Candied Apples

November 29, 2017:

Pamela comes to the Themysciran embassy with home made holiday treats for the Embassy staff and to talk to Diana.

Themysciran Embassy


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+-[ Themyscira Embassy - New York City ]-------—+

This is a 3-story tall building on the east side of Manhattan near
Fifth Avenue. The building primarily serves the needs of the small island of
Themyscira. Its a new comer to the Consulates/Embassies in NYC.

The building sits behind a wrought iron fence that is periodically
dotted with large white light globes that shine brightly at night. The front
doors of the Embassy open up to a large hallway with marble floors and a
grand staircase that wraps up in two directions toward the second floor

Offices, meeting rooms, bedrooms and a dining hall are the major
locations within the Embassy, though there is also a large 'ball room' that
is a converted training center for the Amazon Warrior Women to train and put
on combat show displays for visitors to the Embassy.

Diana's office sits on the first floor near the back of the Embassy.
An assistant's desk sits outside of Diana's office and the assistant will
see guests / visitors in to see the Ambassador whenever their scheduled
appointments are.

The Embassy is filled with art from Themyscira and historic Greek

Poison Ivy (Ivy)
<ISLE> leads to Themyscira [OTH] <O> leads to Upper East Side [NYC]
<SKY> leads to New York Airspace [SKY]
+---------------[ ]-+
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[OOC] Poison Ivy hugs
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[OOC] Poison Ivy lets you do so

The Themysciran Embassy in Manhattan is decorated for the holidays. There are white lights artfully strung-up outside of the building and there are candles in each and every window that are lit up at night to shine single flames out onto the streets beyond.

Inside the holiday decorations continue, the main foyer of the embassy holds a rather tall Christmas tree decorated with loads of handmade ornaments from all around the world, spanning from newly made to antiques from long ago.

Diana is currently in her office, she's been preparing for public appearances related to these same sorts of holiday things, she's already attended several tree lighting ceremonies and is assisting with charities for families and children. She's currently wearing a long sleeved red sweater and her hair is done back in a braided bun on the back of her head and neck.

Poison Ivy is in her 'Isles' sort of disguise again. She has a stack of tupperware containers in her arms as she comes into the embassy. She doesn't have an appointment but wanted to visit anyway. She has her hair held up in a loose bun, and her clothing a pair of tights, boots, and a loose sweater. She walks up to the receptionist. "Hello. I'm sure she's busy but do you think Diana has a moment or two to spare?"

The receptionist was not an Amazon, she was a born and raised New Yorker who was here as a paid employee, a woman in her late 50s to early 60s and she had a very motherly/grandmotherly feeling about her. She'd offer Ivy a soft smile and would nod gently to her while offering a greeting and moving to pick up an old antique-style phone with a brass handle, a direct line to Diana.

After a moment the woman would set the receiver down, having spoken softly into it. "She is on her way, please have a seat." The receptionist would say then.

And it would only take Diana a minute or two to arrive, when she did her white dress was flowing around her legs as she walked and she appeared in the foyer with a smile on her crimson red painted lips. "Pamela." Diana spoke up, tone friendly and warm. "It is so good to see you again."

Ivy will take her seat with the items in her lap willing to wait a few moments for a busy royal. When the woman in question shows up, Ivy stands with a smile of her own. "Hello Diana. I hope this isn't too horrible a time. I thought I bring over some things. Also I'm glad you have a fake tree up front and not a real one."

Said tree in question was behind Diana and she look back at it over her left shoulder before she looked back upon Ivy and another smile appeared on her lips. "Why end a tree's life when all we are doing is celebrating an old custom? It would make no sense." When Ivy stood, Diana moved toward her and offered her hands out. "Please, let me help you with those?" She'd ask, eyeing them up and down. "Have you brought us goodies?" She'd ask further, a playful grin on her visage then.

"Not sure if you use the same tree several years in a row or not, but they can be recycled." Ivy with the PSA done moves on to what she came here with, "I would normally say no, but know you can carry more then I so please." She nods her head and motions to the several stacks of bins. "Mostly things to offer to you and your staff. Things from my own crops as it were. I made some for some kids I help out and they wanted to make some for others too. Thus you get prezzies."

