Ambush at Dawn

December 02, 2017:

The X-Men team dispatched to Genosha land at Hammer Bay airport to meet some old Resistance friends. And get attacked by Sentinels.

Hammer Bay International Airport in Genosha


NPCs: Phillip Moreau, Jenny Ransome, Pipeline, Mar

Mentions: Magneto

Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Hammer Bay International Airport was rather small since in the last 10-15 years tourism was discouraged and obtaining travel visas to leave the country was difficult. Nevertheless, it was extraordinarily advanced, as well as architecturally beautiful.

But that was three months ago.

The Blackbird arrived just at dawn, flying low and fast. Seeing the details of Hammer Bay through the windows was difficult (less difficult for Logan). The view from the landing strip, however, is quite sad.

Genosha was stockpiling weapons, and had a relatively large army, plus the elite Magistrates. They have clearly been using all those weapons on themselves. The towers of the airport are shattered, most of the windows of the terminal broken. The skeletons of sophisticated, futuristic aircraft dot the landscape and speak of a recent battle of incredible violence.

Sharp reminder there is nothing civilized about a civil war.

As the Blackbird takes off, Nate makes a brief telepathic search. But it was unnecessary, as luminous signals from one of the hangars blink in quick succession, transmitting the correct passcode. The Resistance delegation is waiting for them about a hundred yards ahead.

Lorna was in her armor, her expression pinched as she continued to try to stretch her senses far and wide, straining to try to find the direction her father was in. Yet try as she might, all she picked up was the same vague direction as she always had. It was frustrating, and she crossed her arms as she watched the Blackbird take off. Her gaze swung out to the broken airport before them. "Nate? Where—" She broke off her gaze landing on the blinking signal.

"…. That's where we need to go, right?"

Marcos looks out into the land before them, seeing it torn about and brutalized by the civil war. A sigh of sadness is easily heard from him, but he keeps quiet. He does seem happy that his custom gear is per Lorna's instructions, not an ounce of metal is on him.

Though once the Blackbird manages to land He gets up, taking a small breath. "This…is going to be an interesting day.

Logan wasn't happy with the few number of people who had turned up for this mission. He believed the needed more people, for what they were about to do. However, they didn't have a choice this was it. So, Logan decided that he would need to be well rested. Therefore, he found a quiet spot at the back of the Blackbird, placed his Stetson on his face and had a nap.

As they neared the change in the noise of the Blackbird's engines wakes him up. He heads towards the cockpit and peers through the windows at Hammer Bay below them. Logan studies the scenery and takes in as much information as he can.

After landing, Logan sniffs the air, trying to catch the scent of anybody. The noise of the Blackbird taking off, makes it rather difficult for Logan to hear much else. After a while, he spots the signals from the hangars.

The air smells to burning, even for those without enhanced senses. Powder, blood and death for Logan. There are seven figures waiting for them. Logan would recognize Mar, the bald mutate that assisted the X-Men in Hopewell, Nate tenses at recognizing Pipeline, the powered Magistrate that attacked them At G-Core, he wears gloves to hide the bionic arms that replace the flesh ones, destroyed by the Phoenix’ fire. The other four are unknowns. Two wear the uniforms of Magistrates, they are heavily armed, tough-looking men, watching the surroundings like hawks. The other two are a tall, curvy woman with short brown hair and a scruffy young man with dark hair, smoking.

“Suppose so,” replies Nate to Lorna. “I can’t sense more minds in the immediate area,” he adds. Logan can’t see anyone else alive, but the wind carries many scents. The city is just past the airport.

The air is warm; it is late spring in Genosha, in the Southern Hemisphere. Not that it matters much under the tropical sun. Genosha is a warm country, sharp contrast to December in New York.

Lorna was at least happy to not be cold, steel infused fabric didn't hold heat very well. She started forward, exhaling a breath as she rolled her shoulders back and headed toward the group. Her gaze flickered around the airport, her lips pressed into a thin line, her hands curling into fists at her sides. "Here goes then.." She muttered.

"I am Polaris. I seek Magneto." She spoke as they drew nearer, her hands going flat at her sides as she tried to relax. It wasn't going to happen.

Marcos looks at Lorna as she walks off to speak, and he follows close behind. "I'm Eclipse." he says mostly to himself as if prepareing in case he was asked…whcih was almosta certainty.

"Alright…. well, better get to it.

Whilst the smell of blood, death, and decay is not unfamiliar to Logan, it still remains repulsive. He decides the quicker they're inside, or even back on the Blackbird, the better. Even if he is enjoying the warmer weather. He was glad he brought the Stetson, as it was providing shade to keep the sun out of his eyes.

