A Little After Dinner Chat

December 03, 2017:

Marcos and Lorna have a chat about dinner with her father.


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It was after the dinner….ran far smoothly than Marcos and probably Lorna anticipated. He comes off as friendly…but Marcos knows a dark soul when he sees one. Despite his nervousness, after the dinner, he held Lorna's hand the whole way back, leading the way in utter silence. She could tell he was conflicted…saddened in some way.

After they reached the room, Marcos closed the door behind them and took a breath. He looked legitimately afraid for a moment, letting the walls come down, before he takes a breath. a deep breath. and he looks to Lorna. "You alright?" He asked in concern.

This was her day after all…her mission. to see her father, to speak with him, to ask him all the questions her heart that he fell in love with desires.


Lorna didn't so much as tremble, and despite the roaring in her head, the emotions. The anger at her father that boiled to the surface when she saw the man had entirely escaped her. She'd been too busy playing 'diplomatic' playing some silly game to try to suss out what his plans were. What a pointless venture that had been. She exhaled a breath as the door swung shut and her hands curled at her sides. The skirt wove itself around her legs once more, and the green bled back to her previous armored figure.

Which she started peeling off at once. Even as she glanced up at Marcos as he asked after her.

"Just peachy, found out the man that can't be bothered to send a damned birthday card feels at ease spying on me and you, or sending someone, or some shit. I don't know. Maybe he just asked a telepath to go poking around and find out." She twisted her lips, reaching up to undo the metal clips that held her pseudo-tiara-headband off once more.

"Yeah. Peachy fucking keen."


Marcos nods a few times. He looked concerned that Magneto knew -exactly- who he was. "Unnerving is a kind word to describe it…I doubt disturbing even qualifies." he sighs a moment, sitting on the edge of the bed. "How long has he been watching us? You're whole life? the past year, two years?" he ponders it. "More reasons why I can't trust him for a single second." he says defiantly.

"I've never met anyone like him. It scares me, Lorna." he admits, lowering his walls and showing weakness. Only to her. Only ever to her. He extends a hand to Lorna to pull her closer to him, as well as to sit next to her on the bed.

"My opinion? Eight out of ten times, this ends horribly, one way or another. He's the kind of guy who would make someone's life a living hell because things didn't go his way." He admits his thoughts after attempting to read Magneto.


Lorna settled down beside Marcos, pausing in taking off the armored bits and she was down to the body suit that was fused with metal on a molecular level. She enjoyed playing with her costumes when she had the time, but now? Now it was just another reminder of where she was and who her father was. It itched. And she leaned against Marcos.

"He didn't kill you?" She murmured, arching a brow upwards as she looked to him. It was a lame attempt of cheer.

"I think.. he's been aware of me most of my life, to be honest. I can sense him, Marcos. Like.. knowing where North is. And I'm not even partially as powerful as he is. I'd imagine he can sense me where I am no matter where.." Her voice dropped off as she looked down and she rubbed her thumb over his knuckle.


Marcos wrapped his arm around Lorna when she leaned against him, leaning against her in return, loving her scent and touch, loving -her-. When she makes a subtle attempt at humor, Marcos can't help but chuckle a little. "The only pro in this giant con…" he looks around. taking off his shirt to reveal his bodysuit still. "Couldn't be too careful." he smiles.

"It's completely possible he has been….well, at least you can say he didn't necessarily abandon you…" he tries to comfort, his hand mingles with hers when her thumb rubs his knuckles. "I love you Lorna." his head rests against hers, a touch of his lips to hers.


Lorna couldn't return the kiss, she was too tense, and Marcos found her stiff and tense. She hadn't relaxed, even as he had relaxed against her. She might be leaning against him, but the magnetic fields that spun off her, that connected her to her father.. made it hard to even get that far. Though the rainbows swirled and pulsed around them nonetheless.

"He left me alone according to some vague promise he made my mother Marcos. He knew she died and he couldn't.. wouldn't stop his stupid fucking war to raise a daughter. He left me to be raised by strangers. To be alone. To not know what was going on when I had tantrums or when I was scared or anything.. I grew up not knowing my father because he was too damned busy leading the Brotherhood." She exhaled a breath, her body shuddering.

"Spying on me.. on us doesn't relieve him of that Marcos."


Marcos noticed it too, so he pulled away. Looking right into her eyes as she spoke on her father. "I know…it was more or less a…nevermind. I'm sorry I said it." He turns back on his words pretty easily. "Hey, hey I know…I know. I'm sorry he was never there. That's why you -cannot- trust him under or over any circumstances. No matter what he says, alright?" He looks her right in the eyes. Clearly a safety matter.

"It doesn't….it really doesn't. Already why he has more points under the 'Marcos doesn't like you category'. He takes the cake." He grins in humor, giving her hand a soft squeeze.


Lorna's expression pinched as she realized that she hadn't understood Marcos' attempt at humor, that she'd let her anger steal away her logic, and her breath. She exhaled, looking utterly undone. "I'm not going to forget that Marcos, I'm not. I.. I'm not my father. I make my own choices and I know what he does is wrong. What he has done." She squared her jaw and looked away, arms crossing and she withdrew her hand from Marcos' gentle squeeze.

The green haired mutant was clearly agitated, worked up, and not likely to calm down any time soon. Which was further demonstrated by her getting up and starting to pace. "This whole thing is for more than my anger. More than my … my issues with him." Her lips twisted sickeningly.

