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December 04, 2017:

Batman arrives in dramatic fashion at the Themysciran Embassy to make contact with Diana after a long hiatus from League activity.

Themysciran Embassy - Roof Balcony


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For a long time, it wasn't often Batman left Gotham. With the underworld of that city spiraling out of control for years, Batman spent much of his time fighting back the tide of madness infesting the city. Now, after almost two decades of fighting his war globally and locally, Batman disappeared for a while off grid. He'd make the occasional appearance as Bruce Wayne for Wayne Enterprises, but he was… busy, otherwise.

Now, he's back, and has come to New York with the Batwing. Setting the stealthed aircraft to hover out of sight around the Embassy, Batman jumped out of the plane and dive bombed to the roof… his cape going rigid as he glides silently onto the roof near a balcony, releasing his cape back to its' original form shortly after landing.

The red and black suited Batman sweeps his gaze across the area as he kneels on one knee, the red electronic screens over his eyes giving him readings across the spectrums as he examines his surroundings.

Diana Prince was home, though she was only home for a few minutes. She had been out at a social gathering with some of her friends from the National History museum. Even Wonder Woman had a social life. She was in her office and was tending to a few things at her desk when she received word that Batman had arrived… after a long time of not hearing any word from him….

Diana exhaled softly and she turned to leave her office and to go to the balcony he'd arrived on.

The balcony itself had a set of double doors that quietly opened and an Amazonian woman in a dark blue robe stepped out, she had golden blonde hair that tied back in a braided ponytail.

The blonde amazon woman spoke to him in a thickly accented English. "Princess Diana is on her way." She told the Dark Knight. "She shall be here shortly." And with that said, the Amazon would stand there and openly just stare at Batman, she didn't know him and she didn't really get a good feeling from his style of approaching the embassy so her response was to maintain a vigilant watch over their Embassy. A silent guardian, for now at least.

If Batman had any issues with the Amazon staring, he didn't show it. in fact, after hearing Diana was coming, the Dark Knight simply stood, the cape covering his arms and stared out into the city. Even just *standing* there, Batman had that off-putting presence to him… his demeanor unreadable under the new batsuit as he waited.

Once Diana had arrived, it would become obvious that Bruce had a new suit. This one… much more hi-tech in comparison to his old work. The gauntlets, especially, look look they've been completely redesigned, enlarged.

Diana did arrive within just a few minutes. She stepped out of the Embassy through the balcony doors and behind her sister. She exchanged looks with her blonde haired sister who would then dismiss herself and turn to go back inside the House.

Diana would then sweep her blue eyed gaze toward the hi-tech suited Batman. She took note of his upgrades. She herself was wearing a black turtleneck snug-fit sweater with a black leather jacket overtop of it and some black slacks on hwer lowerhalf with match black heeled boots, it all accented her black hair quite nicely.

"Welcome back to the land of living." Diana would say to him in her Greek accented voice. "I would ask you where you have been, but I would imagine thats a question you do not care to answer." She exhaled softly then. "I am glad that you are not, in fact, dead as so many love to say about you when ever it is that you disappear for more than a few days."

"I was busy, and couldn't chance anyone else tracking me." The voice scrambler is *definitely* new, as are the red electronic screens over his eyes. His cape flutters slightly as he turns around to regard Diana, then, and Diana can see the rest of the new suit. Most of the rest of the suit is new as well, with some sort of new composite armor. He's certainly not wearing an Iron Man suit, being much more focused on agility… but it is definitely a lot heavier tech compared to his old suit.

"It's good to see you again, Diana. I've had time to rest and think while I was busy as well, and wanted to catch up. You're the first member of the League that I could find easily." Batman notes, before he gives a side look to the Amazon guard as she leaves. "Settled in well, I see."

Although the Amazon Princess wasn't the most tech-savvy she could ID a lot of the changes and see that this was certainly a different approach, she wasn't sure what she thought of it yet. But she also knew that the man underneath all of it was a man who was more then capable of deciding the directions that he needed to go to accomplish his goals within the city he called home.

Diana would show a brief a faint smile as she glanced back toward the entrance that her sister had gone. "Yes, well…" She said then, looking now back to Batman. "I do not hide myself. I want the world to know that I am always here for them, as are my people… even if they show it a bit less than I do. Things change though, what is commonality today, will not be tomorrow."

Diana would gently nod her head toward him then. "You should speak to the rest of the League. Many of them have posed questions as to your whereabouts and condition. They are eager to hear from you, Batman." She tried to encourage him to reach out, though she was well aware that that was not his strongest skillset.

There's a moment of silence. Brief, but there, before Batman speaks again. "Those will be answered soon enough. I'm going to be focusing on getting back into the crusade for a while, and I've heard that the Watchtower is being rebooted." Batman starts to walk over to the edge of the balcony then, looking over the city… the sudden change in position making his cape flutter a bit more in the wind.

