Bad Luck Meeting

December 04, 2017:

Alex makes it to the mansion - but before he can retreat, Rachel drives up.


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Fade In…

An older Nissan pulls off to the side of the road. A few minutes later, one Alexander Summers emerges from the back seat mid-sentence, "..totally sure, thanks. I could use the walk." A couple brief pleasantries are exchanged between passenger and driver, and the car pulls away, leaving Alex standing before the gates to the Xavier Institute grounds.

He stands thus for a couple moments, hands on his hips, a faint smirk gracing his features. With a heavy sigh, he gives his head a shake. "What. Am. I. Thinking?" He digs around in his jacket pocket for a second, producing an iPhone. His finger finds the Uber button again. Maybe tomorrow?

Ah, Alex. Once you've gotten this far, you can't get away. Today is not your lucky day. Really isn't. There's the sound of a car not too far off and getting closer. The vehicle isn't anything special, just an older model Toyota sedan. The car comes up, slows down, then stops entirely. For a few long seconds, the vehicle just sits there, motor running, darkened windows pulled up, and the faint sound of Christmas music thrumming within.

A few seconds later - the passenger side window rolls down with a whoosh of air and the faint sound of music fades to nothing. Rachel's hands are on the wheel, an expression of wry amusement on her face. "Alex. Coming, going, or unsure if you'd like either?" Her tone is bemused, even as the passenger door just swings open all on its own.

When you're busted, you're busted. Alex looks up from his phone, briefly wide-eyed. A series of half-formed evasive reactions kick in. He looks at his phone, back at Rachel's car, opens his mouth to say … what, exactly? 'I was just in the neighborhood, and remembered I forgot to water the cat' … No. He glances up the road, fidgets, then realizes that he's only managing to look stupid and breaks into a grin. "I'm working that out."

He stuffs his phone back into his pocket, strolling over to the car to lean over and look into the driver's side window, "I'm not quite so bad I'd come all the way out to New York and -never- make an appearance, but…" There's a wry chuckle, "But it's not as easy as I imagined it would be. Which would you suggest, Ray?"

"Things are -never- as easy as you thought around this bunch." Rachel responds in kind, setting back in the driver's chair, hands lowering to the lowest point of the wheel. She avoids, for the moment, the question on suggestions, as even Rachel isn't sure the correct answer there. "Oh get in, we'll turn around, head to Harry's and have burgers, drinks, and avoid the mansion - for a little bit longer."

Rachel's gaze flickers out the windshield, casting a gaze towards the mansion. She has a lot of things to tell people, some of which is not important, others is. Yet, that can wait. Hey - is that new construction going on? AGAIN? "Oh hell, did the mansion get.. never mind. So how about it?"

Nodding, Alex offers, "I like the burger drinks plan." He straightens, following Rachel's gaze back toward the mansion for a moment before moving around to the passenger side. He opens the door, and works at convincing an overstuffed backpack to fit over the seat into the back, "Actually, if the place is already kind of wrecked, maybe they won't be quite as reluctant to have me back, eh?" Just an offhand quip, of course, not a subtle probe or anything. Keepin' it casual.

The pack drops into the back seat with a dull thud, and Alex climbs into the passenger seat, closing the door behind him.

Once Alex has gotten in, Rachel turns the car around and heads off, her gaze flickers towards Alex a moment at the 'reluctant to have me back' comment. "Seriously Alex? They continue to let Nate in and back, I wouldn't have any worries on that front." Rachel's grin is still wry, her head shaking to and fro. "Unless you'd prefer that."

Eventually Harry's comes into view, a parking place is found, and Rachel heads towards the hang-out of many an X-Man, for many a year. As she does, she's talking, "So what have you been doing of late, Uncle?" Her hands stuff into the pockets of her jacket, clothing suddenly shifting about herself to a more respectable jeans and sweater, versus the costume she had been wearing. (Any that might take notice, find their attention averted elsewhere, the wonders of being a telepath.)

Uncle. He hadn't tried to get his mind about that particular bit of weirdness in some time. Alex doesn't dwell on the logistics right now, since the question was reassuringly mundane enough to just roll with, "Mostly school. Ah, finished up my Master's and was doing some doctorate work in New Mexico. Badlands were great. Geologically impressive AND ridiculously remote, so I got to work on … other stuff, too, without worrying so much about. You know… collateral damage." He gives a skeptical frown, "I'm a little bit afraid to ask, 'How about you', but it's a bold day. How about you, uh … niece?"

For starters..? Rachel laughs, "You don't have to call me that, Ray is fine. The family tree is a lot to take in, for everyone." She's jovial enough, after all, this allows her to avoid the mansion for a bit longer as well, and that's always a good thing. The fun, before the storm.

Soon, Rachel's settling to a table in the establishment, and ordering. Burger. Beer. Fries. The usual. Only after the waiter has come and gone, and drinks been delivered, does Rachel really begins talking.

"Sounds like you were able to work through a lot, in the Badlands. Why come back now?" Rachel's green gems twinkle a bit with the question. After all, can /any/ X-Man ever really stay away for long? Her mouth twists a bit, as she settles into her chair, fingers wrapped about the mug of beer before her. "And yeah, asking 'how about me', is never easy. Right now we're dealing with something that is completely out of my comfort zone, demons, and possession and spells and sorcery and paranormal stuff that doesn't make any sense. Straight up power doesn't cut it, which is really not in my comfort zone."

Alex takes a long and contemplative swig from his beer, and gets a few meditative bites into a french fry before having a go at an answer, "I've rehearsed a bunch of selfless-sounding answers. Not that they're necessarily untrue so much as avoiding the bottom line. Uh…" He leans back in his seat, frowning thoughtfully before going at said bottom line head-on, "I was sort of forced out. There was an incident testing my containment unit with one of the focus arrays and…"

He pantomimes the mild chaos of an uncontrolled plasma discharge, "Boom. Anyway… My Professor'd always been sympathetic, helpful, but had his limits, you know? I was encouraged to be happy with my Master's degree and move on with myself." He pauses for a beat, clears his throat, then gives a Pointedly Perky grin, "So! Know anyone that needs a high school science teacher or something like that? Maybe a School for Gifted Youngsters, somewhere?"

Diving into her burger, Rachel listens intently to Alex, offering a sympathetic nod, as a napkin is used to its best advantage. A swig of beer, and Rachel can't help but shake her head, a quiet 'tsk' sound echoing out. "Gosh, you know, I do happen to know this place not far from here. Great school, great kids, eager to learn. You might even know some of the people that work there, already."

Her laugh is genuine though fades just a bit as Rachel draws into seriousness. "I'm not high enough on any list to say 'welcome Alex', but I have serious doubts they'll do anything but welcome you. I wouldn't go so far as to say 'open arms', but you get the picture."

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