A Visit to the Embassy

November 30, 2017:

Clark decides to visit Diana at her Embassy as well as give her a small and humble pre-Christmas gift!

Themiscyra Embassy - New York City

This is a 3-story tall building on the east side of Manhattan near
Fifth Avenue. The building primarily serves the needs of the small island of
Themyscira. Its a new comer to the Consulates/Embassies in NYC.

The building sits behind a wrought iron fence that is periodically
dotted with large white light globes that shine brightly at night. The front
doors of the Embassy open up to a large hallway with marble floors and a
grand staircase that wraps up in two directions toward the second floor

Offices, meeting rooms, bedrooms and a dining hall are the major
locations within the Embassy, though there is also a large 'ball room' that
is a converted training center for the Amazon Warrior Women to train and put
on combat show displays for visitors to the Embassy.

Diana's office sits on the first floor near the back of the Embassy.
An assistant's desk sits outside of Diana's office and the assistant will
see guests / visitors in to see the Ambassador whenever their scheduled
appointments are.

The Embassy is filled with art from Themyscira and historic Greek


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Fade In…

Its almost December in Manhattan and that means that the holiday decorations are out in full force in the city, as are the shoppers milling about the streets.

The Themysciran Embassy is lit up with white holiday lights and candles lit in all the windows of the multistory tall greystone building.

Inside the embassy there is a fifteen foot holiday tree in the main foyer between the staircases that go up to the upper floors. The tree is lit up with multi-color lights and its branches are decorated with homemade ornaments and antiques from decades past.

Diana herself, is located deeper into the building on the main floor inside of her office but the receptionist in the main foyer is at her desk and able to call to Diana or show important guests back to said office should they need-so.

aaaand with the holiday season, comes Clark Kent!

He was actually just doing some idle shopping for the big Justice League Christmas party that they sometimes have on the watchtower, usually on the day after Christmas….but the scheduling gets spotty sometimes. Though…something does cross his mind:

"I haven't seen Diana in a while. I should pay her a visit."

Thus sayeth the most pure hearted, american-bred Kryptonian to possibly ever walk. So he decides the one place he could most certainly find her is at the Themysciran Embassy. As he approached the building, he smiles at all the lights on display…and it only grows wider when he sees that massive christmas tree!

"Man, if Ma and Pa saw this, they'd faint." he laughs a bit to himself, before he walks up to the receptionist. He looked completely unimportant. Dorky glasses, a brown suit jacket, a dark blue shirt underneath with a black tie. For lower attire? Jeans and black dress shoes. "Ah, hello. May I speak with Princess Diana please?"

The receptionist was a woman in her fifties or early sixties, had a motherly vibe about her, definitely was not a native Amazonian by any rights… but the Embassy employed lots of non Themysciran employees.

She would offer the handsome man in the plain-style clothing a friendly smile and a little nod of her head. "What is your name, sir?" She'd ask him then while she picked up the receiver on an old-world style phone with a brass handle and ear/mouth cups.

Quiet Christmas / Holiday music was playing in the main foyer of the embassy as well and the place smelled quite nice also, very festiv enviroment indeed!

When the receptionist asked what his name was, he offers a warm smile. "Clark Kent, Ma'am." he says respectfully. He wondered how Diana was doing, and if she was doing anything particularly festive. Thoug hhe looked at the kind of phone the kind, elderly woman was using, and couldn't help but smile. He had that kind of phone in his house when he was a little kid on that farm.

He looks away for only a moment. "Wow…this place is beautiful." he says after taking a more in-depth look at the place…as he hadn't been there much. Something perhaps to remedy? Regardless, his attention returns to the kind woman before him.

The receptionist would smile at the compliment to the place and she'd speak up to him. "Yes. Its a wonderful place to work. To think that I used to work in a bus station before this… I really enjoy every day now. But please, do sit" She'd smile then to Clark before she'd speak into the phone and motion Clark toward the chairs that were not too far from the tree itself.

A moment later and she'd hang up the phone. "She's coming to meet you, deary." She'd smile and then turn back to her laptop.

It wouldn't take Diana too much longer to appear in the main hallway, she was smiling then as she approached him. "Clark. It is good to see you." She'd offer him a hug when he'd stand. Diana was wearing a nice white dress with long sleeves and a white knee-length skirt with simple white shoes on her feet, her hair was tied back in a braided ponytail.

lark nods to the receptionist, giving her a warm smile. "I'm happy that you have a job that you really love Ma'am. It is what I'd wish of everyone…for the world would be a much merrier place I think." a small nod then.

When she tells him taht Diana was coming to see him, and to sit, Clark can't help but smile bright and wide. "Thank you. I feared she'd be too busy to come and see me. Thank you again." he bows his head respectfully…because it's still an embassy, and he moves to take his seat….and it only feels like a few seconds to him before Diana arrives, and he rises to embrace her in a warm hug.

