Renovating a Lab

December 03, 2017:

Bruce Banner is adjusting the lab at the SHIELD facility, and Darcy Lewis and Agent May are there to help spruce the place up.

The Triskelion: Lab D-402


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Mentions: Phil Coulson, Clint Barton


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Fade In…

There's a bit of hush-hush related to the doctor currently occupying Lab D-402. Tidbits can pretty easily be gathered, but nothing that really explains much. The doctor generally has an agent keeping an eye on him whenever he's NOT in the lab, such as cafeteria time. "Gulliver" codeword, apparently - somethink Agent Barton has taken pains to say he came up with. In any event, it's quite clear the lab, and the doctor, are meant to be given a wide moat of clearance.

But at just a glance? The guy is really a pretty dorky scientist. He's reserved if anything, and will kind of talk AT the servers in the cafeteria in idle small-talk even if they don't really respond, and… then he'll just disappear off into the lab again. No assistants at all, and there's security on even going near the place. All of it probably just points to a very secret project of some kind, no doubt.

And so it is mid-afternoon, leading towards evening, that lab D-402 is in use. Dr. Banner — err, 'Gulliver', is inside, in theory, though a glance in the door won't reveal anybody at all, initially.

And so it is that mid-afternoon, that the wheels of a push cart can be heard with stiletto heels coming down the hall and right into the lab.

Enter Darcy Lewis. Statuesque at nearly five foot eight. Too curvy for the pencil skirt and fitted because it's probably too small that she's wearing, and she doesn't really seem to care about that one bit as she just makes her way in. Behind her glasses, green eyes sweep about the lab, noting the lack of proper office supplies.

She managed to get wind that there was a lab, previously not in use, but now in use. LabD-402. And it hadn't ordered supplies.

It took a bit of research, but when she was unable to determine what exactly was being studied, she opted for 'The Usual Plus SCIENCE' and made her way down.

"Marco?" she calls out.

Because… who hasnt' played that game?

"Ow," comes from under the long metal table to the left.

And the master of adjusting the cords and wiring looks out, scooting unceremoniously sideways on his butt some, squints up at her, rubbing his head. Yeah, he'd jumped at the sudden 'Marco.' "Just a minute, please," comes said voice from mostly below the table. A few cords are thrown out sideways into the walkway, and then he climbs out… with just about zero finesse. Impressed?

"I need a bell for that door," Bruce Banner says with a rueful laugh at himself. He's dressed for lab work, although the labcoat got a bit smeared from being under the table. "…You don't have that on your cart, do you?" he asks mildly, rubbing one hand up through his hair to fix it, but only creating a dark dirt mark from upper temple. He may be distracted, but he did see the cart just past her.

Thud. Ow. Darcy chuckles silently, eyes dancing with mirth and red lips smiling broadly. Oh, how she missed that.

"The correct response is 'Polo'," Darcy retorts when Banner asks for a minute, but that's all she says. She tracks the cords being tossed about here and there, elbow leaning on her cart after she toed the breaks to engage so she wouldn't faceplant when the thing rolled away. Breaks equal cart goes NO WHERE! Asked about the bell, Darcy smiles again and turns to her cart.

It's a moment of her 'rummaging' but she produces one of those 'ring bell for service' desk bells and a roll of duct tape. These she holds up for him to inspect, and her smile goes from sweet to angelic. In that angelic way that is anything but.

"Everything you see here is for you. I'll get you set up, and you sign the requistion to make it all official like."

"Polo." A long pause. "…Kind of missed my cue, huh," Bruce observes in a thoughtful deadpan tone, but smiles, using part of a table to give himself a help up from the floor. Annnnd then trips on the cables since he was looking at the cart. But it's fine, he recovers, shakes loose one cable off an ankle. He approaches and looks down and over the cart. Darcy's lost his full attention, obviously, as he ticks away the supplies in the cart in his brain though, picking through things with a few slowly wavering fingers as he gets a gist of what was brought: "Everything… Oh… okay. Great." Dr. Banner says thoughtfully. "I was thinking more like the chime when you enter a store. It could be, you know - seasonal. Festive." Bruce gestures at the door a little, as if illustrating where all the festive decorations could potentially be. He pauses, shrugs, and looks for the requisition. "…Where do you need my autograph?" Oh hey. "I'm Dr. Banner. Hello," he offers, with a friendly enough handshake extended. And a little bit of careful watchfulness just behind that friendliness.

