New Teammate!

November 30, 2017:

New Titans member Black Bolt meets a new friend in Caitlin Fairchild

Titans Tower - New York City

Situated on a man-made island in the middle of the East River, in
the shadow of the great glass and steel buildings of Manhattan, Titans Tower
is one of New York City's stranger landmarks. Originally constructed for the
first incarnation of the Titans and since largely abandoned, the Tower has
recently seen significant remodeling and reconstruction for modern use.
The island itself is lightly wooded, and its primary point of
access is a sturdy dock capable of handling both personal and small cargo
boats; hidden on one side of the island is access to the Tower's sub
basements, through a large concealed cave that allows the Titans' T-Jet to
take off and land. Though the island isn't large, there's enough space for
outdoor training and recreation, with the greenery providing some privacy
from the city to either side of the river.
At the center of the island, Titans Tower rises out of a circular
plaza, ringed with spotlights to illuminate the Tower in the nighttime. It
is a remarkable feat of architecture and construction: A roughly T-shaped
structure several stories tall and modeled loosely on Frank Lloyd Wright's
Fallingwater, the Tower is surprisingly resistant to the elements and other
sources of wear and damage despite its apparently ungainly shape. Each of
its floors above the entry level is ringed with windows and a balcony,
though these are understandably less used in the winter months. The topmost
level of the Tower is split between the center trunk of the building and the
reinforced arms of the T-shape, while on the roof is a landing space for
helicopters or other short-landing aircraft, or any of the residents who can
fly under their own power.


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Titans Tower requires a pretty good amount of logistical support. Even though food and board is provided for the residents, there's a lot of work that goes into /getting/ that food to them. At least two residents have superhuman appetites to go with their superhuman powers. And there is everything else that a major superhero team needs, including parts, fuel, furniture, clothing…

Twice daily, boats come in from the city to offload cargo. Fresh food in the midmorning and a second, lighter boats in the evening for requisitions.

Caitlin's on the public pier, holding a clipboard in her hand. She is one of the Tower's permanent residents, so she frequently handles the logistics delivery when it's her turn. Wearing a hoodie and jeans to ward off the prickling chill of near-December on the docks, she waves at the boat as it putters up to the quay, her red hair tugging this way and that at the hands of an unpredictable ocean breeze. The boat has two cargo containers on the back, and she signals for the crane operator to start up their engine and get ready to get to work.


Black Bolt had moved in permanently a few weeks ago, but he hadn't done much exploring of the city, so he hasn't been able to really talk to his teammates. That changes today. He manages to catch Caitlin outside doing some work with the cargo boats.

First thought? WOW. She's pretty.

But regardless, Blackagar is a kind soul, and decides to greet his Titans teammate, walking up to her to pat her on the shoulder.

He LOOKS like he doesn't even belong on that planet. Wearing an intricately designed tailcoat with the royal family sigil on it (Black Bolt logo) and just black pants of the same make as the tailcoat and combat boots. his tailcoat possesses a hood that he is wearing over his face, and around his neck is an intricate metal neckpiece. Though it's clearly alien.

He doesn't say hello, or any kind of verbal response…merely a wave.


"Youch!" Caitlin, taken a little by surprise, jumps in the air. Literally! She leaps four feet sideways and hovers, alarm on her features. Recognizing Black Bolt, she blinks, then laughs at herself in embarassment and floats to the ground. "Criminey! You scared me," she scolds Black Bolt, though it's clear she is blaming no one but herself for her reaction. "Sorry, I didn't even hear you come up!"

She gives Black Bolt a curious once-over, then sticks a hand out and smiles down at him. Blackagar's tall, but Caitlin has easily three inches on him. "It's Blackagar, right? I think I saw your dossiere in our files. I'm Caitlin Fairchild, I don't think we've met," she says, warm enthusiasm in her tones.


Black Bolt remains perfectly still when Caitling literally leaps into the air and stays there. Black Bolt smiles to her before he floats into the air himself! In fact….very few people know what his powers actually -are- minus that if he talks….alot of destruction will occur.

Took down a kree battleship once with his a simple shout. One. Shout.