Diana would gently laugh at the use of the 'prezzies' word and she'd move to assist by taking as many of the containers as Ivy would give onto her. "Well that just sound lovely." She said then to the other woman. "Come, we will take them to the dining hall where we put treats and snacks out for the staff and visitors." She smiled at the Doctor and would turn to walk past the faux-tree on her way back toward the main central hall of the Embassy.

"We used this tree last year, yes. But generally we donate them to others who have interest in them." She glanced up at it. "It is so tall though, it can be hard to find a proper home for them." She glanced back to Ivy with a soft smirk.

Ivy lets Diana take all of them if she wants. She will just remind ot keep them level. Ivy glances at the tree and says, "I guess it is tall for inside, but I'm used to bigger when I go out into nature." She'll help opening up things. "They don't have the food color swirl but these backs are all pepermint hard candies. Those two big bins should be about four dozen or so candy apples. These here are some roasted nuts, and this container here is a mix of my own cocoa that I put together. All horrible for your teeth, but I bet someone here has a sweet tooth that may appreciate this."

Diana would walk down the central hallway and take a left when they arrived at a set of double doors that lead one into the long dining hall. "Why yes, as trees go I suppose it is a teeny tiny one." She said with a sly grin. The Amazonian princess walks to the table along the wall and she starts to unload the containers as Ivy explains each one. There were already a few other things resting on the table on silver platters, some pastries and holiday cookies that others had made.

Diana would look to each and she'd grin over at the woman. "You have discovered one of my weaknesses…" She said quietly and with amusement on her face. "That is okay though. It is one I am glad others know of. The cocoa especially sounds alluring." She'd say in her Greek accented English while she popped open the container with the hard candies and would lift one up to place it between her lips.

Ivy follows along and smiles. "Not sure if I 'discovered it' so much as you let me know." Ivy grins and motions to the goodies, "But I do hope you and your employees and friends like it. I assure you it is all organic and you won't find more natural or healthy on the planet to eat." Pretty confident her boast is true.

Diana would show a look of pure enjoyment from the flavor and taste of the candied treat and she'd look back over to Ivy with a smile there-after. "It is wonderful." She'd tell the other woman. "And based on what I have learned of you, I would expect you to eat nothing but the best foods, Pamela." She'd say then before motioning to the kitchen. "Would you like to get something to drink? How have you been?" Diana would ask, moving toward that doorway that lead to the Embassy's fairly large kitchen.

Ivy can't help but smile back, hard not to when a woman as lovely as Diana is happy. "I care greatly about what I put into my body. As well as what others eat. If I wouldn't feed this to the kids I watch over, I wouldn't eat it myself." There is a snap of fingers, "That's what I should have added. Cider. Maybe next time. I've been alright. This time of year is always slow and hard on me. I just never get the energy I like." Shrugging one shoulder. She follows behind the taller woman, "Mostly been working and studying up on some things I have come across. A few troubling weeds showed up but nothing I feel I should mention. THough I did meet an interesting girl in the park the other day. Said her name was Terra and she was a champion of the planet. Had command over earth."

Diana would step into the kitchen, its countertops a dark smokey granite and matching cabinets with dark hardwood floors. She moved toward the fridge and went to open the first door. "What would you like? Water, tea, wine… I believe there are more things here tonight. Our Chef is not here this evening, he is cooking for a large party event downtown."

Diana then pulled out a couple glasses off a rack near to the fridge and she turned them over and set them down gently upon the counter with quiet clinking sounds.

"Terra, you say?" She'd ask then, looking to Ivy again. "I am unfamilar with that name, at least in association with someone as you described…"

"I am the guest," says Ivy. "I'm willing to drink anything the hostess is willing to give." She is pretty sure DIana isn't going to pour diet soda at this point. "I'm used to cooking for myself, so if you are hungry I could always do that for you." She'll lean onto the counter and watch the tall woman, "So question. Do you ever just float up to get things off the top shelf or do you actually go for a stepping bench?"

