Secret Door to Genosha

December 06, 2017:

The secret plan of the X-Men begins to take shape as Illyana and Nate establish a secret hideout in the island.

Carrion Cove, Genosha


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Fade In…

Although the X-Men's mission is 'secret' there was no way to hide their arrival from Magneto since their contacts in the old Resistance actually work with him now. Besides, Lorna wanted to meet him. Family is family.

So Lorna and her man went to have dinner with Magneto. Logan and Nate went exploring. Nate went directly to Carrion Cove to 'explore'. And to secure a nice hideout.

Easier to say than to do. Carrion Cove is packed full of refugees. The city was Genosha's second largest, but it was still pretty small compared with Hammer Bay. But currently three million humans (and only a few thousands mutants and mutates) are here. Refugee camps fill the formerly beautiful parks and the countryside.

Still, the fighting in Carrion Cove has been light, and the port has become very busy since it is much safer than Hammer Bay's. Ships leave every day with Genoshans that fear Magneto (or fear to face their former victims - as many Genoshans abused their mutate slaves).

Smugglers come to trade. Genosha technological marvels. Flying cars, energy handguns, holographic projectors and much more are in high demand in the black markets around the world, and Carrion Cove law-enforcement forces are badly depleted and can barely handle major crimes.

So good place to set shop, right? Nate had to use some psychic pressure to 'rent' this nice chateau, but in his defense, they paid good American dollars for it. Now it is up to Illyana.

Scott doesn't actually have a physical presence in Genosha. A deployable pod that ejects a holographic 3D display of him will project forth and allow him some form of communication and limited visual as they secure a safe zone in Carrion Cove. A location that has already been dubbed the international neutral zone for the Genoshans and the rest of the world.

As per agreements not even Magneto can dispute this unless he wants to start pushing on the terse alliances hes currently formed. This is also a major boon for opportunists out there. Genosha is one giant ripe fruit to be plucked right now and the world knows it… it is best the X-Men have some sort of presence even if they're wishing to remain covert. Incognito is key.

"Transmission test. We clear?" Scott isn't sure what he’s seeing yet. Nate's boot? "Angle the pod opticals up please."


Illyana's not on Genosha. She's not even on Earth. She's on another plane of existence entirely, within the throne room of her castle in Limbo. A large chamber with a stone floor and walls, the high ceiling is almost lost in the gloom, the illumination of the eternally-burning torches that line the walls barely reaching such heights.

The sorceress sits on the raised edge of her scrying pool, trailing her fingers across the silvery surface of the liquid held within, and under her touch, images form. Genosha, fading to Carrion Cove, then the house Nate's chosen, and finally Nate himself, waiting for her. Probably with his trademark lack of patience, if she knows him at all. Illyana smiles, and looks over her shoulder to the only other (human) inhabitant of the room. "Nate's taste is better than I expected." She tells her brother, climbing back to her feet and walking back to join him, her outfit of skull-motif top, shredded jeans and heavy boots not really matching her throne room's aesthetic. "Shall we? I'd offer you the tour, but he'd get impatient." She tilts her head to one side in a silent question, but waves a hand and opens a shining silver-white portal to the basement of the house Nate's rented anyway. Taking a step backwards, she offers a last smirk to Piotr, the witch-light of her portal flickering across her features. "Come on, unless you want to wait for me here."

Stepping through, Illyana looks around at the room, then at Nate. "It's a bit dusty." It IS the basement. "But not bad."

It's always best to avoid poking around when you find yourself in a hell dimension, even one that happens to be ruled by your little sister. As such Piotr does his normal stoic standing routine, arms folded while Illyana calls up her spells. He leans, barely perceptibly to try to glimpse the scrying pool, though is super careful not to touch much else.

"So long as Nate has not chosen a different hell dimsenion for a hideout, da. Please lead the way."

Dressed in like casual attire, though not as edgy as his sister, Piotr gratefully steps out into the hideout. He surveys the area and merely nods his approval at Nate's choice.

"I hear you," replies Nate to the comm device. "This better be a secure line. Mags folks might have little presence here, but for sure they will control communications. We have no idea of how much super-tech they control. Sure hope the bulk of the mutant detection grid is in shambles. Plus, I don't believe for a second he won't claim this city once he has the rest of the island."