But when she pronounces his name right and everything, Blackagar Boltagon smiles big and wide, warm and friendly, and he extends his hand in greeting to give hers a firm shake. But he still doesn't speak, but he shakes his head when she ponders if they've met. He taps his head, then reaches over to tap hers, as if saying he has telepathy…and he's asking permission?


Caitlin blinks in confusion at the gesturing, but she catches up to his intent quickly enough. "Oh. Oh! Telepath, right! Sure, I don't mind," Caitlin promises Blackagar. "Just promise not to go digging around," she says, faux-scolding him with a wag of her finger.

She waves at the crane operator as he starts pulling down the cargo containers, and some of the boat crew come ashore to stretch their legs a little and help move crates onto the warehousing robots that are silently waiting for their burdens. Caitlin counts boxes and compares them to her checklist as the loaded robots trundle past. Automated doesn't mean they don't need help.


Blackagar smiles warmly to Caitlin. Takes a certain kind of person to approve of him using telepathy. and when asked to not dig around, he offers the kindest smile and shakes his head like he wouldnt do that.

«This should make communications far easier. for that, I thank you. It is a pleasure to meet you Caitlin.» he bows his head. «I apologize I cannot speak without causing severe harm.»


"Nice to meet you too, Blackagar," Caitlin tells the Attillan, flashing another smile. "And don't apologize! I can't sit in office furniture without breaking it, so everyone's got 'something', right?" she says, a bit rhetorically. "We're all a little strange here."

The first load of robots trundles towards the Tower, and she hugs the clipboard to herself and faces Black Bolt. "It's really swell to see someone else here at the Tower," she says, with effusive excitement. "I love meeting new teammates. I saw your name getting tossed around. Are you staying at the Tower? Or just visiting?" she inquires. "I live here full-time, so do a few others. We've got tons of room, though, it's not like we are running out of space!" she adds. She's a chatty one, but seems genuinely pleased to make a friend.


Blackagar smiles warmly to Caitlin. She's the first one who's truly acted this way with him and he gives her a small nod of his head, his hood flapping only a little with the wind as his blue eyes lock onto hers. The way he looks so happy…he msut be beyond overjoyed to have made a new friend.

«I thank you for your words, my friend. They humble me. I live here permanently…as I am not from this earth. This is my home now, and I'm happy to be living here. As King of the Inhumans, I thank you for your hospitality.» he smiles warmly.


Caitlin's smile freezes, and she blanches a bit. "Ki-King? Oh- oh! I'm sorry! I'm so rude!" she says, covering her mouth at her faux pas. "That's what I get for skimming files instead of READING them, gosh!" she says, chiding herself. Unsure of what to do, she tries for an awkward curtsey, looking like she's never actually done anything like it before, and bobs a few inches. "It's— is it 'Your Highness?'" she hazards, reaching for anything she knows about royal etiquette. "Or is it King Blackagar? I'm -so- sorry," she says, clearly mortified that she might have accidentally insulted him./


If he could, Blackagar would probably laugh. BUt even as she spurts out an apology, he shakes his head and waves his hands about like it's no big deal. «Please, please, calm yourself. I am not offended.» Black Bolt smiles warmly to her, putting his hands on her shoulders momentarily to see the -peace- in his eyes. Such a stare could calm a mountain.

«You may call me whatever you wish. If you wish to call me your Highness, you may. If you wish to simply call me Blackagar, you may.» he permisses her with the warmest smile.


Caitlin's a little on the flighty side, but Blackagar calms her down with his steady gaze and she gives him a thoroughly abashed smile. "Okay. Gosh, I'm sorry," she says again, almost by reflex. "Blackagar, then, while we're all among friends," she ventures.

"I don't think I've ever met a King before," she says, eyes going skywards as she quirks her mouth thoughtfully. "Or a Prince, or any dukes, or anything like that."

"No, wait, I met Dr. Doom once. But I don't think he's a king, is he? He's more like a … jerk… dictator thing," she clarifies.


Blackagar smiles warmly to her and nods once when she settles on calling him Blackagar around friends. «I am happy to be among the first…I do not know a Doctor Doom.» he states clearly. «Though by your words, I am uncertain I wish to find out.» a small nod then.

He looks skyward at all the boats and birds and fish. «this is a beautiful world….on my earth, I did not leave Attilan until I was but 17 years old.»


