Another Sort of Team

December 01, 2017:

Outside of the Danger Room a group discusses another sort of X-man team..

Just outside of the Danger Room


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Lorna couldn't help the soft chuckle that escaped her as Marcos nudged her and Piotr gave her a hug, she returned it and patted his back once before Piotr turned his attention back to Marcos to shake his hand. She colored faintly at the praise of her being a good student—which she had been. Perfectionist had been her middle name while she'd been in high school.

"Ah, I'm not a teacher. I was just pushing Marcos through the ringer in the Danger Room. We're going to Genosha.." She exhaled a breath, and dragged a hand through her hair. "Marcos and I have been working out of Mutant Town, actually.. We've been working out of a detective agency. So I guess you can say we're on reserve. Though Scott most definitely wants us to do otherwise." Her lips twitched lightly at that in amusement.


Marcos gives Piotr's hand a good shake with a small smile at his friendliness and enthusiasm. "I keep hearing good things about Lorna in her high school days…got any pictures?" Because young Lorna is probs adorable.

Marcos smiled at Lorna's explanation of their present situation. "Yeah…not officially X-men, but we're working that out." He smiles dorkily


"Genosha?" This is of course what Piotr picks up on first as it has been top of mind for him. He squints his eyes, looking between them when he hears the combination of 'not X-men' and 'going to Genosha', but doesn't comment. He files that away for later to discuss with Scott.

"I have not yet discussed with Scott, if he wants me to help there. I know Magneto is involved, and, well that means I could quickly become wrecking ball to squish my friends." He illustrates by slapping his fist into his hands a few time with a smile. "I prefer to not be used as such." Seriously, he is not used to being manhandled, let alone treated like a plaything.

"If you are going on a mission though, we probably have some old blue and golds that would fit you." He of course means the original very dorky old uniforms that they may or may not use to haze new members of the team. He smiles broadly at the thought of inflicting this on the junior members.


Lorna nudged Marcos lightly as he smiled dorkily. The boy wanted nothing more than to be an X-man. Lorna? Not so much anymore. Reserve was comfortable for her. Reserve meant not in the spotlight. Reserve meant that she could do her own thing and help out and still be part of the family.. Just with a bit more space involved. So went the ways of college students.

"We're not looking at my old high school pictures." She muttered. They hadn't been flattering in her mind's eye.

Of course then there was Piotr and Lorna grimaced as he spoke about Genosha. "Scott said he's not making an official team visit there. Not after the X-men dethroned the previous leader. He said that the X-men are needed here or something. Especially with Dani's situation and everything going on with the mutant registration shit." She cursed and exhaled through her nose. But as Piotr mentioned the old uniforms she shook her head.

"We're good. I already had a chat with Scott about getting a bit of non-metal armor uniform scraps for Marcos. We're going there for.. diplomatic reasons and all. But better safe than sorry." She winced at the description of what Magneto could do to Piotr. It was true, still grim though.


Marcos can't help but laugh at Lorna's immediate denial. "Oh come oooon. I'll show you my pictures when I was small." He grins like this changes anything.

Marcos can't but shiver when uniforms are mentioned. "Yeah…what Lorna said. Already got one in the works." He would love to be an X-Man…but he wanted to be by Lorna too. Hence discussions. But he does smile. "The mission will go well I think. Either way, we have more than enough manpower to get out if we have to."


Watching the two of them interact brings a different almost wistful smile to Piotr's face, reminding him of when he was new to the team. He snaps out of it enough to nod to Lorna about the diplomatic approach. "Good. Good. I would rather stay here and do something about our bear problem. I have wrestled bears… I usually win." Is he joking..? Is this a Russian thing? Who knows.

"But you will bring more than just the two of you? You will need a telepath, especially for tricky diplomats and traps as such." He knows that Scott has this covered. He trusts that Scott wouldn't send junior members into a bad situation without backup, but he can't help show concern.

He lightens the mood by conspiratorially telling Marcos. "I have some of her old artwork I believe. Including a possible self portrait?" He keeps plenty of students work, unfortunately for them it is usually not the stuff they wish he would.


Lorna shot Marcos a look. "What old pictures could you possibly have?" She arched a brow and shook her head at him, shoving her hands into her pockets once more. But then her humor sobered slightly as she glanced to Piotr. A green eyebrow lofting upwards, but a smile flickered to life as he talked about wrestling bears.

"Oh good, we've got a bear problem that really needs to be addressed." She shot back with no lack of her own amusement in her voice.

Of course then he was talking about telepaths and she pursed her lips. "Telepaths won't do much good against Magneto with that helmet you know.." She muttered and exhaled a soft breath.

