Electro-Magnetic Gremlins and Evil Siblings

December 01, 2017:

Team Napalm is prepared for take off. Lorna, Piotr and Scott talk Genosha, the Demon Bear and Jessica Jones' visit.


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Demon Bear attacks. Genosha. Magneto's War. The Brotherhood. What else could possibly go wrong for the X-Men? Right, power surges through the entire sub-basement floors without a Beast or a Forge around to figure out whats wrong and how to fix it. This might be residual from the Age of Apocalypse jump that recently happened or the Moonstar ordeal, maybe even both. Yet another in the list of 'what?' that has transpired.

Scott is scratching the back of his head, fingers roughly combing through brunette strands in to his scalp. The elevator up is open. It's been opening and closing itself a definite security issue as that also means it's going down. Past the open floor of the grounds to the less public sub-basement, the lair of the X-Men.

Scott is dressed in his Cyclops costume, a deep navy to black yellow ribbed outfit but his hood is down, visor is on. He had plans today and this has thrown a wrench in it. The flicker flare of lights on lights off from an open panel is followed by sparks being spat out. "Just… great."


Lorna had taken her time in the Danger Room and was just coming out from showering off. She'd been going hard at her training in preparation for Genosha. She'd taken Scott's advise, throwing everything and everyone she could at Marcos in hopes that she could stand to watch and keep functioning. As well as prepare him for what was to come.

Still, for once, he wasn't with her as she came out. The green haired mutant came to a slow halt as she glanced up at Scott in his uniform, she herself in sweats. "Hey.." A pause as her gaze swung to the sparks and frowned. "What's going on?" A green eyebrow lifting upwards.


Unbeknown to Lorna, Colossus has been watching her latest workout. It has been a long time since he has seen her in action and he's more than a little concerned about her possibly having to go toe to toe with Magneto.

At the flickering lights though he decides it's time to go out and investigate. While it could just be some power surge, it's also not terribly unlikely that the mansion is once again under attack. Just in case Piotr comes out in full armored steel form. Once he sees Scott and the open panel, he chuckles and powers down.

"Having trouble Scott?"


A look up from the floor panel to the sweat garbed up Lorna, "You actually have some light in there?" In there being the shower room and lockers. "Hey though, just some electrical issues. We're do for a maintenance sweep."

Scott turns enough to look at Colossus while he is mid-power down, a hand lifting up. "Hey, Peter. No more than usual. This is an actual relaxing day despite this." A foot thrusts out and kicks the panel lid causing it to clatter lightly.

"Just going to ignore it for now for the sake of sanity. How are you two?"
Lorna held up her hand and shrugged a single shoulder upwards. "What can I say, electrity likes me or something. Must be my magnetic personality." She grinned and dragged her hand through her hair as she glanced back to Piotr. She smiled faintly and gave him a nod, glancing back to Scott. She exhaled a breath as he asked after them and her lips thinned.

"I've been better. Stressed about Genosha and heading out tomorrow currently.. Did you see what Nate found? The UN is considering giving Magneto the rights as a legitimate ruler to Genosha. It's not official yet, but apparently .. it's a thing.." She pursed her lips together and shifted her weight upon her heels.


Piotr good naturedly shrugs at the power issues as if to say he is not bothered. He offers Lorna a sheepish half way, he was after all just checking up on her without her necessarily knowing.

He nods as Lorna brings up the situation in Genosha. "Da, I was hoping to talk to you about this Scott. Amongst some of the other exciting issues we are currently facing."


"I've been following it. Hard to avoid right now." Scott confirms to Lorna, arms fold across his chest and he leans back in to the wall letting his shoulders support him. "Tomorrow. So soon, huh?" A tap tap of his fingertip on elbow. "We best prep the Blackbird tonight then. You can help me with that later, right, Peter?" Scott is being polite. He doesn't always ask people.

"Ask anything you like, man. I'll give you what answers I can. You've and Betsy have shown up in a pretty hectic period. I'm glad though. We definitely need you here."


Whether Lorna knew that Piotr had been watching her or not didn't seem to matter to her particularly. Rather, she seemed content to focus on Scott. A shrug followed, "I can't put it off any longer. I have to get over there. Especially if he's gaining traction with becoming a recognized ruler. If he digs in there and international law acknowledges him.. with all the pressure for the anti-mutant registration going on here.. He might get enough power to take control of the whole island.. Can you imagine him staying there and playing contented ruler for long?" She arched a brow and crossed her arms.

