Omnidirectional Electromagnetic Mutant Angst

December 07, 2017:

Scott abuses brother bonding time to try and train Alex. Lorna shows and things go sour; Nate joins tail end.


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Mentions: Marcos Diaz, Illyana Rasputin, Rachel Summers, Magneto


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Down a good stretch away from the boathouse Scott stands not as himself but in full X-Men uniform, it's warmer than most the clothes he has due to it's specialized fabric and just looks better with the visor. Something he can adjust unlike his glasses.

The tall X-Man is standing on a rocky outcropping thats about six feet above the iced over Breakstone lake. The shores coated in a thin layer of snow but the grounds below are rock hard, digging would be near impossible right now by conventional means.

A breath of hot air exhales from the man as if he is testing the chill before looking out towards his brother, no hockey sticks. It's obvious Scott lied about that. Training is always more important. If Scott can find the time and the way, he will always default to 'mutant soldier'. He has an excuse right now.

"This is a good spot, we're far enough away from any household appliances or nosy neighbors." Any hunters out here right now would be nuts, probably have the wrong tags and be considered trespassing.

It is not exactly bright out due to the overcast but it isn't dark or gloom either. Just a light 'grey' with a creeping glow of orange trying to pierce here and there. Pretty with the sheet of white fluff and view really.


Having discarded his In Public over wear, Alex is clad simply in his containment suit from the waist up. He's gone ahead and switched on the chest array, which is lit up almost completely. Just in case, he's attached the shiny metal bracers to their respective connection points, giving himself a bit of a Popeye Arms look.

Just finishing up with getting them in place, Alex is crouched down stuffing a few more items back into his pack. A hockey stick rests on the ground nearby, a silent protest of the betrayal. "Y'know, I haven't actually seen that many lights active, before. We could just wait 'n see what happens once they ALL fill up, hey?" He's half-protesting, half-joking.


Lorna had been in Genosha for almost a week and figured now was as good a time as any to come back to the Mansion for supplies for ..however long she'd stay. As well as report her findings to Scott. She didn't dare risk communications while she remained in Genosha—and while her father would doubtlessly sense the blip of her magnetic presence moving suddenly to the US… Eh, well, he could deal.

The green haired mutant came out without having changed from what she wore in Genosha and was immediately regretful. Metal fused cloth (various shades of green trimmed in black) did not retain heat very well and without Marcos around to warm the air around her? She had snagged someone's coat in passing out of the mansion and while it helped, it definitely wasn't enough.

Still, when she'd asked where Scott was she had been directed to the frozen lake. Annnd… no one had told he was out there with Alex. The mutant came to a crunching halt and frowned, standing awkwardly at a fair distance away from the two brothers.


"How long will that take?" Scott asks. "Let just go in steps. Increments. You go full on you'll burn yourself out. Pick a spot on the lake and see if you can't focus it down and make something happen other than just behaving like some gigantic m80."

The crunch of footfalls in the snow has uniformed Scott looking over to it's source. He doesn't say anything to her because really, hes not prepared to draw Alex's attention away from the task at hand and he might just not want to be around the two of them together. Thats also a thought. Been several years though?

Scott is polite enough to lift his hand in a two fingered wave though. A warm smile gifted the green haired mutant.

Then he is back to addressing Havok without skipping a beat, "Ready? Show me what you got."


It hasn't taken long at all for Alex to lose the inclination to censor himself, at least around Scott. If you can't vent cynicism and smart-assery to your own brother, when CAN you? "So how much of this is helping me out and how much is you thinking how cool it'd be to have the equivalent of a nuclear deterrent for your mutant army?" He wanted to play hockey.

He straightens from adjusting his things, and strolls to Scott's side, "So, usually I'm just lighting up the desert sky in the middle of nowhere. Are we sure we hate the lake that much?" Hands on his hips, Alex surveys the area for something worth blasting.