The mention of her old art assignment had her groaning, "No! Not that assignment. I hated that assignment."


Marcos grins at Lorna "I still have a few pictures from less fortunate days." Cartel. Meh. But it was leverage! He looks at Piotr when he admits he has a self-portrait project Lorna did. "I will pay money to see it." He smiles mischievously, giving Lorna a nudge.

"Your help in the bear situation would be most welcome Piotr. Though if you've wrestled bears, well this should be easy." A grin there.


From the Danger Room control room Nate comes stomping. Now, Nate being angry at something is not unusual, but today he looks in a particularly foul mood. He almost runs over the small group, his eyes on a tablet, except Piotr is kind of too large to miss. He even makes Nate look puny.

So halt. Glare up. He sighs. "Hey, guys. Going into some training? We… have a funny situation. In Genosha. I want to murder someone, even if it is just some hard-light pixels."


Piotr lets out a big laugh at the thought of it being easy. He's well aware that the thing took down most of the team, ripped the roof off the mansion and seriously did a whammy on some people's heads, but it's fun to think of it as easy. "Yes, well I'm sure my sister has a plan for this bear, and so will Scott. His will likely be less stab-stab-murder. Da? Between the two I'm sure we will work it out." The stab-stab is illustrated with soft poking like motions.

"It's good work" is said in defense of Lorna's old artwork and he adds "I am worried Magneto has tricks up sleeve? His mind may be shielded, but he is unlikely to be alone."

Looking to Nate as he comes out, Piotr again draws a blank. He hasn't been back long enough and missed most of the excitement around Nate's arrival. He quirks an eyebrow at the part about Genosha and the murder bit. "Murdering the pixels is probably more advisable. I do not think our diplomatic approach would be best served otherwise."


Logan arrives from the elevators, and is heading towards the locker rooms. He is deep in thought, his brow furrowed, and looking down towards the floor. As result he is not paying much attention to his surroundings. Therefore, he does not see the gathering of his fellow mutants. This is why bumps into Lorna, as he walks down the corridor. Surprised he looks up to the group, and immediately apologises. "Sorry there Lorna… I didn't see you." He offers a helping hand.


Lorna glanced up as the doors swung open and Nate came down, her hair still vaguely damp from having showered off just recently. "We just got out of there about twenty.. thirty minutes ago? I'm trying to listen to Scott's suggestions about throwing Marcos into the deep end of the pool. Dunno if any of it stuck. But if you want to go back in Nate, I'll be happy to go back. I'm less in the stabby mood and more of the paranoidly preparing for the worst mood."

Her brows furrowed though as she considered the 'funny' situation and she frowned. "Wait, what's 'funny'? I saw the broadcast. What else is new? Don't tell me something else is new." She muttered and glanced to Marcos, stealing his hand with her own. Her gaze returning to Piotr after a brief pause. "Jean is worried about that too, she" She broke off as Logan bumped into her. She blinked, startled, she should have sensed his approachall that metal after all— but took the offered helping hand to steady herself rather than to knock over Marcos.

"It's okay."


Marcos glances at angry Nate. Not something new to him, but he worries about people anyway. "Whoa, you alright, Nate? What happened?" Then Lorna captured his hand and he gives hers a soft squeeze…

Then Lorna gets knocked over by the Canucklehead.

though after seeing it was just an accident, he is considerably less upset and he also helps Lorna up, taking her hand afterwards.

"sounds like it's back to the danger room."


"The United Nations are backing Magneto," growls Nate. "UN Ambassador Alda Huxley said he represents the moderate faction. Un-fucking-believable." He shows the others the tablet. Except there is not much to see because there is a lengthy report, no big letters or pictures. It was forwarded to him by Xavier.

"Looks like Magneto has pretty much taken control of the old Resistance. And the other sides on the civil war are such a bunch of lunatics they make him look a prudent statesman." Glance to the Danger Room. "No, if you have finished… bah, this time of the day I am sure someone has booked it. I was just going to do some program-learning when I got this thing. Ugh, I want to talk to Darcy. Why has not SHIELD gone there to pacify the place. I thought it was the plan. Something happened. Freaking politicians."


As Nate explains the latest twist in the saga that is the existence of Genosha, Piotr looks on stoically. He offers only a slight frown when he intones "This is no good. We must be extra careful now, if Magneto is seen as the proper ruler, he can categorize any action we take as international aggression." He was not as involved in the Genosha missions, but he has plenty of experience going up against Magneto and knows the man to be capable both physically and strategically.