"I have to get over there sooner rather than later." She murmured, and glanced back to Piotr, falling silent.


Agreeing quickly to Scott's request about prepping the blackbird Piotr helpful offers. "Da. Of course. Whatever is needed." He is used to being a human crane when heavy things need to be moved.

Nodding to Lorna as they have recently discussed this plan of sorts. He agrees "Yes, something must be done. But if something goes awry you and Marco..?" He can't quite remember the young mans name but he charges ahead "You will need backup in the country. I am not sure I am the best man for the job, but it sounds like Nate and the not our Logan Logan will be going?" He is recapping, bringing Scott up to speed and hoping that he is aware of the plans being hatched.

"The fight for him won't be that easy. Even if the U.N. recognizes him that doesn't mean Genosha will, a lot of loyalists still remain. There is time but if you feel you can make a difference, I hope you can." Scott says to Lorna that red visor showing one gleaming dot that stands out more, sliding back and forth with a play of the hallways illumination and lack of in parts.

"Are you wanting to join them as well, Peter?" Scott questions after a slight pause. "You go it's without the X. We cannot be associated with this and if it's found out we had a hand in the initial coup… " Scott bunches his shoulders in a lift, arms remaining folded.

"I won't stop anyone but Cypher and Kitty's program made sure we were not tracked while there, your sister and Mattias almost lost their lives delivering it. We can't let that go to waste. The X-Men were never there. We will let Magneto have his day on that one… " The man stops talking, his own thoughts conflicting and a frown crunches his brow above the gold rim of his visor.


Lorna shrugged, "I know, it could be months or years before he has much more than a foothold on the island. But I hope I can. I don't think it'll necessarily make a huge difference, but I hope it'll be enough to help us with Pietro and Wanda. The timing.. maybe it's just a coincidence, but maybe it isn't. I don't know.." She rubbed her forehead and grimaced.

"But I think I'm the best hope for trying to get anything figured out there. The best one to get in and out without getting killed by him at least." Her lips pursed and she glanced side long at Piotr.

"Marcos." She offered softly. "I don't know who else might want to come.. or who can be spared.."
Piotr is relieved to hear Scott talk about things maybe not being as settled in Magneto's favor as maybe had been presented in the past. When asked about his intentions, he lifts a hand and does a half and half motion.

"I had actually meant to discuss the bear problem with you as well. If I can do something about that, I think it would be my preference.."

He understands that it's a cover mission as well, and that's not necessarily a bit strength of his. "Nate and this Logan were intending to go covert. A backup team working quietly while /Marcos/" nods here to Lorna at the correction "And Lorna work."

"But. If anything goes wrong? Illyana should be able to get me or anyone else there in a hurry, nyet?" He doesn't want to leave people hanging so he feels the need to say outloud that he would help, though obviously all the X-Men would be so willing.


Scott addresses Peter, "Illyana could yes and she may need your support right now I… " A pause, Scott isn't exactly sure how to approach that particular issue with Colossus just yet. How does he mention the Darkchylde and having witnessed it? That'll wait. It has to. "I have set it up so that the Blackbird is running several routes between Muir Island, Australia and Genosha throughout the next couple months, we're attempting to establish a safe haven and neutral zone in Carrion Cove we can use as a cover. It will allow for teams to be picked up where your sister cannot." This isn't being explained to just Peter, this is also being extended to Lorna to assure her they will not be abandoned there.

"Tactical speaking this is good that you're going to be there Lorna, you, Marcos and whoever else. The X-Men can deal with the Brotherhood uprising while steering clear of the Island, it hopefully keeps us clear until we're really needed to step up. Your father won't trust you though if you show with anyone he recognizes… " Thats a warning for Nate and possibly Logan.

"IF we can wrangle this bear problem… IF …. we'll have a much better flexibility in assisting on every front." Illyana's teleportation is a clear asset for the X-Men.

A slow cant of Scott's head red line settled upon Lorna, "Is Marcos ready? Does he know its this soon?"


Lorna exhaled a breath and shifted upon her feet. "I know. It's why I was telling Nate that Marcos and I have to arrive without any X-men that are.. well, known to him. Marcos isn't an X-man. He's never met him. If I swing this as a family matter, as we spoke of before.. it'll be tricky, but I hope that the risks will make it worth it." She dragged a hand through her hair, shaking out the green tangle of locks.