"Keep in mind, you haven't really SEEN what can happen. Sure, the Sisterhood talked smack about blowing up a few cities, and yeah, there was the kitchen thing, but…" He gives his head a shake and tsks. If he knew about the concept of 'Alpha-Level Mutant', here is where he would likely employ it. Neurotic stressing out over the matter keeps him from noticing new arrivals or subtle waves to them.


Lorna hung back, offering a return wave to Scott somewhat awkwardly as she kept to the edge of where she could continue to hear and see what was going on. She lifted herself off the ice though, floating an inch or two above the snow to keep the cold from leeching into her boots and freezing her feet while she waited. If she wasn't so nervous about interacting with Alex and causing a scene, she'd have gone over regardless, given Scott her report and been on her way.

But perhaps it was also curiosity, a desire to see what Alex was like again when compared to her memory of him, when he wasn't aware of her presence yet. So the green haired woman crossed her arms and stood with a slight shiver, but remained a polite distance away.


"Absolutely hate it and all the fish inside. Good layer of ice on it though to give some resistance." Scott says with a grin. That grin remains even when eh says nuclear deterrent.
"Come on now, Alex. Don't believe everything you hear in the news, we're no army and I'm not a general or wanting to start a war. This is for you and the MayTag man." It's got some selfish undertones to it. Scott can't just say that though.

"No I haven't and thats what we're about to see. I am going to step over yonder, just keep doing your thing." A hop down with a heavy thud and Scott takes a stance next to Lorna, "Hey there. Taking advantage of Illyana's travel cheat?"


"Ok. Light 'em up." Alex flashes a quick grin at Scott, "Maybe I can get one of those badass code names. Like… Bi-clops. No, that'd create more questions than it'd answer. Captain Blasto, for the sheer camp value." He's stalling, and catches himself doing it before Scott has opportunity to redirect him. "Ok. Ok… "

Huffing a few breaths, Alex positions himself to point his chest toward the center of the lake. It doesn't take long … Alex's problem is more with holding it BACK than turning it loose. Arc of plasma circle his torso, blinding white light tinged with electric blue. After a beat, the column of energy that blasts from his chest creates a wave of heat and shuddering crack of displaced air. Where it touches the lake, the result is surprisingly explosive. The sudden jump in temperate causes the ice to melt, shatter, explode all at once, and a geyser of flash-boiled lake steam and ice launches into the air.

After a couple of seconds, the blast surges a bit. Unprepared, Alex notes, "Glormpf!" and is knocked off-balance backward. The plasma blast from his chest shatters a couple of trees and starts trailing upward into the air as he tumbles backward, and Alex manages to cut it off before falling gracelessly on his back with a thud.


Lorna glanced toward Scott as he stepped back toward her and she lofted a green eyebrow upwards, flashing him a faint smile. "Yeah, I couldn't help myself. Genosha has a serious lack of things like chocolate and ice cream. So I had to stop in for supplies once I was told the cheat was up. I don't want to spend too long here though. He'll notice that I've hopped an ocean suddenly." She offered with a dry sort of humor, her voice low.

Still she watched Alex intently, not moving so much of an inch as he blasted the lake and ice exploded. Though she did manage to look somewhat impressed by the sheer force of it, her head tilting to the side briefly.

As he knocked backwards though, and the blast shattered trees before he cut it off and landed on his back, she winced. "Ouch."


Scott folds arms over his chest and teeters on one heel, leaning in a friendly manner against Lorna, one would think in another world they could have been siblings! It's easier to talk quietly so they don't distract Alex anyways, "You'll have to update reports in the War Room before you leave. Keep us on the upswing for intel. Know you're gone? Maybe. Caution is warranted. Your father is a lunatic, I don't know how he would react to you engaging with us while you're supposed to be there. F— "
Full stop in speech as through red haze Scott watches Alex go all explosive overkill on the Breakstone. He half expected that and the other half didn't expect as much power behind it.
"Focus!" A shout in there. One that sounds a lot like a certain former Air Force Major Summers from their past. "Pick a tiny target, think small and fire. You're too distracted." Unpolished, unfamiliar and from the unexpected fall… to uncoordinated. A quirk of his lips and Scott tries to reign in the sudden harsh in his tone.