Flash of light? Stepping disk. "Yana, welcome to Genosha," he greets with a smirk. "And Piotr, didn't expect to see you so soon. Come in, have a beer." He has cans in the fridge, also in the basement. Then he thumbs back to the communication device. "Scott just called. Probably will want your report."

"Good. Visual sucks but the audio is nice and clear. Better be a secure line, huh? You're talking to someone else on this thing?" Scott questions. His long night in Muir Island meeting with the King of Atlantis is showing in the irritation that not even a comm channel can hide. The illuminated 3D projection above the communication device doesn't show Scott's expression due to lag and the connection hiccup in it. Just blue tracer lines through profile image. Not the best connection but it is very much encrypted.

Snapchat of the future, Star Wars thought of it first.

Audio can pick up Illyana but not Piotr yet.

After having given her verdict on the X-Men's new Genoshan base of operations, Illyana steps aside to give her brother room to pass through into reality behind her. Nate's greeting to Piotr draws a quiet snort from the demoness. "I have to work while you two drink beer? How did I let you talk me into this?"

She offered, but she's not about to remind Nate of that fact.

Blue eyes follow Nate's jerked thumb towards the hologram of Scott then flicker back to the thumb's owner. Nate gets a questioning look that's pure 'I do reports now?', but Illyana decides not to give him a hard time for once.

Figuring out where the communication system's cameras are pointing, Illyana steps into their field of view. "Scott." Illyana offers by way of greeting. "Piotr and I have arrived and Nate's taste in accommodation is better than I expected." She glances at Nate with a sly grin, but then at least makes an effort to get down to business. "The portal in the mansion's basement is already active. It's anchored in place and the door is locked. Try not to let any students get in there if you want them back. I can open the portal this end whenever you're ready." She pauses, a slight smile creeping across her lips. "Are we going to do this? Magneto won't be happy." Illyana seems to find that amusing, for some reason.

"Da. I am here Scott. I will do my best to make sure they do not blow up everything. But I make no promises." It's not like Piotr could really stop them from blowing things up but he at least likes to pretend he is the responsible one.

He does head over for the fridge though to crack a beer. The island heat is something he will never get used to. Looking back at Illyana, he asks "Please tell me you are not doing this solely to upset Magneto." He would like to pretend that his sister has more noble reasons for her actions, sometimes.

"Mags unhappiness is like my vitamins," admits Nate. "But no, we are doing this to try to keep this island out of his grasp. He is a murderer and a warmonger, he should be in jail." Then turns to Illyana. "You get a beer after you finish your magics, blondie. We don't want drunken spells. Can I watch, by the way? If not I can show Piotr the rest of the house. It is not much, but it has great views to the beach. Same the beach is full of the tents of refugees right now."

"Illyana." Scott quips back flatly through static and interference at the Sorceress of Limbo. "I'll take your word for it." Theres a complete black out of the holo-Scott then he re-appears mid sentence, "-dents will be fine. If you're sure this is safe we can activate at any point This won't spill demons in to the lawn again will it?" N'Garai stint was annoying enough and Illyana was the one tasked with cleaning that up last time. "Magneto probably suspects us already but the more of a thorn we can be the better. Besides, maybe just him knowing our presence is here might make him think twice before he acts too rashly." Unlikely but worth some optimism. The X-Men are the mutants who police the other mutants after all.

"Thank you, Peter. Good luck though, remember what I said to Lorna… Napalm on a wildfire. You will have your work cut out for you." More flicker-out-flicker-in and distorted conversing he might have said something to Nate but it doesn't translate across.

"Storms getting rough here."

Poseidon himself very well could be pissed at the X-Men right now for all Scott knows. Arthur sure is.

Illyana hesitates for a telling moment before she answers Piotr, as if she's trying to come up with something that wouldn't be an outright lie. How fortunate for her that Nate's around to assume the lion's share of the blame. "Nate's a bad influence." Illyana adds, wrinkling her nose when Nate denies her beer before returning her attention to Scott's holographic presence.

"Those weren't mine." Illyana reminds the X-Men's leader. "My pets wouldn't dare. But I've taken precautions. No demons there OR here unless we want there to be." She's not entirely sure whether Scott knows she fed Cameron Hodge to her pets last time she was here, so doesn't elaborate further.