"It's so good to see you too Diana." he pulls away. "As always, you look absolutely beautiful today. I hope that I didn't interrupt anything important? I just decided to come see you and say hello."

Diana smiled brightly at his compliment, she could always expect a nice compliment from her friend. "You are the sweetest." She'd say to him. "Welcome to the House. This is your first time here, right?" She'd ask him then. She'd motion to the rather tall tree beside her.

"As you can see we are deep into the holiday already." A slight grin was shown then before she put her hands down onto her sides. "What has you out and about on the city tonight?" She'd ask him

Clark nods a few times to Diana, though he smiles warmly when she calls him the sweetest. "It's my pleasure Diana. You really are though." he says unashamedly. "Thank you, Diana. It is my first time here, I'm only partially sad to say. I never wanted to disturb you while you worked, so I kept my distance from this place…but, it's christmas season." he chuckles lightly.

"Yes…the place is absolutely beautiful. You and everyone here have done an awesome job." a warmness in his tone. "Oh, just doing some light Christmas shopping. Oh! which reminds me.." he digs into his little computer bag and he pulls out some chocolates. "I didn't know which kind you wanted, so I got an assortment. I'm getting everyone chocolates or some kind of snack so that even if they get coal for christmas, they have at least something for Christmas." he smiles in humor.

Diana would reach out to accept the chocolates from him that he offered and she'd smile nice and big at them while taking them between her fingers. "That is too sweet of you." She said to him, looking to the box and then to him. "This time of year… it feels as though everyone is trying their hardest to fatten me up." She'd say, chasing the words with a big grin.

"Come, I will show you through the place." Diana would start to walk then toward the main hallway, motioning up the twin staircase. "Private rooms and lounges are upstairs." She'd take him through the main hall motioning to doorways as they passed and explaining the various things hidden behind them. "Meeting hall. Dining hall. A training hall… lots of fighting goes on there." She'd say with another little grin.

Eventually they'd come back to doors to her office and she'd lead him inside.

"Here, I have something for you." She'd motion him to the lounge area inside her office. "Sit sit!" She'd say energetically while moving around to her desk.

Clark smiles warmly to Diana when she accepts his pre-christmas gift to her. "Thank you…I'm glad you like it." though he seems to blush when she says everyone's trying to fatten her up. "Oh no no no! that's not what I mean at all." he laughs a bit. "I just thought you'd like chocolate. I know you're a fan of most sweets." he smiles warmly, enjoying their always endearing conversations.

Though then she leads him on a tour of the Embassy, and he smiles. "I would greatly appreciate that. Be nice to know where I'm going!" a chuckle then. "Lead the way, princess." and he follows her about, taking a few nods and mental notes at everything. "Wow…place is bigger than I thought it was." he nods a few times.

Though then it's the office! "Oh? for me? Diana you didn't have to…"

Sit! Sit!

"Haha, alright." and he takes a seat where she showed him, a warm smile touching his features.

Diana would sit down on the edge of her office chair behind her desk while listening to him and opening a drawer on her desk to rustle around inside of it with her left hand. "Oh, it is true, I have a terrible sweet tooth." She'd say with a sly grin whilst she rooted about in the container.

"Ah, here we are." She pulled out a small decorative box that she walked over toward him and she sat down on the chair aside his and offered it over to him, it resting atop the palm of her hand. "This is a gift for Clark." She'd say with a smile.

"I will give another to Kal, for Christmas itself."

The box was decorated to 'look' like wrapping paper, but all one had to do was lift the little cardboard lid up to open it, rather than tear off papers.

Inside of the box was a little leather bound glasses cleaning kit that had a gold clip that kept it closed and engraved in the leather was the lone name 'Einstein'.

Diana showed a little smile when she watched him open it. "I met him at a conference in Germany shortly after the end of World War II. I was wearing glasses that day… they were smudged and I was fumbling to clean them. He approached me and offered me this kit. He told me to keep it." She gave the small story behind it.

Clark looked at the box curiously with a small chuckle to Diana after confirming her amazing talent with sweets-consumption. Though when Diana says that she will give him another one, for Kal-El, he chuckles. "Then I'll be sure to get another for Diana Prince." he offers a wink then before he reads the wrapping on it.

Look, it said.

With a small hum, he opens the box to see a glasses cleaning kit, which already gets the brightest smile from Clark. "Oh Diana! This is perfect." he smiles, but then, his vision picks up those 'Einstein' word. "Is this….?!" he seems to grow pale, being the nerd that he is.