"Well, he's a jerk, so— y'know, avoid him, I guess," she says. Caitlin listens to his words, eyes widening a little at the reference to 'his' Earth.

"Wait, so— I'm sorry, maybe it's the telepathy," she says, wiggling a finger in her ear illustratively. "Did you mean 'My' earth? As in, not -this- Earth?" she says, wiggling a finger vaguely at the ground around them.


Black Bolt nods lightly to Caitlin's words. «This is not my earth. You are correct in your reasoning, and heard right. I am from a parrellel world…betrayed by a treasonous brother. Maximus.» he states with a sadness in his clear…calming and beautiful voice. «I do not know if I can return. But if I can, I need to ensure Attilan is safe. I left it in good hands…but I still yet worry.»


"Sheee-ow," Caitlin breathes, looking mildly impressed. On impulse, she gives Blackagar's arm a squeeze. "Hey, well— don't let it get you down?" she ventures, trying to be reassuring. "You're not the only person who's ended up a long way from home, believe me. I've read about all kinds of people travelling here from other dimensions. Have— have you seen if there's an Atillan, here?" she inquires, a moment later, hugging her clipboard again. "Maybe they could help you. Or you could help them?"


Black Bolt gives Caitlin a kind smile, though when she feels his arm…it was pretty muscular actually. He didn't look like a joke and he certainly wasn't one. «You're kindness is welcome and appreciated. You have done me much kindness, Caitlin.» a warmth in his tone. «I am happy to hear I am not the only one…I hear time travelers also exist. Which is intriguing.»

But then she asked about the Attilan of this world. and he's silent for a minute.

«…according to the Aquaman, a man I knew in my world as well and a king I respect…Attilan is gone. Destroyed. This worlds version of me evacuated it's citizens and searches for a new home to place them. They cannot help. Not as they are.»


"I know Aquaman," Caitlin echoes, nodding. "He's always been super nice to me."

She exhales in sympathy as Blackagar relates the end of his tale, nodding at him compassionately.

"Gosh. I'm so sorry that it's such a mess," she says, softly. "I wish I had some advice for you. I know Reed Richards, he's … light years ahead of me in science," she offers, as helpfully as she can. "Maybe he can give you some ideas?" she inquires. "Gosh, I don't know ,I'm sure you've thought of all this. Just… gosh," She says, shaking her head as if dumbfounded by the magnitude of Blackagar's woes.


Black Bolt takes a deep sigh, before he looks over at Caitlin, offering her the warmest smile. «Reed Richards. I will remember this name. Should I find myself fortunate to cross his path, I will seek his wisdom.» He turns now to face her completely as they float in the air.

« It is alright….I have lost allies…but I have found new ones.» he looks at her, then looks to Titans Tower. «A strange world this is…but one I am to learn.»


"The Titans are good people," Caitlin agrees. "And the Justice League, too. Captain Marvel, Superman. I'm friends with… gosh, a lot of them," she realizes, blinking. "They want to help people. They like helping people," she amends. "It's easy to make friends with a lot of the capes crowd. Only like… Batman is the only one who doesn't like new people," she explains. "Everyone else, they're always happy to welcome newcomers."


Blackagar smiles to Caitlin, putting a hand on her shoulder. «Of this conclusion, you are correct. I have judged the League and the Titans to be good. I pray it stays that way…I would hate to be at odds with any of you. I'm happy to call this team my own, happier to be part of it.» he bows his head softly to Caitlin.

Honor. The Breath of Kings.

«I thank you.»


Caitlin ducks her head back at Blackagar, smiling at him. "Well. You're welcome at the Tower, anyway," she tells Blackagar.

She glances at the work remaining to be done. "Well, I should really get this food all unpacked, or Bart and I are going to max out the Domino's order card again," she says, regretfully. "But it was really nice to meet you, Blackagar. If you need anything to help get settled in here, lemme know, okay?"


Blackagar nods to Caitlin, giving her a light, yet no less sincere smile.

«Likewise, Caitlin. I wish to speak to you again soon. I enjoy you're company.» a warm smile then, before anotehr warm smile, and he turns heel, landing on the ground smoothly as he walked back to Titans Tower.

Every step the posture of a King.

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