The Best Day

December 04, 2017:

Elinor Ravensdale and Gambit ask Kitty Pryde and Peter Quill to help them retrieve some killer jewelry.

A Cafe, NYC

Today's special: meatball subs!


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"Look Kitten," Peter Quill's voice is as condecending as ever. That self assurance that strays right past the border of pompous and into the realms of 'why does she not shove his head into the pavement'. "I mean I /know/ you like these Terran sandwiches. But trust me, once you get hold of one of the ones from Nova Prime they just all pale in comparrision. I mrean really, they have things out there that they havn't even invented here yet!"

They sit on a corner Cafe in New York this time. Outside, with Peter having ordered quite possibily the largest meatball sub he can at this point. Its like he looked at the menu, squinted really hard, and picked out exactly what would be the absolute worst for you food there.

…however it looks delicious.

It smells delicious.

Its just likely so very bad for you.


The 'kitten' in this equation merely looks at Peter Quill. Then, she takes his sandwich.

"Well, if you think you can get better in space, then maybe you should go to space and get them. This is an Earth sandwich. If you can't appreciate it then you shouldn't eat it."

Smirking, Kitty Pryde holds Peter Quill's sandwich both phased and hopefully out of reach. Her own is in her hand. It's an Italian sub and one that looks particularly delicious. It may not be the meatball sub, but it's going to do well for her.

"Now, whatever will I do with both of these sandwiches. It's really hard to tell. I mean, they're only Earth sandwiches. They can't really be that good. But I guess I should eat them both anyway."


Remy gave Elinor a few names for her ghosts to track down. While she doesn't know much about running a con, or stealing jewels from a store, Remy assure her that they need more people. So she sent the word out to keep an eye out for Kitty and Peter if they happen to be in the area. Unfortunately for Elinor, they're not found until it's well into the daytime. So Elinor sent a text with the address to Remy's burner phone and braved the bright and annoying day.

She sticks out like a sore thumb in all black, but the oddest thing is the Burton-eqsue parasol she's holding over her head to keep the sun off of her face while she waits for her partner to show up. Luckly for her, she hasn't suddenly burst into flames. Yet.


"Your revenants never fail to impress me," Remy says, the accent rolling neatly off his tongue for his chosen ghost-word. There they are, sitting in the cafe.

He gives her a faint half-smirk.

"Beware. Not real sure of my reception."

He offers Elinor an arm. And then just strolls up. "Afternoon, y'all," he drawls, red eyes twinkling. "I know our last meeting went a little poorly, but I wonder if we might take a moment of your time?"

He even manages to look sheepish, in a sort of 'aw shucks' sort of a way.

"No trouble this time," he promises. "This something else."



Don't worry Remy, Peter isn't pointing at you. He /is/ pointing at Kitty though as she swipes his sammich. He paws though his sammich uselessly a few moments before he slowly peeers towards her. "And that is totally cheating!" A beatpause. "Cheating is only ok when the Guardians do it!"

He can't help but smirk back though. "And you could eat them. But then you would get all bloated and feel horrible so you better give me mine back to save yourself from such a fate!"

Of course then someone intrupts them before Peter continues to make things worse. His head snaps up at the familiar voice. He squints again. "Oh, other thief guy! Off to try to steal something from us again?" His eyes slide towards Elinor and he pauses again before leaning slightly towards Kitty.

"What are the X-guys thoughts on vampires cause she totally is a vampire. And not a space vampire either, you don't even want to see those guys they are totally creepy."


Unable to help herself from grinning as Petter helplessly paws at his phased meatball sandwich, Kitty transitions into laughter. "Maybe I won't, then. I'll just give it to the next person I see. They'd appreciate it. Even if it wasn't a space sandwich." Either the Guardians are rubbing off on Kitty or she was always the type that would be a Guardian. It's hard to tell.

As Remy approaches, though, her expression turns more serious. She doesn't know Elinor, however the last time she met this grifter, he stole the gem she's tied to. "And what good is your promise exactly?" she asks, tone turned from teasing to judging. She even allows her hand to phase back to solid for Peter to take his sandwich.

The question about X-Guys and vampires is met with a curious look and one that then studies Elinor. Vampires? What? "Wait what? Like Dracula? Or like Twilight? I'm more okay with one of those than the other."