"I have booked a later session. You may join me if you wish. I might be a bit rusty after my time off." Not literally rusty thankfully, but he is worried he may have lost a step or two and wants to make sure he is in top shape before the next threat comes, which is bound to be any minute with their track record.

At Logan's arrival, he stops all other conversations. "Logan!" He nearly shouts, oblivious to both the man's heightened senses and the fact that other people are around. He again goes in for the hug, a giant Russian invader of personal space.


After steadying Lorna, Logan turns to address the rest of the group. He quickly realises that he has never met this world's Piotr before. Yet of course, Logan knew who he was, this Piotr hardly looked that different from the Piotr from his own world. A few scars less than when he last saw his Piotr…. Well actually the time before the last time… the very last time Logan saw him was…. well Logan didn't want to dwell on that. "Did someone mention the Danger Room? I was heading there myself after getting changed. Need another player? Though this time I'd prefer Lorna doesn't throw me." Logan grinned.

Logan turns to Nate, "The United Nations are backing Magneto? Un-fucking-believable." He takes a quick glance at the article, "This is going to make things difficult. Not impossible, but extremely difficult." Logan pauses for a moment, "Do you guys have an X-Force?"

Before he could even wait for a response, Piotr grabs him a bearhug, "Whoa! Hey there big guy. You know we haven't actually met yet? Surely you must have noticed the grey hair." Logan grins again.


Lorna's hand leapt to cover her mouth at Nate's news, her features going pale to almost ashen rapidly. Magneto as a legitimate ruler? The UN was giving her father an island nation? Had they lost their minds? While she agreed on some principles the man had.. he was a murderer, a terrorist.. and a shitty father. But that was beside the point.

Piotr's words followed and she rolled her shoulders back, squaring her jaw. "If I had to go before, I definitely have to go now, don't I, Nate? If the X-men go and Magneto sees that as a sign of aggression then it'll be worse. And he'll have international law backing him." She took a step back from the gaggle, her brows pinched in thought.

Her gaze returning to Nate. "When are we leaving?"


Marcos seems to blink a moment when he hears Magneto is officially an island ruler. "What. The. Shit." He sighs a moment, releasing Lorna when she takes a breath, knowing the toll it takes on her. He takes a deep sigh a moment….this was out of his element completely.

okay….that complicated things… "alright…so, how do we want to do this without Magneto abusing his power on us?"


Normally Logan bears the brunt of brutal, bone crunching hugs from Piotr, but the large Ruskie does hold back on the account of Logan looking a bit older, if not much more frail these days. As Logan protests, he pulls back with quirked eyebrow. "Oh. I assumed you were just showing your real age, or under some shit spell." He shrugs a bit, a Logan is a Logan. "I'm Piotr, you are .. someone else's Logan?" It's obviously Wolverine, even if it's not the one Piotr has known for more than a decade. "We go drinking. You tell me about it, da?" Good enough for now, he moves back to important matters.

"Lorna, this, may change things. We can not move too fast, you need to discuss with Scott, and get proper people." Colossus is a senior member, even if he has only been back a brief time, he still sounds like one. "We could just as easily make it worse."

Piotr remembers Lorna from her student days, and though he might not be saying it out loud, he is definitely aware that she can be provoked. He doesn't know Marcos or Nate so he advises "You need senior members.. even if no X-Man team, this is … delicate." He is more than implying that she can be less than delicate and so far his gauge of Nate is that he might just murder people, so that's a strike against him being calm level headed one.


"Maybe he has mind-controlled the ambassador, a lot of mutants are backing him. They are called Magneto's Acolytes. Sounds like a cult. They also control Hammer Bay, more or less." But no, Magneto is not 'officially' anything. Yet.

"We leave Saturday. Maybe earlier if I can get Yana helping," replies Nate, looking at Lorna. "Magneto has a lot of opposition from former Magistrates and human extremists, and also from native mutants. Looks like there is a very powerful guy that wants him out of the island… the bad news is he is also crazy. Crazier. He even calls himself the Zealot."


"You mean me and my Pete? Yeah, we used to go drinking, before the incident." Logan pauses, it's been many years, and being surrounded by these versions of his old team mate has helped, but that traumatic event has left scars that even his healing factor won't heal. He shakes his, "But no worries, once we get used to each other I'm sure we'll fall into old habits." He pats Piotr on the arm, "Besides I need a new partner for the fastball special, Lorna's just not cutting it." He turns to Lorna and grins.

OK introductions out of the way, now to the serious matters at hand. "Well Pete, you don't get more senior than me." Well one last joke wouldn't hurt. "Look what we need to do is a X-Force. A splinter group, for covert missions. Now more than ever."