Softening he motions with his hand, "Take a quick moment to breath, relax again and center yourself. Brace this time. We don't need you taking out a mountain top or one of Stark's satellites."


"Woo!" The first comment made by Alex is fairly unrestrained and jubilant. First lake he's blown up. From his seated position, his arms launch into the air. Touchdown! The second, "Ah, owow", comes as he abruptly drops his arms back down and grabs at his shoulder. "I'm alright!" He announces, looking over his shoulder with a broad stupid-looking grin … which falls off his face when he sees Lorna.

Scrabbling back to his feet, Alex winces and gives his shoulder some experimental rotations as he walks back toward the pair, "That was… Heh, wow. I'm not sure if fun or terrifying is the more appropriate word." He glances back at the lake a couple of times, managing to keep himself from hopping up and down asking Didja See Didja See, but unable to keep the adrenaline thrill grin down for long.


Lorna glanced side long at Scott and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, no shit. He's been keeping eyes on Marcos and I. He knew his street name, first and last name, and his power level. If you guys could give Jamie the heads up that the apartment is being watched? That would be a huuge help. Also, yeah, his plans? Just as bad as we all feared. More or less. I—" She broke off as Scott broke off to shout from his spot and she wrinkled her nose faintly.

Even as he switched to lecture mode and started onwards with what Alex could do next time.

Of course, then Alex was turning and glancing their way… and coming over. Joys.

She cleared her throat, and shoved her hands into her pockets. "You're.. uhm.. getting stronger.." She commented awkwardly.


"Lets start with terrifying and work through that." Scott says, less urgency and rough in his tone now at least. "It is cool though. That gear of yours, that contraption, its helping you right?" He sounds almost skeptical.

A side-glance is given Lorna, aware the outpour and suddenness of Alex's power display interrupted their talk. "I'll make sure someone informs Jamie. We'll also send someone over to sweep the place." Stalker-Dad. Best kind. This is not to be unexpected with Magneto though. The man is a shrewd and cunning genius. One of the greatest minds alive.

"Lets give it a moment before you go again. At least just to settle everyone's nerves."
A tree across them creaks, groans and breaks in half the rest of the way. One of those that survived the initial shattering impact. Likely just because it was outside of the immediate point of touchdown.

A noise escapes Scott's throat as the sound reaches them.


Getting stronger? As opposed to what? Alex's face falls back to neutral, his head tilts to one side, and his mouth opens to spit out a potentially confrontational pointed question before a falling tree catches his attention. He blinks at it a few times before his attention returns, to Scott this time. "Yeah, it helps more with… well, focus. I'm not bleeding off energy in random directions."

His eyes shifting back to Lorna, "So I suppose it'd seem a bit stronger, yeah." He glances down at the indicators. Looks like he's burned off about ten or fifteen percent of what he'd had stored up. To Scott, he adds, "Being able to actually HIT just a lake is a pretty huge improvement from before. Omnidirectional Pulse, if we want to get all nerdy."


Lorna huffed and barely restrained the urge to roll her eyes. Summers. Instead she pulled her hands out of her pockets and lowered herself back to the snowy ground with a crunch. "I meant it as a compliment," She offered dryly, and stalked forward toward Alex to eye the indicators briefly and then glanced backed to Scott and then to Alex.

Green eyes to blue. She seemed to have gotten over her awkwardness and instead met his gaze directly. "What happens when you take a direct hit to that? Do you go boom, or does it?" She arched a brow upwards, her hands settling on her hips.

Then she said something she knew would get a rise out of both of the brothers. "You need a smaller target? Aim at me. I can block it. My barriers are much more reliable these days. And your powers are all plasma based. It's kind of what electromagnetism is best at blocking."


