Into The Mind of the Eclipsed

November 27, 2017:

Psylocke attempts to help Eclipse wotk through his mental 'demons' so he can grow beyond them.

Danger Room - X-Men HQ - New York City

This room is bordered by a walled and windowed off control
panel, where either someone can man the settings of what projects for the
competitors inside, or set it to a random scan with multitudes of varying
scenario selections, down to ones that truly held a past with X-Men
The Room's World View Model Library has digital models of over 50
million objects and their attributes, including weapons, vehicles,
buildings, and aliens in order to make the scenario's laid out true.
Although everything is an illusion within the Danger Room's arena, the way
it is projected seems near to realistic within the heavy metal bunker that
is meant to withstand up to atomic levels of blasts from within, or without.

The Arena of the Danger Room itself bears a hardened floor that
even bears the 'X' shape within ridges, but every small nook and cranny
bears a porpose from image projection, gravitational irregularities, and
effects that can even be felt as their true to nature texture and
This is the training space where the X-Men truly learn to push


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Fade In…

Psylocke is back.

Betsy, that is. After the cafe meeting and /Eclipse's/ response to a few of her proddings, as well as questions and actions, Betsy already saw a prospective one in need.

Not needy.

In Need.

Lorna is a different story, but… That story is one to be prodded at another time. For now, Marcos is called back to Xavier's and when he arrives he is called into the a secured area of the Sub-Basements and the Danger Room. But when he arrives, the console is locked off, the transmission under programming: 'No Alteration.' Lazers criss-crossing over the nearly unseen glass secured housing.

The door to enter the Danger Room, however… Hisses open and rolls a mist outward where his feet will travel to enter, blanketing his path like a "red carpet".

A voice echoes to him:

"I saw you unsure beside a woman so sure of you, Eclipse." The English accent is but a lilt, while the further he steps within the surroundings clarify into that of a Tokyo Styled City around them, but inside, a Garden:
Koi in a pond, the fall of water, the brush of cherry blossom petals as they fall in a warming breeze….

But from the edge of mists the contour of Psylocke is evident, shadowed if not for the flair of red sash that snaps along hips.

No weapons.

"We all have demons… Lay them to rest, Marco. Let me help…" A hand strapped in deep purple latex-like wrapping extends his way, lightly tanned fingers unfurling, manicured tips… "Or /talk/…"

But that final word, speaks volumes!

Marcos answered Betsy's call for training as per her usual motive: training. The sheer aspect of training had Marcos excited….after his outburst at the house where he became fully cloaked in light and extreme heat without damaging himself…showed him that despite his rage, what he could accomplish. Though when he finally arrives at the mansion only to find that the danger room opens slowly and in quite the creepy manner, He slooowly takes a step before he hears that voice.

Unsure of himself that he was, he took a small gulp…though he looks at the area, tilting his head a moment at the scenery. "It looks…beautiful." he says perhaps under his breath. Though then He looks at Betsy. "We all have indeed.." he takes in her appearance a moment…no modesty there. But he looks at the hand extended to him at her words.

"Right…." and he extends his hand to take hers as if allowing her to lead him somewhere. "What is this place? A danger room simulation?" he asks curiously, his eyes moving about.

"Or is this like a dream or something….." but then that last bit about 'talking' causes him to shiver for some reason.

"Yu are safe…. Eclipse," The finsl two wrds a whisper as her hand encased in a Psionic glow reaches upward…

The hand he takes in clasped tightly, drawing him in and tight towards Psylocke's physique, aligning them. It would almost seem /tryst/, if not for the burst between

"No, a simulation is not a dream… It is real… very real, Eclipse." Psylocke's accented words are a whisper to him from a shout when his hand takes her own!

There is no modesty, it is all pride as she comes to meet between and that touch seeks to siphon through the rage and the past to come to present - no matter how long it takes. "What this is…is not a concern, but you must be You!, Marcos of the Eclipse."

In that contact the emanation of her hands meet seeks to delve and usurp, but there is no force behind it, simply the will of Marcos himself to show his hesitation, to reveal his devil(s); but of free will - for now.

"Please…" A whisper.

"Talk! Be free…" A demand, a question, and yet the medium is *both*!

Marcos gives a small 'whoa!' when he gets pulled into Psylocke's form, looking her right in the eyes and his cheeks turn bright pink. "Uhm….I have a girlfriend…" he says softly in a nervous stutter, as if unknowing of what to do at this time.

Though as she whispers, he nods then a moment, when Psylocke tells him he must be himself, Marcos of the Eclipse. As such, he gives a small nod. "Okay….Uhm….what should I say…" he hums a moment, though he feels the contact of emanation between himself and Psylocke, which causes him to gulp lightly.

"I'm afraid of losing everything….Because I was born with nothing." he states then, since this is apparently a way to confront his demons.

"You're a /doll/," Psylocke states to Eclipse as she draws him close and smiles, nevermind the attire - or lack-thereof. "But that is not what I am after here." A reference to his girlfriend, Psylocke very well knows.