"So irritating Magneto is part of the plan? Even better." She looks faintly surprised, but the quick grin that Scott gets is bordering on delighted. With a shrug, she adds, "I might as well get started then." Stepping away from the communications equipment, Illyana reaches up and pulls the Soulsword seemingly from her chest, the silver blade suddenly matched by polished armour sheathing her left arm. "You can stay if you promise to keep quiet during the blood sacrifice." She tells Nate, sternly, then smirks.

Something about Nate wanting to watch his sister doesn't sit right with Piotr's big brother instincts. A large forceful hand clamps down on Nate's shoulder and Piotr insists "Da. A tour would be good." This is accompanied not by a shove per say, more like a gentle guiding away from Illyana. Mentally he thinks at the young man «No. You can not watch» Not necessarily meaning to broadcast his thoughts, but it's about all he can do to not say it outloud.

Once Nate has been directed away from the scene, Piotr does turn back to eye his sister. "No demons, period Illyana." He caught the little caveat that she throws in there and does his best older brother voice to shut it down. He does his best to ignore her talk of blood sacrifices. Maybe this is a joke? Maybe.

Nate snickers at Piotr's reaction, "we are just friends, y'know? She won't even go clubbing with me anymore." Did she ever? Nate has faint memories she did, but his memory is a disaster area at the moment and Illy got hit with the Omega Shift.

He is not that curious, though. Blood sacrifice and anything else. "Alright, come upstairs," he adds. "Place is pretty small, it was a beach house for a Hammer Bay family, I think. It has a couple bedrooms in the second floor and a large living room here…" just after the stairs. It is pretty nice. "We should keep just an X-Men or two here so not to draw attention. Definitely not me, I am too easy to track and Mags knows I am in the island."

"I was joking about the heckling Magneto." Scott tries to correct himself quickly knowing that it could easily be taken out of context and Illyana scares him with those sort of openings. "Covert." The word is stressed. He says it multiple times but the static is there again. A roar sound actually plays through the feed. "o. Sacr-. Blood? Nat- Pet-r??? What -s she sayin-" Zzt. The holo-Scott's last expression is one of open concern but the transmission is lost.

Far away across the globe and several oceans… Muir Island.
Scott taps furiously on the display trying to reconnect.
"Good grief."

Illyana doesn't turn back to the communications station despite the sound of Scott's voice becoming ever more agitated, even as the connection fizzes with interference, jumping and cutting out until finally fading out to the quiet, background hiss of static. There's a faint look of satisfaction on Illyana's face that surely can't be related.

As Piotr's ham-like hand arrives on Nate's shoulder, Illyana favours her brother with a bright smile and offers Nate a little wave good-bye with the hand that's not holding the Soulsword. "I don't go clubbing with you because you're always in the infirmary." Illyana tells Nate, smugly. Of course, Piotr undoes all his good work with his parting instruction, and Illyana responds with a professionally disgusted look. "Sometimes, brother, you're just no fun."

When the others have vanished up the stairs, Illyana shakes her head. "Blood sacrifice. They're so easy." Glancing around the room again, Illyana gets to work.

First, she walks around the walls, the Soulsword's tip trailing against the join between floor and wall as she does so, a line of silver flame springing up in its wake. With the extremes of the room warded, she finds a clear area of floor and snaps her fingers. All the dust in a perfect circle around her is pushed aside. Kneeling, she draws on the now cleared floor with an armoured fingertip, more silver flame springing up in whorls and curves. Finally satisfied, she stands up and steps back. Raising her arms, she calls a stepping disc into existence in the centre of her design.

There's a discordant noise on the edge of hearing and the silver flame flares red. A phantom wind whines suddenly around the house, lifting Illyana's long blonde hair/ The portals of Limbo don't like to be bound to a specific location, but Illyana is their mistress and will brook no dissent. Finally the disturbances fade, as do Illyana's designs, and just the portal is left, standing freely in the space she created for it, glowing silver-white. Illyana nods in satisfaction and steps through.

Emerging in one of her castle's lesser courtyards, Illyana looks up at the orange-red sky of Limbo and smiles, before dropping her gaze to her surroundings. Before her stands a second portal, leading to the Xavier Institute. Both are surrounded by a large, roofed cage of silver bars. On the other side, a few curious demons look in, though they don't come too close to the glowing metal. Illyana offers them a wave before summoning another portal, to return her to the house.

