Power Spike

December 08, 2017:

Lorna and Marcos are busy delivering supplies on Genosha when a confrontation with Fabian Cortez goes horribly, horribly, wrong. NPCs written by Scott

Outside of Magneto's Military Headquarters


NPCs: Magneto, Fabian Cortez, Zap, and random mutate


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Lorna was busily levitating her new supplies on a sheet of steel, walking back to the military compound that Magneto had made up as his headquarters and where she and Marcos currently were staying. There were all manner of things that would likely have been too heavy for the young, green haired woman, if she had tried to carry them on her own.

The walk back had her sweating in the Genoshan heat and the metal fused fibers in her body suit never breathed well and she stopped, lowering the steel sheet to the ground as she paused in the shade of a building, fanning herself. Then with a gesture, the metal fused fibers slid back around her arms and instead became a flapping, trailing sleeve.

It was late afternoon by now and at least this close to the military compound, it was a hive of people coming and going.


Marcos was busy gathering wood so he could make the dresser himself and be rather proud of his creation afterwards…or at least that was the plan. He imagined Lorna congratulating him for his creative talent with woodworking, though he snapped awake from daydreaming by someone bumping into him…and after making sure that he wasn't just robbed (easiest trick in the book), he gets bac kto work.

Though he sees Lorna lifting metal fibers and he goes to greet her as she walks. Marcos was wearing just a tanktop and some jeans today, and he was sweating only a little bit, but his muscles were open and clear to see. "Hey there beautiful. COme here often?" he flirts casually before he looks to the metal.

"Need help with that?" he knew she threw cars casually, but you just never know.


Lorna glanced up as Marcos approached, a smile curving at her lips as her eyes scraped over his figure and she tucked a lock of green hair back behind an ear. "Well hello stranger." She glanced back at the supplies, all carefully boxed and bagged and tied up with more scraps of metal she'd bent over them. She glanced down at her load of supplies and back with an arch of her brow.

"Oh, I'm more exhausted by dealing with the sun. I won't burn.." Magnetic fields were the best sun screen ever, "But it still makes me sweat and be unused to this whole heat thing. How you put up with it, I'll never know.."


Marcos smiles to Lorna warmly and leans over to give her a quick kiss. After he pulls away he hums a moment, a -ton- of wood under his arm as he carries it. He chuckles a bit when she questions how he puts up with it, he grins. "I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I'm used to that island sun." He winks at her.

He was still wearing his bodysuit under his clothes, he just unzipped it enough that he could work more casually while fending off the heat.

"Speaking of which, I should take you there sometime." Though that would be a..probably later in life thing…he wonders if she's able to sense -all- metal…..


Lorna arched a brow upwards, "Cheat, I never went very far south. I'm a delicate northern flower.." She teased, fluffing her hair and grinning up at him. There'd never been a time in her life that anyone had called Lorna a 'delicate flower'. The concept was laughable.

Still, she couldn't help but prop her chin up and flirt up at him.

Yet when he brought up going back to Columbia she couldn't help but tilt her head. "You'd really want to go back there? We could back whenever you wanted.." She could fly, also there was the Blackbird.. It was an odd change thought, to go back to the place where Marcos had lived a life on the streets as a kid.


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Marcos smiles to Lorna and ends up laughing. "We both know you aren't a delicate flower." he smiles to her warmly as they flirt back and forth, and for a moment, Marcos rests his head on her shoulder.

"At some point….I would. Just to bury the past you know?" he says simply. He did want to go home just to see everything again. He missed it at times. Only reason why he left is because he wanted something better than that…he wanted a life where he had a chance. Looking back, it turned out pretty good, all things considered.

"Just a thought…we don't have to."


Lorna reached up a hand to curl over the one that rested on her shoulder and gave it a squeeze. A faint smile pulling at the corners of her lips once more. "Oh c'mon. I can be a flower if I want to. Might be more of a rose with thorns and what not.. but still. Isn't there a saying like that.. Don't try to pluck the rose if you're scared of the thorns?" She arched a brow upwards.

Even more so, though, as he continued about returning to Columbia she nodded and her smile warmed. "If you want to. We can go. Just say the word. We can make arrangements. Promise." She gave his hand another squeeze, leaning back against the shadow of a scrap metal from somthing that had fallen to pieces.


