Family Matters

December 09, 2017:

Phillip Moreau has a favor to ask the X-Men. Or rather to Lorna and Marcos. A brother is missing, and a war about to begin. (Emits by Nate)

A small apartment in Hammer Bay


NPCs: Phillip Moreau, Jenny Ransome

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After a few days in Genosha Lorna and Marcos have an idea of what has been going on between the coup and today.

It began with a political split, when an odd alliance of reformists and those loyal to the (ironically) martyrized President Reneau faced open rebellion by the most conservative elements of the parliament. The Magistrates themselves split, with Chief Magistrate Tamara Anderson still injured, about half of them sided with the rebels, who launched an attack on the Citadel, military bases and Hammer Bay city hall. But the counter-coup stalled when Magneto threw his support with the reformists, bringing his Acolytes into the country. Sentinels were activated, and the secret weapons Genosha had built to launch his conquest campaign and fight off a possible SHIELD intervention were also deployed.

The battles were horrifying. Two hundred thousand Genoshans, most of them civilians, died in a month. So did thousands of mutates. Many of the politicians involved were killed or fled the country, which inevitably led to the rise of the strongest, most charismatic leader to power. Magneto.

Magneto formed his Emergency Cabinet with a mixture of former Resistance members (Jenny and Phillip) loyal Magistrates (like Pipeline, whose real name they have learnt is Cormick Grimshaw) surviving politicians (like Alda Huxley) the new Genigeneer (Moira McTagger's former student, Sasha Ryan) and his Acolytes (among which Fabian Cortez tends to shows up the most, the others preferring to stay on the field of battle).

Phillip Moreau has been explaining this to the visitors the last few days, including Nate and Logan. But today he has invited Lorna and Marcos alone to his apartment in the city, which he shares with Jenny Ransome.

After the little display by Magneto's acolytes, who it would seem knew she was his daughter, Lorna had stayed beside Marcos in a worried manner. Over protective even. Even though Fabian was out of the picture (for now doubtlessly), Lorna was on edge. She accepted the meeting though, what else could she do? She had little ground to stand on and needed to know more.

Phillip was the best bet she had.

A glance was spared towards Marcos as they approached the apartment and came to the door.

"You feeling okay? We don't have to go out right now. We can spend the day inside.."

Marcos was just now starting to stir into a normal operating procedure. He stayed near Lorna much of the time because of her heartfelt worry over him. "I'm alright…I'm alright. I'm good, we can go." he reaches over and gives her hand a tight squeeze as he rises to his feet.

Yes, he wore flannel. Because how else are you gonna get back in action? under his clothes he wore his X-men body suit juuuuuust in case. "Are you alright?" he asks her probably for the sixth time because he worried for her as well….Fabian was a huge prick. Though at the thought of the invite, he sighs a moment. "Let's see what we learn this time."

Looks like Jenny and Phillip managed to secure and apartment in one of the still standing city blocks north of the city, within an area considered secure by the government. This means no snipers in the area, at least. Although most people still avoid staying in the streets during the day.

It is Jenny who opens the door, offering the American mutants a sincere smile. "Please, come in, we were waiting for you to have coffee together. I am glad you could make it." The apartment is not very large, and the curtains being all closed makes it look somewhat gloom. But it keeps them safe from being shot from the outside, too. Also helps disguise some of the windows are shattered.

Phillip stands when they get to the living room, offering them his hand, and looking relieved. "Good to see you two, I was hoping we could have a more relaxed conversation than… well, the conversation at the HQ."

Lorna still wore her metal fiber fused body suit, just with less armor plating on it, and a few accessories to make it look less like a combat suit. Though considering all the accessories were metal based.. She smiled at Marcos, giving his hand a squeeze until the door opened and Jenny greeted them. She stepped inside the apartment, glancing around as she offered a smile. "Coffee sounds great, thanks." She shook Phillip's hand as they made it into the living room and he held it out in offer.

"Thanks for having us. And yeah, this looks way more relaxing than the base."

