Rage Recovery & Ugly Festive Sweaters

December 07, 2017:

After 9 days in various stages of recuperation the Justice League members who protected Ungara start to awaken to a massive greeting, even the Batman


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Mentions: Doctor Strange, Kyle Rayner, Atrocitus, Bleez, Supergirl

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Fade In…

Ungara for the Justice League should be considered a win but it won't feel like it for those that were present. The 'glass moon' had been being used as a sort of energy amplification and transference device by the Red Lanterns, raw violent rage being channeled through the planet via a Hell Tower as thought it was some emotional spectrum silo.
Bold maneuvers, great power and a will to protect the Ungaran people and the galaxy at large saved the planet itself. The Justice League prevailed and right now, orbiting planet Earth inside the Watchtower the man known as Hal Jordan finally wakes up. The domino mask on his face no longer there, a scruffy brunette beard and he wears a typical 'medical gown' inside the room with him are tube like beds as far as Jordan knows these may or may not be occupied.
It has been about ten days since he has been unconscious.
"Ouch, shit, my arm!" The man's first words. Uplifting his opposing hand he speaks, "Ring. Splint." With what remains of reserve energy the Power Ring shines and forms a sling over his shoulder and forearm, suspending it there as wobbly legs touch down. A medical droid nearby scoots over and scans him, chirps some gibberish and gets pushed aside with his spare hand.
"This is Green Lantern, what day is it, I could really use a water and… uhm, hi?" The JL communication system being rattled by the man's voice. He sounds as expected of someone who had just went through his ordeal. Not speaking in to the comms after that he mutters to himself, hobbling to the portal that overlooks the Earth below, "Hello, beautiful. At least you're still in one piece where we left you."
"You look like hell." The first words that come from Batman as he enters. His voice is scrambled, and his new black and red suit is a major departure from what he used to wear, before his disappearance months ago. Seems the Dark Knight is back with the Justice League… and just as social as ever. His cape flutters as he walks in. "Sound like it, too." A beat, "Good work on not dying." Batman continues to walk over, then nods to the window. "Hasn't blown up yet." Referring to Earth, his red screen eyes watching it with Hal.
Superman awakens after a moment, his suit still fairly in once piece…though one could tell by looking at him he was hurting. He sits up fast suddenly after regaining consciousness. "Ungara!" he looks at Hal. floating off the bed. "Hal, what happened? I blacked out after trying to stop the planet laser."
He looks supremely worried…then he sees Batman. "Batman! It's good to see you. It's been some time…where have you been?" he asks curiously, floating over to Batman now.
Diana Prince had come to the station with Batman to show him the status of things up here, after he had resurfaced and spoken to her at her Embassy in Manhattan. She'd also come up here to check on the injured and to hopefully… get good news.
She wasn't currently in the medical bay though, she was headed in that direction however… a blue hooded robe covering her form as she walked through the Watchtower corridors.
"Holy f—!" Hal spins on a heel, "Learn to walk like everyone else and make some actual sound, spooky." The Green Lantern's eyes narrow at Batman, "Thanks on you know, the not dying approval."
It's Superman's jumpstart that has Jordan looking at him next, "I am not sure. I think we did. I don't have enough reserve in me to ask though, Batman, you up to date on what went down?" Really no clue. Himself, Martian Manhunter, Starfire and Superman were all taken out like flies in a giant bugzapper. One they somehow managed to stop in it's destructive wave. Thats probably due to J'onn and Kal-El taking the brunt of it though. Not that Hal is quick to admit as much.
"Pr… Wonder Woman!" The man manages, "Please, tell me Batman here doesn't have a sudden sense of humor with the new color choice?"
First, Superman has his attention, "I was busy, and couldn't afford to be traced. I'm back now. Left Gotham to the others too long, to be honest, but couldn't be helped." Seems that's all he's willing to divulge… and those new, red eyes seem designed to ne unnerving, before he looks over to Hal, "I haven't had time to go over League reports while I was handling cleanup on the scum on planet." Batman admits, "I've gathered it had something to do with the Lantern Corps. That's about it." He seems to ignore the color jab.
Instead, he's brought up his wrist comp on his left forearm, flips it up, and turns on the holographic interface as he accessing the Watchtower mainframe, looking for any reference to their activity.
Superman nods a few times to Hal "Man…..how long were we out?" he rubs his head, before his attention falls on his good bat vigilante friend with the ultimate love of Kevlar and this epic new Bat-armor. "Whoa…nice armor. and alright….I imagine we'll talk later on that." he nods a couple of times.
Though he does look to the planet earth below, crossing his arms. He can hear Wonder Woman's footsteps as she walks through the halls. A small smile touches his lips. "It's been a while since we've all been together."
When Diana swept into the room through the open med lab doors she saw the three men, the two injured were awake and it made her sigh with relief. She'd heard that they were recovering well and could wake up at any moment, but to see it now, it gave a sense of ease to her soul.
Diana's hands went up to her hood covered head and she dropped it back off of her and onto her shoulders, her black hair was undone and loose about the sides of her face in thick dark layers.
"We all know that Batman does not have a sense of humor." Diana's accented voice spoke out. "Besides, I like the red." Diana would say to Hal's remarks on Batman's suit. She showed the Dark Knight a small smile. "It is good to have a little change now and then."
The Princess would then exhale to all three of them and nod to Superman's words. "It is good to see you all together again." She'd say softly then. "Safe and sound… even after brave and arguably silly risks taken." That was said specifically t Kal! She'd been worried!
Hal is notoriously bad among the Corp and League in keeping his reports up to date. The trail of recent events outlines their activity of only going 'to' Ungara and nothing after unless Diana or Caitlin managed to put the rest in.
"And even with away time you're still the life of the party." Hal persists then frowns over at the two recovery beds, Starfire and Martian Manhunter. He isn't exactly sure if they're in those or not and isn't about to check. They're fighters like everyone else here, they should be alright, hopefully.
"Change right, the fact its RED right now is… entirely just ironic, right? Timing."
A noise as Hal sucks on his teeth then moves around the bed to sit on the edge of it as Diana adds in to the conversation, a studying look given to her before the Lantern just carries onward, "I can fill you in if you need, Batman. Where would you like me to begin?"
That medical droid Hal earlier shoved answers Clark's question with it's mechanical voice, "Green Lantern and Superman have been in and out of consciousness for 9 -standard- Earth days."
"With your reaction, I can only surmise the Red Lanterns are involved." Batman states matter of factly. Of Course He's Right.