As the seven figures appear, Logan recognizes Mar out of the group. The others remain unknown. He decides not to follow suit, and keeps his mouth shut. He prefers to keep information to himself, instead of giving it freely. Until asked at least. Besides, most had at least heard rumour of him, and probably more.

You say, "Phillip Moreau," replies the scruffy man, tossing off the cigarette and offering his hand. Yes, he bears a remarkable resemblance to the deceased David Moreau, being maybe 30 years younger. "You know Mar and Pipeline," he adds. Mar smiles faintly to Logan and Nate. Pipeline grunts, looking at the supposedly deceased Nate uncomfortably.

"My fiancee, Jenny Ransome," continues Phillip, the tall woman nods. He doesn't introduce the Magistrates, they are security.

"If you want… we can take you to headquarters right away," Phillip had obviously hoped to talk to the X-Men before, but he was also hoping to see Cyclops, not this Polaris woman. "Can you open a line?" He requests Pipeline. The other man nods, producing a high-tech laptop."

Curious and curiouser, Magneto hadn't told them that she in particular was coming, though he could undoubtedly sense her presence as she could his vague nearness. But she nodded, looking to each in turn as introductions were made. "That would be preferable, yes. Thank you." She didn't look back or make further introductions for anyone that didn't volunteer the information. It wasn't her place.

Still, her gaze focused on the man as he produced a laptop looking device rather than say, anything else that one typically associated with moving anywhere. But then again, she had never been to the island before. She didn't know what to expect beyond what Scott had summarized for her.

Logan studies the man before him, and watches as he carries out his introductions. A man by the name of Phillip Moreau and his finance Jenny Ransome. That sounded familiar. He thinks for a moment trying to rack his brain. Finally, he remembers! There was a Phillip More and Jenny Ransom back in his world too. It had been long, long time since he last seen or heard from them. Way before the incident. Someone else was his hiding away in the deep recesses of his mind. Something to do with his Moreau's family. His mother? No, not her. His father? Yes his father was David Moreau!

Logan is right, of course. Phillip Moreau is the son of David, the genegineer Magneto killed the last day of the coup. He was one of the Resistance leaders, although he was in jail during the coup. Jenny Ransom, his fiancee, was one of the last victims of the mutate processing.

Pipeline is quick, establishing the network uplink he needs to teleport people. But before he can finish Logan can sense them coming. So does one of the Magistrates. "Incoming!" He yells.

The two Sentinels come at high speed, the giant killer machines look battered, missing some armor plates and sporting burns from high energy weapons (or powers). They are still terrifying, easily 15 feet tall. Two large hover vehicles come behind, more slowly, full of armed men. Some wear magistrate uniforms, others look just armed militia.

"Line is open! Quick!" Announces Pipeline. The two magistrates open fire with their pulse laser rifles, but the blasts have little effect on the Sentinels. One of them raises a hand. Lorna can feel the electromagnetic pulse. Pipeline screams in pain as the uplink is disrupted. “Teleporter neutralized," announces one of the Sentinels. "Initiating extermination protocols. X-Men are primary targets.”

"We have been betrayed!" Shouts Phillip, pulling a handgun trying to drag Jenny away. Since Jenny is actually larger and super-strong, he is not having much success.

Lorna was moving as soon as the Seninels came into sight followed along by the hover craft. She flung her hands out, a snarl on her features as she rushed to put herself before the group and in front. "Hey you want a mutant? Come get it!" She shouted, and all around her, she lifted the fallen air craft, flinging them out at the Sentinels— it was little more than a distraction.

Her real focus? On the piloted crafts, where she threw an electro-magnetic blast of her own at— trying to fry their interior electrical guidance systems and other flight systems on them.

"Logan, let me know when you wanna go flying at robots!" She called back.

Marcos seems to look towards the two Sentinels coming in hot, and he holds completely still for a moment. "Here they come!" and he moves back, his hands glowing with light as he braces, looking to Lorna. "Can you slow them down?"

He looks to Logan then… "Or toss the guy with the claws?" he grins lightly at him, recalling the danger room session, but his head and mind are straightforward on task. He fires a ray of heated light in the form of a laser at one of the sentinels, hoping to either slow it down or melt at least some part of it.

Logan remembers David Moreau's fate, or at least the version from his world. Died whilst assisting the X-Men. However, Logan felt no remorse not for what he did to many of the mutants of Genosha. He was even willing to turn his son's partner, poor Jenny. Obviously, that was the catalyst the made Phillip turn against his own father. Logan wondered if that's what happened in this world. Not that it matters much. Though seemingly the outcome must have been similar.

