Mental Space for Migraines

November 25, 2017:

Marcos brings Lorna to the Mansion to get her head checked out— Rogue runs into them.


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Mentions: Pietro, Wanda, Jean, the Professor


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Marocs had had to drive this time to Westchester. Lorna was still suffering from the migraine that had been her sister's fault; and she mentally cursed Wanda for each throb of her head and pulse pounding at her temples. It was miserable. So sunglasses were a must, as Lorna headed out into the car and shut her eyes and tried to not be queasy on the way up.

At least this time she didn't throw up, or need to lean on Marcos for support. It was a small improvement.

For now though, after the car ride, the sunlight, and the traffic, Lorna took it slowly as they made their way inside the Institute. At least the kids hadn't returned in full swing from break. So it was quiet. She sunk into the nearest hall chair and put her head between her hands with a muffled noise at the back of her throat as soon as she was able to though. The green haired mutant was looking, quite literally, green in all the wrong places just then. With dark circles around her eyes and a miserable tilt to her shoulders.


Marcos was clearly worried about Lorna, the whole drive there. Strangely enough, popular belief aside, Marcos is actually a pretty good driver, as good as the next guy really…though he was extra careful during the turns and lane-changing as to not make Lorna queasy.

He helped her the whole way to the institute, letting her use him to hold her balance and when she started to slump, full on carried her to where she needed to be. "Hopefully the Professor and Jean get here soon…I called ahead of time to at least buy time." he sighs a moment, pulling up a chair to sit by his green-mained girlfriend.


Rogue was in the kitchen cleaning up some dishes and cookware from the dinner that had been served earlier. She'd assisted Ororo in preparing some left overs for the kids who had no place else to go for a holiday weekened, these kids were the ones Rogue especially liked to spoil.

The southern belle wasn't really all gussied up at the moment, she was wearing a dark blue NY Rangers hockey jersey with the number 69 emblazened on the back with the name 'Rogue' above it in white/red lettering. She had some dark grey sweatpants on and some large fluffy dark brown boots on her feet that went up to mid-shin height.

Rogue was tepping out of the kitchen then, carrying a plate of food for herself and two bottles of apple ale that she'd bought and chilled earlier… ready to go back to her room for the night…

Rogue stopped when she spotted Lorna and Marcos, seeing Lorna looking distraught she walked up to them. "Whats wrong?" Rogue just straight-up asked. "What happeend?" Her voice was grimm… ready to hear the WORST, cause thats how shit always flows around here…


Lorna's lips twitched briefly as Marcos hovered around her and told her how he called to let them know that they were coming. "Doesn't mean much Marcos, there's always an emergency somewhere that can occupy people around here. You know that.." She breathed. Still she leaned against his shoulder as he brought a chair up beside her to wait and she sighed softly.

"We should just go up to the faculty room when I feel up for it.. Maybe the med bay. I know they have better painkillers than we have in the apartment.." She murmured. Of course, that's when Rogue walked by and came over to spy how utterly miserable she looked.

"Another.. Brotherhood attack on a protest.. I got hit with something. Dug through my head… wrecked shit.." She muttered.


Marcos nods a moment to Rogue when she arrived before his attention falls once more upon Lorna. "I know….I know…just thought it might help you know?" he happily offers his shoulder for her to rest her head upon. "Don't worry, you'll be alright soon." he smiles to her, kissing her forehead. Thus did his attention fall upon Rogue.

"Yeah..New brotherhood mutants trying to make a point, living Magneto's way of doing things." he shakes his head a little. "Nothing the Professor and Jean can't fix….Lorna took a good hit, but she'll be fine soon. I know it." he smiles, trying to be strong for his lady.


Rogue listened to both of them while she stood there with her dinner and her two bottles of apple beer and she just sighed. "Damnit." She muttered. "I'm glad you're… well… alive." She said to Lorna. "What on god's good Earth compelled the two'a you t'go and get yourselves involved in something like that? I mean, there's about a billion othe'ah things that two hot young bods like yourselves should be out doin' on a Saturday evenin' NOT involvin' any kinda political protests."