When the search turns up nothing, there's a slight scowl to the man, "Nothing in the database. You're all alive, if battered. And the Earth hasn't been invaded by space monsters bent on destruction, conversion, or murder." The wrist comp is closed, and Hal gets those red eyes, "Your report didn't outline objectives. I would appreciated being filled in on the blanks."
Then, Wonder Woman gets a look, "It's a good intimidation color for the scum in Gotham, and I needed to pick something." Batman offers… in explanation? Statement? From anyone else, there would probably be a bit of humor to it. He might be trying that humor thing, after all.
Superman looks to the machine, his eyes going wide. "Nine days?!" he sighs a moment, rubbing the back of his head….well, now he knows why Diana was worried about him and the other members of the League. He approaches her. "I'm sorry if we worried you." he says sincerely, offering a humble bow of his head. "I'll make it up to you, I promise." he gives her the warmest smile then.
Though his attention falls then on Batman. "The red and black is a good color on you. I always figured you were more of an all black sort of guy." he says jokingly to Batman..which he knows the man won't laugh. It was just his character! Though then he looks now to Lantern. "well..I need to check on Metropolis after this then. More than enough heroes I know, but I just need to be sure."
He crosses his arms then as he thinks on something, remaining near Diana for now.
Diana had filled out computer records of her time on the besieged planet. She'd given a full first hand report on everything she'd done and witnessed there prior to the fight, during it, and after. So there was a fair amount of information to be read (the log!) on the subject.
She would give Hal a smile as she walked toward the windows that looked out of the station toward their home. "Red is not owned by those evil monsters." Diana said to the Lantern. "Do not judge a color, Hal. After all, green is often used to denote poisonous materials." And then she grinned softly at him.
At Superman though, Diana would reach out to place her left hand on his shoulder. "I am just glad you are awake again finally. The others have all been worried as well."
"You reading my old files, the other Lantern's… " The other Lantern of 2814, Kyle Rayner who is much better at maintaining documentation, "… or are you illegally accessing SWORD files?" Hal Jordan has to ask as Batman indicates the red reaction. The Red Lanterns are 'newish' threat in a sense, a relatively isolated one that's only begun sparking up mainly in opposition of space sectors outside of 2814, until these past two months. There is always the chance Power Girl has uploaded some data as well since she had first hand experience. Unlikely there is much to hide from Batman when it involves the League, he is after all the supposed Sherlock Holmes of the 21st century.
Hal knuckle taps on his knee, considering where to begin as Superman warms up to Diana, hes getting used to that exchange and the response from Wonder Woman gets him shaking his head, "I'd almost say your humor has flat lined as well if you didn't smile like that." Oddly he is glaring now and standing upright.
"Okay, so, the Red Lanterns are breaking several intergalactic laws, boundaries are being pushed and they're strategic striking planets with limited defenses. Setting up outposts and placing down Hell Towers which allow them to not only drive entire worlds mad with rage but also further their own powers." The Lantern's jaw tightens, "We've lost a couple planets now. Lantern .2 and Starfire have been scouting, updating and we're taxed in our ability to police them all, they outnumber us."
A hand reaches over and bops the droid on the top of the dome, "Water. Seriously, I am parched." The droid chirps and spins away to get the Leaguer some.
"The primary threats as far as we know are Atrocitus and Bleez his former 2nd in command. Rumor has it they're under a domestic issue and at odds, this attack on Ungara failed hard. We haven't even confirmed who sent us the distress signal to show up there so I am thinking… that may be our ace in the hole." Hal skips around realizing he is and pauses, "I'm still trying to wake up here and a tad distracted. 10 days from November… what… crap, I still have Christmas shopping to do for my niece and nephews."
Not the forefront of his thoughts but he refocuses, "What else do we need to know? I mean, I feel like I've went over this and we're stuck reactive still. We have to be the offensive… "
"I keep up to date where I need." Batman notes, vaguely, before he steps forward to the viewport down to Earth, "I can work up a strategic profile on them with enough data. Send what you have to me and I'll get started. Gotham is in wait and see for now on my end anyway." A USB flash drive is tossed to Hal from Batman, then. "Their movements have patterns. I'll find them."
Batman gives a glance over to Superman and Wonder Woman. It hovers briefly, before he looks back to the viewport. "I need to spend some time up here, dealing with upgrades anyway. Superman, I have a number of shuttles I'd like your assistance in bringing up meanwhile. I have a new design for Earth fast response disposable shuttles for those of us who can't do reentry on our own that I'd like to incorporate into the hangar. They'll cut down on travel time by half."
Superman gives Diana a small nod at her words. "Don't worry. we're all safe and sound. No thanks to you I imagine." what? he wondered how they got off the planet. It was an innocent statement, and he gave Diana a playful nudge before looking over to Batman. "You do. we could use your inventive mind, Batman. We've gone a long time without it. It'd be a welcome return." he approaches him then, extending a hand for a handshake as if to officially welcome him back.
He looks to Hal then. chuckling at Diana's humor. "She has a point Hal. well, when we find out where they'll be next, we'll put a stop to it. The Red Lanterns have caused enough damage around the galaxy I think." he nods a couple of times.
"Say…where's Caitlin and Starfire?"
Diana stood mostly still then aside the viewports out into space while the others talked and she absorbed the information. 'Hell Towers' and entire planets of innocents being controlled by hate mongering warlords… It made her stare out toward Earth with a somber expression upon her face.
When she's nudged by Superman she looks back over to him, and then to the others. "I will take comfort in knowing that you are on the job for deciding how we might strike at these… monsters." She'd say then to the black/red armored Batman.
The flash drive is snatched out of the air by the limb no wrapped up in a green glowy sling. Fingers turn it end over end in a fidgeting manner. "10 days is too long to have been sitting on our assess. We've lost some headway on them and could have pushed… But, yeah, I'll get you more intel, we have newer data collected on the Interceptor." Speaking of new ships tha are not the Javelins. A frown again, "My ship, is it alright?" A question tossed at Diana.
"They have. They out number us but Starfire and my partner have been working an angle. We'll see on that. You come up with a battleplan, Batman. I'll see if I can't find out who our mole is and the rest of you guys can help in the search of nearby planets."
The droid returns with a pitcher of water and plastic cups for all. Each full and it carts around to extend one to everyone. It has a 4 second timer before it scoots on and off. They're busy. Always busy. It keeps them out of people's hair and there is a lot of Watchtower to maintain.
Hal wants to ask about J'onn and Kori's status but doesn't just yet. He is sure they're fine or maybe just very hopeful.
