Demon Bear: Nahkoheso

December 07, 2017:

Robert and Dani meet up to discuss the sacred arrow that they retrieved from the spirit realm.


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Greenpoint Avenue dead-ends in to the East River shoreline, this region is largely neighborhood and residential here in Brooklyn. Quiet and little used at these hours and a closer location for Robert Bearclaw to meet up at. Past a double gate along a walk there is a small pier, a bridge leading out in to the East River and a couple benches, one of them hosting a canopy area near a small bridge and inner pond.

These are hours of dark but before sunrise. Morning dew would very much be a thing if it didn't freeze up so quickly.

A metamorphic and cyborg Ripclaw runs fairly hot but that doesn't stop him from wearing a leather jacket with hooded sweater underneath, cowboy hat and boots with a pair of worn jeans. Casual wear. A bound and wrapped bundle sits across his thighs where he stares off towards the dark waters, the man visible only because of those nearby lamp post and ground lights that mark the trail around the small park.

It's not location that keeps this park so empty despite it's rather cozy appearance, its the fact it is quite literally haunted. It's a 'cold spot' that just remains and stories abound around it, parents keep their children away and the guards stay outside the gates at night.

Ripclaw is at ease here. He is often more comfortable with animals and spirits than he is fellow man.

A place of shadows and spirits - where the fringe of two worlds meet. There's some form of irony with this location and it's not lost on Danielle Moonstar.

Not with how she currently is; lacking a soul, the very thing that makes every animal and human themselves. That spirit that connects them to the world at large, the wheel that always turns.

Her arrival is heralded by the sound of slow footsteps which can be heard coming from behind the seated man. Whether he turns to look or waits until she walks around to the front of the bench, he'll find her dressed fairly simply. A pair of brown moccasin boots, jeans, a black sweater and a light jacket shroud her form this late night, or rather early morning.

"Robert." She says in a quiet and rather cordial voice, her dark-brown eyes tracking toward the bundle that lays across his lap. "Good to see you're none the worse for wear."

Robert's clawtip rises up to push his hat upwards, it appears he might have been dozing a little. A shift at the torso and he's easing himself up higher again, palms on the bench as he gives her a confused look, like he doesn't recognize her at first. A black shadow overlapped her and then it was gone.

"I think I was halfway through sitting here. Places like this let me slip at times and I forget." Slip? Sideways perhaps. Closer to the Secret Worlds and away from flesh. "Dani, I have been doing better. The wound from the bear still exists but it's mending, slowly." Very slowly. Even downing the 'Chalk' that the SHOC of Cyberforce partake in to accelerate physical attributes and even out their powers isn't quickening the pace. Spiritual, soul. That can't be dealt with by biological methods.

"Good… to see you also. A second time in actual human skin." A tight smile, his hand splays out over the bundled in his lap protectively, those bladed fingers hard to hide even in the low lighting.

A light eating shadow. Something that absorbs everything around it. Like the deepest part of night. A winter's night.

But that glimpse is gone quickly, scurrying away like some insect fleeing the light.

When the man eases upward and speaks, Dani will continue to stand, her hands pushed deep within the pockets of her light jacket as she listens. It's only when he touches upon the state of his soul and its wounds, that her expression shifts to something close to sympathy. "Wounds of the spirit aren't something one can easily shake off, no." She agrees, "But soon, hopefully, you won't have to worry about that." She continues with, even as she tilts her head to the other side of the bench, "May I?" She asks, her hands being pulled from the pockets of her jacket now.

While she waits for his assent or not, she can't help but offer a crooked grin to his last words. "Yes. Human skin." She says, her voice holding a note of amusement to it. "Lately I feel like I rarely spend any time in this body - it just exists because it must. Though, I'm sure you know what I mean - you've been burning the midnight oil pretty heavily lately too."

"The unfinished man and his pain." Robert says to her sympathetic words, he moves one arm up to the back of the bench as indication she can sit free, fingers wrapping around the cold metal backbrace of it. "By all means. The lack of a breeze makes it not entirely unbearable out at the very least."

"Too heavily some worry. I speak very little of it though, it is best that way." Separation of his vigilante actions and occultic adventures and Cyberforce is a required. At least in his mind.