His left arm comes up then, and he reaches over with his right hand to type something into the wristcomp, a small holographic image of the Watchtower coming into existence floating above his arm. "I have some ideas for upgrades to it, for a start. I'm going to have to patrol Gotham for a while yet to get the psychopaths that have setup there off the streets, but I'm going to transition into a more active member of the Justice League, if all goes well."

Diana would watch him move toward the balcony's edge and she'd, in-turn, step toward it as well though she'd stay a little further to his left and she'd continue to just aim herself at him and watch him and his holographic display.

"I have been up to it several times in the past two months. It is doing well… but I still do not personally feel very comfortable there. But that is just me." She showed a faint smile then, brief and small.

Diana's head turned toward the city as well and she looked at the skyline of Manhattan and that of Central Park which wasn't too far away.

"Pamela Isley has been visiting me here at the Embassy." Diana said then, her eyes returning then to Batman. "Her first time here she gained admittance to my office by drugging my assistants with an agent that made them more agreeable to her reqeuests…" This didn't seem to please Diana based on the tone of her voice. "However, she only came to me for knowledge about the flora from my homeland. I expressed my disatisfaction with her ways, but gave her a few books on the subject that she was intrigued by. The next two encounters I've had with her have been pleasant, but I'm continuing to be cautious with her, while trying to get to know her better."

Diana had reserached Ivy enough to know that she was one of the citizens of Gotham that Batman had had dealings with. She thought he should know this information.

"Everyone has their own reactions to the environment." Batman concedes, "It was never meant to be a home away from Earth; it's meant to be a headquarters. I have a new design for a shuttle that will make getting up there easier if the teleporter is down, and will be building that soon." After a few keystrokes, the Watchtower changes slightly. "The teleporter itself I assume J'onn is maintaining."

Then, the hologram is turned off, and Batman looks to Diana. "She has serious issues with traditional boundaries, and sees the world in an us versus them mentality, with the them… being everyone but her and her fellow eco-terrorists. it sounds like she's at least trying not to kill her victims now, which is a small step forward for her." Batman notes, "if she continues coming over though, I'd watch her around humans. She has an extremists view of the world, and despises humans."

Diana would lean against the stone railing of the balcony and her left hand would lay down against the top of it. "I have been utilizing the gift given to me by the Lansinarians to reach the Watchtower. It is a remarkable piece of technology and I have found many ways for it to benefit and aide me in my endeavors." She said all of this softly and glanced down toward the street below and to the north, watching the cars and foot traffick on the street a few stories down.

"I have offered Pamela the chance to be vetted and given a small few days of time on Themyscira. Although I do not agree with the ways she shucks the law and morals of society, I do admire her desire for a better Earth and that her ultimate goal is the preservation of the natural world. I am going to do my best to treat her with as much respect as I can, and hope that she will take my advice on the rest… a chance to improve as a person. We will see though. I think my homeland would ease her soul a lot more than the modern world, such as this city. Or such as Gotham."

"Her idea of a natural world is one that's all about plant life flourishing at all costs, without considering the consequences to the cycles of animal life around her. Nature is about the predator prey relationship… and thus far, her idea of anything preying on her plants is adhorrant." Batman continues, before he turns to Diana himself. "Your respect means little to her if she thinks violence will solve her problem."

Batman gestures out into the New York streets then, "You can handle her if you need… but her control over plants will put those people in danger. My recommendation is to remove any and all plant life in your Embassy if you allow her to continue visiting. For their safety, if nothing else. it'll make her easier to subdue if she goes into a rage."

Diana would listen closely to his advice on the subject, she knew that he had more time dealing with Ivy and studying her tendancies than she did. "I will take all of that into consideration… I have had a few long discussions with her and I believe she is trying to turn over a new leaf." Diana would show a slight smile then after her terrible little pun.

She'd shake her head side to side then dismissively and would look back to Batman's covered face. "I will hope for the best, but be quite cautious. Yes. I do not think there is anything on Themyscira that would upset her too greatly, plus I believe that even if she did lose her calm there… she'd be subdued very quickly. So ther eis little risk of trouble… but, one can never truly know for sure."

Diana would then nod once toward Batman. "I hope that you do not face too much horrible dangers within Gotham, and if you do… all you have to do is call for a little assistance and I will be there."

"She wouldn't be a problem at all on Themyscira. Your people are trained warriors." Batman nods down to the streets, then. "They, are not." Then, Batman gestures to the Embassy, "I was more referring to this building and the safety of the humans that travel around it. I trust you to know when to do it, though."