J'onn had awoken earlier in the day, at least enough to assume a meditative pose in the same bed he had been in, and remained in that position until people began gathering with Hal and Clark's awakening. His red orbs open slowly, bringing himself back to the present, and letting out a long held breath.
As he sees each of his fellow League members, J'onn will offer them a small nod in greeting, and his eyes falling upon the fellow heroes that are just coming too. "How are the two of you feeling?" His voice as calm as ever, "Upon awakening I fould that I was more aggressive than normal, and so I entered a Martian Trance to better take hold of my emotions." he explains to the group.
When Superman offers Batman a handshake, there's a slight hesitation. Then, he takes it, shaking it slightly. "With global events ramping up considerably, I knew I had to wrap up my business and come back soon." Then, as the others start to come in, Batman turns to regard them, his cape fluttering slightly before it slides over his new black and red suit slightly.
"J'onn." Batman gives in way of greeting, "been a while. I meant to find you, but Lantern woke up first." Batman brings his red screened eyes over to the Green Lantern briefly. "Wanted to get updated on the mission."
Superman turns his head to J'onn. "Martian Manhunter! Good to see you. How are you feeling?" he asks curiously before his attentions return to Batman, shaking his hand with a soft smile touching his features. "Good to have you back, Batman." he says confidently…recalling a few moments where they pulled 'world's finest' related actions in past team ups. Though he now looked to Diana…hoping that she knew his nudge was playful and lighthearted.
Then his attention falls once more on J'onn. "I wonder why I don't feel angry or upset…it was a massive attack. I hope there are no side effects."
Diana looked to Hal and she showed him a faint smirk. "Your ship is fine, Hal." She'd tell him in a soothing tone of her accented voice. "I sat inside of it a few times this past week and a half. I read a novel out loud to it and played some classical music. It seemed to like it." She showed a light grin at the Lantern before looking to Superman, a small smirk given to him as well.
"We will know if there are side effects, if when you return to Earth and a vending machine eats one of your dollar bills… and subsequently is smashed into tinsey-tiny bits."
She was joking with him though and a little smile showed it. "I think you will be fine though."
Diana would move to accept a cup of water and take it over to J'onn. "I am glad you are okay." She'd tell the Martian Manhunter, offering him the cup of tastey space water.
Caitlin bounces back pretty quickly from injuries, it seems. Despite having a literal building dropped on her and taking a pretty hefty series of poundings, she walks into the med lab looking like she's had a month of rest, not a mere ten days. The worst of the injuries seem to have healed over quite well, and she's not even sporting a sling on her arm anymore. Healthy, pink skin covers some of the more serious wounds she'd had.
Holding a protein shake the size of a Big Gulp, Caitlin comes up short, blinking at the little assembly in the med lab. "Oh— hey guys," she says, a little uncertainly. "I was— sorry, I was hungry. I just went to grab a snack." She ducks past the crowd and heads towards the little table in the corner, seating herself awkwardly at the too-low tabletop and stretching her legs out to the side. Wearing pale, light shorts and light t-shirt, she's obviously not dressed like she's heading back to the grind anytime soon.
As he usually does when speaking to friends in costume, J'onn replies to Bruce, "Batman, it has been too long. I look forward to hearing of your travels, and sharing my own adventures across the Earth." He then glances to Hal, adding "and our adventures across Space." J'onn gracefully unfolds his legs from beneath him, floating from the bed, and standing on the floor with is hands clasped behind him.
In response to Kal, J'onn says "Perhaps there is less in your mind for Anger or Hate to hold to, Kal." the Martian considers, adding in "There is darkness I have been exposed to, which may make me more susceptible to the Red, but luckily I have been trained in how to deal with such mental states."
When Diana offers him the cup, J'onn takes it with a grateful smile on his green featurs, "As always, Diana, you are a welcome sight that warms the soul. Thank you for looking after us…" He glances between Hal and Kal "…if I remember You and Caitlin would have been the last two standing." He brings the water to his lips, and takes a long drink as Caitlin wanders in. He offers a smile, and adds "I am glad to see you are in good health, Caitlin…."
THen to the group as a whole, he adds "…I am glad you are all in good health, and that we were successful in stopping what was happening on the Planet. Although I am still unsure what the fallout of such events will be."
"J'onn!" Hal says with less enthusiasm than Clark but more than Bruce. "I thought you were still out, that trance thing is nifty." The Green Lantern's superpower if he had one would be willpower. It's remarkable at times how much of it Hal Jordan actually has but he manages a tight smile, "Aggression? A little I guess. I'm rather pissed they choose Abin Sur's planet but that was Arisia and my own fault ultimately, I think. Unless they're trying to mess with me." A look around the room at those present as he snares his own water, covering his mouth to chug it down.
"You're subjecting Aya to classical music and reading her books? No romance novels." Hal murmurs but glad ot hear the ship is in one piece and doing well. She took a few hits out there.
A nod towards Caitlin when she enters, "Hey Red. Good to see you in one piece."
The voice scrambler on Batman's suit is clear enough… and still on, despite being among the Justice League. Soon, Batman is walking over to the entrance. "I need to do some trials with the new technology if I'm going to get started on profiling them quickly, then. Advancements in several fields mean I can improve efficiency and encryption. Keep the government out of the mainframe easier."
Batman stops at the exit, looking back over his shoulder to Superman, "We can talk after I'm done." Then, that cape flutters once more as Batman steps out of sight.
Superman gives a light chuckle to Batman as he heads out. "Sounds good Batman. I look forward to our next meeting." a small smile then. Though he looks to Diana and Martian Manhunter at their words of encouragement, J'onn's reasoning and Diana's humor cumulatively make him smile big and wide. "You two really honor me with your words…" he chuckles then a bit.
Though he looks to Caitlin as she returns to the fold. "Caitlin! it's good to see you up and about. Been training lately?" he asks her curiously. They have similar fighting styles, so he tends to take a mentor kind of role with people like him in some sense…even when nothing is official at all.
He finally looks to Hal, giving him a small smirk.
Diana would smile softly at J'onn. "It is no small task, taking care of all of you, let me assure you." Another small bit of a humor from Wonder Woman before she stepped away from him and walked past Hal, smirking at him. "As if I would read a romance novel out loud in your ship. Do not be ridiculous, Hal Jordan." She said at the Lantern while she plucked up a cup of water for herself and walked toward the far side of the room.
Diana would give a large smile to Caitlyn then. "Are you okay?" She'd ask the other, not wanting to bombard her with TOO much concern though.
