Keys to the Lab

November 29, 2017:

Bruce Banner is assisted by May to get lab access. Lab Assistants are discussed.

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Mentions: Darcy Lewis, Clint Barton, Phil Coulson


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"I'll have that right out for you in a minute, Doctor…. I should see the updated file here," the woman at the registration desk says professionally. Dr. Banner is leaning one forearm on the desk, flipping the lanyard of a disconnected access guest badge in his fingers slowly.
"Wait. Hmmm," the woman says, tapping away at the keys. The scientist continues to wait without any issue, looking around the entry area slowly, patient.
"How long did the Regional Director say?" she questions in a clarifying tone.

"….Well…. he didn't. But I wouldn't expect more than a…. week?" Bruce guesses, letting the lanyard sag off the counter, though still in his light grip. "I see the quarters, but not a lab facility access - I'm not sure what this other line is." she returns. Bruce starts to partially lean over the counter but thinks better of it, and just lets her work, quietly, in a tired fashion. He's taking the moment to press his wrist to his eyes: jetlag hurts.

Walking through from the hangar deck, May could commisserate about jetlag. But, she flies so many places so often, she's long-since defeated that particular annoyance. As she's passing through the lobby she notices Dr. Banner waiting at the front desk and slows. She just got back so might have missed the notice that the scientist would be arriving today.

Stepping over toward the front desk with her usual near-silent gait, she stops a polite distance that also just happens to be outside of striking distance.

"Dr. Banner."

If Bruce were going to strike her or anybody, he'd have to be a lot quicker than he is currently acting. He stops rubbing his eyes and orients a bit slowly. But it isn't defensive a bit, more calling back into the present from wherever he had gone. He offers an automatic calm smile to May. "Good…" a pause. A watch check. "Evening," he decides, in return.
"Agent, err…." He seems to think it over, like he should know this. Nope, it doesn't come, it appears. He gives her an apologetic brief smile and tilts a hand as if to gently request the missing name.

"May." She offers Bruce a nod that is almost the beginning of an Asian bow, her expression remaining Vulcan-neutral and yet somehow pleasant at the same time.

She steps a bit closer to the desk to address the woman there. "Anything I can help with?" Hopefully the answer will be yes, and Dr. Banner can be freed up to go about his business.

"Yes ma'am, this isn't one of the labs normally used by visitors, so I'm not sure how to key in this access," the woman at the desk answers immediately. And gives a sort of 'I just want to be sure' look, that Bruce doesn't seem to catch, as he dropped the lanyard and was busy failing to catch THAT.

He rescues it from the floor and gives May a very relieved look at her willingness to rescue him. "It's fine, I could come back," Bruce offers agreeably. "Truthfully, I won't get to much tonight anyway, but I was going to start in on some materials early." He's vague but clearly intending to help ease the situation.

"If I may?" She asks of the woman at the desk before stepping around. She takes her own badge and uses it to override the computer's restrictions, then selects the labs in question for the woman.

"That should take care of it," May says, moving back around the desk again. Of course, if Banner's NOT supposed to have access to those particular labs, May is the one who will get reprimanded, and she would be … displeased.

Bruce doesn't intrude at all on their system use, in fact deliberately becomes fascinated with his watch and briefcase while they use the console. But when it appears to be taken care of, he turns to look with that same relieved expression. "Thank you. I was told I'd be in an area without too many people," he says, as if seeking reassurance that will indeed be the case.

The woman at the console was more than willing to accept the help, and similarly is relieved to be able to get the visitor badge scanned with the new access designations. She doesn't seem to think Bruce's comment was aimed at her. "Great, sorry for the wait. I have a map for you, too," she says, giving over the little bundle of materials.
May waits patiently for the desk agent to finish handing over the maps et al to Bruce. "It shouldn't be a problem," she tells the scientist before giving the woman a nod then gesturing for Banner to accompany her. "I'll make sure your labs are secure from random passersby. Though even I can't always prevent a random act of Lewis."

Bruce sorts through what he has in the bundle in his hands as he backs away from the counter, clipping the card back onto lanyard, and taking inventory. He moves into easy step with May as she speaks; his eyes are on the objects but he is clearly listening. "It's for general safety," he says a little awkwardly, as if needing to explain the odd privacy requirement. "And, well, so long as I know to expect it," Bruce answers, puzzled but amused. "What does that consist of, usually?"

May leads Bruce at an unhurried pace to and into an elevator. "Well, Agent Lewis is… boisterous. She has little sense of volume control and less of decorum. But, if there is any obscure office supply you can think of, she'll find it. Also, she will be even more obnoxious if she thinks you've spent too much time in your lab without a break." She pauses and tries to think of a simpler way to explain Darcy Lewis. "She was Dr. Jane Foster's assistant for a number of years."

Bruce chuckles softly. "Okay. I'm familiar with what you mean from before—" a pause. "From before," he says, finishing the sentence, and shrugging. "So long as she doesn't deliberately attempt to antagonize, it'll be fine," Bruce says, in a way that may be him partially talking himself into that truth. He immediately follows up with: "I haven't had an assistant in a while, but if someone wants to learn, and can accept some boundaries… maybe."

"If she does, don't hesitate to tell her what you would rather she not do. She might seem all noise and no brain, but the agent was a sociology major, and she held her own against two astrophysicists." She leads Bruce down a hallway away from the elevator. "Just one request from me: Don't tell her I've told you all of this." If Lewis gets it in her head that May was complimenting her, there will be no stopping the younger agent's gloating.

"Oh… sure. I won't," Bruce agrees amiably. "I mean— I won't tell her you gave me a heads up about her. I /will/ mention the boundaries. Unless she already knows. I'm not entirely sure what level of security clearance there is to talk about … myself," the doctor says awkwardly, as if it puzzled him more than actually bothered him.

May directs Bruce into the lab that had been set aside for him, keying the lights to turn on. Not exactly Candyland, but certainly respectable. "In my estimation, doctor, you are entirely free to tell people as much or as little as you want." She's fairly certain he'll tell people nothing at all if he gets his way. And she can respect that.

"Well. I'm still hopeful to work with SHIELD… which includes trying to follow along with what they'd prefer, when I can, on their turf," Bruce smiles vaguely, and gives a cursory little walk-through of the lab, opening a few drawers and bending over a few pieces of equipment to check them out. He already belongs, though — the science type, relaxing in his natural habitat. "Might get a little slack on my leash."

May glances to one side as she listens to the comm unit in her ear. "Sorry, Dr. Banner, I'm being called away. But, if it would help, I think you should ask to have Agent Lewis assigned as your lab assistant." And with that, she turns and leaves, giving Bruce the freedom to check the place over again. .

That's a surprise. "That I should ask for her? Oh. …well. Hmmm. I'll think about it. Is she fearless?" He asks quickly of May before she completely goes. "I don't want someone afraid to tell me their results, is all."

May's voice drifts back, "Doctor, she used to participate in competetive roller derby." So, was that a no, or a yes?

"Hopefully not inside lab space," Bruce says dryly mostly to himself in the empty lab. And then chuckles, and shakes his head.

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