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere as usual, May plucks the bell out of Darcy's hand and starts efficiently dismantling it.

"Agent Lewis. Dr. Banner. Settling in?" Of course she eyes the cabling strewn about everywhere but doesn't comment, figuring if the scientist wants help setting up the equipment he only needs to ask. She can think of at least one person in R&D who's handy with electronics.

"Litle bit. That's okay. I'll train you," Darcy quips. Her head tilts as Banner dorks himself with the cables. Like Jane and her book fort. Darcy grins and waits patiently, turning so she can set the bell and duck tape down as he start to rummage. May's arrival and subsequent takin gof the bell is unremarked on. May is a ninja like that.

"Yup. I guessed on some of it,s o if you don't like it, don't take it. I'll return it. And you sign off on what you keep," she explains, pulling out her tablet and holding it out with a stylus.

"in the box, please," she says, acceptin the handshake with her other hand.

"Darcy Lewis. Nice to meet you. Do you like Doctor? Doc? Banner?" she asks without the slightest bit of wariness to her own friendliness.

"I'm adding that to your next requisition, Boss," she informs May without any aplomb.

"Train me? Oh, good. Sure, thanks," is the automatic, semi-distracted answer, fine with it, it seems: just easygoing and agreeable.
Bruce makes a guess on what May might be referring to with her eyes to the cable. He picks up on it, though his answer is a little flabby: "Eh, didn't want to bother anyone, and I didn't want to overload this end station," Bruce says, offhandedly. He had it covered, in his opinion, and isn't above minor tasks.

"Oh, I need to send things back… okay. Let's see. I don't think I need any more staplers. I think I have about eight, and at least two are red," Bruce observes lightly, accepting the stylus and immediately scrolling in the tablet, starting to check and uncheck items /there/, instead of physically. Obviously he would be better used at computer terminals, not under a table in a forest of cords. "Darc… Agent Lewis, then? Doctor's fine," Bruce says, mild manner still rolling full calm, though he shoots a not-very-subtle glance towards May, like 'Then this is Darcy?'. His handshake doesn't even remotely try to impress at all: it seems more oriented to getting on with the requisition items.

Pulling a length of … string? from one pocket (those who know weapons might recognize it as a garrote wire) and using the pieces from the bell, it's a matter of just a few moments before she has the odd jerry-rigged contraption set up above the door. A quick test and, while it's not particularly festive sounding, it does chime well enough when the door is opened more than a hand's width. MacGyverism at its finest.

At Banner's glance she nods. This is Darcy. "I can have someone come in to help you with the cabling if you wish, Doctor." It's polite enough, and doesn't put any obligation on the man either way.

"And I can find proper holiday decorations," Darcy snarks. "Not that I don't love your RDA moment there, I think holly berries and mistletoe would be awesome," she adds. She's glacning at Banner for a reactino on that, to get a feel for what he likes, what he doesn't all of that. Scientists, in her experience, have a tendancy to tunnel focus. KNowing what makes this Doctor tick will help her barge in with the necessities of life at the right moments.

"Oh, you can just call me Darcy. Or Darce. Or Sassy-ass. Or Tazer Queen. Or Hey you with the tits. It's all good," she says. Did she notice the looks between the Doctor and the Ninja Nanny? If she did, she doesn't say anything.

"That will do nicely. Is that piano wire?" Bruce asks of the wire and setup, a bit surprised. That's odd to have in a pocket. "A bit of cheer is welcome, but still need to keep it sterile… no fresh pine scent or other biological additions, I think," he says, a bit sadly, af if saying farewell to a pleasant memory long gone.

It appears the doctor tends to relent to things, and he does it again now with May's offer. He kind of considers it with a tension through his lips, before caving. "Well, you know, certainly. It would help things move along faster, once I've moved the cables," Dr. Banner admits, tone warming.

There's one that has to be clarified. "Tazer queen?" he asks, a bit directly. "Somebody tazed you?"

May simply nods at the question about piano wire but doesn't explain why she had it with her. "If it would be easier, Doctor, I can help with the cabling." She's not a complete moron about electronics, and better, she's generally smaller in stature so can likely fit under or behind benches and tables that are otherwise a pain in the neck to move.

Amazingly, Darcy's list of nicknames doesn't make her bat an eyelash. But then again, she also doesn't explain the Taser Queen monikier.