Dinah knows that the medbay is the best place for her friends right now. She knows that the feelings of helplessness she is having are normal for the situation and that she just needs to trust in the superior technology of the medbay. But she can't just sit around and do nothing! And so, having a need to do *something* to help, Black Canary arrives with a Peace Lily in her hands. Nothing like a plant to help people get well faster. Or at least that is one of the beliefs that has worked in favour of her secret identity's business. Seeing Superman sitting up and talking makes her smile. "Well, it would seem that the rumors of your well being were highly exaggerated."
Caitlin flashes a dimple-cheeked smile at Hal's welcome, and pinks a little at the welcome she receives from the various, more senior League members. She does reach out and offer Diana a squeeze of the hand as the other woman drifts near her, in a small moment of solidarity. Girls gotta stick together!
"I'm— I'm fine, everyone, really," Caitlin says, embarrassed at the attention. "It was just a little concussion. But Carol tattled on me, so I've been on bedrest," she explains. "It's like… I mean, I'm /fine/. Mostly just a headache from that psychic whammy," she says, brushing fingers over her brow. A few minor abrasions are healing nicely on her forearms and the raw skin on her knuckles looks week old, not days.
She smiles welcome at Dinah when the blonde gymnast arrives, wiggling her fingers at the other woman and mouthing 'Hi!' at her.
"If you would like any assistance, Batman, know that I am always available." He taps the pendant attached to his chest straps, "The knowledge of my Species will not be lost and I believe they would be honored for it to be used in order to protect another Planet."
"Kal, the honor is well earned, my friend. I am glad to know that the beam did not effect you in that way." A quick nod to the Green Lantern in thanks, "It is an effective skill, Hal. It is something that is passed down to Manhunters in order to insure they are in the correct frame of mind while performing their role." and again that small smile shows it's way on his face at the banter between the League Members.
"I have no doubt, Diana…" J'onn replies in what could be considered a serious tone, "…I have been told that Kal and I need to go on a diet given our excess mass. I can imagine moving us to the ship is a feat worthy of song on Themyscira." He looks over to Kal, offering him a wink, knowing full well their unique physiology is the cause of the 'excess mass'.
As Dinah walks in, J'onn gives her a small smile and a welcoming nod, "Canary, it is good to see you…" his eyes moving to the Peace Lily, "…and your gifts." Drinking the last of his water, and placing the cup on a nearby table.
Hal adjusts the gown then pauses only to use a fraction of ring power to encase himself in the rest of his outfit. Aware now Fairchild and Black Canary have joined them. "Drafty… we have a party in here now? I am starting to feel like people had actual concern for us."
A look at the smirking Superman, "Or maybe just you. You big blue ape."
Batman gone now he realizes he has lost his chance to stand beside him and look Christmas ready with the black green, black red color sequence… An odd amusement for him to think about. Maybe next time he'll bring a Santa cap to pop on the man's cowl. This is all Hal deflecting, trying to calm himself as he has to admit to some measure of Red emotion bleed off. "If I could even meditate for 30 seconds, J'onn I think I'd make a couple people keel over in shock."
"Red, you did a great job knocking that Tower over. At the time, maybe not the best of our ideas but somehow we managed to come out ahead." A look over at Starfire's still slumbering form in that pod.
"Hey, I have no clue what your literature preferences are, Princess. I picture unicorns, sword fighting and cook books." It's getting lighter at least, the Lantern is scowling less.
Superman laughs a bit when Diana approaches Hal as they speak of Romance novels. "Oh? So I don't get to see Hal sitting anxiously as he hears the next part of the novel? Sadness." he teases the Green Lantern before Dinah walks in, and he gives her a big smile. "Black Canary. Good to see you on the Watchtower again. Just recovering from a Red Lantern incident."
he says pretty casually when it could be, and likely is, much worse than it appears. He shrugs then, looking to J'onn with a kind smile at his words, giving him a nod. "Thank you J'onn." the hashtag #alienbros is probably trending worldwide about now. His attention falls upon Caitlin then. "Hah, alright alright, we'll back off. It's good to see you in good health though, Caitlin." he smiles warmly to her before he floats over to his medical bed, sitting back down. He was already mostly healed from the blast.
"I missed this…this many of us, in the watchtower just talking."
Diana would share with the hand squeeze from Caitlyn and then she'd smile at Dinah upon seeing her enter the medbay. "Guess what?" She'd say to Dinah. "We found Batman… he has a new suit and Hal does not like it!" Diana would then mouth the word 'wow' at Dinah and flash a big grin before she'd tip her cup up to her lips for a drink of the cold water.
She'd turn then to grin at J'onn. "I only carried all of you at the same time. It was no big deal… but yes, you need to ease up on the Oreos, Mister." She teased the Manhunter before she just grinned at Hal and shook her head side to side at him.
"Your ship is safe and sound, Mister Jordan."
And a nod of agreement was given to Superman's last words, along with a warm smile.
"I heard," Canary responds to Superman as he talks so casually about the Red Lantern incident. She places the plant closer to Starfire, as it would seem that she needs the healing benefits of the plant more then the others in the medbay do. She looks to the alien princess, saying nothing but giving the pod a friendly touch, as if her well wishes could be conveyed through the glass. She then turns to the others, letting her mood lighten.
"A suit of Batman's that Hal has an opinion on? Do I dare ask?" She walks to J'onn's side and crosses her arms over her chest, giving the Martian a playful smirk. "Looks like I'm going to have to oversee your workout regimen, J'onn. Too much snacking and not enough jogging." She winks to her friend and then turns to look over to Hal with a smirk. "What did you do this time? And don't say nothing. You've always done something."
"You /do/ look guilty most of the time," Caitlin tells Hal, agreeing with Dinah's assessment. "But I think in your defense, you're only up to something eight percent of it, right?" she inquires, eyes dancing. She grins, irrepressible as ever, then winces and touches her head again. A bruise on her temple looks a few weeks old, ugly and hidden mostly by her thick red hair.
"Hey, Superman— I heard that you've got another cousin in town?" she inquires of the Man of Steel. "And she's like… close to my age, right?" she inquires, hopefully. It's not like there are a lot of young adults in the Justice League.
Chuckling at Hal doing his best impression of Batman with the scowling, J'onn nods his head in agreement, "I think you underestimate your own focus, Hal. Anyone that can make a construct of a fully functioning airplane has what it takes to relax their mind."
"I agree, Kal. Since my return to the Watchtower it has seemed quite… deserted, without the camaraderie of the League Members." His gaze shifts from each of the group in turn, and finally adding "It seams none too soon if what we have come across with Hal is any hint of the dangers ahead."
