A Bat and a Belle

December 08, 2017:

Batman and Rogue bump into each other in the skies over Manhattan and end up working together on a job to take down a high-tech fencing deal!



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Night, 11PM EST. The Skies over New York City.

Normally, Batman would be handling business in Gotham. Having disappeared for months, the Dark Knight has recently returned to the public eye. Tonight? Tonight he's flying over New York in the Batwing; a stealthed, very expensive black aircraft with bat symbolism here and there in the design. Cruising along in the low supersonic spectrum, There's a small sensor platform with a satellite dish attached of some kind deployed underneath, allowing for visual aquisition of the nearly impossible to see craft.

Rogue stepped off of the sidewalk of the busy New York street she was walking down. She'd been coming into the city to unwind for several weeks now… trying to find a busy city nightlife to keep her mind busy until she was so tired she'd go home and just flop down into bed and fall asleep…

Once off the main street she walked down an alleyway with her boot clicking on the concrete… at least until she was in the darkness of the alley and then she'd suddenly leap into the air and bounce off of the buildings until she skyrocketed into the starry night with her brown leather trenchcoat fluttering in the winds around her body.

It was about half a minute later that Rogue was suddenly BUZZED by the Batplane in a near-air-collision!

"Woah." She muttered, the jetcraft's engines sizzling past her… She didn't fully know what it was at first so she turned herself in its direction and flew AFTER it… coming up along side it, she looked over at the cockpit of the craft to try to I.D. who was inside of it and what they were up to…

A red and black suited man looks in her direction from the cockpit… with red screened eyes staring back at her. He has an air mask on… but even from here, the man has an unnerving presence… and a few seconds later, he's cut the engines and gone into a free dive into a cloud. Looks like Batman is trying to shake his tail!

Rogue wasn't the most up-to-date on the stylings of super heroes… she'd heard of a Batman in Gotham City, but she didn't really ever look into it any further than that. She'd kind of stayed within her own bubble of life and because of that she didn't fully realize who this was, but he gave off an unsettling vibe and when he tried to flee from her, she pursued.

One of Rogue's advantages over the impressive plane is that she was manipulating gravity on a different level. She could stop/turn/raise/dive with far more easy of motion and when he dove into the cloud, she free-fell after him with her arms wide-open and then coming together as she poofed through the cloud and followed the sounds of his engines.

He'd think he may have lost her at first, but then she'd appear again at him… smile at him… and lift her hand up to her lips to blow him a kiss. Teasing him.

Then, the enginers are restarted… and suddenly, the Batwing stops midair. Shortly after, thrusters are ignited as the plane hovers in place… and the cockpit slides back. Batman stands, his black cape fluttering in the considerable wind at this altitude.

The air mask is taken out of the cockpit and attached to a holder on his chest plate. The mans suit is obviously hi-tech… and armored… and it takes only a few seconds for him to step out onto the plane, and the wing.

The mask seems to have a broadcasting quality to it, because Rogue can hear him well enough even with the wind. "Rogue. Member of the X-men. Mutant. Like to tail planes at night for fun?" His voice is scrambled as he speaks, his head moving slightly up and down as he examines the flying woman.

Rogue slowed down as the Batwing came to a halted stop and she watched its pilot exit from the inside to stand up atop his fancy vehicle… she just slowly circled around from its starboard side until she came to a hovering halt in front of the jet and a fwe feet up above it, looking at the masked man who'd ID'd her.

"Ahhh… so its you." Rogue said at him. Her eyes went up and down him. "Boy, you really cut an intimidatin' figure." She further expounded, her voice was husky and honied in a southern accented charm.

"Ya got me pegged, Fancy Man… Ya buzzed me. I didn't know who you were or if you were up t'no good… Girl has t'investigate nefarious possibilities, yeah?" She asked him, flashing a sly grin in the dark at him.

"I'm tracking someone, and tied into various sensor grids in the city with the dish to make finding them quicker." Batman explains, those red eyes following Rogue around the Batwing. "I'm Batman. Protector of Gotham and member of the Justice League. I don't often come out this way, but I do leave Gotham when I need to."