"Omnidirectional you're saying but all I am hearing is expect high collateral damage and lots of loud noises." Scott rephrases. His powers far more precise but hes had years of training, practice and a more effective filter. Also hes not nearly as 'explosive'.

"You two are adorable." Lorna's dry tone an even match for Scott. It's only that way until he hears her suggestion, "That is not going to happen. NOT yet at least. There is too much at stake and not enough control between the both of you in regards to emotions or power. You can assist though, can you project a magnetic field out? Extend one over say those rocks over there." A point across the lake just out a little bit where jagged clump rises up above the surface. It's an option. A much safer one.


The totally reassuring answer to the question is, "No idea whatsoever. Also, the guy who helped build it won't even answer my emails, anymore after his 'Political Concerns', so let's not test that out just yet." Alex taps his bracers together with a metallic tink, "These, on the other hand, have yet to actually pass a test, so we can trash 'em as much as we want. Toss the things right in Lake Boiledfish." His concern for nature is touching.

At the invitation to blast her directly, Alex holds up his hands and shakes his head enthusiastically, "Oh, no no. I don't want to be the one explaining things to your boyfriend if that goes badly."

His not-entirely-informed guess just casually released into the wide, he points at Scott, "His idea sounds more responsible."

Lorna rolled her eyes at Scott and held her hands up, flexing them. The magnetic fields around her invisibly reacting in much the same way. "Scott, I hate to break it to you, but my powers are based on my emotions. They make me stronger." She drawled and crossed her arms. "Also, I so have plenty of control. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am serious though. It would be worth the practice to just hit me."

Still she sighed, and shrugged, dragging her hand through her hair. "Fine, I'll protect a rock though Scott if it makes you feel any better." Her gaze shifted back to Alex at the mention of her boyfriend and she arched a brow upwards.

"I think you should be more scared for yourself if things go badly." She drawled, staring at him evenly. So he knew about Marcos. She certainly hadn't told him. Joy.


"We are going to figure out something there then." Scott regards the bracers. No Beast, no Forge. It forces the X-Men to think outside the box.
"Captain Responsible and Captain Blasto. We'll make a swell dynamic duo." The older Summers quips casually.

"You don't hate to break it to me, Lorna." He manages a light grin, "You, like the rest of the ladies around here love busting chops. This isn't a dig at your pride. I know you're experienced and emotionally… fueled." The man trails off there, no delicate way for him to carry on. "The rock is the best option and for your piece of mind. I am more worried about him than you. Not because we're related but the power variables."

Scott stops talking and sucks at his teeth in a hiss when he realizes the boyfriend remark. At least there is no fridge close by.


Rather than trembling with fear, Alex still manages to be surprised when a bit of reality is added to his neurotic guesswork surrounding Scott's sudden onset yawning attack. He almost starts off on a rant, "Holy. Shit. So, that's true AND he's Captain Badass, huh?" So many Captains. He chews at his bottom lip for a moment, seeming to have somewhere to go with that before instead… just kind of deflating. He inspects his feet for a few moments, before glancing at Scott and giving his brother a quick fist-bump on the chest.

"Let's rain-check the rocks." He turns and goes to collect his pack and unused hockey stick, which he points at the older Summers. "And don't try to show up with a football all 'Let's go have a catch, Alex' next time, eh?" Nodding to Lorna as he trudges past, he offers, "Take care, Dane."


Lorna grinned lightly at Scott, an eyebrow arched high in his direction. "Right. Good job on treading lightly with that whole emotional woman thing Scott. Bonus points." She teased, clearly not at all upset or even mildly annoyed by his attempts to be polite. It was Scott, from almost anyone else though they'd end up with an earful.

Still, her grin faded entirely at Alex's response and she scowled. "Oh come on, what are you, five?" She shook her head, shoving her hands into her pockets as she shot him a sharp glower as he retreated.

"What am I supposed to do, be a fucking nun for the rest of my life?" She muttered under her breath, turning away from Alex's retreating figure to scowl at the lake.