Upon seeing the sentinels arrive, Logan curses. "Dammit! Nate! I knew something like this was bound to happen. And we don't have any reserves, it's just us." He watches Lorna forwards, and in response to her question he draws his claws. Snikt! He braces himself. He picks a sentinel and waits. "OK, Lorna on my signal." He watches the sentinel draw closer, he calculates the trajectory, he brings his arms above his head. Any moment. A little more. "OK, Lorna. Now!"

As it is common in real battles everything happens very quickly.

Machine guns from the hovering craft pepper the group. One of the friendly magistrates screams and falls down, his face gone. Jenny covers Phillip, and they can see high caliber bullets hitting the woman's back, but they fail to draw blood.

Nate raises a forcefield to protect the group. Eclipse's laser beam hits a Sentinel upper arm, nearly severing it, preventing it from firing a powerful plasma blast to the team.

"Omega class psion detected, deploying brain mines!" Announces the other Sentinel, launching a swarm of small drones at Nate, surging from its chest. The TK field crumbles as the drones reach it, Nate screams in pain. Several drones explode, overloading.

The Sentinel takes a magnetically tossed three ton chunk of metal on its chest, cutting off the swarm-launching and staggering the huge machine.

The hovers shudder in the air, they lose attitude. One crashes and explodes; the other manages to land, skidding on the landing strip. Still two dozen armed men manage to jump out and charge. They are armed with light weapons, mostly automatic rifles of local design.

Lorna's hands curl as she swept Logan up in her magnetic fields to launch him upwards at the robot as he shouted the word. "Marcos, blind the soldiers." She called as she threw herself up into the air and launched upwards on the magnetic currents. She focused on throwing chunk after chunk of metal debris and craft at the sentinel that Logan wasn't on.

That would just be rude after all.

A snarl pulled at her lips as she ripped steel into the air and tossed it at the remaining sentinel—while her powers ballooned into a magnetic force field around her. She could defect most things that way and draw fire. Better that it came her way than at Marcos after all…

Marcos sees the men coming out of the landed sentinel, moving in front of the others to fire a strafing beam of burning light at them, attempting to either knock them down or burn their weapons.

"There's the Cavalry!" he warns them. and oh, hey, flying Logan.

…the light can also be blinding.

Logan feels the magnetic forces interact with the adamantium in his skeleton. He remembers a time when Lorna's own father ripped the metal from his bones, and out of his body. The immense pain that caused. This of course didn't feel anything like that. Still it was unpleasant. He would have to have to danger room sessions with Lorna, to see if there was another way.

Suddenly, Logan launches up into the air. He lets out a roar, as he soars. He connects with the chest of the sentinel. His claws puncture the metal hide. Logan dangles briefly, before fights to get a footing. He muscles ache with strain as begins to pull himself towards the head of the sentinel.

Logan lands on the one-armed Sentinel, sinking the claws on its chest. The robot turns its attention, trying to grab the elder mutant with its remaining hand to throw it away before he cuts some critical system.

The other Sentinel takes several hits from flying metallic debris, making it fall to one knee, shattering many of the thick ceramic armor plates. But it still manages to back at Polaris with bursts of plasma from one of its hands and shoulder mounted machine guns.

When Eclipse turns his attention to them, the soldiers dive to the ground. Some slow ones are hit. Many more are temporarily blinded. A few return fire, though. Shooting at Marcos and Phillip's group.

Nate pulses with golden light, short-circuiting more drones, and then then manages to launch a broad telekinetic beam, taking out most of them. He is bleeding from nose and ears, though, and needs a few seconds to recover.

Lorna focuses on her own sentinel, her hands stretched out wide as she hurls metal after chunk of metal in a steady stream at the robot, trying to hit at the ceramic plating one at a time in hopes of crushing each piece at a time. Better to rip it apart after all.. Of course, then the thing throws a blast of plasma at her and… well, she had to pause in her flinging metal at it to instead use it as a shield.

The metal ripped apart under the blast, but then would run into her magnetic field. She'd hoped at least that the metal would take some of the power from the blast— her fields exhausted her if she had to keep them up for too long after all.

However as the soldiers turned their gun fire onwards at Marcos, her anger snapped back. Her powers flaring with the strength of her emotion as she watched and she snarled— loosing her own eletromagnetic blast at them below instead of attacking the Sentinel before her.

Marcos looks a little impressed that Logan could perform that feat with Lorna's help. However, he glances to the soldiers still coming at them with gunfire. "Take cover!" He shouts to Phillip and those around them. Marcos dives for a lift of broken ground, a hand coming up for a wide blast of concussive light, attempting to knock quite a few of the gunners out.

aaaand then there’s the Sentinel…with Lorna distracted, Marcos fires a laser beam with his hands at the Sentinel, attempting to take it out before it gets Lorna.

