Making Room for Krampus

December 01, 2017:

Enchantress having revealed herself says good bye with some added encouragement from Scott.


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The lights fixed somehow on their own in the sub-basement also corrected out an elevator issue. The Blackbird is being prepped by Piotr and final diagnostics need to be ran timed later on.

Scott parted paths with Lorna as she hunts down Jessica Jone's card and the X-Men's leader is stalking on through the staff corridor to his office.

An office that is scattered with homework, books, papers of all kinds and in much more disarray than hes used to. It is not like him but then, it looks like a Demon Bear attacked a micro-sized one as this room was actually left intact. Scott Summers has no excuse for it's current state.

Picking up an cloth for the whiteboard he scrubs it smearing off notes about Genosha unmindful of the fact the staff section doorways had been ripped off the hinges, crushed like so many other ruined portions of Xavier's grounds.


After the Demon Bear attack on Xavier's, Helen is revealed to no longer be 'Helen', even to Annika and Olivia, and explaining it all to them seemed to be done in a vigil of hushed voices that sometimes raised!!, in the dark hours of the night to when the sun nearly rose.

The Enchantress did not expect many to understand, and she would only explain so much of her time and place in this mix, all the while outer corners of her eyes narrow, tilt upward, a shark-like 'shadowing' to edges while fingers tipped in manicured nails no longer bear tattoos, instead laden in golden rings, tiny chains that ascend to wrists where gauntlets clutch, bearing dark emerald stones within to accent the sunrise painted over pale skinscape in a haunting reminder.

Mossy takes sheen in the attire of thigh high boots, golden laces weaving paths upward to cling fabric to thighs while a mimicry clings the 'dress' to her figure… One she would contest Aphrodite for! The coronet weaving a webwork along her brow and spiring through pearlescent strands of long braids that bleed in with the strips of a cloak.

A massive man has her bags beneath his arms, every step a small tremor through the hall in passing, showing the "lie" in his imagery.

A heeled footfall crunches part of the door beneath as a child races forward, hopping with hands extended in a 'gimme' motion. Amora… Scoffs… Rolls her eyes and sweeps a hand through his hair, revealing the roll of a golden coin between her fingers in withdrawal. "Forever rich, again… Now begone little imp…" A flick of fingers as if waving off a gnat despite the youth running off with a chitter of braggary in his tone!

"Et tu…?" A narrow of one eye inward towards Scott in his… duty?


"Miss Eve." Scott says coolly, not exactly used to this new un-new appearance she is sporting. The board forgotten and hes walking to stand before her. It's not often someone can match him eye to eye of the opposite gender.

"Leaving us?" The man inquires. Those red shades follow the 'porter' on out and then the gaze behind them resettles upon Amora.

"It's amazing, I mean, I should have seen through this during the Halloween event and almost did but, still, fairly amazing." A hand rises up and he readjusts his lenses, situating them on his nose better. At some point after Lorna had taken off upstairs and Scott went to check upon the Blackbird and Peter he changed from his 'uniform' to a simple t-shirt and running pants. No shoes just socks. He didn't intend on going out again the last things he has to do tonight is tidy up his office and go final prep the SR-71 for launch. It's hard lately to walk Xavier's and not encounter someone or some new turmoil.

"I never got to ask, does Mattias know who you really are?" Not that Scott does. Shes a mystery despite being 'something' else entirely than she presented herself to be. The X-Men don't take well to being manipulated or duped though. Scott especially.


"Amazing?" Amora's head tilts, a near bird-like motion that casts further braids over her shoulder, sloped, draped in a 'nary cling of straps that binds 'strips' of the cloak behind her. "On Midgard everything is based on your research, how deep you can dig." Her accent is deep, but her words are slow so to brng to an understanding between the two here. A hand risen is one laid upon the door-frame and lightly clawing down it while her cheek lays just over the splintered wood.

"So I dig." nails burrow into the wood and cause divots, railways, claw-marks! Not of animal, or human!

"He believes what I let him. Do not judge," And for a moment her tone flashed a shift, an altering that has her reaching back to draw tails of that stripped cloak over toes and to lay in 'pristine' about her feet. "I do not judge…" And the long silence has her eyes of emerald flashing shade more pale to Scott.

"His Mothers' must remain…-more- lives are at risk." Walking forward, a slow path has her dropping golden coin and an envelope upon Scott's desk. "He must remain."

Pride or Plea? Her head is still high as she steps back and away only a small pace.

"You save people, right?" And suddenly those words seem more like a barter of ages of Olde for Kingdoms, and those within.


Scott folds his arms over his chest. "Midgard. Right, thats a thing and given Mattias I am going to assume you're something of the over interested auntie or a fairy god mother."

"Judge… also, hrm." A flex of one bicep, a jaw tick as well, "It is my place to judge here. This is a protected space one that requires we know who is in and out and do not take deception lightly. His mothers can't remain under this roof longer than any other parent of a student and you, given circumstances and the entire range of questions have overstayed your welcome. You want to visit while hes here, you call ahead like anyone else."

Scott stops as she asks if he saves people, it sinks in, "We do." The envelope and drop only given brief attention, a look behind those shades that doesn't require even a slight turn of his head.


"Because they need help I cannot provide, my Edda, my WyrdFates… Have no sight on them," A flick of gaze, Amora looks to Scott, and what was once a clear crystalline grass is paling and withering as the seconds tick away.

Amora simply /scoffs/ a laugh towards Scott with the 'Auntie' or 'Godmother' proclamation. "Only in dreams…" In her owrds seem to have a subsonic echo to them, but her smile splits multicolored lips while she listens to Scott, and watches his reactions, down to the drop of the 'Nine-Inch-Nail' upon the desk. "Because they need saved, and if you cannot, if I have to…" A lowering of head then, but not to bow, to level her paling gaze to Scott's own.

A challenge and an acceptance of her Fate(s)!

"I want those who stand beside, to be Right to protect. I The Goddess… Will call," A flippant 'phone gesture of stretched thumb and pinky to ear. "Before I come, again?" A small smile that is already fading before Amora turns away and leaves her back to Scott, a sign - In and Of Itself.


"It helps when I know what I am protecting people from. If they're family of Mattias we will do our best and thats all I can offer you for your piece of mind." Scott's chin uplifts so he is gazing down his lens at her, "You're also speaking a language I don't… but I think we do have an understanding here."

An exhale which causes Scott's chest to rise and fall as he watches the woman, a light deliberate slow nod is given at the hand gesture, "Yes you and whoever else including even the Queen of England must call before you show up here again. You're an unknown factor and for all I know a danger to my people. You want me to protect? This is how we do it. " The man's words trail off as he watches her go, the hair on the back of his neck standing on end.

"Take care of yourself, Helen Eve." Scott offers before following her to shut the door. As if thats necessary, a part of the roof is open and being glared down upon by the dark Westchester County skies.

Demonic Giant Bears, Asgardian Goddesses, Evil Valkyries… whats next? Maybe Krampus needs an invite.

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