The redhead nods her head with a soft sound, "Mmmhmm. She'd be hard to miss. Very energetic a bit axiomatic in a way, dark hair and purple eyes. Not exactly local."

At the fridge again, the Princess would reach for a bottle of dark berry juice as it was her personal favorite. She'd turn then and start to pour them both a glass. "I will have to keep a look out for someone matching that description." She said with a light smile before corking the bottle and setting it down. She'd offer Ivy a drink. "I could eat, but I would not think to impose on a guest and have them cook for me right after bringing such splendid treats."

Diana would glance to her right at the cabinets and she'd show a faint grin before looking back to the woman. "I have been known to float up for things I need to reach, buuuut, generally… I am vertically inclined enough on my feet to reach whatever it is that I need." She'd flash a little grin and then sip from her glass.

Ivy takes her glace with a silent nod of thanks. "Not exactly an imposition when one offers. But I'd likley upset your chef when they returned to work next. Putting things in the wrong place or using an ingrediant that was reserved for a dish." She pauses to sniff and breath the wine, trying to place where it is from and what kind of grapes were used. "Don't blame you for floating. I'd use powers if had them for things like that." In fact she does, often. She glances around the place some, "Hard to not be a grinch this time of year for me." She normally has the color for it.

Diana would flash a grin then and she'd lean against the countertop on her right hip while holding her glass and watching Ivy. "Yes, well… he does get mad at others. But not me, I am the only other allowed to fuss about in 'his kitchen'." She said that part with a big grin before sipping her drink again. "You are having trouble with… what precisely related to this time of year? The rituals of taking down trees?" She'd ask then, showing a look of curiosity toward the other's response, her pointed chin was lowered a bit as she stared now.

"Boys are so protective of their 'caves' or 'lairs' or whatever. And then all the 'toys' or 'tools' in it too." Chuckling with Diana about the little joke as she sips the wine. She uses the drink as time to gather her thoughts. "I get a little down this time of year, but yes. I mean I get traditions to a point. But pumpkins in October, then you have trees and all things pine in December. Not to mention poisettia flowers, ginger for gingerbread, and just other things in general." Ivy runs her finger along the counter some. "Just is so wasteful, and I get tired sometimes trying to make people listen and understand."

Diana would show a small smile at the initial little joke from the other woman and then she'd fall quiet and listen to her woes while gently nodding her head here and there in understanding of the points that Ivy was making. "It is… not an easy task to change the entire world, Pamela." She'd offer in a quiet voice. "I am sure that your efforts are indeed working though. At least on a select few individuals… People -do- respond well to passion and desire for positive change. Sadly it is just not everyone who jumps onboard, jumps at the chance. For everyone who is willing to, there are those entirely unwilling."

Ivy's efforts definitley have an effect on those she kills. But likely others too. Ivy takes a long drink of wine and sets the glass down to watch the dark liquid move in the glass. "People feel they are being asked to sacrifice when the opposite is true. I don't know, Diana. Maybe I've been in a city too long again and need to run off to a rain forest or jungle again." All that sun, all that Green. She can feel it call to her even now. "Like your friend who wrote those books. I'd love to talk to her, but also shudder to think what she say if she saw parts of this country. Sure there are some grand parks in it. Yellow stone and up in Alaska for example. But then you have places like Los Angelos, and the North East Coast here." Diana can see Ivy visibly shudder at some memories.

Diana would see it as she was watching and listening closely, she was a hell of a listener and was always concerned about helping those who truly were seeking it.

"I can make arrangements for you to visit Themyscira, Pamela, but you might be under strict guardianship while there because of your past here in the mainlands. Because of the 'nature' of your passion, pun entirely intended—" Diana flashed a small smile then. "I believe that my mother will at least accept you as a visitor to the island because it would grand you some reprieve from the troubles that you bare witness to. The ones that bother you so deep to your core… But, I am not entirely confident that you would be permitted to stay on Themyscira for very long. Perhaps though, as… stranger things have happened in our world." Diana would sip her drink again and smile softly once more.

"If this is something you would even desire to do, of course."