"Like, I was watchin' the news in the kitchen and they got a whole Christmas themed ice rink runnin' at one'a the parks in the city… Thats where I'd be. A bar before it, a'course… probably a few more bars afte'ah that, but still." Rogue showed a smirk then.

"I don't think the Professah is home. Ain't seen Jean in… foreve'ah."


Lorna grimaced and dragged a hand through her hair. "We weren't going to a mutant protest for fun, you know." She grimaced, and reached up to rub her temple instead after a moment's pause. "We had just taken a job and finished it off. Wanted to go out for dinner. The thing had spilled out onto the sidewalk from this abandoned park." She muttered and then glanced back up to the southern belle.

"Pietro and Wanda were there." She kept her gaze on the woman as she spoke. Rogue had been there with her in the other world when Pietro had confessed to changing the DNA test. She knew what Lorna suspected about the two being related to her here.

"We were there. Someone had to stop them from attacking those asshole bigots. I mean.. yeah they want the mutant registration act and shit.. but they're a bunch of scared humans. Attacking them doesn't help.."


Marcos sighs a moment at Rogue. "We weren't going for a playdate. We were on our way to get something to eat, you know, just have a date." he nods to Lorna as she finishes their story. "Didn't even know a rally was taking place being started by hater moms." he shakes his head a moment then.
"Yeah…..her siblings were there…causing a ruckus. the ones who started it, in fact. But…" then Lorna starts again on how they were just sparking more hatred. "Certainly didn't help the case of mutants… all." he sighs.

"Some messed up shit happened the other day."


Rogue shrugged her shoulders at what they replied to her with on the subject of the playdate, its not what she'd meant, but she'd apparently mistated her intentions. "Well, I'm sorry it went south, ya'll deserve better than that kinda mess."

She gently shook her head side to side then. "I… probably woulda punched my fist through someone's head if I'd gotten mixed up in the same kinda bullshit. Thats why I ain't been goin' anywhere lately… just hidin' up in my room."

She glanced at her food and then back to the two of them. "Look… take Lorna up t'her room, I'll go find out where the Professah is and I'll make sure he comes'n see's ya'll before the night's done'n gone, sound good? Ya'll just go find some place to relax, soft'n warm."


Lorna grimaced faintly, and rubbed at her temples. "I've been taking it slowly. Wanda threw something at me that knocked me on my ass. She.. went through my memories and just started knocking my head around. It feels like the worse migraine I've ever had." She made a disgusted sound at the back of her throat. "Really, she's a bitch of an older sister so far. Just saying." She tried to make light of it with a twitch of her lips, trying to rise under her own power, only to tilt rather ominously.

"Maybe… raid the medbay for some painkillers yeah? Gotta be something better than the drug store brand.. Doesn't Nate have some for when he gets a telepathic thing?"


Marcos seems to give Rogue a warm smile when she starts to relate. "Yeah… definately broke down faster than we thought it would…was a toxic getup from the get go." he shrugs a small moment, before he sees Lorna trying to stand up under her own power….which only prompts Marcos to rise himself to help her, letting her lean on him. "Hey, don't do too much alright? take it slow. I know, it sucks." he says before she can retort.

But he does look to Rogue, giving her another smile. "Thanks Rogue….it's appreciated. Thank you." he gives her a small nod, before he looks back to Lorna. "I'll see about getting you medicine. FOr now, you need rest."


"Manguy is right." Rogue said, pointing her beer holding hands toward Marcos. "Ya gotta go get rest, sugah." She told her friend before offering a soft smile and a single nod. "Let me take this stuff upstairs and grab my phone. I'll do the… supe'ah secret X-Men decoder ring thing and get'a hold'a the Bald Avenge'ah. He'll wheel his way ove'ah t'your room in no time, I'm sure of it. He's probably in his office watchin' Frasier or some shit."

Rogue showed a little grin then and started toward the main foyer and the stairs that'd lead up to her bedroom.

"If I see Wanda again, I'm gonna punch her ass to New Jersey!" She'd shout back over her shoulder as she went.

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