Demon Bear: The Arrow Lost

December 08, 2017:

An angry Ripclaw goes to the Sanctum to warn Strange about the latest activities of the Bear and Dani Moonstar

Dr. Strange Sanctum, Greenwich Village, NYC


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Mentions: Danielle Moonstar, Samael, Magik

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Fade In…

Ripclaw is moving with intention, a long legged stride that will carry him with Wong if the man is there. One of his arms wrapped up in cloth bindings that smell of various scents. The cold has him in a jacket and beanie, long hair falling around his pale skin.

"Doctor Strange?" He asks the halls, letting his voice echo. Hes being impatient. It is important after all and he appears on the side of distraught anyways. The man is unhappy. Incredibly. No matter what he has done since last night's encounter he cannot get warm either, that 'Winter's Kiss' of Dani Moonstar has messed with his entire right arm, he'll do what he can more later and probably have Corben or Lucia look at it but this right now requires urgency.

Wong is usually the one that opens the door, and the slight Tibetan man has acute senses for both the supernatural and the moods of the rare visitors. A glance at Robert and he opens the door wide, inviting him into the Sanctum. "The Doctor will join us promptly," he offers, "please, come inside," he adds.

The Doctor was at his office, researching and designing spirit-binding rituals. He has been at it for a few days, delving deep within the Art. Some days he loves his job. Even if the situation is rather dire all around, true spell-crafting is a wonderful thing.

Until the unavoidable emergency hits the Sanctum. This time it is just a visitor, but someone he can't ignore. Bearclaw wouldn't come like this if it wasn't important. So he hurries to finish, leave the Work stable, not explody, and goes downstairs a few minutes after Robert's arrival. For once he is not impeccably groomed, he even skipped shaving last morning because he had too many brilliant ideas he needed to test.

When Strange makes it down the stairs from his office Robert is pacing. Like some angry caged animal, storming from one side to the other of the antechamber he is waiting. "Strange." He says gruffly, the usual polite and smooth manner in which Ripclaw talks lost, Wong at least got a 'thanks'. It does not take an empath to know the man is fuming. A deep anger is spilling out.

"I lost it. I endangered and involved a member of my team to get the Thunder Arrow and I lost it." No beating around the bush in this. "I was toyed with. Treated like a damn puppet and then mocked." Still pacing as he talks. The Zen warrior gone right now stands a humiliated and enraged man. The footfalls of his cowboy boots sounding obnoxiously loud on the smooth floors of the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Strange is pulling down the sleeves of his long shirt, pausing to looks at Robert with his eyes narrowing. "I see… very unfortunate," he sighs and walks to him, reaching for his arm. "And you have a mark… perhaps a curse," he adds, with concern. "The Bear tricked you, a rare moment of insight, I assure you. The monster is not usually coherent - my research had some success. Please, sit down and let me see that brand."

The frenzied pacing stops and he looks down at the wrappings jutting out of his jacket, the arm gets a glare. "She did something to me. I let her too close… a curse or something. I don't know. I'm less worried about that than I am the Arrow."

"The Bear did more than trick me. It made me look like a damned fool." The red eyed mutant snarls.

"Not coherent?" Despite himself Robert finds sitting a good idea, doing as instructed and keeping his arm up. Maybe its the 'doctor' approach and tone used by Strange or Roberts respect for the man. Maybe all the above. He seats himself though and draws his jacket off enough the bandages and arm can be observed.

"You're saying its no coherent but it played me, I am not this sort of man, I have a sense for these things. I have gifts, Doctor. I see through lies, I hear and know that which others do not. I should have been able to SMELL the monsters touch even but I got nothing. Right in front of me the whole time and I handed it to her like some stupid idiot teenager attempting to impress a girl. You cannot tell me it is not coherent. It's eyes say otherwise and it smiled through her at me. Twisted, cunning and sinister."

Ripclaw shuts up and his jaw tenses while he fumes. Glaring through the wall.

"It is a ward…" mutters Strange, examining the marked arm. "Crude, but powerful. Unpleasant too, I am sure. It would stay there for weeks before fading if we don't remove it."

He hears Ripclaw and nods. "A moment of lucidity, it is a creature of conflicting impulses. Ah…" Strange realizes something. "It was not the Bear itself, was it? It was one of those he has taken in body and soul. Moonstar herself, perhaps?"

He sits down and grunts. "I have made a mistake. Everyone involved needs to know who was taken. Moonstar was a SHIELD agent, she is likely very dangerous if she has enough autonomy."

"Can you remove it?" Ripclaw questions. His heavy brow sitting low over his darkened crimson gaze. "You think Moonstar's shadow self would bring this forth in her?" It is a consideration. Maybe it is just impressing that much negative energy through her to steer her around. Which means she would understand humans, men, women and how they respond. How to work them.