Then, he's walking along the tip, over to Rogue, that cape trailing him. Once he's within a few feet, his arms cross in front of his chest, the sleek looking gauntlets on display now. "So your vigilante activities go beyond handling mutant situations?"

Rogue watched him while she hovered there silently with her left leg further down/extended than her right which was bent at the knee and held up a little. Her leather trenchcoat was flowing around her lower half sort've like his cape was behind him. The rest of her attire was a dark green slim-fit sweater and black jeans with black heeled leather boots, and some dark green gloves on her hands.

"I ain't a vigilante… I'm just me. I'm a teacher, Mister Batman. But if you're talkin' about the X-Men stuff… well, we try t'help anyone we can. Whenever 'nd however we can. Ain't much else to it than that."

She eyed him closely since they were only a couple arms-lengths away from each other now.

"Not much for being truthful to yourselves, though. Not my concern." Batman shrugs lightly, before he turns to head back to the cockpit. "I've been curious about your academy for a while now. I might come around and visit sometime, if there are no objections." Batman offhandedly inquires as he walks.

Rogue watched the very terse armored man as he seemed to have lost interest in her… so that was good right? She wasn't going to have to fight the Batman? Whew… that'd be awkward!

Rogue just showed a smirk at his back as he turned around. "Well." She started. "Make sure ya call ahead… don't just land this pretty bird'a yours in the backyard. That school's got a lotta powerful people in it who're kinda gettin' sick'a being pushed around by threats. Might get your pretty toys all blowed up."

Was that a threat? No… not really! Kind of? Hmm.

"Nice t'meet ya though, Fancy Man. Its flatterin' t'know that you know all about me!"

"I keep dossiers on many people, and learn about relevant players when I go outside Gotham." Batman notes as he sits down. "Information is the best defense against potential threats…. and this isn't the only aircraft I have." Batman looks up to Rogue, then. "But I can appreciate your schools need for defense. Tensions are high enough without attacks on your personnel." A beat, "Now, unless you wanted to help me track down a thief who fled Gotham to get away from me, I have work to do, Rogue."

The first part of what he said just made her smile at his back while he got himself back into his plane. "Ya really know how t'make a girl feel special, Miste'ah." She said at him with a bit of a teasing charm to her words.

At the last part of what he said though she tilted her head at him. "I can help." She offered. "That is, if ya need the help of a girl who can lift a hundred tons over her head and bullets bounce right off'a her body like they weren't nothin' more than a kid's toy."

The southern gal spread her arms out beside her hips with her gloved hands open and fingers splayed. "Not t'toot my own horn or nothin'!" She said with a big smile.

"Right." Even with the scrambler, Batmans tone is amazingly flat. "Keep out of the way until I track him down, then you can go in and grab him once he's located."

"The man stole some technology with very distinct isotopes… so setting up radiation sensors around the city to triangulate for him before he can offload his package will be key. Hop in." Batman gestures to the two passenger seats behind him.

Rogue wasn't much for 'science' so when he got all weird with his plans she just kind of glazed over… until he said 'hop in' and then she smiled and silently glided over to the cockpit of his Vehicle and silently lowered herself down into the seat behind his right shoulder. Her eyes went all over the interior of the craft because she still had a lot of Carol Danvers inside of her mind… and Carol loved planes! "So fancy." She muttered softly.

Rogue looked up at him then. "Ya built this all yourself?" She asked then, trying hard not to reach out and flip any switches that may or may not be nearby.

"Most of it. Some of the more specialized equipment I had to outsource." Batman notes, before the engines are switched from VTOL hovering… and they take off into the low supersonics again. Rogue can hear the telltale ping of sensors being queried in the computer screen in front of Batman. "I deal in technology I can build or maintain myself. Relying on others is a recipe for disaster."

The plane itself? It's so state of the art it'd make any non-savvy engineers head spin. There are things in here that are utterly alien to an amateur like Rogue… and probably are. The man has access to League technology, after all.

Rogue is one of the pilot's of the X-Men's SR-77 Blackbird though, so she knows some stuff… all thanks to the information she pulled out of Carol Danver's mind though. That said, that was 10 years ago and since then she's had a lot of experience inside the Blackbird.