Peter yoinks said sammich back as soon as he can and pauses. Peers. "Whats a Twilight? Sounds dumb."


"Oh you mean you don't charm everyone you come in contact with? I'm shocked, genuinely shocked that someone else wants to punch you in the face when they see it." As always, she lets Remy do the talking once the approch the piar. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea, and seeing their oh so warm reception she smirks. Perhaps their ire pleases her in some way, and she looks ready to let him dig his own grave.

Granted, being called a vampire, and compared to Twilight does not endear the pair to her at all. However, she has a need, and if they're the only two to help then she's going to have to salvage this conversation as best as she can. "Because I'm the one holding the leash." She says darkly, side glancing at the Cajun. "He owes me for keeping a very unhappy necromancer off of his ass, and should he step out of line, I am more than willing to revoke my protection and let the dead dish out their revenge." She pasues for a beat as her hand grips the umbrella tightly. "And no, I am not a vampire." She moves the shade out of the way, and to someone's disappointment, she does not burst in to flames.


Remy's eyebrow quirks upward as Elinor declares him leashed. His lips quirk. There are things he could say, so many things, because he's not so sure she is. Well, then again, maybe.

He gives Peter this look and spread hands like, 'les belle femmes, what can you do?'

He pulls a chair up and turns it around straddling it. "No stealing from either of you," he promises. "A proper introduction, first. They call me Gambit. The one showing off her leash is Elinor. She's trying to keep some cursed gems from killin' a whole bunch of people. Thing is, it's a tough job. Thought of you two, well, mostly you," he nods to the pirate, "when I thought of people who might be able to help."

To Kitty: "No offense. You simply struck me as a bit more of a rule follower than a rule-breaker, you."


Peter is currently stuffing his face with sammich. But he is listening at least. He can multitask that much it seems. Omnomnomnom. Goes the Guardian before he swollows and sits back. A good quarter of the sammich gone, like he is worried that someone is gonna take it again.

And he is.

Kitty has tricks!

He pauses a moment before giving Remy a shrug. Yeah man. Dames. He gets ya.

"I'm Starlord, everyone calls me that." Since they are trading nickname and all. Though he pauses and leans his head back against hte chiar and flings up one hand. "Necromancers? Dead people? What is it with magic! Ever since I landed on Terra its been non-stop magic things! Are you like some magic attractor thing, Kitten?" This towards Kitty before he blinks a moment as his thought process catches up with his mouth.

"Hold on, killing people?" A beatpause. "And when you say job you mean like…job job right?"


Kitty has no idea who Elinor my be. She simply assumed Peter did by way of his distraction. She probably should have known better than to listen to Peter. What does that ever get her?

The mention of cursed gems makes Kitty straighten and immediately look to Peter before the newcomers. "Cursed how?" she asks. Then, she realizes the man who tried to steal her gem before is introducing herself. "Kitty Pryde," she says. "That's Peter Quill." There's a roll of her eyes at him introducing himself as Starlord. "No one calls him that." At least, not that she has seen.

"How are they killing people?" Peter's pointed question about her being a magical attractor is met with a withering look.


The look Elinor gives Remy almost dares him to say what's on his mind. She's learning what that quirk in his smirk means, and it usually means something smug is about to come out of his mouth. She's begining to believe he enjoys the arm slaps she gives him in retaliation.

When Peter mentions his name she raises a brow. "Suuure. Just because you wern't here, didn't mean magic stopped happening. It's so much older than everything around us." Elinor replies with a shrug. With all of this joking around, she isn't sure if they're the pair to help, when Kitty finally pipes up.

"Once upon a time, a man married a witch. Unfortunately for him, he had a wayward eye, and decided to have a little affair. The little affair lead to a large ultimatum, and to keep it going he bought her a ring. Witchy wife, find the ring and puts a curse on it, so when the other woman put it on her finger, she instnatly died. Natural causes of course, her hard just went.." Elinor makes a poof-ing jesture and even uses her fingers to illistrate.

"So the ring bounced around for a while, before landing in the hands of a high end jewlery store. The stones themselves were very expensive, even if the setting was lackluster. So it's been dismantled and distributed through out the store, and I need to get those pieces back before they hurt someone else. Thankfully, seperated they're weaker, but should they wear all of the pieces together… whose to say what would happen. I for one do not want to find out."