And when she tells him the story, he seems to stand up and his hands cover his mouth. Suddenly, he gives Diana the biggest hug and spins her about. "This is amazing! Thank you Diana. I really, really appreciate this." he smiles to her big and warm.

Diana would accept the hug and the twirl before she'd come back down to her feet and laugh softly at him. "I had no idea you were quite THAT big of a fan." She'd say back to her friend then before smiling and looking to the gift in his hands. "He was there because it was a conference about repair the world after the war. He spoke on the subject of peace through education and sciences. I guess I caught his eye." She said with a soft smile then.

"It has little brushes and some tools for those tinsey tiiiiny little screws that glasses have, and some solk wiping cloths."

Diana looked back up at him then with another soft smile. "I know that they make all kinds of cleaning supplies in the modern day, but… I am more fond of things made from nicer materials and with greater care and love behind them. Everything today just seems to fall apart moments after you buy it."

Clark smiles then, a small laugh. "I personally thought the guy was really cool. When everyone else was trying to find new ways to fight and survive, he promoted peace. I always admired him…and how the mind will always be superior to brawn." he nods a few times, looking over the glasses kit that she gave to him.

"Thank you Diana….it's perfect." he smiles to her warmly, his eyes locking on to hers. "I would have to agree…everything doesn't have the passion of the creator anymore…it's just mass produced. But things such as this. These last decades with the proper care." a smile then.

Diana would show a smile at his thank you and she'd softly bow her head. "Of course. You are most welcome." She'd say then before turning and moving toward the small kitchen area in the corner of the office. "Would you like something to drink? Water… tea… egg nog even?" She asked that last one with a little smile punctuating it.

"Have you been busy lately?" She'd ask further while walking to the kitchen area to gether up two fresh glasse off of a dark wooden rack they rung from.

Clark smiles warmly to Diana, and at her question of if he would like anything to drink, he hums in thought. "I think some egg nog would be delightful. Will you join me in it's partaking? I would hate for you to be thirsty and watch me drink." he smiles, always thinking of others, but never quite himself.

"I have…you know, people trying to ruin Christmas for others and just cause a ruccus….but all in all, it's been calm you know?"

Diana would return with a pair of matching cup of egg nog and she'd offer his to him while she sat down across from him. "Seasonal drink at its finest." She'd say with a slight grin. Diana would sip from her own glass as she'd cross her legs at the knee and then nod her head gently at what he said.

"The world is filled with far too many Christmas Scrooges and Grinches." She'd say softly then, sitting up straight in her chair. "So you are tasked with reporting on these varieties of things?" She'd then ask him.

Clark would smile when he got his egg nog, compliments of the greatest Amazon. "Thank you Diana." he sips the drink and his eyes go wide. "Ohhh this is delicious. Remind me to come here more often to bother you." he says teasingly with a sly grin as he takes his seat once more, right up to her desk so they can speak face to face without any awkwardness.

"It really is….if it were not so, the world would be a far better place this time of year." a sigh then. "But humans will be humans..and I won't give up hope. as for reporting things, I do…after I apprehend them and drop them off safely at the police department."

Diana would nod softly at the review of the egg nog. "More sweet tooth indulgance." She said with a little hint of a grin. She'd sip from the cup once again herself and then dab at her lips with a napkin she'd had around the cup's base.

"Are you still actively patrolling for all levels of crime out there?" She'd ask him then, giving a glance toward the large windows in the office to their right. "I wish that I had the time to do similar things, but…" Diana looked back to him and smiled. "Your hearing is better than mine. Really cuts down on the searching efforts for the nefarious deeds taking place."

Clark chuckles at Diana a moment, giving her a sly little smile at her words of indulging her sweet cravings. But when asked about him actively patrolling crimes still, he nods. "That's right…no rest for the weary." he smiles, though he could literally do this nonstop for quite some time.

"Hey, I understand completely. In some ways, your job is far more important than mine ever will be. You have an entire people to look after." he smiles, praising her ability and responsibility as if to comfort her since she's not out there all the time.

Diana would smile back these words from him and her head would gently shake from right to left. "I do not quite look at it like that. At least not any longer. Not since finding my place in the rest of the world. Now I look at the globe in its entirity as the people that I need to protect, and that duty is one that we both share now."

Diana would take a sip from her drink again and she'd glance back over her right. "Would you like to stay for dinner? It is a quiet night tnoight, just two of my sisters and a couple members of the staff here. They would all love to meet the world savvy reporter Clark Kent." She'd say with a big grin then for him.

Clark chuckles faintly to Diana at her words. "Fair enough, Princess of Themiscyra." he says affectionately with care. He nods a few times. Though when she invites him for dinner, he smiles warmly.

"I would love to Diana. to meet your sisters and every single one. and of course, the staff. The elderly lady at the receptions table was quite nice."


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