"Neophyte, get up." A voice barks loudly. There is a commotion several supply rows down. "Hit him again!" The source of this is a taller man with auburn hair tied back in to a ponytail. He like Lorna's father has a long cloak yet it is purple, armored shoulders of gold and a maroon V like shape upon a dark suit. An Acolyte. One of the highest; Fabian Cortez.

His shouts and yelling? They're directed at two men who are scuffling, a young thin boy in a body suit similar to Fabian's but no cloak, no fancy golden shoulders. He is what appears to be in a fist fight with a bald mutate, hard to tell if it is a man or woman but it is taller than the slender young man and wider. Again it hits the boy and he falls.

"Pathetic. You disgrace yourself and Magneto's elite."

Anger is obvious in the young man, he cries out loud and both hands throw forward electricity flies in all directions hitting the bald Genoshan mutate, frying its clothes and causing it to fall down itself. Curling in on itself as if some scene from Star Wars is now unfolding. Palpatine just caught Luke and is not relenting.

Fabian smirks. His eyes flashing with a sadistic amusement. "Much better."

"The rest of you proceed with your work. This is over." Fabian declares loudly to those who were gawking and standing around.


Marcos smiles warmly to Lorna. "Heh….I have to say, I'd much rather like you as a rose than a flower." an arm wraps around her waist. "As long as you are certain." and he gives her hand a loving squeeze before the commotion reaches his ears.

He sees Fabian and another acolyte beating up a mutant and he drops the wood he was carrying and starts to run over there. Clearly his more protective nature when it comes to mutants. What was the meaning of this, he thought? Did the mutant do something wrong? or is this just for their amusement?


Lorna was quite content to lean into Marcos' arms and continue with her supply run later, but then the commotion drew her attention and she frowned. Green eyebrows pinched sharpy as a frown marred her expression. Her features darkening as the abuse continued. So when Marcos took off, she was right behind him, her hand thrown out as she walked—at a slower pace rather than run.

Metal scraps floated upwards in the air around Fabian threateningly, sharpening to knife like edges pointed at him.

"That's enough!"


As Marcos and Lorna approach the exchange men and women peel away further, its drama though so some linger. A trickle of them staying to watch.
The youth in the Acolyte's uniform begins to ease up hearing Lorna's command, he looks at her then to the senior Acolyte near by. "Fabian?" The electro-powered mutant inquires. "It is Lord Fabian and yes, neophyte. Enough for now, don't you recognize who speaks to you?" An uptilt of his head, a sneer appears across Fabian's features as he watches Lorna and Marcos close in on them. "It is our great and high Magneto's princess." A flourishing and overexaggerated bow is produced, while bent forward he looks at Marcos, "And her pauper of a consort."

The thin mutant obeys and ceases frying the poor Genoshan mutate. Who is breathing raggedly, curled in on itself. "S-sorry." He stammers to no one in particular.


Marcos already has his hands up with light crackling in his palms like it's about to fire. When he sees that they have stopped torturing the poor mutant, his hands still don't go down. Despite Fabian's words of insults against Marcos, he looks at him in the eyes. "Touch him again and I'll burn you alive." there's that temper that flashes in his eyes. No mercy. Not for people like him.

He stands by Lorna, unfazed by the insult. Though he looks to the mutant curled up on the ground. "You alright?"


Lorna waved her hand and the metal bits threatening Fabian pull away to twirl around her head in a flash of steel against the sunlight that streamed down from over head. She bent immediately to the injured mutate's figure on the ground, making to try to gently cradle him in her arms and off the ground. "Easy now. I've got you," She murmured, and then, just as quickly her gaze flashed back toward Fabian and she glared at him sharply.

"You've got a minute to explain what his crime was that merited such treatment. Otherwise I'm going to see how well you stand having several tons of steel thrown on top of you." She smiled sharply, as she glared at him, seething in rage.

Her anger burned hot, and she couldn't help the magnetic vibrations that shook through her powers and consequently the flying daggers of steel above her. Lovely to know that the Acolytes knew who she was. Not that she was all that surprised.. There had always been people following Magneto that noticed her powers and thought her his second coming.


The mutate on the ground spasms a few times but once being cradled nods his head slowly no words though. Not to Lorna or Eclipse.