"I… and they're off." Scott huffs out at the exchange of words. "Alex, you're going to have to come to grips with this."

The fist-bump doesn't get returned, only because hes not wanting to see him race off just yet. "The football was next. How did you know?" A helpless shrug given to Lorna then back after his brother, "I'm kidding. You're over reacting, pal." Surely they don't still have feelings for each other. No. Thats kind of obvious they do in some fashion. Train wreck.

"You can't just keep running away from conflict."

"He'll be okay. You know him… you two are just. Wow. A new level." A grin appears, half of one at least. Scott is feeling the tension and doing his best to keep it in a trivial, 'safe' place. At least no one can die over this scuffle.


She started forward, "I can't stay here and deal with Alex being Alex. I have to get supplies, write up a report and get back before my Father decides I need minders or some crap because I vanished off the island." She muttered, exhaling a rough breath through her nose.

"He is just hurting. I imagine when he left here, all of this, he didn't approach his baggage like he should have." Scott looks out across the Breakstone, staring at the up thrown chunks the gaping hole and the line that was created by Alex's power.

"He's been fishing. I tried to avoid it last night." That much is stated before the X-Man leans down and digs out a frozen rock, turning it over in his fingers while he remains in that crouch.

"He'll come to. Let those of us here deal with it… Marcos know about Alex?"


Lorna's scowl remained as she turned to glance back to Scott. "It's been three years. Do I still care about him? Sure. But if he showed up with a new girlfriend on his arm I wouldn't pissy. I mean, I would totally judge her harshly and generally be on my guard, but hell. I'm like that with most new people?" She shrugged and exhaled a breath.

She fell silent as Scott asked if Marcos knew about Alex and she grimaced faintly.

"He knows I dated a guy before him. Knows we had a shitty break up.. I never gave details. No point. I wasn't living here and Alex wasn't.."


Speaking of people that should be in Genosha but is instead spending time in New York for 'reasons'. Nate Grey just come back flying (low, high speed). Heading for the main building, but he spots Lorna and Scott and changes trajectories, landing with a loud 'thud' a few yards from the pair. Too fast landing, but he obviously used telekinesis to avoid breaking some bones. "Afternoon, folks," he greets with a small grin. "I see they told you about the 'secret door' Lorna."


"You sure?" Scott banters. Hes known Lorna to be anything but restrained, tongue held and opinionated. He respects these things about her. Straightening to a stand Scott launches the rock across the frozen lake forcing it to clatter-klak along in skips.

"I suppose you are. And they're going to meet eventually. Maybe you should fill him in before he comes back without you."

"Nate, good job on securing the Genosha crib." Crib, Scott says like he didn't mean to. What a hip guy. "Lorna and I were just spending some time with Alex. Take you needed some fresh air away from Genosha as well?"


Lorna glanced toward Scott again with a flat look, "I'd be a bitch, sure, okay. Fair." She muttered and rolled her eyes again. "But that's sort of my permanent status these days. So really, nothing new there. Cept I can be diplomatic if I really wanted to.." She drawled and arched a brow upwards.

"And it slipped my mind with you know, being on Genosha and helping to fight a damn war, fighting against Sentinels and helping to weld shit together so people have shelter and pipes." She muttered and wrinkled her nose to glance to Nate as the young man landed.

"Yeah, I got the heads up. I figured I'd come over for supplies and report. I'm not going try to call from the island. Magneto has apparently been watching Marcos and I. Never mind that our fears are more or less true. He's not planning to stay in Genosha for long."


Nate nods, stepping close. "Wouldn't surprise me he is watching this place. He might, emphasis in 'might', have stepped down the Brotherhood leadership. But I am sure he keeps in touch and has eyes and ears everywhere. In Mutant Town for sure."

He nods to Scott. "That wasn't hard. I am going to look on the Zealot thing next. Phillip Moreau has plenty to say about him, it seems. I want to research about this Alda… Huxley? That her name? She wasn't a factor three months ago and now everyone thinks she is great."