Marcos keeps right next to Lorna as they enter into Jenny and Phillips apartment…yet as always, Marcos always had a bad feeling about stuff like this…but it was always better when Lorna was by his side. After she returns the affection, Marcos smiles warmly and he looks at Phillip once they enter.

"Good to see you too. Coffee sounds fantastic." he shakes Phillip's hand….. says the guy who almost went supernova the other day and blew up the island. Thank you Magneto…never thought he'd say that. "I prefer settings like this rather than military bases." he answers honestly as he moves to a seat so he and Lorna could relax.

Phillip wasn't there to see Fabian being his usual hateful self, but heard about it. He considers himself a forgiving, tolerant man. But if Marcos and Lorna had killed Fabian, he would have cheered for them.

So coffee is brought in, along the usual complements, which are no longer easy to find in the streets of Hammer Bay. But Phillip and Jenny are good hosts. There is some small chat about how Jenny misses being a nurse and how Phillip never managed to finish college due to joining the Resistance.

And then he pulls a small device from his pocket and puts it on the table, activating a sonic wall around the room. "And now we can also have a really private conversation," he comments. "Well, reasonably private, I hope no one with unusual superpowers is watching us. I-I… have to admit I need your help. Not for the war proper… although everything is related. But this is more a family matter for me."

Lorna settled in beside Marcos, leaning carefully against his side as she sipped at her coffee as if it was the best thing in the world. Her own chatting was just as laid back, talking about her own experiences in dropping out of college due to harassment and other problems. Of course, when the device was activated she arched a brow, leaning forward.

"Given everything that's happened? I just assume that I'm being watched constantly more or less." She murmured and sighed, she hated the feeling. Especially given that her father's acolytes had beeing throwing around titles yesterday.

"Color me not surprised that it's family related. It's always that way for me." She offered a weak, half smile and sipped at her coffee.

Marcos leaned against Lorna just a little bit to return the affection. He was still hurting a little bit, but what could he say? He liked cuddling with Lorna whenever he could. He chuckles a bit as the talks go on, he speaks about how he used to scrap for parts and fix up basic everyday items. Which was mostly true, keeping his past as secret as possible.

"Magneto knew exactly who both of us were…even knew the street name I was known by. Which has probably done wonders for any relationship with that guy…" he chuckles a bit, kissing Lorna on the cheek. Though he leans forward when the device is brought out, and when the request is made, Marcos takes it seriously. "What is it?"

Jenny smiles every time Marcos and Lorna get cute like that. Where Phillip and herself that bad the first year or two. Yes, they probably were. But when the device is deployed, she sighs and leans back.

"Oh this… an anti-spy device," explains Phillip. "Stops micros and I guess some kinds of enhanced senses. We have found micros in the apartment a couple times." He blames Fabian Cortez, the jerk.

"I really don't want this to be known by the rest of the cabinet. At least not most of them. Not sure what Magneto would do, to be honest," he states. "He killed my father. Which… I guess he deserved it, although I would have preferred if he had been tried and jailed. He was my father," and he misses him. "I thought he was a good man for most of my life. And now," now he brings out a family photo book. "This is about my brother, though. Thomas."

Lorna arched a brow at the device and nodded, "I figure that might be what's in our apartment back in New York. I asked a friend to see if he can get it swept." She murmured over the edge of her coffee mug. She sighed and glanced back to Phillip after a beat. Her lips purse together in a vaguely sympathetic look at the news that her father had killed his father.

"My father isn't the kind of man to believe in any justice system beyond his own hands." She muttered and sighed, "I'm sorry." She murmured, and looked down at her coffee.

Then he was bringing out the family photo book and she leaned forward to look at it better. "What about him?"

Marcos nods a few times when he hears about the device, though then he sighs a moment when he hears about Phillips father. "I'm sorry to hear that…Magneto's done many horrible things, sad to say." a comforting glance to Lorna as his hand moves to take hers. Though when he hears that it's not about his father, it's about the brother, Thomas.

