Summers in Winter

December 06, 2017:

Alex and Scott reconnect


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Mentions: Jean Grey, Rachel Summers, Lorna Dane, Marcos Diaz, Charles Xavier


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The sun is high but the day is cold. At least it beats the weather of Muir Island. Jet lagged Scott is shuffling through the main foyer of the mansion. A travel bag over one shoulder and his hair a mess with ruby shades sitting low on his nose, almost dangerously so. A good thing his eyes are worn out and tired slits that are about as heavy as his gear is.

He hasn't gotten the memo that Alex Summers, his brother was here yet. Communications some days between the school staff, students then on to the team itself isn't always the best.

At least the holidays don't have a lot of traffic on the grounds outside of live in residents and the X-Men themselves.


Seated at one of the larger tables is one Alex Summers. He's recently returned to his science project, having dumped the contents of his backpack out before him again after recruiting himself into helping Rachel re-paint her Demon Bear Redecorated room. He's removed his denim jacket, revealing that the blue-black skin tight containment suit extends all of the way down his arms. The bare connection points at his forearms are likely destinations for the bracer he's currently jabbing at with a screwdriver. His tongue sticks out the side of his mouth to aid in concentration.

There is a soft pulsing buzz, and beneath his t-shirt, his chest lights up in a circular pattern of indicator lights. "Ah, damnit. No. Not now, stop it." Alex pokes at the disc blindly through his t-shirt a few times before finding the button to disable them.


Scott blinks past the shades in a double take at his brother seated at the oversized wooden table. His thumb with a forefinger rubbing up between rim and ridge of nose as if he is trying to clear away sleep, his weariness or an hallucination.
"Alex?" Scott questions then drops his bag to walk over and reach an arm across the younger Summer's shoulders in a brief guy hug. One strong squeeze, a pat on the back and a release. "It is good to see you." Pause. "I'm not delirious right? You're here again?" Yeah, the man is tired. Beyond tired even.


Alex is only briefly alarmed by Surprise Hug, having planted himself in a public area for the express purpose of catching Scott's return from… "Hey, Scotty. Sorry, one sec…" He starts to prod at his bracer with the screwdriver again, comes to the conclusion that he isn't going to suddenly know what he's doing, then just puts the tool down on the table, "Was it.. Genosha, I think Lorna said? Sorry I didn't give more advance warning."

Giving a dry laugh, he adds, "I wasn't even sure I was really coming here 'til Ray caught me thinking about it outside the gates."


"It's been a while." Scott confirms and lifts a hand to wave it, "Don't worry, I imagine we have time, right? What are you working on?" One of those questions more important than the other.

"Yeah, Genosha. You been following the news? It's gone bottoms up over there." A chair is drawn out and Scott drops heavily in to it, elbows thumping down on to the flat surface top.

"I'm glad Ray got you in. Christmas is coming up and it'll be good to have you around. At least for a little bit." A grin appears, despite the dogged weariness the man was displaying he can't resist feeling somewhat energized at his brother's presence. It'll last an hour or two before they're at one another's throats. Typical of siblings.


Tapping one of the shiny metal contraptions, Alex offers, "Kind of all connected, really. This is sort of what got me encouraged to end my doctoral studies." He pauses to offer a sheepish, rueful grin, "I was trying to model it after this thing…" He taps his chest, "Containment and focus array. My prof and his whole league of consultants helped build it for me, but I apparently don't entirely understand it."

He slumps back into his seat with a heavy sigh, concluding with, "There was a bit of property damage." Giving his head a quick shake, "No, I was doing a bunch of research kind of out in the desert. Pointedly ignoring news and politics for … eh, quite a while, anyway."


"I'd offer to give it a look but beyond maintenance around here that looks a bit more sophisticated than what I can tinker with. Check you out though, going full nerd on something. I'm almost proud."
A lean back in his own seat, a contrast to the slump and Scott straightens up, "What is happening will affect all of us. You should pay attention to it next time." He avoids going in to lecture mode as best he can. Not insisting on more training and awareness to the 'mutant plight' or the #mutantmenace overdose lately. Genosha, Magneto, his children, the Brotherhood… no help to the situation. One would suppose thats the purpose though.

"You're back for just a visit or are you going to transfer in? We're accredited in quite a few courses now. I mean, if thats what you're still intending."


"Well… I'm not exactly a good talking point for mutant political tension." He smirks a bit, "My bountiful gift of not exploding most of the time is not the most well-received." Glancing back at the pile of metal and wires on the table, he nods, "Yeah, I really should've changed majors just to be better able to maintain this stuff. Got my Master's, though. Geophysics." That particular choice of major was more Lorna-focused than he cares to admit to himself, but it's bound to come in handy someday. Perhaps for teaching Geophysics.