"If he's honest then mutants are arriving here from all over after his message.. I'm not surprised. Half of them likely already worshipped him. And I don't doubt a few have come hoping to see him fall.."


Marcos just sits there now. Shit. Well…so much for keeping her calm. Seeing that plan thrown out the window pretty damn fast, he simply rests his forehead in a nook of his hands, looking up at Lorna as she paces back and forth and getting herself all worked up.

"Lorna…" and then she just keeps on going! like a piston that won't slow down even when the work is done.

"Lorna." he says again, as if trying to get her attention.

"Calm down. I know millions of going to come here because they think it's a safe place…not knowing that they've made themselves targets. Prime ones, especially for being allied with a terrorist.


Lorna slowed her pacing to return a look at Marcos, and there was a shudder from her, her hand lurching upwards to press against her lips. "I am calm Marcos. I'm.. I'm calm…" She exhaled another long breath.

"If they stay here, then they need to be protected. The people here have been through enough Marcos." Her jaw squared, and tightened. "And maybe.. maybe he can actually protect them. I sure as hell would. Of course, that's if he doesn't abandon them too." She snapped, waspishly.

And then she was moving back to the bed, sitting on the edge of it beside him.


When Lorna finally returns to his side, he stretches out his hand to take hers, giving it a light squeeze. "I know Lorna…I know. If he protects them…here's hoping he doesn't run from anything." He sighs a moment…clearly in a deep thought. His hand stayed on hers.

"I don't know how all this is gonna end Lorna. It's making me nervous, and there's no way we can convince that many people not to rally to this place. I don't know what to do at this point other than play nice with Magneto." He says with a sting of frustration in his voice.


Lorna squeezed his hand as he took her's in his grip. "I've never seen him run from Mutant rights at least.." She murmured, her brows lifting upwards. "There are reasons why the world's governments have Magneto protocols Marcos. He can handle nukes. I.. saw that in the other world. The other him stopped them. If he stays here.. if he does what he says he plans to? Gain control and make a mutant homeland.. and.. and that's it? Then yeah, I can see it working." She grimaced and looked down at their entwined hands.

"My concern is that he doesn't stop there Marcos.. That he uses those machines to boost his own powers… Or force humans to become mutants some how down the road.." Her brows furrowed, "It benefits him to have the mutant registration laws pass.. It drives mutants here."


Marcos gives a nod to Lorna. "Yeah….Master of Magnetism right? I think he said that once during one of his grand human hate, mutant power speeches." He sighs a moment.. "I think…above all else, he just wants mutant to be superior to humans entirely. Wants to crush them like ants under his boot." he looks at Lorna then, a worry for her specifically in his eye. He'll keep the promise he made to her.

"I don't think he'll stop there either Lorna." he gives her hand a squeeze once more. "That's why we have to do something…anything."


Lorna pursed her lips together, "My mother was a human. A baseline human as far as I'm aware." She murmured softly, her brows furrowing. "And that was during his Brotherhood days. When he was leading the Brotherhood Marcos.." She hesitated and looked up from their hands, at the light playing there.

"The Professor and him used to be friends. They used to work together. I asked.. after.. after I found out." She murmured, "There has to be something.. or at least there used to be.. I don't know. Maybe I'm being stupid. Maybe I'm looking for hope that somewhere in there is a man that .. that.." She trailed off and sighed, shaking her head.


Marcos nods a few times. "They were? Well….maybe that has to stand for something…but.." then he stops his words, and he looks right into Lorna's eyes. He saw how much this meant to her. "Hey..hey." he touched his forehead to hers, to make her look at him a little more, his lips teased hers just lightly.

"You're not being stupid…it's normal to feel that way. I would feel that way too…"


Lorna sighed softly, her eyes closing briefly as she settled against him. "We have to stay here. We have to stay and help the people here. Protect them and make sure that when the fighting is over that what's built here is good for everyone. Not just mutants. Not just those that are here." She leaned back look at him. Her shoulders rolled back as both of her hands seized his own.

"If the UN recognizes him then he'll have to play by international law. My guess is it’s like he says, that they think he'll be too bogged down here and that it'll keep him occupied." Her lips twisted as she exhaled a breath. "We need to play nice, and we need to work to stay here.. I think.."


Marcos looks at Lorna when she mentions that they should stay in Genosha…and looks completely against it. Though he starts to think for a moment, and when she takes both of his hands, he squeezes them in return, his fingers tangling with her own.

"I don't know Lorna…if we stay, we both are in great danger…especially if your father decides to run some neo-Brotherhood. Not to mention, convincing Nate and the others to let us stay without causing a ruckus will be difficult."


Lorna arched green eyebrows upwards she looked him over. "Greater danger than going back to the states? Than working in Mutant Town and being just moments away from a Mutant Registration act being passed? A second away from having my head scrambled by Dani, or Wanda. Or literally anyone? We could run into an anti-mutant riot Marcos and get strung up like those kids out west." She pursed her lips together.

"At least here, currently, we know it's a war zone. We know there are Sentinels and we know how to handle them and their thugs.. We can protect those mutants here and humans that remain. We can keep people safe. You heard my father. Very few mutants are born with the kind of power we have. The X-men can protect the states. But who else can do good here?"

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