At Diana's comment, J'onn quirks one brow high, "Diana, how you wound the soul with such words. I will endeavor to minimize my intake of such a delicious but non-nutritious treat."
"And an attack from another front." J'onn adds when Dinah gets in on the act as well. "Fair statement, Canary. I will follow your workout regimen and we will continue your mental training." He offers Dinah a small bow in surrender, "I will vouch for Hal in this instance…" J'onn begins, "..he simply illegaly requisitioned a sentient space vessel from the Lanterns. Took us to a Planet full of Sentient controlled by the Anger of the Red Lanterns, and had us destroy their Tower while absorbing the Light of their Hate with our bodies." Yes, he is straight faced when he tells Dinah what happened.
Superman's concern for everyone would be touching to Hal if he wasn't aching in places that should normally not be felt. A steady follow of Dinah's actions in putting the flowers by Starfire is oddly touching and makes Hal just a little angry that Kyle isn't around. There it goes again! No, thats just general human concern.
"Wait, what? I don't like it? No I just found it ironi… nevermind. You guys take your digs." Despite himself he is smiling, a small tilt at one corner. Hal's hand lifts up and rakes gloved fingers through his hair, he isn't alone. Diana and Dinah are basically making weight jokes about the other pro-green guy here. Goes around comes around.
"I am only guilty maybe… yeah, I suppose thats a fair assessment Fairchild." No math required but then he is hearing J'onn tell the story. "Whoah, brother man, you put it that way and I sound entirely at fault here. Ugh… That just… " A hand slap to his own thigh in mock defeat from the Green Lantern.
Superman watches everything happening, and he just sighs happily. It was good to see the family system of the Justice League at work…it's what brought them so close…what's helped them win time and time again, saved the world far more than once because of it too. With closed eyes he rises back to his feet, chuckling at Dinah. "Hah…" he then looks to Caitlin.
"Yes…her name is Supergirl. I've worked to get her acclimated to this world…as krypton is no more. I'm happy to hear she's already made friends." of course, -where- she is..is a whole nother story. one he doesnt answer. Though he looks to J'onn, Dinah, and Diana. a warmness in his smile for Diana, though to J'onn and Dinah, he chuckles. "But his oreos are quite tasty…though it'd be nice to see J'onn training."
A look to Hal then. "Hah, you know we only mess with you Hal because it's fun." he pats him on his good shoulder -gently- so that he doesn't fly into the Watchtower wall.
Diana lowered her cup down from her lips after a sip of the water and she put her eyes upon where J'onn was. She showed him a soft grin. "I am only teasing you. You are not in any need of losing any weight, I assure you." She'd tell the Martian, not wishing to body shame anyone! Except maybe Hal.
Diana walked to the little robot waterboy and she offered it the cup back and when it thanked her in its robovoice, she'd thank it back with a nice smile. "And they claimed that robots would rise up and take over our world… Nonsense. The ones aboard the station here could not be more pleasant." She grinned a little more.
Black Canary sits herself down on the foot of Hal's bed, smiling to the others. "It's nice to have us all talking like this, I agree. Not that I don't have my hands full in Gotham, but it's nice to sit and laugh with friends again." She smiles over to Hal, her blue eyes twinkling with merriment. "Even you!"
As J'onn tells her what happened, Canary lets out a long, slow breath. "You took the Red Light of Hate into you? That could have gone disastrously. Having someone with Superman's strength and power and then fill him with hate? I'm surprised there aren't more people here in the ward."
Realizing that Diana is making sure not to body shame a person, Dinah feels obliged to take back her digs. "She's right. No need to work-out with me. THough, the company would certainly not be shunned if you chose to join me." The blonde watches the little robot go and chuckles. "Are you sure they aren't just lulling you into a false sense of security? Or maybe you are actually just a robot clone of Diana and we haven't clued into the signs yet."
"I don't know about these robots, but the sentient AI on my computer promised me she's not out to take over the world," Caitlin tells the others, with a surprisingly wicked streak of playful sarcasm in her voice. "All she wants to do is help me mine gold in Warcraft and write trashy romance novels to post online."
She slurps down more protein shake, having killed most a half a gallon(!) of slurry in ten minutes.
"I don't think there's enough hate in the universe to change Kal, Dinah," Caitlin tells the blonde— but she speaks with a quiet deference, enough that the words might go missed in the convivial hubbub.
Glancing over to Hal with that same raised eyebrow, J'onn deadpans, "The Truth will set you Free." Then the features turn to a smile, "I would expect nothing less exemplary from our own Green Lantern. Fine work, and because of you there is an entire planet saved from the Hate of the Red Lanterns. Well Done, Hal." And his voice carries a seriousness that is not to be missed.
"Oh, I know, Diana. I am sure if you were truly worried that I would receive more than a quiet rebuke. As with Canary, I am sure I would be spending time tossed about a training facility." He gives her a wink, showing the good natured ribbing that they all do with one another.
"Our original plan wasn't to absorb the light…" J'onn adds, defending Kal and their decision, "…but when left with the choice of allowing it to do.. whatever it was going to do.. we sacrificed ourselves in order to stop what the Red Lanterns were doing." A simple shrug, of course they would give their lives for such a purpose, "And we trust our friends to bring us around if there is an issue of Change. I do not believe for a moment you would allow us to be Red Lanterns for long." Kal and J'onn, Red Lanterns, amazing.
A quick wink to Dinah as she sits down, one hand idly adjusting the sting and Hal speaks on, "My skin isn't Steel but it's plenty thick. You're fine." He assures Kal-El.
"Thanks, J'onn. Duty, you now… "
"Theory is, a pretty easy one, the amount of Rage they had created on Ungara would have fueled quite a few new Red Lanterns or existing ones. You guys using your faces like giant energy sponges probably saved an entire galaxy." No remark about being lugged around by Diana or Cait's AI.
"Once I recharge my ring I'll run a scan over both of you, Starfire and I to make sure there is no residual but this power of theirs isn't exactly subtle, there is nothing about them that is. We're dealing with brute force and maniacs. They're about destruction and inspiring more to their cause. Which is in itself scary, thats a lot of power they host and they're unrelenting."
They all seen what happened on Ungara too. People were ripping each other to pieces with bare hands and teeth. Passive people who would never hurt another soul. It was tragic and behind them through the Watchtower viewport hovers the Earth as a reminder.