"You, how are you holding up in all of this? This dark entity only appears to be growing stronger." He is looking at her when he says this, "I can feel its impact and it's wake is opening breaches perhaps simply from the unrest and spiritual pestilence it inspires. I have never seen anything like it."

"The cold out here isn't so terrible." Begins the black-haired woman and once he indicates his agreement to her joining him, she settles herself down upon the bench, with an economy of movement. "It's only a herald of Winter's approach. A warning to bundle against its bite." Are her continued words, even as her gaze moves to his face, then those taloned fingers and finally the bundled arrow.

It's when he expresses the worry others hold for him and the secrets he holds that Dani's expression shifts to sympathy. "Secrets. They are a heavy burden. If only we all felt free to share what truly resides within each of us, but life as it is doesn't often allow for that. We must play the roles assigned to us for as long as needed -" Her head tilts toward Ripclaw now, "Leader, companion, warrior. One hopes you have a few people who see the whole of you, versus just the parts."

His question about how she herself is doing is waved aside. "I'm fine - each day I grow stronger for the up and coming fight and that's all I or really anyone can ask for." With those words a corner of her mouth quirks upward into a smile, a vague feral note twisting that expression lightly.

It's, however, his last words that brings her expression back to something akin to worry. Or perhaps frustration. "Yes. Like the thing we saw within the spirit world. I don't think the Bear counted upon that happening. Nor the fact that those creatures would try to encroach upon his hunting grounds."

Ripclaw's dark rose eyes study Moonstar's features as if seeing them for a first time. "I have a preference for the winter. I find it more… peaceful."
*Click* *Click*
Bio-metal taps on the back of the bench behind her, that brace's own surface responding. "So I suppose let that bite sink in." A light warm smile from the man, "We are the guardians of secrets soon to be lost, us children, the last bloods of a still dying legacy. I admit I never expected a native to be wrapped in glowing halo and flying horse like some angel or Nordic reaper to be what I woke up to after encountering the Demon Bear. You'll have to understand some measure of… awe in that. It might be tailoring my personal views of you." The way he says 'native' is amusingly clipped, reservation inflected. "In a good way." The man corrects.

A headshake at the following words, "I am no leader. I'm a warden, counsel, warrior and friend but leadership, I refuse and rightfully so." Too many have died in the past, he still remembers Killjoys grinning blood spattered face. SHOC memories. Not Robert Bearclaw memories but they're all 'him' the man who is Ripclaw.

"Stronger is good. Your strength is what I am here to assist and encourage, I was angry at first that you had pushed me aside when I wanted to help. But it came to me as to why, this is your path, your destiny is to stop the dark entity." His sharper than razor digits close shockingly in a delicate fashion around the bundle.

"The Bear, your /prey/." The word is emphasized, used to try and be empathic and heavy intentionally, "It has a heavy pawprint. Where it steps it splinters and those splinters are leaving cracks. Things are crawling free and using this as an opening. It makes your destiny that much more important."
"Which is why we sought this, I have blessed it, bound it and made it one. The arrow, I apologize it is not handcrafted but we are on limited time and I heard Payne carbon arrows are some of the best. Supposedly named after some Golden Age archer-hero. Despite it's composition it is still of the Earth essentially and was able to be imbued. I just hope it is enough."

That click-click of biological metal upon inert metal brings a vague cant of her head. She's aware of his arm behind her and his form next to her own.

His mention of winter and the peacefulness of it earns the smallest of smiles. A secretive expression, and while something could be said about the destructive forces behind this particular seasons, Dani stays quiet. Especially as the conversation continues onward, to more important things.

His rebuttal to her descriptive words, about leadership, is considered. "Sometimes responsibilities are thrust upon us even if we don't wish for them." She states in perhaps a surprisingly gentle tone. "And all we can do is handle them as best we can. Mistakes will always be made, but if you do all you can, then that's all that can be asked of you."

His mention of her strength earns another smile from the woman. A toothsome thing, showing straight white teeth, bright against the blackness that surrounds them. His mention of his anger at her from previous causes that smile of hers to dim. It's enough to bring a faint roll of her shoulders, a self-conscious gesture on her part. "I - I am not the easiest person to get along with, I can shut people out." She states then, her gaze shifting off of the man for a minute. "Especially when I feel something is my problem. It's hard for me to put others in danger when I know it's my mistakes that have caused the situation at hand."