"So not quite the same situation," Remy adds, "as the one you find yourself in, with your big red rock, Miss Pryde."

The look from Elinor is only making that smirk worse, but he leaves it unsaid.

Instead he says to Peter, "You know the drill I'm sure. Place like that, it's almost harder than bigger buildings, even when those bigger buildings got themselves a whole heck of a lotta better security. Fewer places to hide, fast police response time, cause it's high end, and they ain't gonna go with 'but the jewels kill people.'"

Remy's smile is faint, his eyes half-lidded, as he adds, "No payment for this one. So. Maybe not a job-job. I thought maybe a switch. Replace the bad ones with some harmless ones, in out, done."

Sure, he gave Elinor boatloads of crap about all the profit he was going to make, but now it's serious. It's go time. And really, he is a little more concerned with the whole lifesaving angle than he is with the profit angle. He just doesn't want to make a big deal out of that.


"So many people call me that. You have no idea. I have wanted posters over half the galaxy calling me that! I think they put up a statue of me calling me that. Because I saved a planet." A beatpause. "Well the rest of the Guardians helped too."

He noms on his sammich viciously as he glowers at Kitty for a moment before drawing a breath. Glancing between Remmy and Elinor he just quirks up an eyebrow. "I'm gonna guess you don't want this to be a smash and grab then. And money is…negotiable. Well payment is." He smirks at that. "But we can go into that later. So no explosions." A glance towards Kitty. "Urgh. You're gonna insist on no explosions arn't ya?" He asks of the lady mutant. "You never let Rocket and I have any fun."


Kitty listens to Elinor's story with interest. Magic, stones, a cause that she can believe in while also including possibly stealing. The fact that the objects are valuable do not at all escape her attention. It doesn't take a genius to know what her powers can do for thievery. Telling her that she wasn't to be involved would be a good grift.

It's not that she doesn't believe Elinor, but she looks to Remy - the man who stole a gem right off of her and then saw her abilities - and narrows her eyes. "Is this for real?" It's not that she's not willing to help, just that she's not sure if she really believes he is on the level. The no payment could also be a way to scam them. Replace gems with worthless items? It'd be a good scam.

Her thoughts on the matter are distracted by Peter and a raised eyebrow. "Show me one wanted poster." There's a sigh. "And yes, no explosions. When do I ever want explosions?"


"Everything you're saying to me right now makes absolutely no sense." Elinor deals in what she can see, and space is still just the stars above her head. "I'd prefer to avoid explosions. If we can find duplicates that would pass by their naked eye and hopefully purchased and quickly out of their sight that would be the best case scenario. Then I could dispose of the gems and no one will get hurt." She nods nod to Peter however and reluctantly agrees. "I believe we can at the very least trade favors."

Something Remy says as Elinor tilting her head at him, but she dosn't voice it. She'll save that for whent hey're out of earshot. "They items don't need to be worthless, just… different. Thankfully we're dealing with two emeralds and one diamond, and they were not put into intracate pieces so it should be easy to find something to match. It's more than a two man job however, that's why we're reaching out."

Though she waits to see just how Remy plans to vouch for her.


"She helps people," Remy says dryly, hitching a thumb at Elinor. "And she apparently holds my leash, so apparently now I help people too. She's one of the good guys. But really…"

He arches his eyebrows at Kitty, smirking. "Mais! You hang out with someone who isn't too far from me by vocation. Why all the suspicion? I don't do that kind of heist usually anyway. Small jewelry stores? Please. I just maybe wanna keep the death ring from endin' up on some pretty girl's finger. Or three death rings. Since they could theoretically now make three rings of death."

He waves his hands around, as if to show them off. Rings. Of death.


Peter raises his hand. "Technicly I'm a Ravanger, not a catburgler. Just sayi—oh my god didn't you see the framed ones I had on the Milano?! They were right there next to the tape deck. Or were you too busy being mad at me for throwing you into space." He shoots towards Kitty as he thinks a moment. "…huh, well you want explosions when those demons attacked us. You totally wanted them then."

See! He remembers these things!

A glance at Remmy and Elinor as if sizing them up before he tucks back into his sammich. "I say we go for it. I mean if they're lying we can just get Rocket and Groot and go hunt them down and shoot em to get the gems back."