Superman looks to Hal as he explains that J'onn and Kal's 'sacrifice' more than likely saved an entire galaxy, Superman smiles warmly then. "It was nothing…anyone else would have done it." he says to stay humble. Kal was never the boasting type, though was likely one of the purest members of the League. He looks to J'onn as he defends their plan, giving him a small nod. "We had to try. The way we saw it…all cards were on the table. So we did the last thing we could think of." he smiles then, giving J'onn a bow of his head in respect and appreciation.
He looks then to Hal once more as he speaks of his plan to run the scan, and Superman nods. "Whatever you have to do to make sure everyone is safe." a smile then. He looks to Dinah "If we would have become Red Lanterns..as J'onn said, I have faith in all of you that this wouldn't be a long term problem. The League exists for many reasons." he chuckles, though at Caitlins words about him, he's touched. "Thank you Caitlin. I admire you for thinking so highly of me. your words are humbling."
The World is Just Illusion, Trying to Change You…
Maybe it is the scent of the flora surrounded by the pristine mechanical fau(x)na of the Watchtower. But the voices went from white noise, to echoes, to subliminal Closed Caption, and came to life. At first when Starfire's eyes open, the edges seem 'Blood'Shot, veins stringing like tentacles into the pupiless emerald gaze, and then it clarified with several blinks and a tightening of lids closure tightly.
She makes no other movement, but she heard Kyle's name and fingers beneath the sheets raveled and twisted into the starched fabrics….
… Until the red bled out…
When her eyes open again her eyes cast towards the JLA, her friends in a light roll, legs following the path while her jaw quivers over the clench of residual tension that has yet to leave her, still angry and one name has her envisioning why that emptiness fills with an anger she fends off.
Legs toss over the edge of the bed, fingers spindle through the lengths of tousled bed-head, muttering in Tamaranean as they catch tangles and she has to shake her hand free. A small spark, aglow, smoke, and she is free, the glower a smile slowly reforming on dimples with a *twitch*.
"Oh good!" An exclamation from Star to seeing the others alive as well, although a lean towards the flowers has her straying her eyes towards Black Canary. "Who are you?" And if she is in her token tights? Those might get a compliment as well.
But it is apparent, even as the amethyst attire configures back into place over the tawny skinned Alien, she is tense still, down to the un parting grind of teeth.
Listening to the others, Black Canary nods her head. "Well, all I can say is that I'm glad things turned out the way they did." She smiles to her friend, J'onn. "Because frankly, I don't want to find out if I'm up to the challenge of actually kicking your ass when it all boils down to it."
Seeing movement in the pod that holds Starfire, Dinah looks over expectantly. "It would seem the Peace Lily was the best choice for get well gift I could have brought," she says in her sultry alto, nodding towards Starfire to let the others know she's coming to. She laughs as Koriand'r asks her who she is. "It would seem that my reputation doesn't precede me. I'm Black Canary, on of Gotham's defenders." She dips her head in a bow. "You, however, need no introduction. I've seen your work, and Caitlyn here speaks volumes of your praises."
"I believe there is some residual energy still flowing through my system, Hal." J'onn admits, nodding that the scan would be a great idea, "Given my unique physiology, I can detect it, but need to focus my efforts on not succumbing to some of the urges."
J'onn shares the same thought process as Kal, "And we would make the same decision again under the same circumstances." They both have dealt with the loss of their respective peoples, and would not see that happen to any other planet as long as it is within their power to stop it. "I had no idea what the outcome was, Hal. I am even more secure in the belief we made the correct decision then."
As Starfire comes to, J'onn turns in her direction, and she will feel that he is genuinely happy to see her awake. "And now the last of us are awake…" and J'onn can sense the aggression, and adds "…Koriand'r.." one of the few comfortable with her language to say her name, "…Calm…" and he sends her some calming emotions, subtle in nature.
"Starfire!" Hal says, "You're okay. I was starting to worry." The excitement in his voice doesn't hide that he has noticed the red wash away, more residual, it's in several of them and that is clear. Further confirmed by J'onn's own words.
"Then I need to get on this immediately. Just need a little more time, I know Superman says hes not feeling it but it's best the four of us stay in a form fo quarantine until we're fully cleared or at the very least buddy system up and remain calm, J'onn already handling this with Starfire. The Swiss Army Martian perhaps one of the biggest assets of the Justice League. This team is seriously 'heavy' in it's power but that just means more rests on their shoulders.
"We made the right call." Hal confirms and looks at Caitlin, "All of us. The Ungarans have been through a lot and when we're done here they are going to need our help rebuilding their society, I'm not asking for volunteers to help me in this when the time comes but I'm also not going to say no. I owe this to Abin Sur."
"Considering we need to keep things light and easy, I suggest we start talking about a holiday plan. Maybe uh, a big party in the Hall of Justice."
While hes trying to talk about these things hes watching them, rubbing his thumb over his ring and especially concerned about Martian Manhunter and Superman. He has seen a Kryptonian go full RED. It's terrifying and it cost him a girlfriend. Not that he isn't used to losing those but…
"Anyone?" Light, laughter, camaraderie, make it happen, keep them evened out until they're safe again.
Superman nods to Hal as he goes on his littel speech about justice and how they made the right call. He enjoyed it even. "Well said, Hal. Well said." a warmness in his voice. Though he turns his head, rising to his feet just in case Starfire suddenly loses her cool.
His attention on virtually everything else comes to a standstill…even as laughter and camaraderie take place. Though eventually, he does smile. "I think a celebration party would be pretty nice."
Caitlin turns a startling shade of vermillion at Dinah's offhand compliment, hiding her face in her meal and letting her hair fall forward to hide her features. "Oh my god Dinah shut uuuuuup," she whisper, unable to keep a nervous titter from the end of he request. She ducks her head into her hand, but sits up laughing at her own callowness a moment later, shaking her head and rolling her eyes through a barely-suppressed smile. The easy laughter echoing around the room seems to be doing worlds to cheer her spirit, despite the ringing between her ears.
A blink-blink of vision clarity, that reverbed echo from J'onn - her name — the calm…
Star.. Koriand'r's vision is blinked aside, the trip-glats in her vision bled along the broken vessels in iris', returning the gaze to Black Canary, a flutter of lids as her jaw quivers and she speaks again. "Oh, no, your reputation leads in Gotham. How do you not ruin your…?" A skim of the fishnets with a gesture and Cait is now looked to with a small upward tic of one corner of Star's lips.