"Thomas? What's happened to him? Kidnapped?" he ponders the possibilities as he asks his questions. Especially if Thomas was a mutant…he was the kind of person who'd go out of his way to help.

"My father was the Genigeneer," says Phillip tensely, realizing Marcos might not know. "He was the person in charge of transforming the mutates. Even Jenny. He did plenty of horrible things." He breathes deep and tries to relax, opening the photo book. "Okay. Thomas. He is here."

He points to one of the pictures, showing an old teen and a child. "He was ten years older than me, and he joined the army at eighteen. Then he vanished. This was at the beginnings of the mutate program. My father used to say he was in a secret mission. When I was a child I believed him. Thomas never returned, though. So I thought he had been killed while in the army and my father just couldn't talk about it."

Then he pulls out a holoprojector. "This is one of the few images we have of the Zealot," he activates it. Tall and narrow-faced, completely bald, wearing a black and white skinsuit with the number 665 on it. "Zealot is Thomas," announces Phillip.

Lorna's expression furrowed with critical interest, her lips pursed together. If anyone knew what it was like to have a horrible father that one wasn't proud of, it was definitely her. Phillip would find only sympathy with her. Still, she listened with care and then frowned at Phillip's tale in regards to what happened to his father.

"You think your father lied to you.. that he did something to Thomas?" She arched a brow, setting her coffee mug aside as she considered teh holoprojector.

Points for her, Magneto hadn't turned her into a science experiment..

Marcos nods a few times as he hears Phillip's story about his father and his brother…how he thought his father used his brother as a guinea pig for something, though when he sees the holoprojector, Phillip can only find a sympathetic look as well as one of worry for what happened to this person who is Thomas.

"That's him?" he commits the face to perfect memory before he nods in agreement with Lorna. "I have to agree with Lorna. From what I hear, Genosha was never a good place. Even if in public eye it is now." a small sigh then. "You want us to bring him back?" he asks curiously, looking at the skinsuit Thomas wears.

Phillip chuckles bleakly. "My father didn't lie to me. Thomas was in a secret mission," explains the young man. "Underground, where mutants with mining and geo-kinetic abilities forced precious metals and countless million tons of iron ore to the surface. Fuel for Genosha's heavy industry. They dug the thermal wells that provide much of the energy of the island. Changed the course of rivers and hollowed whole mountains." He sighs, "and the Zealot was their leader, their god. Genosha incarnate, they say now with religious fervor. Magneto's nemesis. The Zealot has proclaimed he will expel Magneto from Genosha because he is nothing but a foreigner invader. That he will unite human and mutates and rebuild Genosha, for the Genoshans."

Lorna's expression pinched and she considered, propping her chin up with a hand. "How bad.. would it be if your brother were to do as he wanted? Make no mistakes, my father isn't a man to be taken lightly and at his worst can be just as much a facist, racist, ass as anyone else. I don't even know if what he's told me in regards to his plans for Genosha is true or not. I never pictured him as much of a … well, leader of anything beyond the Brotherhood. He's charismatic, but he's more of a war lord than anything. Would Thomas be any better?" She arched a brow, looking back to Phillip.

"Because in all honesty, he's not wrong. My father is a foreigner, and I don't know if he has the island's best interest at heart beyond furthering his own personal goals."

Marcos nods a few times then, rubbing his chin a moment. "Magneto is a selfish man in that way…he'd sacrifice many to achieve his personal mission, even if he says that he works for the 'benefit of all mutantkind to create a utopia'." he sighs a moment as he appears to be thinking. "So your brother opposes Magneto. So I guess my next question then is what exactly you need us to do."

Phillip purses his lips, considering Lorna's question. "I was a child when I saw my brother last and… what I hear about Zealot is not good. Yet more and more people is flocking to his camp. I do not know what to do, which is why I am asking you and the X-Men to try to talk to him and maybe arrange a meeting with me. The X-Men are well-regarded by the mutates and they have taken no side."