"I'm just happy t'be outta the cold." She said back up at the Batman. "Thats the one thing about flyin' that I absolutely despise… Winter season." She grinned up at the back of the head of the Batman she could barely see around his own flight-chair.

"You're a notorious loner, Miste'ah… I've heard. Can't say I blame ya either." Rogue's green eyes looked out the canopy to her side then. "People generally are the absolute worst, afterall."

"I was a loner at the beginning." Batman admits, "But if there's one thing I've learned all these years… some things you cannot handle yourself. It's why I trained the Bats, and why I joined the Justice League." Batman continues. "I still do good work myself… but I can't protect the world."

Then, Batman looks behind to Rogue, and he gives her a look over. "Get a thermal suit. This is my flight suit, specifically designed for flight and for the cold of the upper atmosphere. My general work suit is in storage." Batman looks back to his computer screen as there's a louder ping. "Downtown. Ballsy. Pretty high up, too."

It was a little surreal for the southern belle to be in this place, she certainly hadn't expected her night to turn out like this. If Batman had enough information on her, he'd probably know she was in the Brotherhood when she was in her teenage years, he'd probably know some criminal history in her past too… but the X-Men accepted her? So that had to mean she was 'all good now' right?

"I got one." She replied about the thermal suit. "I just… generally only wear it when I'm on assignment with the team. Tonight I was just out tryin' t'clear my head, meet people… ya know. Be young. Before I wake up an old woman in a house by myself, with thirty catss." She flashed a little grin and then looked back up at him.

"If you distract whoever we're goin' after… I can just swoop right down and snatch'em up and hog tie'em. They won't know what hit'em.

"I want to confirm the target is there, first." Batman notes, before the Batwing is turned… and starts to descend.

A button is pushed on the controls, and Rogue can hear a small 'thump'. "Computer, set flight path to tango one hover and do thermal sweep. Confirm." Batman states out loud… Then, a feminine voice can be heard. "Confirmed, Batman. Beginning Batdrone sweep."

Rogue just silently accepted his leadership as she would Cyclops' or Storm's. Rogue had served as the X-Men's tank since she was 18 years old and she was on the verge of 27… she had a lot of experience at just doing what Tanks do.

"Batdrone?" Rogue asked then, a grin on her red painted lips. "Ya really have gone all out on this whole Bat-theme stuff, ain't ya?" She asked him while slowly nodding her head there-after.

"I can dig it though. You got it goin' good for ya, Miste'ah. I bet it all scares the shit right outta the scumbags too, huh?"

The mutant with the brown/white hair tried to peer over his shoulder at his computers to see what they were showing, but the cockpit was a bit cramped.

"I've been doing this for a long time, Rogue. You develop a reputation after how many years I've been operating. I'm only a baid aid on the real problem, but you have to start somewhere." Batman gives in response, before he presses a few buttons, and a real time visual feed from the drone hovering around a building appears.

Instead of one person, there are a dozen. "The buy already occured, and I'm not seeing the thiefs signature in that." Batman gives in a disapproving tone. "I took too long to scan for him." A beat, "Computer, scan for target isotope spectrum."

The screen switches to a sort of rainbow hue, and a few dots can be picked out. "A hand off. Someones buying the technology. I can at least keep it out of criminal hands. I'll need more time to find the source."

When Rogue heard that he'd taken too long to get here she couldn't help but grin lightly. "I distract men quite a lot. I take full responsibility." She said in a teasing/flirting sort of tone up to the pilot in the black/red suit.

But when he got into the more nitty gritty details she leaned forward again to peer over his shoulder again. "Just tell me what t'smash and I'll smash it good." She said at him with another little smile. "I put criminals on edge for a whole different reason than you, but one thats also entirely effective." She was getting a little ready for a fight now, could feel the antsy-sensation of pre-fight jitters coming on.

"I've met your type before. You usually turn on the sexuality as a deflection, or because you think it's fun." Batman comments offhandedly, before he switches a lever, turning the Batwing into hover mode again. "We're right above the deal. They're three floors down, in the northwestern room. Just get in and disable them all."