"She should not shut uuupppp… when it comes to giving titles where due, especially if we survive space-jam level throws!" A wink to Cait and she looks back to Dinah, though /something/ there has her finally deflating, an exhale with that of J'onn's assuaging and Hal's chipper greeting…
A count to …. five…
"I'm…okay… Thanks Hal…!" The flash of teeth beneath deep plum surrounding of lips is a smile that seems almost /forced/ but hardly restrained while a slide of gaze traverses to Di, offering her a reverent nod of her own silent gratitude… Princess to Pr…
Superman's motion, however, has her becoming statue still, mirrored gaze of emerald lifting slightly in his rise. "I… will…help.." An offering to the recovery….the party… to forget.
<Again… Please…> No glance to J'onn, but the askance is evident.
"That sounds like an excellent plan, Hal." J'onn adds his agreement with talking about the holiday party ideas. "I've traveled the World and Galaxy, seen many different cultures, and the idea of gifting to friends and family is the one I find most enjoyable." A smile creases his normally stoic face, "Giving freely of yourself so that you can enjoy the happiness of those closest to you is something that was a key component of Martian society." The briefest flicker of sadness, quickly hidden so that he can keep the Calm thoughts radiating.
J'onn increases his focus on Kori, moving to take a cup of water, and offering her the cup as Diana had done for him. "I am sure you are as thirsty as the rest of us." A gentle touch of his hand on her forearm, and he sends her a message «We will focus on the Calm, Koriand'r. I am here to help.»
Turning his visual focus back to the group, he asks "Do we perform a single celebration, or perhaps honor the many different cultures and their celebration styles?" Given the groups diversity, it may not be a bad idea to have different representatives of the different cultures they have interacted with over their time together.
"A holiday party, with an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest!" Dinah counters to Hal, seeming to rather like the idea of the League getting together for some holiday fun. "And maybe some strategically placed mistletoe to add to the fun," she offers with a playful wink.
But it's Starfire that has most of the blonde's attention. She hides her concern behind a casual leaning on Hal's bed, her feet kicking back and forth in their fishnets and folded cuff boots, but it's only a ruse. She's as ready to jump in and deal with an out of control Kori as the next person. She waits to see that Starfire is indeed calming down as J'onn requests before answering.
"Actually, the fishnets need replacing all the time. It's the hose I wear under them that are the actual armor. Nano fiber. The fishnets I buy in bulk at a little lingerie shop in Gotham, that is pretty sure I'm a Dominatrix by trade."
"Yeah, Dinah, shut up. You're making her turn in to a tomato." Hal teases Caitlin, his own draw out of shut up valley girl mockery included.
"I don't do ugly Christmas sweaters." Hal says firmly. "And yeah, J'onn. Something like that, I mean, we're supposed to be worldly ambassadors here and represent everyone… SO we all know, I may have brought this idea up but I am not organizing it. That falls on someone else." A brush of his hand over his cheek again, more stubble. He hates it. "I…' A look at Kori, he is being intentional here and speaking around her as to not draw attention to the anger shes feeling. The words of the Martian and the embrace of 'family' are a key element of the Justice League after all, team, family, friends, all that /bullshit/ hes embraced over the years. They are the vanguard and examples for it.
If hes about to say something he stops entirely when it dawns on him the women are starting to talk about 'battle dress' it shouldn't be so interesting and suddenly, the word Dominatrix pops up. "What?! Whe… what? Nope. Not going there. Gotham ! GOTHAM I tell you."
As soon as Koriand'r claims that she is fine, Superman visibly relaxes, and he gives her a warm smile. "Can never be too careful." he smiles to her softly as he bows his head in apology. Though as Dinah starts speaking of dominatrix and the like, Superman turns a little pink himself. "Canary…PG-13." he looks to Caitlin a moment then back to Canary with a shake of his head and a small laugh.
This was the group he loved to call family. He glanced over to Diana to make sure she was alright and a pat on the shoulder to J'onn as he started to move about again. He smiles then at the sounds of the Justice League Christmas Party. "I think that'd be nice. ugly sweaters and all.
Kori's moment of pause almost seems like hackles rose where the strung tendrils of flame huen hair hng down the bare expanse of her back to pool and river down where the pod-padding of bed met her seating position. A slow motion, rocking forward, the lingering stare upon Superman, following him slowly, carefully even as he relaxes.
Calm washes through her like the X'Hal-Borne sower she needs, making her blink, a slow motion that tears her eyes from Di and Superman, back to J'onn, so the dip of chin is not only acceptance of the glass of water, but an unspoken 'Thank You' to him aiding and understanding her call and for that exchange, her fingers lace through his and hold, as if the 'grounding' is a hold for dear life.
The last time Kori experience this level of hatred was in a Citadel…
"Dominatr…." A pause, brows furrow on the tense, the placement… "So the feminine placement? Matriarch, here? Perhaps I should shop with you one day as on Tamaran…."
A look to Cait and her head tilts while passing over Hal and speaking to Dinah. Someone STOP her!
"…Ugly sweaters detract from…" FAST!
…."Oh, Christmas… Already?" Water is finally sipped. Nevermind…. Zeeennnn.
Canary tosses her head back with a laugh as she gets admonished for bringing up the idea of the provocative occupation. "Hey! It's not like I said any of the things that one of that particular career set would be doing!" She bats her blue eyes sweetly over at Superman and you can almost imagine the halo she is trying to convey.
She nods her head to Star. "I would love to go shopping with you sometime, Starfire. And yes, it's that time of year already. It seems the years go by faster and faster."
"Yes. This tradition of finding the sweater that is the least appealing amongst a group is something I am still trying to understand." The Martian adds as he hears more about the Ugly Christmas Sweater idea, "Perhaps someone could use a worn set of Canary's fishnets to fashion a suitably horrible Christmas Sweater." Is J'onn joking again?!? Damn him and his stone faced delivery.
As Kal pats him on the shoulder, he gives his AlienBro a nod response, these family events having a deeper meaning for them given the history of their peoples. "I don't believe Canary can be labeled by such a system, Kal. I think by her nature she is unable to be rated."
Reaching out again, each time J'onn receives a sense of the lingering Red in Kori he attempts to counter it with his own sense of Calm. J'onn offers to her images of shared celebrations among the people of the World. Gift giving in Los Angeles… Sharing of stories in Jerusalem… A morning meal during the holidays in Paris… all images of Family and Friends with the presence of Companionship, shared with Kori from the perspective of the various people of the World.
"Dinah you're something else." Hal grins. "Starfire, just don't try to understand it. My suggestion is you steer clear of shopping with our pretty birdy here. You too Caitlin." The man might be teasing as the twist of features remains in that grin but hes also making his way for the door, a look at J'onn and unspoken he nods his head in regards to him and Kori, 'You're our best bet to work on her. Might help both of you out. The Lanterns 'blood sorcery' as Doctor Strange likes to call it is no joke and it seeps in, roots down and spreads."