Logan continues to climb up the sentinel. As he does so, he notices a shadow looming over him. He looks over his shoulder, and sees the remaining arm of the sentinel reaching out for him. Logan pulls one arm free, and twists his body. As the arm gets closer, he pushes himself from the sentinel's chest towards the arm. Logan just manages to stick his claws into the arm of sentinel. Now anchored to the arm, and with the momentum of the jump, Logan swings around to the back of the arm. The wind is knocked out of him, as he collides with the metal arm.

After a couple of seconds, Logan regains his breath and continues to the end of arm. Here he cuts into the wrist of the sentinel. After several blows, the hand his left inoperable. Then Logan turns, and slides down the arm, and runs up to the shoulder of the sentinel. Once at the shoulder, Logan begins to strike with both hands at the head of the sentinel.

Armless, the Sentinel is almost helpless under Logan's claws. It tries to shake off the burly man, but in a few seconds the claws destroy critical sensors in the head and cause the machine shut down.

At the same time the Sentinel fighting Lorna takes a laser beam that burns half its faceplate, and switches targets, but before it can incinerate Marcos, Polaris hits it with a magnetic blast that gets through the shattered armor and wrecks its chest electronics, including the main CPU. The robot topples down with a loud crashing sound.

With both robots downed, the remaining soldiers decide to retire. And Phillip calls the X-Men. "Come, follow us, before they get reinforcements." Jenny carries the unconscious Pipeline over her shoulder, and they run towards the airport terminal. "We will have to run to the nearest government position, once then we can commandeer a vehicle."

Lorna floats down to the ground once the robots were more or less finished. Her gaze turning to the fleeing soliders and she paused, hesitating a beat as she watched them depart. Consideration in those green eyes of her's— but unlike in the Danger Room, she did not give chase. She turned instead her focus to the Resistance group that remained and she pursed her lips.

"Where do we have to go? I can fly us. There's plenty of metal around here." Her hand uplifted and a fairly flat piece of metal floated up and over the battered airport run way toward them.

"Then you don't need to carry anyone and we can keep a better look out." She offered. "Just point and tell me where to go."

Marcos stands up fully when the gunmen run and both Sentinels are down and out. That's five more points for X-Men!

After rejoining the others, he gives a nod to Phillip, but Lorna?s offer has promise. "It could save us time. Or I can just commandeer one." Steal. But he clearly looks to everyone else, before looking at Nate.

"you good boss?"

Once the sentinel stops moving. Logan leans against it. From up here, Logan can see all around them. However, it's not long before he has recovered from exhaustion. He looks down from the sentinel's shoulder at the ground below. Logan realizes that he is at great height, and whilst the fall wouldn't kill him, it would hurt like hell. Normally, when sentinels shutdown they fall over, and he could ride it down to the ground. Yet, here he is standing on one that hadn't fallen. So, that left two options, he could either climb down or… "Hey! Would someone mind getting my down from here?"

"No flying during the day," mutters Phillip. "They can still access some very powerful anti-aircraft weapons," explains Jenny. "We have lost many people to those."

Nate grins to Lorna, looking like crap but still running at good pace, "good job there. You and Eclipse. No hesitation this time, and you got them into the defensive from the start, so y…" he snaps a mock-glare to Marcos. "Damnit. Don't call me boss, man. That is a… bad idea. Really. No."

Lorna snorted and shrugged, but the metal remained hovering by her and with a flick of her wrist she sent the metal up to gently deliver Logan back to the ground. "Nate, you alright?" She paused, looking the man over and her focus returned to their 'greeting party'.

"Alright, but I say everyone that needs a rest floats there. No need to slow anyone down. We'll keep low to the ground. It'll be faster and that way we can avoid the anti-aircraft weapons. That work?" She arched a brow upwards. Then her focus returned to Marcos and her lips twitched.

"I'm the only boss you should be looking at." She drawled with a hint of flirtation in her voice and she started forward.

"So. Onwards, I guess."

Marcos chuckles at Nate. "Hah, right." Then he glances to Lorna, giving her a light wink then. "Heh." Is all he replies to that.

Though he gives a glance to Phillip at his words, "Alright, guess we walk." He nods to the group before Logan's hollering gets his attention…and a chuckle as he comes back down.

Logan hops onto metal sheet that Lorna sends up to him. He steadies himself as he is brought down to the ground. As he nears the group, he hops off and approaches the rest of the group. Hearing Marcos chuckle, he pats the younger mutant on shoulder a little forcefully. "You know, I don't why you didn't just lift me down directly, Lorna. I mean, if you're going to speedball special me up there…" He arches an eyebrow at her. "Anyway," he says as he turns his attention to Phillip, "You lead, we follow."

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