She paused and considered his words about whether or not Marcos was ready. "Maybe if he had another several years of training and developed his powers more.." She reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose. "I don't know how to say whether or not he's ready to face Magneto. Much less the whole 'meeting my father'.." She murmured.
Laughing a bit at Lorna's crack about meeting her father, Piotr says "I don't know if he would ever be ready for that." He gets more serious as he adds, "If it goes to plan, there will be no need for Marcos to be in combat. I doubt Magneto will see the two of you as a threat… So long as you can retain a cool head." He adds the second part tentatively. He's not terribly close with Lorna but still feels the need to add it.


"Do we have any more information on the bear issue? Illyana has not…" he pauses, always unsure now of how to speak of his sister. He is as ever adjusting to her changing nature. Sure some of that is growing up, becoming a confident capable woman. Some of it is that she also occasionally commands a realm of hell as a demon sorceress. It's a mixed bag. "She does not tell me much."
Scott doesn't have to say 'he is right' in regards to Piotr's observations. Magneto will look at Marcos as likely nothing more than a gnat but considering hes dating Lorna… thats going to be interesting. If only the walls had eyes. Hes happy to not be in that man's shoes right now.

"So do I Lorna, just, right. Watch out with Nate a cool head is the opposite of what he usually manages." Though, with the right company the telepathic X-Man can often do well to keep himself reigned in. Hopefully Polaris or Eclipse have that kind of influence over the young man. Death can also do amazing things to a person's self restraint as well though.

"Very little unfortunately. I've tried to look and nothing comes up for us and the expert… shes compromised. Your sister is probably the best one to fill you in on that, to fill anyone in on that I just haven't approached her in detail yet." Scott grins, a tight one that makes his cheek dimple to one side. "She tells all of us very little. I think she enjoys being a mystery."


Lorna's lips twitched briefly at Piotr's laugh, she felt quite pleased with her dry, if not slightly morbid humor. It wasn't like she actually expected her father to care that she was dating anyone. It wasn't like Magneto sent so much as a birthday card—if the man even knew when her birthday was.. Bitter? Only just.

Still, she sobered and made a face at the comment about keeping her head. "I make no promises about myself, much less Nate. Marcos is the one to normally draw me back these days. And he's the one with the power to make things hot." She drawled, and glanced back to Scott.

"But Nate did make me realize I know very little about the people Magneto is fighting. I wasn't there when you guys took the place down. I don't know who besides my father to watch out for.." She frowned slightly, and turned her attention back to Piotr in regards to Illyana.

"Uh.. I forgot to mention, but there was a visitor at the front gate a while ago. Jessica Jones. She's a PI and she was asking after Dani, if we'd seen or heard from her. She knew about the Demon Bear. I forgot to mention it between all the chaos.. but maybe someone should try to contact her? I met her in the other world. She was Captain Jones then. Honest woman, and a good drinking companion. Here she seems just as solid.."


Nodding to Scott about the information about the demon bear. Piotr smiles ruefully. He knows all too well that Illyana likes to remain a mystery. There was a time when he would have accepted it as a playful trait. Unfortunately he is less sure now of her motives than ever. "Da. I will have to convince her to be more forthcoming."

"Perhaps I will have a talk with Marcos then. Like a good older brother talk it would go" Here Piotr turns as if speaking to an imaginary Marcos "Don't get yourself or fellow X-Men killed. Also, don't yell at self proclaimed dictators. Good talk." He smiles as this passes for a joke to him. "But if he is the one to keep the cool head. Make sure you listen Lorna. I understand this will be hard for you. Family is always hard." Wait is he talking about Lorna there? Or the previous conversation? Oh, that'd be both.


"I hope we're not just adding napalm to a forest fire helping insert you three." Scott jokes lightly. "I can give you my after action reports and the files we have so far on Genosha. Nate will also recognize some of them as he was there it will update you as best we can." Added assurance to Lorna about who to look out for. "Its a warzone, it is going to be a new experience." Though they did manage to suffer through AoA briefly.

"Peter, if you can get her to become anything at all thats less terrifying than she already is… you have my full support." Scott's humor fails him in that delivery, hes seen things! Dark Illyana things that have him just as set back as dealing with Moonstar and her Shadow Realm.