"We'll send some counter-measures back with this time." Scott adds, "I'll make sure to have them signed out of the lab." Scott is walking a little ways off, tipping his head to look over at them, that visor gleaming. "Lorna, I know you can be diplomatic and you're very intelligent. I don't doubt any of your strengths in this team." Team is added with a smile at her. Even when she insists otherwise, Scott insists the opposite. Casually even.

"I can't remain. I'm being messaged. I want to speak with both of you within the next couple days again. A few things I need to go over, some new alerts to be watchful for." Atlanteans. Thats a pressure right now and hes working his best to see what their next course is but they're on the island that Arthur is now in debate of sinking.


Lorna shrugged, "I'll be happy to get curtains and some chocolate and booze." She murmured and glanced toward Nate.

"I can't say for sure if he knows or doesn't know about Pietro and Wanda yet. Either way, I'll write it all up for you Scott." She offered a nod and a wave toward the departing X-man, rolling her eyes at him as he brought up 'team' again.

Still she turned her focus back to Nate and arched a brow. "What have you been up to while I played 'Little Miss Magnetism'?"


Nate nods to Scott. Messaged? Possibly telepathy. He won't pry. "Hey, walk with me. Need coffee," he states, heading towards the old mansion. "I went psychically sniffing. There is something odd in Hammer Bay I can't quite pin down. Then I went to Carrion Cove to find a place for Illy to get the portals set." Did Lorna meant about New York? Evading that bullet.


Lorna nodded as she made to follow Nate toward the mansion. She lifted her feet up off the snow rather than trudging along she glided on her own magnetic currents. She was cold, why get her boots wet?

"Magneto said he's going to look for the technology that they used to boost mutant powers, or to awaken latent mutants. Either one, I think. It troubled me, considering he made it clear that he wasn't going to actually stay in Genosha overly long as the UN hoped.." She snorted and rolled her eyes.

"Odd how though? With Hammer Bay?"

"I dunno, to be honest. I had never seen so many powerful mutants in a single city," admits Nate. "The psychic-scape is… dense. Bright. I can't describe it to you." He was wearing normal-looking clothes, but not they are getting reconfigured to his uniform/armor with every step. "Genosha had a lot of super-tech, apparently including the kind of stuff Apocalypse used in my world. Really bad news if it ends up in his hands. Then again, bad if it ends in any human government hands. I really would like to know what the Professor has to say about that shit."


Lorna nodded, "That's fair, I won't ask you to explain it then." She smiled weakly and continued to follow him toward the mansion. She sighed heavily, and dragged her hand through her green tangled locked.

"Marcos and I agreed to stay, to help out in Genosha. Regardless of Magneto's intentions, I think someone needs to be on the island to keep an eye on the situation and Magneto alike.. It could go bad either way really quickly I think." Her lips pursed together and she fought back the urge to frown.

"I just dunno how good my intel actually is. He knows that I'll talk to you. And I doubt he trusts me entirely. Soo I'm not sure either if what I'll be getting is worth a damn."


"No, he needs to play nice for the UN," comments Nate, thoughtful. "So he can't go into a crazy rampage. Yet." On the other hand, "yes, he knows you came with Logan and me. So he might be feeding you misinformation. Unless he doesn't care us to know, who would believe us, anyway?" Pause. "Maybe the Justice League, now I think about it. But that is about the only people we could go to ask for help against Mags." Which means it is mostly the X-Men against Magneto and his followers. As usual.

"It might also be he cares for you enough to be truthful to you," he suggests. "Again, Xavier would know best."


Lorna snorted once, arching a brow as she looked at Nate side long. "The man abandoned me for my whole life. Clearly had no intentions of telling me he existed, much less was my father, until circumstances forced his hand. My mother died and he couldn't stop his fucking war to raise a kid. Caring and Magneto don't belong in the same damn sentence." She scowled, her lips twisting into a pursed line.