The young Acolyte swallows as Marcos threatens him but then as if he feels Fabian's presence near by he straightens up, "That pile of Genoshan slag was trash talking Magneto." His voice is shaky in the face of Eclipse but hes standing his ground until the steel is noticed, fear is in his eyes and hes stepping backwards.

"It is true, your majesty, Polaris." Fabian says, "I came upon it just as that traitor in your arms called your father a terrorist and more, I won't say the rest for sensibility sake." As if he is unimpressed the redhead mutant folds his bare muscled arms over his chest and straightens to his full height. "Our young neophyte Zap was simply defending his honor." The sneer-to-smirk Fabian wears never leaves his face. Its perpetual.


Marcos stares down the young Acolyte, moving over now to stand by Lorna and the downed young mutant with his eyes set on Fabian and 'Zap' apparently. He looks to Lorna, as if to silently say 'so…this is who Magneto chose? another reason not to trust him for a second.'

Seeing as Polaris is considered the 'princess' of this place, Marcos awaits her word before lowering his hands. Not afraid of fighting an electrokinetic -or- whatever the hell Fabian is besides pompous.


Lorna reached out a hand for her sheet of metal loaded on with supplies. The sheet came zooming over to her, coming to a smooth halt beside her as she shifted to gather up the fallen mutate with care onto the still levitating scrap-metal sheet with care. "Hey, you just rest. I've got you." She whispered, smoothing a hand over his forehead as she made to unpack several blankets and arrange him as carefully as she could.

Then slowly, she turned back to face Fabian and 'Zap', her arms crossing as she stared him down. Not once asking Marcos to lower his hands.

"Last time I asked my father he said he was letting Genosha remain a constitutional demoncracy. Not a monarchy. So you can drop the titles. Secondly, how dare you assume that my father requires your thuggish attempts at protecting or defending his name." She snapped, "Or do you think he's incapable of doing so on his own? Or, even worse, are you too simple to allow his acts to stand on their own? The last time I checked, he helped free those from the confines of slavery. To free our people from oppression." Her chin rose as she stepped forward, glaring at Fabian.

"So tell me, have you grown so high in your own esteem that you're turning into the very thing he fought to destroy?" Her voice soft and even and deadly with the metal still whirling above her head.


"Is that what he told you?" Fabian questions, "Your father who sits upon his throne and calls this land his future empire. Told you this will be a democracy?" A nod, as if he is just going with it. That uptilt of those lips never leaves. "Perhaps i am just more accustomed to how we normally do things, maybe that all you're seeing here. I would know though, I have spent much more time at your father's side than you. You would also understand the Acolytes, your father's most elite have our own structure and methods. We answer only to /him/." Cortez shrugs both hands out wide, palms displayed, "As for this? Do not look at me, lovely Polaris. I came upon this and only encouraged Zap proceed with his loyal display how we do that is our own free choice correct? Pardon me for enjoying a little bit of sport."

Zap frowns and manages to look away from Marco then to Lorna and back at Fabian. "I said I'm sorry. I… I was wrong."

Fabian looks up now, at the steel above them. "You're one to speak aren't you, my dear? I am unarmed and not even attempting to exercise my powers and poor, misguided Zap here is even apologizing and you still threaten us." A flash in his blue eyes as he stares challenging at her, "I find it rather excitinig."

"I am, I am sorry. Please do not drop that on us… " Zap pleads even going so far as to look at Eclipse for some form of mercy.

The mutate Lorna is overseeing passes out, the injuries do not look too grave but it is hard to tell considering the source. The limp body is at least easy for her to move about.


Marcos seems to narrow his eyes. "Seems one of his is horribly misinformed, or you're a pompous dumbass." No mincing words with Marcos around. He looks to Zap. "Don't apologize to us. Apologize to the mutant you assaulted. Apologize to those you treated as likely as you treated him." he says with rage burning in his eyes.

His hand then points to Fabian. "Choose your next words -very- carefully." seems there's still a monster inside there. He glances to Lorna, as if silently asking if the mutant was alright.


Lorna rolled her shoulders back, keeping her gaze on Fabian, green eyes narrowed and her magnetic fields practically hummed around her with the strength of her anger. "Sport? Sport?" She green eyebrows shot upwards. "Attacking one of our own, a mutant for sport? Sounds an awful lot like what baselines do back on the continent. Perhaps what you mean is, is that you enjoy cruelty and you enjoy inflicting pain where you can." She hissed.