Ivy looks over to the Amazonian, "I'd love to even just spend a weekend there. But I'm not sure about getting me 'out' of this country even if your Mother was willing to let me in." She wiggles fingers in the air and admits, "It can be surprizingly easy to get on the equivilant of a 'no fly' list. But thank you for the offer. Most times if I want to travel I smuggle myself out the southern boarders of the country and then travel from there." Yeah Ivy is technically admit to crime here, but she's pretty sure Diana's not going to citizen arrest her IN the embassy. For one thing she's not done real crime TO Themyscria. "But… I guess if I could get myself to Morocco or Greece, maybe something from there could be arranged. Right?"

Diana WOULD softly shake her head at Ivy's disregard for the law though and she'd softly exhale at it. "It is things like that that will get you into very hot water, Pamela. I understand your motivations for doing it, but the lack of even a shred of respect for the laws that everyone must adhere too… it really is not good." The two of them would always have differences when it came to the way that society and its governed laws work.

"I have a personal jet." She told the other then. "Should we make this happen, you will be able to come here and take passage on it. The trip itself is not terribly long there aboard my transport.

"Trust me, Diana. I am all for the laws helping the world and protecting the right people. Just that is not going to be happening when it is the real criminals and dangerous peopel that are writting them. I bet a smart woman like you knows just how many laws are ignored in this country or been overturned." Ivy will sip the wine again and turn to face Diana. "I'd love to visit your home, even for a short visit. If you are willing to ask your mother and take a risk on me. I'll even hold that magic rope of yours and tell you that I"m no threat to your homeland." She adds with a smirk, "Unless it threatens me first. Then I reseve the right to defend myself. Pretty sure you old school Greek women can get behind that."

Diana's glass was resting on its base on the stone countertop and she was watching Ivy and quietly observing her. She showed another faint smile at the last words. "I only use that when it is absolutely necessary. I do not wish to make people feel as though I am a judge and jury because of a magic rope that I possess." A little nod would then be given to the woman. "I shall contacat the Queen as soon as possible, as I believe you likely need the time away… perhaps even during the holidays at their peak? If that is what you would desire? Season depression, as they call it, tends to only get most awful when the holidays themselves are directly upon us."

"It wouldn't have to be over the holidays themselves. Though it does make me curious what traditions your people have for what holidays. Something tells me 'Easter' and 'Thanksgiving' aren't exactly memerable moments on the Themyscrian days of note." Ivy has to admit, "Just one day soaking up some sun, would bring my color back to be honest. You think I'd learn to visit the southern hemisphere or something by now." Ivy finishes her glass to look at her own skin. "Why are you making such kind efforts toward me, Diana?" Surely she doesn't do this for everyone?

Diana would laugh softly at the question on holidays. "No. Those particular holidays are not celebrated on Themyscira. If I had to pick what is closest, I would wager that our ceremony known as the 'Feast of the Five' would be it. We give thanks and priase to the five Goddess' who assisted in the creation of our people and it culminates in a big dinner." Diana would show a soft smile then, she'd shake her head from right to left once. "I believe in offering kindness to those that I can offer it to. It is my goal and my duty in this world to make others have a better life, even those who have fallen into a life of crime… That does not mean they should be damned for forever, not if they truly do wish to change and truly do wish to help bring about peace for a better world."

The redheaded woman's eyes drift to outside and what light may still be there is gray and muted. She takes a long slow breath, resting elbows on the counter and her chin in her palm. "Sounds like a good holiday, bet I'd really like at least one of thos goddesses. Maybe even she like me back. Not sure." Ivy is not sure how she would be treated if Diana knew the real truth, and part of her is tempted to find out. But not tonight. "Well I do want to make the world better, healthier and stronger." Just by likely getting rid of a lot of people.

Diana would show an understanding smile at the other and she'd lift her glass up to her lips for another sip from the contents of the dark rich flavored wine. "I know that you do." She said back to Ivy then. "We just have to make sure that the right way about it is taken. Otherwise we can become the enemies that we have been trying to fight all along. Many of them have also wanted to make the world a better place… they have just tried to do that by… burning the field. And that is just not how one makes their planet a better place."