Lorna frowned, her arms crossing as her cheeks reddened faintly. Sure she went headlong into danger, rushed into it, didn't always keep her head and think things through. But she had been waiting, it had been a few weeks since she'd decided to go to Genosha. Of course, then there had been the Demon Bear, the attacks by Pietro and Wanda…

"The X-men can't go, that much is clearer now more than ever. If I land there, I know I can get my ears to the ground and find out things that possibly no one else can. Who else would he talk to? About his plans? I have to go, and the longer I keep putting it off, the more we'll be side lined. We have to know what he has his fingers in. If the UN gives him this, then what? America passes that Mutant Registration act finally, out of fear. Then you know what Magneto will offer? Freedom. Refugees. A safe haven. He gets to play the father of a nation with powered individuals. Think of what that means for him as a staging ground." She exhaled another breath. Paranoid? Yes. Most definitely.

Scott had been worried about her fragile mental state, and Jean had been worried that Lorna would play right into Magneto's plans. At this point? Lorna was done. She wanted action and less talk.

"The sooner we go the better at this point."


Marcos takes a deep breath, his arms cross as he thinks a minute and he moves away from the group. He didn't like this. Not even a little. "Oh boy…" he runs a hand through his hair then. Though he looks to Logan when he starts talking about an X-Force. "I agree."

though he looks to Lorna now. "Agree there too. Better go soon before the situation somehow gets worse." Though he shows clear worry for Lorna when he looks at her.


Definitely Nate and Lorna are not the diplomatic kind and Piotr shows good judgment being concerned about their ability to deal with this situation well. But Logan suggestion of going as X-Force gets another glare from Nate.

But Logan wouldn't know of X-Force, would he? How the Black Squad of the X-Men, gathered to fight the Purifiers, turned into X-Force for a time. And how poorly Xavier took at learning of their existence.

"Don't think so. We need to offer the Resistance a better way than Magneto's." He states flatly.


It's surprisingly easy for Piotr to accept that there is an alternate Logan now. Especially when he just sounds exactly like his old friend. Piotr may be unsure of what an 'X-Force' means to him, but he understands the covert team part all too well. That's one of Logan's nicer words for assassins.

"Who should we kill, Magneto? This /Zealot/ person? Nyet." He firmly shakes his head against Logan's plan. "I agree with this one." He indicates Nate here. "We must find out what Magneto has done, and figure out how to give them a better option."

Looking to Lorna he again shakes his head. "First, I am back. Only I throw the small Canadian ball of hair and claws." It's a joke to hopefully lighten the mood and soften the blow of. "If you go, I would suggest you are the face. Only. To have the talks while others find out the true situation. Ostensibly you try and talk Magneto into doing the right thing. We all know he won't, so you need others working quietly."

Here he turns back to Logan. "Perhaps this is what you meant? Forgive me. X-Force sounded a bit more… like stab-stab-murder Illyana plan." Again, he does a call back with a finger stabbing motion.


"OK so Marcos is on board." Then Logan looks at Nate, and recognises something in Nate's eyes. "Look, I don't know the full history of what has happened here before, I barely know any of it really. But we can do better than Magneto." He pauses, "I know we can."

Logan turns to look at Piotr. "I know X-Force weren't always in the right in the past, at least in my world. We made mistakes. Things are different now. I'm different." He turns back to Nate, "You remember how I was when I first arrived, right? I'm sure you was there. I didn't even want to be near any of you." He pauses again, "Now look. That's changed. And I don't want to go back to being the guy who could have been tricked like that. You know what I'm talking about." Logan addresses Pitor again, "So you're right on the first account we can provide Lorna back up to begin with. Only back up. Then we can carry out other covert missions. Reconnaissance, rescues, that sort of thing. Less stabby. This time."


Lorna swallowed, her arms crossing as she struggled through the cloying sense that she had to move. That she had to do something. To move into action. To do something, anything really. But plans were being made, talked through. And she nodded once.

"Wouldn't it be better to fly me and Marcos over then? Have Illyana teleport the others, time it just right? That way Magneto will sense my arrival.. He'll be aware that I'm coming. I doubt he'd not send someone to be there when that happens. It'll draw his attention at the very least." She didn't count on her father arriving. On being there. He'd left her alone for most of her life. Even after revealing he was her father..? She hadn't seen nor heard from him in three years. Not even a damn birthday card, or a hey I know you're alive phone call.

It sat sour in her stomach and her lips curled. Not even Marcos' glance or Piotr's joke at tossing Logan around seemed to pull her attention away from such thoughts.