"Know what that sounds an awful like? Nazis. And since you spent so much time with my father, you'll know how he feels about them." Her voice dipped low and her hands curled tightly at her sides. The metal that floated around her head spun lazily and then twirled down to the ground once more.

"And before you play on that whole, 'you're just as bad bullshit', I have yet to knock you flat." She murmured, and then stepped back as she exhaled and looked to Zap. She held out a hand.

"If you're sorry then do something about it. Come help me get that poor guy checked over so I can find out if you didn't try his nervous system. Hmm?"


Fabian's brows arch up and some color comes to his cheeks as Marco's joins in the threats, "You had best control your pet, /Princess/." The Acolyte says with some acid in his tone.

The younger man swallows and actually take a step back. Zap appears to be losing his courage in the face of Magneto's daughter and the lit up Eclipse.

Fabian's smile has fallen off, it looks like hes actually considering his words for a brief moment, "Sport yes, it equates to survival. Both of them will be stronger from the experience. As mutant they have to know how to fight for themselves and survive. It is your father's doctrine that we adhere. Survival of the fittest. Homo Superior and proving our worth to be at his side. Have you proven yours yet?" A hand flexes underneath one glove, the sound of leather audible in it's stretching.

"I am more than happy to help you earn your fathers good graces. This here, your little display of power. A wonderful step and as I said, I find you very exciting though…" A sneer is cast to Marcos again, it appears Fabian has collected himself now, "You could do to up your standards."

Zap looks over at Fabian, then slowly steps forward to do as Lorna and Marcos are wishing, "I… okay. I won't get in to any trouble though? I simply didnt want to hear a fellow mutant sounding like one of those crazies. Those Zealot's people… I really am sorry."

Zap will miss the deathstare fired at his backside from Fabian. A look of promise for later from the tall former aristocrat.


Marcos looks about ready to melt Fabian at his words, "What, getting a little pissy? Just like aristocrats to avoid getting their hands dirty." his fists clench and the light only grows brighter. "Call me that again and I'll light you up." his temper flaring now. "If you want a fight, you've sure picked one." he takes a step forward a moment. Thoug honly pauses because of Lorna.

A glance to the young Zap as he approaches to help. "Apology accepted. We are to be peaceful amongst our brethren. You can't fight an enemy by acting like them." he tells Zap, shooting a pointed glare at Fabian in a 'just try it' kind of way. Lorna may have been playing nice, but Marcos was likely the more aggressive of the two when provoked.


Lorna held up a hand toward Marcos as he stepped forward, "It's alright Marcos." She exhaled a breath through her nose, her jaw clenching. Then she was stepping up, straight into Fabian's personal space, glaring up at him.

"Prove my worth?" A brow shot upwards as she glared up at him, and her voice dipped low. "How about dropping a mountain on a woman that threatened us when I was a teenager." She smiled thinly, wickedly, cruely, and it was clear just whose daughter she was. There was no possible way of mistaking it.

Of course, then as he insulted Marcos. "As far as my standards go?" She tilted her head and threw out a hand, metal leap up to wrap around her hand like brass knuckles and she promptly threw a punch at Fabian's head.

"That's where you can shove your fucking disgusting insuinations!" She snarled, her voice leaping to a higher pitch and volume. Yep. Lorna was pissed.


Zap is nodding. Remaining complacent and following instruction of Marco he looks relieved they're not attacking him or that Fabian hasn't. "Okay… I was only doing… okay." His youth is showing forth. Zap is likely no more than eighteen.

Fabian winks at Marcos before he is looking down at Lorna, getting closer to the man its surprising how tall he is. Something that helps in his confidence and air of superiority.

As he is about to respond Fabian's catching the brief indication of metal enwrapping her fist and then he's sidestepping, forearm rising up despite his rather impressive martial skills she strikes him a glancing blow across the jaw and he staggers to a knee. Blood trickling down his now split lip and his features contort.
"You'll regret that. I cannot hurt you but him… "
… A globed hand uplifts, fingers splay out as if palming an invisible ball and Marcos will feel a supercharged surge of power. A sudden rush and heady knowledge that he is now godlike in energy-reserves, an outpour of it. Overflowing. Augmenting the man's visual glow emissions to seering levels from eyes and hands he'll start to shine like a star. Marcos power levels are definitely scaling over 9000. It is too much.