Then, Batman presses down on a lever next to his seat, and both the canopy slides back and the pilot seat launches instantly… sending the Batman high into the air… before his cape turns rigid and he starts to glide down towards the building, the bat shape in his cape visible from above, easily.

Rogue just grinned at his summation of her. "You got me all figured out…" She said with a playfun tone to her voice. "The fun part is if they try'n act on it though… Out like a light." What she wasn't sure about is whether Batman knew about her mutation or not.

When he launched out of the plane though, she looked up to watch him go and then a second later she was up and out of the Batwing as well, unassisted gravity manipulation flight all powered up again!

Rogue was right off to his side when his cape went rigid. She gave him a smile before she rocketed forward and her body flew down toward the third floor at breakneck speed!

Rogue wasn't the subtle type… not even slightly. She flew AT the wall and went RIGHT THROUGH it. "Ya'll ordered some kool-aide?!" She shouted after the implosion of bricks and dust had at least a few seconds to settle.

"The f-" Is about all Rogue can hear when she rams through the wall, followed by screaming as the four that were nearby the wall are knocked out in an instant. The eight others in the high rise office room? Yep, they turn *assault rifles* her way, and the quiet of the night is suddenly loud and very lit up as Rogue becomes the focus of their rounds… the various goons scattered about from running from the debris.

Meanwhile, Batman is taking his time. The red cloaked eyes watching what can only be described as mayhem start, "Going to have the NYPD on this in minutes…" Batman mutters as he comes to a landing on the balcony, his cape dropping glide form as he goes to look inside as Rogue rampages from around the corner.

Its true, Rogue was usually a better distraction than most others. So her suggested tactic may have been swapped-out between she and the Bat now.

Rogue wasn't really afraid of assault weapons, beyond what it'd do to her clothing so she was quick to crouch and pick up a large section of the wall she'd smashed down to the floor (between two knocked out bodies) and she hoisted it up to hide behind it like a shield while the ammunition was suddenly pelting it from all sides! More dust and debris was going wild in the smashed-through room while Rogue crouched there taking the brunt of the gunfire!

At least until they'd break and start shouting, thats when she'd LUNGE forward with the section of wall and slam into the one closest to her, battering ram style!

She was as subtle as a bulldozer, and about as tough as one too!

There's a subtle frown as Batman watches Rogue go to work. Then, Batman reaches into his utility belt, pulls out a scaled down pellet launcher, and aims it into the room.

Two buttons are pressed on the device, and there's a silent 'thump'… then another, as two pellets are launched into the room. Once they reach the proximity of the remaining goons, a gas is released. They all go out like a light.

The launcher is replaced in his belt, and Batman starts to walk in. The lights in the room are off… which gives Batman an eerie presence… especially with those red eyes. The voice scrambler is clearer in the still air, at least. "With your speed and durability, you could have taken down these people without a sound. Do they not train for that at your academy?" Batman inquires, before he starts to head over to one of the goons holding a briefcase.

Rogue spun around with her wall segment and was going to charge at the men across the room until she heard/saw the gas grenades go off and she witnessed the goons going down in coughing/fainting fits. "Shit." Rogue muttered and tossed the wall segment down onto the ground with a heavy thud!

She pinched the top of her sweater and lifted it up over her mouth and nose… her eyes scanend around for Batman…

"They do." She siad back at him in the dark. "I'm just not a very good learner." Rogue said with a hint of a humorous tone. "I'm vulnerable to gas though, poisons'n such… So I best steer clear'a whatever it is you just hit them poor sods with. Else you're gonna have'ta drag me outta here too."

Rogue eyed the one in the dark that Batman was walking toward, still holding her shirt up over her mouth/nose. "That the one you came for?" She asked him then.

"It's a simple sleep poison of my own design. They'll be out for about an hour. More than enough time for the police to arrive and take them into custody." Batman notes, before he stops, and gives in an aside to Rogue, "It also go inert after ten seconds in contact with atmosphere. You can breath." He informs Rogue, before he reaches into his utility belt, pulls out some sort of wand, and waves it over the briefcase.

A meter on it goes nearly full, and Batman puts it away. "I have the material. Given the timing, the thief is probably still in the building." He reaches over to his left forearm with his right hand, flips open a casing with an audible pop, and a holographic interface blinks into existance as he looks around.