Because thats how Guardians roll. They don't like someone? You just kill them.

Its worked so far!


It seems, at least, that Kitty believes Elinor - if not Gambit. "I only mean they would be easy to smuggle were that the case." It seems that her last interaction with Gambit leaves her seriously lacking in anything like trust in helping him. However, if there are gems that are killing people? She can't let that lie. And if Gambit is running a scam? Well, she can't let that lie either.

"The suspicion? I met you while you attempted to rob me." That should say exactly what she is not exactly trusting of Gambit at the moment.

However, she looks to Elinor and then at Peter while he speaks. "If these things are hurting people, I'll help. You may get a self-absorbed spaceman, a well-meaning tree and a trigger happy raccoon in the bargain, though."


Again, a lot of this goes over Elinor's head and she finally leans down and looks Gambit in the face with wide eyes. As if to say; 'What the fuck are you getting me into?'. Still she puts on a polite smile and nods to both of them. "I have no idea what you're talking about, but I don't have any intention of stabbing anyone in the back." She's assuming they're talking about more space people. "But thank you none the less. I've tried one of the rings on myself, and I haven't immedately died, so I think who ever wears it would likely face a slow death, depending on their exposure. We have enough time to get a proper plan in place." Reaching into her purse she pulls out a business card with her cell phone listed on it. It says she's a photographer, but doesn't mention any of the magical things she does.


"Because this is what she does, you see."

Gambit. Still has Opinions. About Elinor trying on this death ring. "Oh, it's a death ring. I'mma put it on, me."

He doesn't seem too upset by Kitty's distrust. He merely gives her a bright, unrepentatent grin. "I met some of my dearest friends and family members while tryin' to rob 'em, me. And vice verse. Don't take it so personal! And see?"

He gestures to Peter. "He's gonna kill us if we double cross you. With a rocket. So either we do good, or you get to see me dead. Win win!"

She's giving out business cards, Remy stands up, sliding his hands into the pockets of his duster.


"See I like him, he gets me." Peter says of Gambit's gestureing and translation. "Also don't call Rocket a raccoon. He might shoot you." A pause. "Like seriously. He might really shoot you. I don't even know where he gets most of his damn guns."

He takes the card though and after glancing at it just hands it to Kitty. She keeps better track of these things than he does. Since his file system is basicly 'over there in that corner somewhere'.

Then a pause. A blink. "Wait. Wait wait wait. Kitten are you actually agreeing to help steal something?" A longer pause. "You?" An even longer pause. "Stealing."

He slowly starts to grin. "Oh man. This is the best day."


What has Gambit gotten Elinor into? It's hard to say. It's almost certainly none of it good. "It's not you I am worried about, persay," she tells Elinor. "It's him." The him is clearly Gambit. "First time I met him he attempted to steal from me. So, It's not exactly like there's a lot of trust built up."

However, Gambit does make a very compelling point. There's a frown. She doesn't like to be disproved, no matter the reason. And then her annoyance is - once again - focused on Peter Quill. As it generally should be. The card is taken and slipped away not because she knows she will keep it better but perhaps because she now expects Peter to forget about it entirely.

"It's not stealing, it's helping." There's a haughty expression to that. It's totally stealing, but she will but an X-Spin on it. "You have marinara sauce all over your face."


Elinor looks at peter and shakes her head. "That frightens me. It's like the two of you are speaking some sort of man language. Man space lanague." She adjusts her parasol before before something catches her eye over Peter's shoulder. She quickly shakes her head as if to ward someone off before she looks to Kitty. "Yes well, we all have our faults I suppose. One of my first meetings with him was in an illegal gambling den. If it makes you feel better he did lose a fair amount of money that evening." There is a satisfied glint to her eye, as if she had a hand in that in some way. Not that she'd ever outwardly admit if she did or not.

"The world I work in doesn't have room for black and white. I have to live in the grey, there is no other way for me to function, and if that means dealing with slightly disreputable people on occasion, so be it. " When Remy talks about the death ring she rolls her eyes. "But I didn't die." She says holding up her finger and smirking. "And if I did, then that would be that. Also, you can't die by death ring because I know you would spend every ounce of energy you had haunting me, and I don't have time for that."

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