It hit close to home. He knew her, knew she was already beating herself up over the possibilities.

"I don't trust communications over there. I'm constantly watched. I don't want to give away everything you know." She grimaced and smiled faintly at Bamf's antics. "I'll let you get to it then. I'll head back with a report for a Scott later.."


Piotr does laugh, but only a little bit and very politely. It is funny to think about her being royalty, especially with her usual more punk attire. He nods as she talks about her goals and mission there. He reassures her "It is important work. And you are the only one who has a chance to be listened to. But if you think it's going to put you or Marcos in unnecessary danger, then get out and get home. We can try other things." He's not sure exactly what those other things are, but he trusts that Scott has a backup plan or four.

"It was good speaking to you. Make sure you take breaks like this. Not just for debriefing Scott. For you. And Marcos." He gives a half wave and then turns his attention back to the little demon intruder.

"As for you. You do not drink my vodka without me.." He gets his own glass and when the little bamf refuses to share, Piotr gets his own bottle. He raises a glass and offers "To Kurt. Wherever he is." and the bamf raises his own glass, with both hands to agree "Bamf!"

And so Piotr does his best to educate the bamf on the finer points of vodka. It goes "Vhodka!" from the burly Russian. "Whiskey!" from the tiny teleporter. "Vhodka!" "Whiskey!" they both take a shot "Vhodka!" "Whiskey!"

After much arguing and a couple more shots of liquor Piotr and the littler fuzzy elf have come to an agreement. Piotr points to the bottle and says "What is this?" The bamf narrows its eyes and considers for a moment and then slowly and with a bit of slur concedes "Whhh….odka" and then more confidently "Whodka!" THis earns a huge grin and ruffling of his little blue mop top from Pete. "That is right Whodka."

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