"But you need to focus on your everything…" Stated in that accented lilt of tongue while her hand glowing a magenta hue /attempts/ a thrust into his psyche when Eclipse offers it upward upon /'… because I was borne with nothing….'/…

"I am not here to make you lose Her, you are safe with Her…" A pause and those dark eyes of ecru focus on Eclipse, her hand clutches his jaw and lifts it to meet the gaze bleeding an electric violet.

"Stop… Stop! being afraid… We all have those…." (Demons!) Though unspoken of Kwannon and the past/future/present it has on her, right now the X-Men need…

** X **

"You have everything now. Just be, Marcos."
Marcos realizes how close he is still to Psylocke, though at this point he's so distracted by anything else she could probably headbutt him and he wouldn't notice and/or care. "safe with her…..focus on my everything…" he nods a few times, but then his jaw is grabbed and his face is brought close to hers to look right into her eyes.

"Just be…..just be…" he says to himself, clearly calming down. Though absent-mindedly his hands are on her waist, like she was holding onto him, he was holding onto her to retain focus on the present.

He takes a few deep breaths, his eyes closing as he tries to be more dominant in his confidence.

"Let //me/ go…" A whisper, as Psylocke's lips press to his forehead as the Psionic Press into Eclipse's Psyche seeks a "Root", a way to split the passages and wilted edges. To find the 'harrow', and let him open up to her, to his girlfriend, to X-Men… to anyone! He has a power, a /self/ he keeps locked away, and to find it and /meld/ it…

"Be, Marcos!"

"Be… Eclipse…." But her final word, his final -Name- is stated with a long drawl of that British accent, and his hands are left feeling empty -

- In his mind: (If he let her in!)

He is standing, watching as the sun is so bright, burning them all, opposing forces close in… A Cartel, laden in ink that bleeds black and blots out their Power!

Their Sun!

If he as let Psylocke in that far, those he sees fall… Lorna, Madrox, Scott, Psylocke, Nate, … Xavier's…. A tribal effigy of a Bear with graffiti'd 'Nombre del Amor' graffiti'd below in names of the /faithfully departed/.

"What do you have, now? What is worth fighting for, Eclipse?


The echo, the cacophony in the darkness, the emptiness, the *nothing*… Starts to move silence back into the Zen of that surreal garden, the */warming echo/* of many comforting voices, from mother, to babe, to Lorna, to friend, to family….

"Be your strength, just be…
… you." Even if he felt he is falling, he can feel Psylocke never left his grip. "Stand. Tha. /Fahck/. Up!" Her grip on him is nearly vice-like if need be!

"…What damage is done… Is done. They need you. She needs you. I will help you find you. We all (Mutants!), need you, too." A small lift of lips as she tilts her head and looks towards him, those Asiaitic eyes narrowed as they flicker back to the hazel'd amber.

"I understand…" Though that 'smile' in those final words, does not last…



Marcos finds his forehead kissed and he is instantly transported to his mind….which he was open enough to let her in, as she clearly showed the intent to help him rather than do him harm. Besides, Scott trusted her, and Scott was becoming a trusted friend of his. He looks at the sun, feeling the heat on his body….but it's strange…he feels an incredible surge in power, the likes of which he's never felt before. It was not him who burnt….but rather all those who opposed him found themselves burning to his light, the cartel who pursued him over a multitude of borders and barriers, even trying to use his friends to turn him…but he refused them.

He knew where he was needed, but he sees his loved ones start to fall, and he roars at the bear as he falls… "I….I…."

"I REFUSE!" he shouts, and then they are back in that Zen garden, with Marcos chest to chest with Psylocke as they went through a mental journey, and his eyes open to look deeply into her own, giving a nod.

The route is both ways…..he understood too, in his own way.

… REFUSE! ….

Psylocke's word is accented with Eclipse's own. Spanish accent, along side that of Refined British Candor -even if her eyes narrow and focus upon the brow her lips part from, fingers splayed in a spideresque configuration to filter and parse ways into his dark hair… 'Eclipsing' and splintering, the magenta glow emitted from fingertips that seek 'pressure points' along the curves of his cranium and find home!!!

…. "… then stand the bloody 'ell up, Marco'/s/!" Psylocke's words are far more piercing than the psionic pressure points and the push back! that leaves him bereft of "foothold" and the grip upon Psylocke as well as his "psyche"

"… Be your own man… Not some 'others' /bloke/! Be above…" Her final words echo as he is rising amidst the Cartel, the Bear… Eclipsed in final light while the Mansion crumbles beneath its claws in its massive rise… A Magnetic field over a floating isle causing Lorna to fall into the firefight he stands inside of… -
Familiar faces… Familiar Places!

"Be Eclipse…" And only then does his body and grasp feel emptied and feel as if swimming in the midst of a dreamscape…

A nightmare…

A place where dividing lines need to be laid, or crossed!

"Start at the ground… Your Car-tel… Work up.." A hint, a drive to bury him into his 'humanity' before his 'Mu'Life…

Where it all began. "You have to love /YOU/, first…" Even then, Psylocke seems to take a blow, a sadness in her tenor, a /personal/ effect…. Bleed-through-and-through.

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