"Oh, no. I tazed someone," Darcy clarifies without remorse for her actions. She leans forward to see what he's wanting to keep, and starts unloading those items for him, moving to place them where they might be needed. Of course, question for question: "Got some experiments going that fresh scent would mess up, Doctor?"

"Well — generally I end up back in biological samples. I'm not /now./ But better to not have to clean it up when the inevitable happens," Bruce says with an easy laugh. He doesn't mind, necessarily. "Up to my eyeballs in seeing what I can replicate over from my lab that I had to leave - and nothing there would mind some holly nearby — Agent Coulson had some requests, so," Bruce says, seeming to be fine with explanation in what he can say, and easily omitting the rest. "Just easy to plan for things to turn inside out, huh."

Bruce Banner than casts a look to May, as if recalling something, and adds, "No tazers in this lab, please," in a serious way, to Darcy, as if it dismayed him, or he maybe if he had a tazer phobia. He also finishes with the pad, signed off on most of the things, and offers it back. "If you know what you're doing, I'm willing to describe what I'm doing with the cables. Mostly just changing the layout for what I'm building, so there aren't extension cords all over. I don't like safety hazards."

"I should be able to figure it out," May replies about the cabling. She remembers the time she helped rewire a quinjet's nav system mid-flight after it took a hit.

She removes her jacket — she's wearing a plain, dark-colored, long-sleeve shirt underneath — and sets it carefully aside. To the sharp-eyed observer, she handles the jacket like it weighs more than it should and is filled with breakables.

When Banner mildly lays down a rule about his lab, she glances to Darcy as if to back up the scientist's wods. He says no taser, he means tasers shall not pass that bell over the door. Ever.

"Blocker's honor," Darcy vows, bringing a hand up. Thumb in, four fingers up but curved in slightly, wrist in neutral. It's like she's wearing a wrist brace that prevents movement, and she's curled her fingers around the end of the plate that lays in the palm of her hand. Again, no hestiation, and no hint that the request has bothered her. And no lying since it's super clear to May: Darcy doesn't move about the Triskelion armed.

ONly… she's not wearing anything on her wrists.

Tablet taken back, Darcy looks over it and finishes the unload of the items he wanted.

"I could bring by some of thos cbale cover floor thingies?" she offeres in response to safety hazards.

"I appreciate it," is given to the Tazer thing, which is filled with an odd amount of real relief. "Concentrating's easier with the weapons outside," he chuckles dryly. "Pretty serious in here." Sad. Oddly sad.
If Banner notices the jacket of carefulness he doesn't stare at it, remark, or even do much. "All right then, here's the plan — these main conduit hubs— I'm pulling that far one entirely and doing two sequential sections here, and…. here," he says, moving to tap the loose cables with his other foot. "Thanks, but…" this is to Darcy: "I won't need them." A smile follows it, confident but appreciative.

May moves to looks at the conduit hubs Banner indicates, nodding as he explains. "Seems straightforward enough. Lewis, do you have a Leatherman with you?" It'd be faster and easier than going to find a full set of proper tools.

"If not, please email Maintenance and ask for a conduit pull kit and full set of tools." She figures the tools can stay here in Banner's lab, especially if he plans on making further modifications for himself. A shame he seems to have missed the memo that says he can request a full lab remodel to suit his needs.

"Course I do, Boss," Darcy replies, fishing around in her cart for one. Because sometimes SCIENCE requires manual tools. She rips open the packaging and hands it over to May, before adding something to her tablet with a smile. "Alright. Holiday decorations, no botanicals," she adds as she plops her tbalet into its holder on her cart and makes ready to depart.

"I'll check in on yuor office supplies in a few days, Doctor. If you need anything before then, you can IM me. I'm in the system," she says as she chimes the door and makes her way out.

"Thanks for everything, Agent Lewis!" Dr. Banner calls to her as she makes the door jingle on her way out. Yes, that jingle would be annoying — if he had many visitors. But he doesn't. So it will no doubt be fine. "I did ask for some of the tools," Dr. Banner admits, he DID do that. "But double will speed us up. Okay. I'm going to thread these down…" Banner begins, and then continues to describe through the lab adjustments. He's efficient and focused: and a lot of the uncertainty and gentle manner gets replaced, once he's fully deep in a project. It won't be fast, but they'll work through it.

May nods to Darcy as she takes her leave, then with the new Leatherman in hand she moves to help Banner with the re-routing of cables. She's quite good at following direction, and with two pairs of hands it'll likely go quicker than the physicist expects.

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