"I know I said buddy system but I have to get to Coast City ASAP, my family is probably worried sick about me. Superman, Wonder Woman, stay classy. I probably should also do some homework for Dracula too. Can't have him getting mad and putting evil bats in my room or something, I mean, I honestly dont know if I have enough garlic in my apartment to keep him or any of the other weirdos from Gotham out."
The sling tightens up and Hal lifts his free hand up a green shine of light emits, "Ring Power Levels at 07%. Suggested return to Oa or access Lantern to recharge." It's audible only because he's got the voice commands turned on.
"Enough juice I can make it back home."
Caitlin pipes up at Hal's comment. "Javelin 04 is up and running," she volunteers. "I got that knock in the thrust impellers fixed," she says, tactfully ignoring Hal's advice. It's good advice. Dinah would have Caitlin bleeding out her ears. "You could take it and head home, then send it back on autopilot," she offers to the aviator.
Superman chuckles a moment or to at Dinah's attempt at being innocent…and he knows full well it's a bit. Complicated there. But he's very good-natured, and he pats her -geeeently—— on the shoulder with a smile. "Sure, Dinah." he takes her word for it…and he laughs at J'onns statement. "So true, so true."
Superman looks mighty concerned at Starfire a moment…because sometimes you just never know. He looks to everyone else though. "Well, duty calls…and I need to make sure Metropolis is still safe." he smiles to everyone, giving a little two finger salute. "If you need me, give me a holler." he smiles, waving to everyone that he holds dear and close to his heart…then he flies off.
"Hey! I do buy things other then fishnets, you know!" Dinah protests with a grin. It seems no one in the room is safe from a little bit of ribbing from the others, like a room full of siblings. When Hal claims he's going to go off alone, in spite of having *just* suggested moments before about going on the buddy system, Canary frowns. "Are you sure you're safe to go alone, Hal? Do you want company? Just in case?"
"Great idea, Cait. Been a while since I got to play around with one of the Javelins." A look at Dinah, "You want to meet my family? Thats what I am headed there for. I guess I can introduce you as a coworker or something definitely not the… non Florist thing it is you do though. They'd have nose bleeds."
"We will work on helping contain the aggressive impulses." J'onn agrees with Hal, knowing that in helping Kori he is also learning to suppress his own darker thoughts. "Stay safe, Hal. If you need any of us you know we are always ready."
Looking back to Kori, he adds "I am famished. Come and get some food with me. We can talk about this Ugly Sweater tradition, and maybe between the two of us we can figure out why it entertains people so much."
J'onn does take a moment to nod to Dinah, "I have seen you in things other than fishnets so I must agree you buy other articles of clothing." He pauses for a moment, adding in "Lots of Leather. Leather and Fishnets." Innocent Blink.
Black Canary looks to Hal and can't help but smirk. "The chance to meet the people that brought your crazy self into the world? I would be honored. And no, I think I'll change into something a little more Dinah and a little less Canary." She hops off the bed and shakes her head as J'onn talks about her shopping trips. "I'm never taking you shopping with me again, J'onn."
Long distance to J'onn: Hal Jordan laughs, "I'll make sure to blame her. She'll probably find it amusing from what I have learned so far."
J'onn's inception into Starfire's 'calamity' is one that she feels, she knows, she could wraps figers around…
Parting grip has her downing the glas of water offered and setting it on the rotating tray beside her pod that bore a long Cold Dinner. Shoving it away as bare feet now meet the floor with the un-cross of legs and a silent …. slow departure.
"I need to be right for the occasion.." But even then, Starfire seems somber in her words, taciturn, and null.
"Is it snowing, now?" A sweep of hand and she is lofting the length of enflamed hair, glancing back to them as a door hisses open, a drone passively scans her and *blips*.
"Really, Hal? So alike, you Greens avoid /everything/." A drop of hair and it suddenly emits that Fire!.
"Do not deplore her attire of the Matriarch, it is fitting - and makes Cait *Redder*. Win." A small smile towards Dinah and Cait, while eyes skim back towards J'onn.
"One hour. Send me coordinates?"
"Poor J'onn." Hal mumbles then louder, "Sure thing, buddy. Lots of Leather and Fishnets!"
Hal can't resist as he makes his way out, a glance over at Dinah, "Nahh, not the parents. This will just be my brothers and their tribes. Dads dead, mom doesn't speak to me right now."
"Avoid? You… " A frown, "I know thats not you speaking right now Kori. Calm down, huh? DO the breathing exercise and alien Zen stuff. Seriously, right now you'll need it and I need my family. You know you can reach me anytime same with the rest of us here." Now the man feels guilty for leaving but hes not one to ease up off his guns. A light weak smile to the Tamaranean and he is gone from the med labs.
"Cmon Dinah. We are going to practice the 'I'm a sweet florist who loves kids!' story. I do like being allowed around my nieces and nephews. I already have the drunk lecherous uncle rumors trying to blur out my fun uncle profile I'm fostering." Can be heard on his way out, she is going to be dealing with a lot of teasing this trip. Earned.
"This is all the family I have left…" But heard or not the whisper-words seem to go in tandem with the /whooshing/ close of the door behind her after she speaks towards Hal in retort.
"And I can only fathom where one is.." Not Kori? Handwobble…
"I believe I make an excellent shopping partner…" J'onn retorts to Dinah, "…whom else could provide an opportunity to see how you look in the outfits you like from your own perspective." Does this mean he uses telepathy or shapeshifting?!? Only Dinah knows…
"I will wait on the Watchtower, in the Monitor room, and perhaps we will find a spot with as little commotion as possible." J'onn replies to Starfire, "We will figure out what cuisine you have yet to try, and find some place on the Planet that serves it. I am particularly fond of the spices in India, but it is a taste that not everyone shares." After a pause, he adds "There is a Filipino delicacy that involves a fertilized duck egg, called Balut."
Caitlin sits by herself at the table, a little uncertainly— Superman's taken his leave, Batman's long gone. The friendly quibbling between Hal and Dinah underscores the tension between J'onn and Starfire. It's a stark reminder to the younger heroine that sometimes the end result of being a hero takes a lot more than a strong back to fix.
"I think I'm gonna head to my quarters and play some Warcraft," Caitlin remarks, getting to her feet. "And get some food on the way— I'm starving. I'm glad to see you're up and moving, Kori," she whispers to the Tamaranean, flashing a reassuring smile. "J'onn— you have a good night, too, okay?" She leaves, not far from the wake of Dinah and Hal.

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