A grimace followed as she considered the prospects of who might fight back against Magneto and she sighed. "The Justice League.. that would kill my whole.. you know what? Never mind. I've killed my chance of being low key with going to Genosha. It's only so long until people there start wondering why I'm there. Why I have the same powers. Why.." She exhaled a breath, her eyes closing briefly.


"You are not him," points out Nate. "You are better than him, and your friends know it," and the rest, well. He wouldn't care much. But Lorna might… "did you want to live a low key, anonymous life? Normality within the human definitions of normal?" He smirks faintly, "I don't know, Lorna. Isn't it better to be extraordinary? To redefine 'normal' from a meta-human mind-set? I have never known normal, but I don't think I would enjoy it. Boring."

Nate knew her feelings well on that matter and cut right to the quick of it. She exhaled a breath, shivering. "The Professor told me that he wasn't always like .. this. How he is. What if something makes me go down that route, Nate? What if I turn out to be just like him? I don't believe in everything the Professor says, teaches, anymore. I find myself agreeing with what my father says on several point. Damnit Nate.." She pinched the bridge of her nose and grimaced once more.

"If.. when people find out he's my father.. There's going to be a whole new target on my back." She let her hand fall to her side again and she glanced at him.

"I dunno… I can't keep hiding it all away for the rest of my life. There's too much wrong out there .. and I know I can do something.. and I feel like an ass for trying to bury my head in the sand."


"Back to you, lady," replies Nate. "I don't agree with all the professor says myself. I know what they say about me. That I am angry and reckless, that I am a killer." He snorts. Well, it is all true! "So what if I go bad and I end up being an ass like Magneto? I am counting my friends to talk some sense to me, or beat up some sense if it becomes necessary." Beat.

"Problem with Mags is he has a point," he continues. "Lots of people out there hates us for existing. Or see mutants as pawns, assets, weapons and servants to exploit. What you got to remember is those assholes treat humans, aliens and metas the same. And that ultimately they are not the majority of the human race. Most people does not suck, trust a telepath about this. They are worth fighting to protect, they are worth getting to know and befriend. We can't go into a racial war with people that are pretty much just like us where it counts," he taps his temple. "If that is not a good enough argument, remember how my world ended up after a genetic war."


Lorna sighed heavily and her hands were shoved back into her pockets. "Marcos always tells me that he'll be there for me to drag me back if I start down that road.. I just.. I dunno. It's hard." Dani had played ping pong with her head over such fears before and it still sat poorly with her.

"Also just throwing it out there, but I'm not a telepath and I think most people are assholes. Just.. you know, from my point of view." She murmured, "Course I'm not seeing that whole mental reasoning thing." She glanced back at Nate and touched back to the ground as they neared the mansion.

"So. Supplies and then heading back.. Anything you want me to have a look out for?"


Nate shrugs. "I gotta read your report about the meeting with Magneto, I guess. You listen to his plans, but also watch what he is really doing. If he blocks you out, go talking with former Resistance folks. They are humans that risked their necks for the mutant slaves when they could have played dumb and lived in luxury, so most are good people," they arrive to the mansion, and Nate holds the door open for Lorna. "I am investigating the members of Magneto's cabinet. I'll keep you up to date. And I will try to keep your mind shielded from telepathic snoops. I doubt Mags will drop so low to have your mind scanned, but one never knows."


Lorna shrugged as she ducked inside and into the welcome warmth of the mansion. She rubbed her head and fought off the urge to sigh, peeling off the borrowed coat as she stepped inside finally. She almost was excited to go to back to the warmer climes of Genosha. "Don't strain yourself on trying to shield my mind. He already likely just assumes I'm part of the X-men anyways, arriving in the Blackbird and with you all anyways.."

A yawn dragged from her lips and she rubbed her forehead with the back of her hand. "Better get everything together though and head back sooner rather than later. I bet he'll be annoyed that I continent jumped and will want to know the how.." She muttered.

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