Diana would shake her head softly side to side. "But yes, thank you." She told Ivy. "For the delicious treats. I will keep them sealed up and they will be fresh for when there are more staff on hand tomorrow morning."

"But setting forrests on fire -can- be good at times Diana. Opens up some pine gones to properly reseed the area, as well as provide nutrient rich ash to flow into the ground and spread through the territory." Leave it to Ivy to find proof in nature as to why destruction can be good. There's a smile on her lips, "I hope they are appreciated. And I'm glad you like them. May want to warn them that the mint will taste sharper and less sweet then some may be used to." Ivy folds her arms and lays her head on them, looking over at Diana while doing so. "So should I just hide in your office for a few days, or would it be better to come back adn find out if I have an approved vistor's visa?"

"Oh, I know that in the natural sense of the act of burning can do great things for… say farmland. But it is not how you fix a society." She corrected the other before turning to walk toward the counter to set her glass down in the sink. "I will make all the proper warning that they are naturally made and not quite the same as store bought treats." She'd say back to Ivy after running some water through her glass.

"There are spare rooms here if you need a place to stay, but otherwise I can call you as soon as I have news to give on the topic. It shouldn't be more than a week." Diana would walk back to the center counter and place her right hand gently down onto the granite top. "Sometimes my mother needs a lot of time to go over all the ins and outs of these sorts of things. But it should not to be too… terribly long."

Ivy closes her eyes a long moment just resting on the counter. She knows she shouldn't feel safe. For all she knows Deadshot has Ivy in his crosshairs even now. Then again, Diana's reflexes are mythic. Which is beyond legendary in Ivy's mind. Still she just takes a moment to take a few deep breaths and rest. "No. I shouldn't stay, that's not going to be good for either of us. I am just letting myself have a moment if you will. I can stop by after a week or so. See how things are going. Also you should give me a list of things I should or should not bring." Opening one eye, "is there a toga dress code? I bet I'd look great in one." And she normally wears less.

Diana would listen to this and the last part would make her release a light and short huff of a laugh, amused by the question. "No, there is no such dress code. Pack what you would find to be most comfortable for a vacation to a tropical climate. Light and airy is best. Plus, once you are there the shopkeepers are generally very giving to new arrivals. Not all Themyscirans want the island to be restricted to only those of us who have dwelled on it for so long. Some of us really enjoy getting to meet new people… you will be given free clothing by our people, if you desire to have it of course." She'd show a warm smile then and a light nod. "A week and I am sure I will have information for you regarding it."

Ivy can't help but quip, "Maybe I'll just run around nude or wear whatever nature gives me." But the redheaded woman will be sure to pack some basic clothes. She'll have to remember to not 'green up' too fast or anything. "I'll be sure to bring some books and things to offer for others to enjoy that I can leave behind. I'd offer a plant but that could be a disaster. Just look at kudzu for example."

A slight grin was shown to the other and a simple singular nod. "Yes well, there are not necessarily rules against such… strutting about. But generally it is not something our people do a lot of. We take pride in our appearances and that includes our attire, though we certainly do not shame the naked form." Another soft laugh was given then and a slight headshake. "Yes, we… cannot permit things without really delving into the effects of them on the ecosystem, as I am sure you can understand, such as with the kudzu vines. But books? Books are welcome."

"I was mostly joking," says Ivy. She sits up and stretches, giving herself a bit of a deep breath and shakes her head to wake herself up. "It was so good to talk to you, hope you like the sweets. And I look forward to seeing you again. I'll make sure to pack caerfully and thoughtfully."

Diana would show the other woman a small smile. "You have a very dry sense of humor, Pamela." Diana said back to her then. "It can be hard for me to see it sometimes. But then again, I am not the most skilled when it comes to jokes. Try as I might!" She gave a dramatic sigh then and moved toward the exit of the kitchen. "Come, I will walk you out." She offered the other then.

"I am used to having to be the straight and sane one. My other closest friend is a bit of a wild one. You wouldn't believe it." Ivy walks with Diana and hesitates near the door. "Thanks for this Diana. You help me remember what can be good in some humans and I really appreciate that." She asks, "See you in a week or so?

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