"Him… him… I can obliterate and in turn break you." Fabian's face is a contorted mask of pure anger and hubris. Features stuck in a grim sneer eyes gleaming.
"Do we proceed to show off and threaten one another or do we see just how far I am willing to go to prove myself?" As he talks Fabian will persist in juicing Marcos Diaz impressive abilities to ranges beyond what hes felt before. It is exhilerating for Cortez, that sadistic glee becoming evident.


gloved hand*)


Marcos suddenly starts to double over as his powers go -way- over their usual and he starts to feel an agonizing pain. He shouts then as he is embodied by sunlight, similar to the sun cloak he donned when in his wrath he pushed his powers to the extreme against the demon bear becasue he thought he lost Lorna.

This is a thousand times worse.

He lays there on his hands and knees for a moment, before his head lifts, a burning rage that may be brighter than the sunlight radiating off him….and the sunlight he's receiving only make the effects worse. as Fabian moves out of the way, Marcos utters a few words. "Lorna…..move….!!!" and he lifts a hand like he's about to blast Fabian to the next dimension.


Lorna's anger was already on edge, already present. To lose it completely? Oh, Fabian had found that button and pressed it viciously. It wasn't hard to do. To attack Marcos and send him wheeling to the ground. "Marcos!" She breathed, staring aghast as he collapsed. Her heart thudded hard in her ears and she whirled on her feet.

A snarl twisted her features, and she screamed and

…let go. Let go over everything. Her control. Her thoughts. Any conception of what was right or what was wrong. This close to her father, she already had her senses alight with magnetic forces. As if she was closer to the poles. Doubtlessly he'd feel that snapping, that twine of wire that connected them as Lorna reached well beyond her limits..

It all happened between one breath and the next, and her hands rose and she flung the metal shards back at Fabian from the ground—and pulled every inch of scrap metal (sans the sheet where the fall mutant rested) to compact around him and squeezed.


Fabian's visage of triumph turns to something else. His fingers in their curl flick out, hand full split and that ignition is pressed he is about to encourage Marcos to become a supernova and then.. metal starts to pierce him, slamming around him and ripping through meat under his armored shoulder, a thigh and the world darkens, entombed now but still breathing as the bend screech of steel echoes out, he is being crushed. NOT fast enough though. Around Marcos the ground should be charring, melting away, heat simmering the atmosphere, flickering flames dancing around and Zap is halfcrawling halfrunning away from the man. That is what animals do when they are about to face certain death, they tend to try and take the first quickest route to survival and escape is it!

A muffled scream through the metal can be heard from Fabian as he too experiences the final flashes of his life…

Shadows descend, dotting the area around the supply zone, Genoshan military forces repurposed for Magneto's new order and in their center, arms splayed and carried by magentic force in a levitating descent is the new hero and warlord of Genosha, its liberator… her father.
Full regalia with his helmet on he looks fierce, a white haired and majestic Spartan aloft like some soaring eagle.
"ENOUGH ALL OF YOU!" A voice that could make the very mountains crumble booms forth in a thundercalp. Lorna will feel a resistance to her powers, something inside that coffin of steel pushing out, burbling in pockets to break away her lethal constriction of Fabian Cortez. The man struggling, eyes wide in panic is revealed, veins jutting out of his head and blood coating his form. He is pale, white as a ghost one could say. That hatred swells up again and Marcos won't be released though, Fabian looks maniacal as he stares forth and tries to kill the mutant but he too meets new resistance as metal thats still near pours over his face, throat and upperbody. Smothering him out then shaking him to dump him on the ground like a discarded toy. Not dead.

Marcos as soon as Fabian is put under is freed of the overcharge. It bleeds off of him in a tidal wave and he'll find himself no longer about to explode in what would have possibly destroyed all of Genosha and perhaps more.

Magneto has touched booted feet to the ground. He is striding towards Polaris and Eclipse, his cape billowing out behind him, whipping with the unatural superheated air currents.