"The guy who explodes the best is talking to his brother, the guy who stares things to death. Come on, pal, we been over this one. Birthright and burden." Lecture curb. Around and around he could go with Alex on the mutant powers and their proper usage…
"Well, look at you! I'd say that calls for a celebration. Unfortunately we're out of anything alcoholic… egg nog maybe?" Despite his internal monologue Scott is proud of his fellow Summers. This is a self made accomplishment the Summers boys didn't exactly have a lot of help options but have made the best of it.
"I severely undershot, you could probably work out a course here teaching. Maybe a couple. We'll have to talk to Jean or the Professor and see what paperwork we'll need. I mean, if the idea is for you to stay with us for a time."


A smile and nod comes with a completely genuine, "Thanks, bro. I … ah…" Grimacing, Alex admit, "I really wasn't sure where I was going to end up, or doing what, or…" He glances around, holding his arms out to indicate the Institute as a whole, "I mean, it's a pretty wide-ranging school, right? I was thinking I'd be qualified for some basic physics or math or general science-ing." Flashing a quick grin, he adds, "And 'Mister Summers will explode if you cheat' is probably not going to be taken literally enough."

"You can sort that with Jean. She is acting headmistress while the Professor is on tour." A way to phrase it. Charles Xavier right now is being spotted allover the globe in his more public approach to the mutant - human conflict and condition. It's left the school and the X-Men in his senior team members hands.

"You thought about more training?" It slips. Scott can't help it right now, "Less a chance of exploding and taking out more of the school." A motion with an upnod, yeah, Dani Moonstar's 'Dark Bear Friend' has done a good number on the building.


Alex's nod is a bit cautious. The pile on the table provides far too much evidence to deny any particular interest, despite the younger Summers' avoidance, "Yeah. A bit. The ideal behind this stuff is to get a bit more directional control. Until the bracers work, my options are straight out the focus array or … everywhere." As if summoned, Alex's chest gives another subtle pulsing buzz and lights up through his shirt.

Silencing it again, Alex smirks, "This thing is basically a snooze alarm right now. I haven't had a chance to … Ah, vent a bit since getting to New York. Happen to know a convenient desert?" He offers a dry chuckle. Yep, exploding bad.


"What do you need to get the bracers to work? A shame Hank isn't around." Scott muses, "I'm glad you're considering it now. It'll help and if you're going to teach here, you're going to teach the way we do which includes power instruction." A hand reaches up and palm smears across a six 'o clock shadow that is forming, light stubble. "We can use the lake. It's icing over… at least for the first session. After that I want to show you something else." Scott's joined in a slump, the tall brunette hasn't even noticed it until hes picking himself up higher by the elbows. "I'm tired, I think I need to find my bed but I'm happy you're here and if you want to be really helpful… I have a favor to ask."


"Wish I knew. It might just be materials. Last time I tried to use the thing it just lost containment and physically cracked." He makes a "Whooosh" noise, pantomiming the explosion with his hands. "Lake's probably good enough. I'm… pretty confident I can keep from going full-supernova so long as I keep the suit on." The containment suit has become a bit of a security blanket for Alex. Showers are quick and tense.

At the request for a favor, Alex perks up and straightens in his seat, "Sure. No problem. How can I help?" He cuts himself off from further inquiries, having already oversold his eagerness to please.


"I… yeah, you're joking about the 'full' super nova right?" No. He isn't. Scott exhales and pushes himself upright, "We have our work cut out for us. I'll see if I can't find Cypher or maybe even Kitty to help with your bracers and the training, well, some brother time probably couldn't hurt. We don't see eachother enough." Up and away from the table now Scott is hiking up his bag and heading for the stairs.
"That favor, right, we have a huge spot over there in the corner and kids still here with no homes to go to for Christmas. You get to be the guy this year who goes out and finds us the biggest, most perfect tree." Scott grins.

"Welcome home, brother oh and… you seen Lorna yet?" A pause. Scott's expression changes. And Marcos. He doesn't add that part as much as he wants to.


This brings a quick nod and a tight smile, "Indeed I did." Glancing absently upward for a moment as he plays it back in his head, Alex summarizes, "It was … alright. No drama, just awkward." He considers for a moment, then just can't keep from asking, "Who's Marcos? She made a mention that sounded quite a bit like a 'We'. As in 'Us'."

The great X-Mas Tree Quest inspires a bit of a laugh, "I've been spending most of the past couple of years wandering some New Mexican badlands. My standard for an impressive tree might've suffered a bit, but I'll give it a go."


"Awkward, I bet." Scott says, the bag on his shoulder being hiked up at 'Who is Marcos'.
"What? Oh Marcos, uh.." A random sudden yawn escapes Scott.
"Sorry brother. I'd love to stick around and answer more questions, but… " A second forced yawn with it the older Summer stretches with some exaggeration. "I am beat. So tired I can't even see straight but later on when I get up we can catch up more, maybe set up some ice hockey." Avoid that particular question for now. He definitely doesn't want to steer in to those waters with a lack of sleep and the first day.
"Take it easy, Alex."


"Yeah… Ok. Great to see you, Scotty." Alex folds his arms across his chest, leaning back in his seat. Yep. It's definitely a 'We'.

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