A long exhale and Scott forces his grimace that hes feeling to tip back the opposite direction, hes not wanting to appear as exhausted as he feels. "Wait, Jessica Jones? Names familiar but I can't place it. Did she leave a card or a number?" Both maybe. A shoulder bump and the X-Man is pressing away from the wall to stand beside the two. A spark spits out and suddenly the dim on off of the hallways goes full on, brighter all of a sudden. Stable briefly. "Hey! Look at that. We're not completely spent on our luck. Maybe we just have a case of Gremlins or Tribbles." Lighter, thats the idea. Lighter.


Lorna shrugged lightly as she tried and failed to look innocent. "Me? Napalm? Never." She grinned and then arched a green eyebrow upwards. "Look at my family, we're all very clear headed, calm individuals. I don't see this going wrong at all." Her voice just as dry as it was before. Still, her gaze turned toward Piotr as he spoke of having a talk with Marcos.

"I'm pretty sure Marcos isn't going to yell at Magneto… but sure, have a talk with him before we go." She shifted on her feet and nearly jumped as the lights came on fully.

"Oh, yeah she left a card with her number on it. It's up with my over night bag. I never brought it home. I completely spaced calling her back. I'm sure it's worth looking into.." Anything was at this point.


"Yes. I think calm is exactly how I would describe all of you." Piotr gently mocks Lorna and her complicated family ties, but lovingly so.

"I will do my best to get some answers from Illyana about the bear. I am surprised she has not gone off to kill it herself to be honest." Has she? It's a distinct possibility, but let's at least assume for now that she hasn't.

With a small hand wave Piotr says "But good night for now. I promised Logan a night of drinking and wouldn't want to keep the beer waiting." Remembering his earlier commitment he adds, "Once I get the blackbird loaded.." And try to track down Illyana. But that's likely a fruitless endeavor.


"No. Not at all." Scott teases Lorna while he kneels down to put the panel back on. A clip in and a fistbump has it locked in place. "I'll probably need that card unless shes in the phone book." He really doesn't want to look through Jones but then, how many are PIs? Not a concern really.

"Elevators are working and night, Peter. I'll be joining you in a few."

"I wish I could offer you more but right now, being nervous is probably a good thing." He says quietly to Lorna. "It's going to be an interesting visit. I wonder what Genoshan Christmas is like?" A serious question. Thats not something thats come up in any research.


Lorna pursed her lips, her arms crossing as she looked down at Scott's words. "I don't think there's going to be much of one. And I'm pretty sure Magneto doesn't celebrate Christmas either.. I don't want to stay there that long either.." She grimaced and rubbed the back of her neck.

"Nervous is an understatement. I haven't seen my father in three years, and I don't know what to expect. Last time I saw him.. well, he as like.. 'retired' more or less. Now he's leading a group of mutants to try to take over a country." She wrinkled her nose and shook her head, her jaw squaring.

"Damn it.. I'm down right.." She pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head again, as if she was having trouble putting her thoughts to words.

"..Thanks for staying up to get the Blackbird ready.." She finished lamely instead.


"It has been a while since any of us have had to deal with him." Scott says, that serious tone slipped in again and he motions to the elevator shaft walking to it and stepping in. "Then we'll clear some room for you and Marcos at the table this Christmas. Maybe you can even convince Jamie to show up… ONE Jamie. We are already feeding a school after all."
Scott waits for her to join him before he'll start the trip up to Mansion level for her and then down for the Hangar, his ultimate destination.

"Don't mention it. Staying up lately is my thing. The last time I had decent sleep… " Scott can't remember immediately. The beach on Genosha when Jean and him were talking maybe, thats been some months ago. Everyone is dealing with their share of demons right now, some more so than others. Family and unity is important he'll make sure to remind them of this.


Lorna followed after, remaining silent for a good long while before she answered him. His offer to keep a spot at the table for her and Marcos had her lips twitching into a ghost of a smile. "Thanks. I'll pass that along to Jamie." She murmured, letting her hands fall to her side as the elevator doors slipped shut and carried them along.

She fell silent then, exhaustion playing with worry and a noxious pit of anxiety that left her somewhat chilled.

"I'll go pester Marcos with last minute details…" She murmured softly.


"Good luck." Scott offers before the elevator takes him away.

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