"There." Batman is looking at the ceiling… and right at a security camera. "I scrambled the system here before we came in, but we only have a minute before security realizes they're being jammed, probably. Pull the green wire from the electrical sheathe. I need to patch into security here." Batman starts to walk over, himself.

Rogue listened to his rundown on the sleeping agent and she dropped her shirt's collar back down to her collarbone. "Oh." She said. "Impressive." She added with a sly smirk before she walked over to stand near to him and listen to the rest of what he said. Her eyes peered at the holographic display that he brought up and she tried to discern the information provided on it… but since it was her first time looking at it… it was a bit wonky to her… which made her wonder if his mask helped him see things she couldn't see it on it.

When he pointed out the electrical wiring she walked over to the wiring panel and easily popped it open. "Green. My favorite." She said with a smile back at him before she popped a little flashlight out of her jacket and shined it into the open box. "Come on out, little darlin'." She muttered whil grasping onto the green wire and plucking it out into severed pieces. One thing Rogue had to learn to control in her adult life… was all the strength she possessed. When to be delicate and when not to be…

"Sorry if I was too much of a bull comin' inta the place. I'm guessin' we're kinda the exact opposite." She turned around at him, smiling. "In almost… well, every way possible."

"Both styles have their place, but scrambling the visual feeds is the only reason we have time to find the thief before we need to get out of here. Police response time is roughly nine minutes on average for emergency dispatching." Batman notes, before he pulls out a wire from the side of the wristcomp, before he attaches the end and starts to do some hand movements with the interface.

Anyone without his eye screens would just see a red tinted light usually. Eventually though, something does pop up; a picture of a man. Bald, mid 20s, fairly non-descript caucasian, but easy to pick out of a crowd with his black jacket.

"This is Kim Reese, the man I'm chasing." Then, another popup… this time a real time feed. "And this is him, trying to walk out of the lobby right now, towards the exit." The clipper is removed and taken back into the wristcomp, before he looks over to the knocked out thugs, "This will be tight, but managable. Bring the dealer out onto the balcony. I'll be taking both subjects… I have questions that need answers." The last is given with a bone chilling 'uh oh' sort of tone, as he walks over to the balcony, pressing buttons meanwhile.

Rogue's eyes were on the displayed images while the Batman talked. She looked up at him and nodded her head. She was impressed by his efficency, his gadgetry and his overall capabilities… she could see why so many people gushed over the results he'd gotten in his days of fighting criminals in Gotham… and she could see why so many people feared and worried about his methods too.

Rogue flashed a smile when she saw the man trying to casually walk away. "Mister Smooth, huh?" She then moved over to pick up the Dealer off of the floor. He weighed nothing to her, so she picked him up like a feather pillow and put him over her shoulder.

"You gonna put them both in your plane?" She asked him then. "Fly them to some super high tech 'nd scary interrogation place?" She was just curious, had to ask while walking toward the balcony now too.

"I have a passenger section in the Batwing for suspects that can house up to five… and has a built in capture claw for fly bys." Batman notes, before he presses a button, and a compartment in the Batwing pops out of the button, near the back. Two robotic arms slide out, along with a human sized Batclaw. "Just put him down."

"Geeze." Rogue said after hearing all of this. "You have absolutely perfected this whole… Vigilante thing, huh, Miste'ah?" She said while doing just that, and setting the Dealer down on the ground with his back aimed toward the claw-thing. "Just like one'a those vending machines with the stuffed animals in it, right?" She gave another grin over to Batman and then adjusted her leather jacket on her shoulders.

"What about Reese?" She asked him then.

"I did mention fly bys." Batman observes, before he presses a button… and that large claw launches perfectly on top of the dealer… before it grabs him up and immediately pulls him up. Then, his right arm extends, and a grapnel launcher 'thumps' silently out towards the Batwing, before he accelerates at an incredible rate toward it, perfectly timing it so the momentum transfers him into the pilot seat.

Rogue just watched him grapple-gun his way back up to his jet and she gently nodded her head. "Fair enough." She muttered before she lifted up off of the ground and flew up into the sky as well. She came up beside the Batwing and when he settled into the cockpit she spoke out to him. "I got your back until ya get'im. But I figure after that you're goin' on your way? Gotta go get your info outta these bums, huh?" She asked with a little grin.