Then, Batman visibly scowls, "Her very nature makes it impossible for her to 'turn over a new leaf'. If you truly want to help her, you'll need to find a way to reverse her condition. Right now, the best you'll be able to do is manage her rage fits when something triggers them, and hope you can take away all her distractions and weapons meanwhile. Maybe going to Themyscira for a while will keep her from going berserk… but the more important thing is that she won't see it as containment, and will probably like the pre-industrial nature of your home." Batman agrees/

The Princess would smile softly to his positive words about her home and she'd dip her small pointed chin once at him in a nod of affirmation toward them. "I would extend the same invitation to you… so you could have a moment of respite from… as you say, the 'psychopaths' but, I would imagine you would deny the chance." She'd say to him then, teasing him just a little it would seem.

Diana would bring her chin back up to a level-state and would blink her eyes a time or two. "I hope that Pamela can just find it to be a pleasant experience and to see that not all parts of this world need to be set in stone as 'evil' and 'harmful' toward the world."

Diana's hands came up togeher in front of her stomach and she laced her fingertips together. "But." She continued. "We shall see how that story unfolds." And she'd offer another faint smile then to the man in the all-concealing armor.

"I've already taken enough time to deal with my own issues that I left too many threats unmanaged in Gotham." Batman observes, before he shrugs. "The rest of the bat team did what they could, but the war is neverending until the causes are dealt with… and that will be years, still." Then, Batman shakes his head. "Even if she finds a part of the world she likes, she'll be driven back to where she thinks she'll 'do the most good'. There's a reason she raged around Gotham, and not, say, Metropolis." Batman affirms. "She thinks her battles for the green will do the most good in Gotham. She could even be right, in her own short sighted way… but she simply doesn't care about human life."

A gentle pair of nods was given to him on his words there. "I believe you are right." Diana told him softly. "But I am… a hopeless optimist, Batman." She added with a hint of a little grin. She had trained herself to never use his name when he was in his gear, even if sometimes she prefered to use it… she liked to remind him what his real name was, something that she felt he needed to hear sometimes.

"Gotham could use a little more greenery and attractive flowers." She'd also say with a slightly larger smile. "But yes. Not at the expense of innocent lives and the harming of others. This is where I hope to disuade her… eventually."

Diana would glance back to the city as she saw a Santa Clause down on the street waddling his way through the crowds, getting photo-ops with kids and other civilians.

"The best part of this time of year is the joy that it brings people to unite under one cause of celebration… Or at least, individual ideas of that one cause." She would only idly toss out that thought before looking back to Batman.

"I have only spoken to Black Cannary, from your associates, she was briefly on the Watchtower. Expressin concern for you."

"It's a hopeless battle to fight, because it assumes there's a chance she'll learn to respect human life as worthwhile. But, at least it'll keep her from trying to impose more of her insanity on the world for a while longer." Batman concedes, before he looks down to where she does. He seems unmoved, though, before those red tinted screened eyes look back to Diana, "What did she want to know?"

Diana would just smile faintly at his initial words and then watch as he reacted to the bit about Dinah.

"That you were safe and not in any danger." She'd tell him in response. "Believe it or not, Batman, people do like you and have a great deal of concern for you when you disappear to…" Diana's eyes looked him up and down. "Seemingly design brand new suits that are impressive, and all together intimidating."

She'd put her blue eyes back up on him and show him a soft smirk. "All I mean is, that I hope you track them down… the associates." She wanted to say 'his family' but she wasn't entirely sure that'd go over well. "I appreciate that you came to me tonight, for that very same reason." And she'd smile just a little again. "I look forward to your involvement in the League. There have been troubling events stirring of late. We would all value your insight on them."

"This suits been in the design phase for a while. I needed to update the technology in it, and going off grid gave me the time for finishing it." Batman confirms, seemingly ignoring the prodding of concern, before he scowls, "What's come up while I was away?"

"Well it looks very fine and fancy." Diana would say back to him, a teasing little smile on her lips but she only meant it out of good natured ribbing toward the man she'd known (at least on some levels) for awhile now.

At his other question, hoswever, she'd nod her head once. "We have been fending off attacks from the Red Lanterns. They have dealt many hits to us in recent weeks. Their power is immense and their vendetta seems to be driving them to… truly terrifying levels. You should speak to Hal on the matter, as he is more intimately associated with it all."

"I'd heard of several attacks on planet, but I didn't know they were after the League specifically. What's their motive? Do you know?" Batman asks, then.

Diana would consider his question and then softly shake her head from side to side. "I think it would be best if we met with Hal on the topic soon, and let him explain it to you. Perhaps up on the Watchtower where you could also give a rundown on the various changes and fixes that you are hoping to implement?" She'd loft her black eyebrows up a little over her eyes, curiosity laden across her expression.

"I'll go and find him soon, then… and I wish you luck with Ivy. You'll need it." Then, Batman brings up the left forearm wristcomp again, pressing some keys… before his right arm sticks up into the sky. A compartment on the top of it opens, and the telltale sound of a high powered grapnel can can be heard as a thigh, high powered cable shoots up into the night from the forearm mounted launcher. Roughly two seconds later, he accelerates upwards at an incredible rate, out of sight of most people… disappearing into a jet that flies by and heads off into the horizon.


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