"It's done." She says, as she reappears beside her brother and Nate. She smiles. "And I even cleaned up after myself."

If Illyana is the arbiter of fun, then yes, Piotr Nikolaievitch (whatever) Rasputin is exactly no fun. He gives his sister a wane smile as she informs him what she thinks of his rules. He just takes a big sip of his beer to try and convince himself it will be fine. His sister opening gates to hell is perfectly normal now.

Walking with Nate through the house he is only mildly interested in the accommodations. He does stop to set down his beer and take off his short sleeve button up shirt. "I forgot how hot this island is." He strips down to a tank top and continues, "But if someone has to take a beach holiday for appearances, I am willing to make such sacrifices." Piotr is always ready to make sacrifices for his team, though usually they are much worse than staying in a tropical beach house.

When his sister reappears, he looks her over, just in case there is any blood splatter. Seeing none he replies "Good. Now can you bring Iceman here to cool this place off?" Piotr doesn't actually know Bobby's status but any relief from the heat would be appreciated. He again sucks at the beer trying to cool down.

"You can take turns with others now the portals are being set," comments Nate, looking outside from the windows, one after another. Looking for suspicious people outside. "Bring some gear, too. Some kind of anti-spy trech would be good. And monitoring equipment, some of those ships are likely from people we want in jail. We could let our SHIELD friends know we are here, too. They should be here, peacekeeping."

Illyana actually comes back sooner he expected. "I am not always in the infirmary," he felt he needed to say that first. "Did Scott say anything else interesting?"

Illyana spreads her hands out to her sides, palms forward, as if for Piotr's inspection, when she notices him checking on her. She's spotless. Not even any dust, somehow, let alone any blood. And both the Soulsword and her eldritch armour have vanished back to the bit of her soul they lurk in when they're not on her person.

She doesn't seem offended by Piotr's scrutiny, more resigned.

"I could, but you can be cold back at the mansion. This place doesn't have much except the heat going for it."

Illyana switches her gaze to Nate. "Not true." She tells him, then adds for Piotr's benefit. "I have to keep breaking him out. He seems to like it in there." She backs off on the teasing to shake her head. "He lost the connection. When the storm breaks we'll have to check in with him again."

Satisfied that she likely didn't have to sacrifice anyone for this bit of magic Piotr nods at her softly. He looks to Nate raises an eyebrow at the list of equipment. He merely says "I believe Scott has prepared some care packages as it were. I will carry them in later." He doesn't usually partake in the planning of operations that are stealthy, but he does lift things. Seriously, he does an insane amount of carrying things from point a to b.

He frowns a bit at the lost connection to Scott. "He didn't update us on the Aquaman situation. I assume this was not a pleasant conversation." As usual Piotr tends to understate such things.

"Yeah, he probably thought about all this before me," admits Nate reluctantly. As for Illy's comments, he snorts. "It was just the Bear," he protests. Last month is was just the bear! "Laura and Illy won't leave me alone about every little scratch I get," he complains to Piotr.

Aquaman? What about Aquaman? "Oh hell! He waited all this time? I bet Aquaman punched him in the face. He deserves it for sure."

"At least you didn't die. This time." Illyana says, pointedly. Deciding that she's won that argument - whether Nate wants to continue it or not - Illyana turns to Piotr with a shrug. "The storm didn't sound pleasant, and I don't believe in coincidences."

If she's bothered by Nate wishing violence on the man who's basically his father, she doesn't show it. "Better not have. We don't need another war." Demon bears, Genosha… the X-Men don't need to be fighting Atlantis as well. She thinks about that for a moment and then just shrugs.

"Anyway, since you're not stranded here any more, I'm done." She glances at Piotr. "Coming back with me, or staying for a while?" She smiles. "The way home is safe. I promise."

A small smile is all Nate's crack gets from Piotr. He's not sure of the situation, but the semi treacherous statement still strikes him as funny. He looks between Nate and Illyana and asks her, "Is he particularly squishy?" Wondering why Illyana and Laura are so worried about his well being.

When Illyana indicates she is ready to leave, Pete grabs his shirt and replies "I am coming back. You have dodged me long enough, I want to hear about your run in with this bear. I hear it was not pleasant." Again with the downplaying of situations.

"I believe you" is the reply to her promises of being safe, though the tone is hardly convincing. He is a terrible liar, but rather sweet that he still tries.

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