"I have my resources." Batman notes, vaguely, as they hover in place. The sound of the robotic arms can be heard -if muffled-, and he presses a button on the controls. "Computer, establish visual feed with Batdrone one to building lobby exit, route to main screen." That feminine voice again, "Confirmed." On cue, the pavement exit for the lobby comes into view. "It'll take about twelve seconds for him to walk out, and three seconds for the Claw to grab him. That leaves two minutes for police response to arrive too late to stop me."

Batman brings the hovering Batwing down, then… and stops about halfway down the building. "Three…. two…" He doesn't say one… but the implication is there, and right on cue, Kim is walking out casually….

"Computer, execute grab and run. Target, Kim Reese." Another silent *thump* as the Claw is launched right at Kim, and this time, a solid looking net made out of some sort of composite fiber captures him, before started to be pulled up. "Done."

The Batwing accelerates hard up, then switched to jet mode as Batman guidesit into the sky. The second of screaming and the passenger hold closing can be heard. "Scum like him need to learn there's no place on Earth I won't find them." Batman notes gravely.

Rogue played watcher to all of this and she just was kind of wide-eyed throughout it. She heard the plane's mechanical underworkings as it all went down and when Batman declared that he had him she just released a light and soft whistle. "Remind me never t'get on your naughty list, Mister Batman." She said at him with a slight grin. "Makes me wonder how you do the mundane things, like grocery shoppin'." She was just joking around with him though, he had things clearly under control.

"Hope I was at least some modicrum of help here for ya tonight. But I'm guessin' you'd probably not have had much of an issue with any'a this even without me. Thats okay though…" She grinned some more. "In my head, I'll pretend like ya needed me."

"I'm working on outreach for Earths super population. Figured this was a good opportunity." Batman confirms to her, "Mutants are part of our world. Same for aliens, meta-humans, and the list goes on. Gotham is my home… but I can't protect her by pretending the rest of Earth doesn't exist. It's why I joined the League." Batman notes, before he turns the Batwing, "Xaviers institute is coming up in about ten minutes." Then, Batman looks behind to Rogue, those red eyes staring, "I've heard rumors about the situation in Genosha and elsewhere. What's the X-mens main concern these days?"

Rogue looked ahead at him again and she listened closely. She nodded softly when he mentioned Xavier's… Westchester was just a bit northeast of Manhattan afterall.

When he brought up Genosha her face darkened a little and she glanced downward for a moment. "Yeah… that was all pretty… rough around the edges." She replied before looking back up at him. "I'm not really keyed in on the leadership stuff in the group. Some'a them have gone back to Genosha t'help out there with the continued efforts of stablizin' the place. But… I'd had my fill'a the place. I don't ever wanna go back there." She'd say softly before exhaling.

"You should get ahold Scott Summers some time. I think you'n he would probably see eye ta eye on a lotta things. Might be a good way to further those outreach connections, I'd wager."

"Unstable regions of the planet are never fun places to be, but someone has to reach into the muck and make something good out of it." Batman observes to Rogue, before he hits the button on his cockpit controls for hover mode. "We're just a little bit to the north of your academy. I'll consider your offer." Batman notes, before another lever is switched, and the canopy for the Batwing opens.

Rogue gently nodded her head. "I did my part there t'help out… But killin' people through accident… and through anger? It just… it haunts me a bit too much t'wanna dive back inta that right away." She'd say back to him before he opened the canopy. When he did, the cold wind pushed her hair about her head and she reached up to pull her hood up overtop of her head and then she climbed up out of his planet and flew up several feet into the air.

"Been interestin', Mister Batman." She said down at him with a little smile. "Stay safe and keep given'em hell." And with that said, Rogue would wave her right hand a little and then silently swoop down on a curving pathway toward her home.

As Rogue leaves the Batwing, Batman watches her briefly, before he secures the canopy again and resets the engine for hypersonic speed. "They've got a lot to learn. They need to do it before a real threat comes knocking." Batman grates out to himself as he heads back to Gotham.

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