Lorna blinked, but leaned back in her seat as she glanced to Marcos. "What sorts of things have you heard?" She arched a brow but didn't outright refuse his request. Even as she reached out to take Marcos' hand in her own, the gentle illumination of rainbows spiraling around their conjoined hands appeared clearer to see with the general dimness of the room.

"I dunno as far as arranging a meeting. The X-men can't really afford to have a public face here on the island. They can't afford to take sides, not with everything going on back home. It's.. tricky. But I'll ask who might be interested. At the very least.. I don't mind going with you if you wanted some muscle in terms of going to see your brother.."

Marcos seems to hum a moment as Phillip speaks. "You want us to set up a meeting? Like Lorna said…the X-Men's presence isn't exactly a welcome sight. I don't know if we could even do anything for you. But we can try to come with you if you need backup." Marcos happily accepts Lorna's hand, giving it a loving squeeze as the aurora borealis swirled around them in a beautiful display.

"Complicated, but it could be doable." he sighs "and if the rumors you hear are true, how do we know if you can trust your brother? He may see us as Magneto-aligned and we could be in trouble."

@emit “Yes, I know,” admits Phillip, rubbing his eyes. “He seems a cruel leader and his followers have done a few terrorist strikes. They target foreigners, like the Acolytes. But also all those loyal to Magneto. Still, the X-Men have been champions of mutantkind for so long. And they are… I know there is no documental proof, but many people saw you fighting in the Citadel, along with Magneto, Superman and the Resistance.”

Lorna frowned faintly, and she ran her free hand through her hair in thought. "So we've got rumors of cruelty verses my father for options for Genosha." She pursed her lips, "I hope this isn't going to become the devil you know situation and that your brother isn't as bad as rumor tells." She exhaled a breath. Giving Marcos' hand a gentle squeeze.

"I'll ask and see if anyone can be spared to come over. I'm not certain if anyone will want to get more involved or come back here though.." She didn't out right address the question about the whole 'people saw the X-men here', but it was there.

"If no one wants to come, as we said.. We'll back you so you can get a chat in with your brother. Trust me, I know what it's like to have to have muscle for meeting with siblings.."

Marcos appears to be in a deep thought, sighing a bit. "The way it's sounding is choosing the lesser of two evils. Both Magneto and the Zealot act like terrorists when it comes to forwarding their agenda." he rests his chin on his hand even as Lorna squeezes his hand. She always did know when he was starting to be overwhelmed by thought, so he takes a deep breath.

"As Lorna said, we'll see what we can do. All else fails, you'll have us at the very least." Marcos didn't comment on the big fight in Genosha either, instead preferring to keep it safe. "Either way, we have your back."

"Thank you," Phillip lets a breath go. "He is my brother, and if he remembers me, maybe I can reach to him and mediate. It could save lives and end a second civil war before it really starts. Mutate against mutate would be even worse than we have now. And Magneto seems more willing to listen to you than to listen to most of us." Yes, they are all terrorists in a Civil War.

Jenny smiles. "It has been a terrible autumn, but perhaps it will be over soon and we can rebuild at last. Do you want more coffee?"

Lorna offered a thin lipped smile, "Maybe we can solve our own family dramas and as a result benefit the whole island and save lives. You, your brother, and me my father. I don't know how much he'll listen to me, but I still feel like I can do good here. Like I can temper the rebuilding perhaps. Or at least do more to help save lives. It's why I decided to stay." She murmured and glanced down at her mug.

Her smile warmed at Jenny's offer and she nodded, "Sure, that would be great. Thanks."

Marcos looks to Jenny as she offers more coffee and he smiles warmly. "Yes please, that would be fantastic." he nods appreciatively before his gaze falls on Phillip again.

"Then lets hope he listens to you. Another civil war would certainly end in heavy casualties, regardless of whose side your on." a small sigh. "Alright, then it's settled." he nods then, leaning back to rest himself on the couch with a light wince. He was still hurting from power overload.

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