"She is? They are likely after her already then. I've heard stories of what happens when SHIELD and DEO's spooks find people like her though, like us. We disappear. Do we want her to disappear completely if we have even the slightest chance of helping her?" It is obvious Robert has a distrust of anything government associated.

"Not SHIELD, Nicholas Fury is trustworthy," pause, "well, perhaps not trustworthy - but certainly principled. I knew his father; the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Current SHIELD has a number of metas in good standing among their agents. The DEO is a mixed bag, however. The Justice League has already clashed with them a few times." He shakes his head, not something to talk about right now.

"I can remove it, but I need to prepare so the negation doesn't harm you. It will take a few hours. This… mark," he considers, "I think it would have pushed you from taking aggressive actions against the caster. It is a concern it can create them through agents. It is getting very strong. But it will also become less coherent as it does."

Strange should explain, and he knows. "I found Moonstar's grandfather, the shaman Black Eagle of the Cheyenne. He told me the monster took Danielle's parents almost 10 years ago."

"I have time." Ripclaw almost sounds defeated. Also very unlike him. The man is usually quite stalwart and resolute. "The caster… Dani?" He questions, "Or the Bear? If we cannot tell the difference can it?" The big man rakes a claw along his jawline in a frustrated gesture.

"Black Eagle of the Cheyenne? I have not heard of him. When you are done here I plan to head north and speak to Pahate. One of my mentors. A medicine man and hopefully he has some advice but it's been a continued game of chasing shadows. I am the Ghost Warrior, Doctor. I am supposed to be able to do something, to stop this from happening. The spirits that cross over in these lands, they are mine to protect and protect against… unless Seneca Tallhorse was wrong about me. I have not felt this useless in some time." Worst yet the mutant cannot tell his team about this or involve them. The only one so far was Velocity and he kept her in the dark, she helped him find Micha or 'the Hare-Spirit' on the Earth world just to get instructions on how to create the arrow. That was a folly. Carin was put in danger on two seprate occassions and now… nothing to show. No, he will not involve Cyberforce. They do not need to see this side of him or become targets for vengeful dark spirit. Their focus will remain on the material and fighting Cyber Data Technologies.

The Ghost Warrior is Ripclaws calling.

"This grandfather, he tell you anything more? Maybe a way to reach Dani?"

"I found Black Eagle competent enough, but understandably bitter about this situation," comments Strange. To the point he fears the man will do something reckless if the Bear comes for him. But hopefully Strange will find the monster before it happens.

"Black Eagle told me bits and pieces. Of the origin of the Bear, he knows little. But we both agree it is not a being from the dark realms, but a corrupted spirit. It is a soul-taker, but it can't truly consume souls. They become part of him, and they give him power, but also conflicting impulses. That is why the Bear actions make little sense. It wanders, strikes some, retreats, returns to further punish, yet seldom taking a decisive, fatal action. I am quite sure we can delve into its shadows and rescue the captives. The risks would be great, but I expect we need to do so it becomes weak enough it can be restrained, and destroyed, perhaps healed."

"So it is a collective of souls being drawn in to one 'entity'… " Ripclaw says quietly, this would all make sense. "I had assumed it was an old evil returned or a corrupted bear spirit that someone or possibly Dani herself had wronged. This is helpful but distressing."

"You are saying we must pluck it apart soul by soul?"

"if this thing is indeed coming for Black Eagle also he has every right to act recklessly, it would only be wise."

"Being conflicted makes sense as to why I believed this thing was mad. It has that energy about it. So many impulses and tsa'vinok pulling it in many directions."

"The strongest beliefs of the old ways are the power of breath in regards to this, I would suggest for the ritual involving this we consider such things of our ancestors as plausible. This nature discovered and the fact Moonstar is Cheyenne we need whistles, the old metal ones and to hang these around as alarms of a sort, they will go off should it appear again… in theory."

At least the talking has him focusing again, getting over his own psychological shortcomings in this ordeal for the moment.

"Or wooden even." The man considers, "Windchimes are useful for more than just song."

It is good Ripclaw is thinking on the next steps to take, instead of self-recrimination, Strange nods thoughtful. "And we can't fail this time, when we move. I am going to try to form a posse of hunters. Illyana, certainly. A supernatural warrior called Emery that has attempted to fight the Bear on his own. Perhaps others, I will consult the auguries and bend probability with astrological rituals."

"I hope you're counting me in on this hunting team as well." Ripclaw says quietly, still brooding but he's at least got some new things to think on and distract himself.

"I am going to meditate while you prepare… I need to calm my mind and emotions. " Standing up the albino-Native looks up, "I assume you have a room I can use?"

"I was certainly counting with you, my friend," confirms Strange, with a faint smile. The sorcerer stand up and nods, "I do have a good place to meditate, please come with me. I will be at my workshop, but I expect to finish preparations before dusk. Then we can make more plans."

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