Marcos seems about ready to blast Fabian with the strength of a supernova until Lorna insists on making the man suffer…..then Magneto arrives. and with his help, Marcos is freed from Fabian's influence, and the light outpours from him naturally, looking like a golden mist surrounding him that stretches outward harmlessly as simple heat drafts…and when he's freed..his clothes are severely burnt and he gasps as he's freed from the pain, coughing.

He takes a moment to stay down before he attempts to stand up…a little wobbly. His eyes fall on Lorna a moment…then a glance to Magneto as he storms towards them. Lorna gets his attention first.. "you….alright…?" he asks her, making sure Fabian didn't hurt her.


Lorna screamed against the sudden way her powers cut out, and she clawed at the air, struggling to regain control when it was taken from her. It was like she was fighting against a current, struggling to swim up stream with everything she had. Muscles straining and fighting withe everything in her… for nothing.

She wasn't able to think through the animal reaction, the panic in her that Marcos was dying and it was Fabian's fault and she just had to kill him and it would stop. It would stop. Marcos would be safe and—

Magneto's voice boomed loud above and finally the cold reality of what was going on thudded through her. Her heart pounded violently in her ears as she collapsed against the ground, more or less powerless as her father controlled the magnetic fields and silenced her abilities. She was left staring as Fabian was smothered and tossed aside. She knelt there, breathing hard and shivering like she'd just run a marathon. Even as Marcos came to her, she reached out a hand for his arm, gripping it tightly, her knuckles going white. She didn't care if he burned her. Though he never did, that inate magnetic buffer keeping her safe..

Even as her gaze remained trained on her father looming above, Lorna couldn't manage so much as a croak of a response as her throat clenched shut.


"Get them medical assistance." Magneto demands of those troop landing around them. "Lorna, my dear, are you alright?" The imposing man's voice transforms from a generals war tone to a soft aged father, one hand extending down to touch her shoulder.

"I am going to assume, Mister Diaz was the source of the energy spike and you…. " That link to the magnetic fields he felt that of course it was to say the very least startling.

"Calm yourselves. I assure you, you are safe now." Steel gaze remains upon them before he points towards Fabian, "When he is recovered I want him placed in a holding cell. My overzealous Acolyte and I are due a chat on how we handle things in our new home."


Marcos keeps coughing a moment, he reached his hand out to enwrap in Lorna's as her hand grabbed his arm…he'd be a little hot…literrally, but he was cooling off to regular temperature as time progresses. At Magneto's words…Marcos simply nods a moment breathlessly…he almost went supernova. that was hella close.

A quiet thanks is offered to Magneto before he's off to go be a ruler, and Marcos seems to rest his head on Lorna's shoulder. "Lorna…" he breathes simply..it was like someone put him in the heart of a furnace.


Lorna expected… not that. She glanced up at Magneto as he settled a hand on her shoulder, and she could feel that magnetic current running between them. It was the first physical contact she'd actually had with her father in recent memory. And it lit up her senses for the brief moment it lasted. Her lips parted to speak, until Marcos was leaning against her side and she had to wrap both arms around him in a worried manner.

"I'm okay. Just.. spooked.." She murmured, looking worriedly over Marcos. "How are you feeling? Can you stand? I can get you on a stretcher.." She murmured, running her hands over his features as if she could possibly tell if something was wrong just by her touch alone.

It wasn't the first time Lorna wished she had healing powers instead.

A glance was spared upwards toward her father, her brow furrowed. "Thank you.." She mumbled.


No reply to the thank you. Hardly a smile just a faint squeeze of his hand on her shoulder and he turns on heel leaving their side, "I expect our best healers will see to them. I want a meeting with my Acolytes," Magneto stops near a man holding a pulse rifle, an officers insignia on his chest and a uniform of the new Genoshan 'regime' worn.
"Lieutenant Caprica, you were in charge here. Be thankful your security cameras are in perfect working order. This incident will not happen again." The man clamps heels together and salutes, a default to past military training. "Yes sir! I apologize, sir. Your daughter and Lord Cortez outrank me I only assumed… "
"Assume the next time anyone under my protection ever comes in to conflict with any one on this island you are to report to me immediately."

"Sir, yes, sir!"

"Carry on… " Magneto says quieter he'll leave hearing distance with Lorna and Marcos to begin conversing with some technicians holding tablets. More matters of 'state' no doubt.

If Lorna and Marcos do not reject the healers and nurses attentions they'll be relocated to a nearby medical facility.

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