After seeing Lorna's expression, Marcos leaves the talk about having a less stabby-stab X-Force to talk to her. A hand on her shoulder. "It'll all be alright. Though I agree that if nothing else Lorna and I go to at least draw his attention. Rest of you go in a more subtle way." He nods a moment.

plus magic and teleportation freaked him out.

He looks to everyone else, sighing as indecision seems to take hold


"We'll go together and we will be meeting Resistance contacts," well, that was the plan before Nate got to this impromptu gathering in the bunker corridors. "Blackbird delivery. Or Illy teleportation, not sure which yet. I have to talk with her, she has been elusive lately."

Just like everyone that got pulled into the Bear Shadow. Coping with the experience has been tough.

"Anyway. Recon. Helping people. Destroying the remaining Sentinels. I don't know." There are worse people than Magneto in Genosha. But the lesser evil shouldn't be the only option. "We need to be there before making real plans. As for who is coming, that is up in the air. I think Laura will. I know Rogue won't. I don't think Scott or Jean can come either. You two," meaning Logan and Piotr, "would be a good addition to the team for sure."


"OK so we're all agreed that Lorna should meet with Mags? But she definitely should not be without backup? Regardless of whether that means we arrive together or not?" Logan asks recapping this little exchange. "Though I think we should definitely have reserves hiding in the shadows. We do not know what Magneto might do, and if we have no reserves, we have no element of surprise, and it would take too long to put another rescue team together." He looks at Nate, "Look, we don't have to call it X-Force, if that would pose an issue. We could call it something else, the Wolverines has always been a name that I liked…. Or we don't need to give it a name at all." Then he thinks for a moment, "Yes, I'm sure I'll be there."


Lorna pursed her lips, "Scott already said he doesn't want anyone that's overly recognizable as X-men there. That the X-men are needed here to try to keep a good show for the cameras. That and I suspect all the other chaos that likes to run around here." She exhaled a breath, reaching out to snag Marcos' hand in her grip.

"I don't think it's a good idea for me to go with you Nate and meet the Resistance contacts. Better that you all form your own team and seek them out. Scott said I need to play up that whole social visit and diplomacy thing…" She exhaled a breath, lips thinned into a line. She wasn't happy about waiting even a few more days. But that was what it would be. Regardless the formation of the new team's name or what.


Marcos gives Lorna's hand a squeeze, the aurora borealis lighting up around their hands as it always did whenever they touched. Marcos seems uncertain about letting Magneto see Lorna…but he likely didn't have a choice in that matter.

"Alright.." he then probably grumbles something under his breath about not liking this plan..

he does like the helping people side of things though.


Nate sighs. "We shouldn't be talking about this right here," he grumbles. "I am going to get some coffee and then find some people to… talk," maybe yell at them. "Lorna, the Resistance is with your father. But I do hope he doesn't shows up the second we get to Genosha. If he does, you can go be all the diplomatic you want with him. Sure as hell I won't. See you soon," he moves past Logan, towards the elevators up.


Piotr has at least a little more faith now that people aren't going to run off and just start blowing things up, and or cutting people, so that's good. He nods to Logan as he sums up the plan. "Da. I agree. We have a face team, and a cover backup team. I believe Betsy is around, and still very stealthy ninja." Because who knows what else she might be, he feels the need to clarify.

"Yes. If you are comfortable with it, talking with Max might do some good. It all depends on how much of a megalomaniac he is that day." Hey, that was somewhat optimistic, kind of.

"I am not likely to go right away, but if you identify a target you need dropped, I believe Illyana should be able to get me in punching distance quick enough." Maybe he'd be more inclined if it was the Logan he knew volunteering, but more likely it has to do with wanting to stay here and keep watch over his sister if possible.


Lorna rubbed her forehead. She didn't know enough about what was going on in Genosha. She hadn't been there. She was going in at a disadvantage. Nate had once more pointed out her ignorance. She was going in more or less blind. She knew names, knew vagaries and second hand tales.. but that was it. "You're right Nate.." She muttered, even as the man made to leave.The weight of it all sank down on her shoulders and she closed her eyes to it. Her gaze returned to Piotr and Logan for a brief moment and she squeezed Marcos' hand once before letting it go.

"My comfort doesn't matter all that much in this. There are lives at stake. If I could I wouldn't speak to the man for the rest of my life." Her lips thinned briefly and her jaw squared.

"That said, how about we all go into the Danger room and take a few turns sparring? Marcos needs practice fighting against other mutants. Not just simulations.."

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