His emphasis on bear brings Dani's brown-eyes back to him. She listens to all of what he has to say, her expression showing very little at this point. She only allows a faint nod to punctuate his words, before her gaze shifts to the wrapped arrow that he holds so delicately within his deadly grip. "We all have our part to play." She intones again, her voice soft, "Destinies if you will. Tasks that must be done to allow the next cycle to start."

"There's no need to apologize, Robert." She states quickly, her body angling towards him, now that the two are speaking about the arrow they retrieved, "Whether made of wood and stone, or carbon and steel, as long as it holds the power of the sacred that's all we can ask for." Both hands are extended towards the man, palms up, "May I see it?"

"No need to explain. I understand." The albino white mutant says in regards to who and how she is with others, "It is easier at times to account for one's self only."

Self-conscious and subconiscous actions appear to be inspired in both, when she smiles he catches a thoughtless tweak to his own features, a light tug at pale lips that has a smile appearing. White teeth responded to with a set of his own. Yet his are not flat, several are quite sharp. Mutant. Such a branding. Very much who they are and more.

"The strong are tested because that is who we are." It's an inhale that catches Moonstar's scent, while she shifts towards him, the cold around them entirely forgotten and he finds himself forgetting what he is about to say, the question of the arrow helping him refocus, "Oh… " A look down at it, the wrap a black clothe, a paracord tethered around it with a wooden charm hanging off the plastic clasp. "If I give this to you, you're not going to disappear in to 'the Nothing'?" Yes, even Ripclaw has watched the Neverending Story. Who can avoid a classic like that.

Despite Robert's words the bundle is being handed over, "… But of course you may, it is yours anyhow."

Those hands. His teeth. All of it is seen by Danielle Moonstar acolyte of the Bear.

His mention of strength and tests brings forth a serious mien to the woman. "Yes, strength." She states, even as her head cants to the side in an inquisitive gesture. "It is good you are strong - I have a sense you and all here on earth will find themselves facing many trials ahead. The cold approaches." She says, those last words more murmured than spoken loudly.

Thankfully, his jest about The Nothing earns an actual laugh from the Cheyenne, "It's been a long time since I've seen that movie, but I promise, I know my way through The Nothing. Never fear." And while her laugh continues to echo around the two Robert extends that wrapped arrow to her.

Neatly, the woman takes a hold of it all the while being careful of the charms that hang from it. If one watches closely she in fact avoids their touch, though perhaps that's not so curious when all is said and done. Either way, the bundle is brought close to her body, protectively.

"Thank you for helping obtain this." She says, a ring of complete honesty held within her voice. "It's saved me from a long and arduous trial and for that I truly thank you, Robert Berresford."

"I and us on Earth?" Robert both questions and corrects. "You're not an alien or a spirit are you?" Its the mood that he doesn't go full serious about this, not yet. He has let his guard down and that is obvious. The man who has extrasenory perceptions and empathic talents is blind to the Cheyenne's current nature or possible lack of.

"A first laugh and a smile. More than fair exchange for the arrow." Blinders for Robert Berresford. The man is oblivious to the avoidance of the charms despite some pride he has in regards to their etchings.

"We each must play our part. This is mine. I will inform Doctor Strange we are ready to proceed and you've been delivered the weapon. It would be helpful if you joined us during one of our meetings, soon, preferred. Tell us all you know of the Bear." The man reaches up to adjust his hat on his head, tipping it forward a little. Shadowing his eyes.
"At least before you strike out on your own. I… we, all are invested in your victory."
"The sooner we are able to bring down this beast the sooner we can set to restoring that which he's destroyed or corrupted."

If there were more than just a faint filament connecting her to her soul, Danielle Moonstar might feel a vague twinge of guilt, as it is - she feels nothing.

Her heart is frozen against such feelings. There is only the cold and the night, and the will of the Bear and its directive is to protect it from any potential threats.

His mention of her being alien or spirit prompts a head-shake and another elusive smile. She could say more, but perhaps she's said enough. There is only so much she can do without tipping her hand too much, and for now she doesn't wish that.

"Yes. I'll join you and the good Doctor soon." She agrees, "So you all can learn everything there is to know about the Bear."

Rising to her feet, clearly intending to leave shortly, the woman adds, "Yes, I'm quite invested in my victory as well." And while she doesn't need to, the woman reaches out to try and touch the man's shoulder. "Rest well, Warrior, for soon we shall find one another on the battlefield. Let us pray there is victory."

Those last words of hers bring forth a vague chill from her fingers, but nothing that strings or burns, just something that bespeaks of lost warmth.

"We look forward to it." Ripclaw says before she's closer and that hand touches his shoulder, the jacket in the way he cannot feel her lack of warmth. He's bold enough though venture his own fingers up, to curl them around her wrist. The smile that was etched across his features suddenly faltering. The talons may be of bio-synthetic nature but he has sensation through them, can feel through them and the absolute lack of warmth could be accredited to the weather but, no, something more is beyond it. Robert's brow furrows.
"We should go. You're cold as death."

Winter rests within her touch, upon her skin, in her own body.

He gets that hint when he encircles her wrist with his fingers.

Which possibly provides an inkling to take root. That something here is not all right.

That perhaps the turn and weave of this particular dance is coming to an end. The circle about to be broken.

A thin smile curves Dani's lips upward as his mention of cold and death, "I don't fear the cold." She says calmly, an echo of her previous words said again.

"For I am the cold, Little Bear." She continues with and now, her wrist twists within his grip to allow her fingers to curl around his hand. Her grip, while smaller, is strong, harsh, the strength behind her fingers inhuman. Then his hand is pulled up slightly and closer and with an ironic tilt of her head, the woman leans down and presses a kiss to the top of his hand - to that bio-metallic skin of his. Like her hand her lips are cold, colder even. With that touch of hers, tendrils of mystical ice lance outward to burrow beneath the man's skin - to lock the arm she holds, then his shoulder, before it strives to immobilize the whole of his body.

"And soon we shall meet upon a field of sorrow." She states, once that kiss ends, "Until then make peace with this life."

With that farewell given Danielle Moonstar pulls her own hand free of his and calls the shadows to her.

They jump like eager puppies and stretch outward to gather around the woman, seeking favor with the black-haired Cheyenne.

Ripclaw is cursing himself for his own blindness now. The ruse he fed in to so easily, he should have known she was different from the start. Cold when he first met her but not this sort of cold. It is behind the eyes. The woman is an all together differing creature. The Bear. The darkness.

A peel back of his own lips shows all those wickedly sharp teeth, the kiss startling him enough his other hand doesn't uplift and strike out. She's strong and fast as well.

A tug, his body is jerked and the mutants augmented strength is outclassed by the supernatural might of the possessed Moonstar. Upon the kiss he can feel it race through his limb, the organic-metal GodTech responding as it goes frosted, tightens up and hardens to appear like it wants to crack, to splinter.

Robert's eyes are rounded, wide and pained but also humiliation lies in there and rage, not fear like before. "You are not her." He hisses, the sound of ice pop-crackling roping along his arm, his other hand snapping down on it as though it could contain it, cease it's spasms along with that spread of frozen promise.

"I'LL FIND YOU! I'll eat your black heart!" Animistic growls of pain and rage roll free of Ripclaw as the shadows close in and he tries to lurch to his feet, to throw himself at her. Not even sure what he'll be attacking her or it with beyond the desire to just unleash.

"I'm not." She agrees to those hissed words of his.

And even as Ripclaw staggers to his feet, overpowering some of the ice that resides within his limbs, Danielle is moving.

Downward she sinks into those shadows and as she's enveloped by that blackness, her form changes. No longer is it shrouded by jeans and boots, sweater and jacket. Now she wears an outfit of black with a bear-hide cloak over that. The hood of the cloak is the upper half of the bear's jaw and head, it's partial muzzle frozen in a silent snarl.

His threat earns a carefree laugh from her, "Come find me! Then we shall see who prevails."

And then she's gone. The shadows swallowing her whole and sending her back into the heart of the Bear. Where an arrow can be safely kept from harming itself and its heralds.

A stagger to stumble and Ripclaw is on a knee arm still gripped by the opposing, a guttural snarl again unleashes and the man chases down the shadows but he is too slow, the Bear, the Cold, the Shadows and the Woman are gone is Hare's Thunder Arrow. A relic fabled to have been able to slay a creature like the Demon Bear and Robert in all of his wisdom handed it directly to the beast's puppet.

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