Welcome Freedom, Welcome Pain

November 27, 2017:

Exergy awakens to Doctor Corben and Ripclaw removing Cyberdata Technology leftovers out of his system.


NPCs: Doctor Corben



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Fade In…

Voices will interrupt Exergy's slumber. Two men from the sounds of it…

"I can disable this one but the other… not at the same time. You're going to have to inflict some pain on him but please be precise Ripclaw. Do not tear anything important.
"I'll do my best."
"Straps are in place?"
"Yes. Theyre on."
"On my count, one… two… three!"

Pain in two locations will be inflicted on Exergy. An electrical discharge that courses through his entire body and what feels like a warm slice, possibly not even felt at first until the air hits it. Awareness should further becoming to of surroundings. A fluorescent light flickering above that waves back and forth, the sounds of a train rumbling past nearby but not close. Plastic across walls that are barely much more than drywall and wooden beams, a floor of tile thats broken and chipped.
"There! All three out."

That is not a nice way to wake up a guy. And right now Exergy has reasons to expect a rude awakening. People hunting him down and all that. Besides, he should have absorbed the discharge, right? Unless something is wrong with his cybernetics and the capacitors are offline. Also BAD.

So he wakes up with a start, and goes for the handgun he took from Wolf Spider's corpse. But it was in his coat. Lasers then, for which he needs to see. And… quite frankly, the most likely outcome is he falls down from the couch with a pained grunt. "What the hell…?" He hisses.

"What the hell indeed." Corben remarks, "You appear to have dispersed the electrical pulse. Possibly absorbed it?" The bearded man goes from blurry to visible, blue eyed, friendly looking if not very aged and tired.

"I hope it took. Do not be alarmed we are in the process of removing trackers from your cybernetics and attempting, which I stress attempting loudly to temporarily disrupt the neural implants connected to your frontal lobe. Just incase Cyberdata Technologies tries to reactivate your brainbox. We cannot have that. I'd prefer not to be gunned down by a mole."

"We got the trackers." Ripclaw confirms as a slender clawtip shakes forward and back, hanging from it covered in blood, wire and tendon is a small sphere of metallic with computer chip like components attached. "This is the last."

A clink noise as it is dropped in to a sauce pan nearby.

"Ro—Ripclaw and I are assisting in some clean up after Neuromancer's nanites seen to you, not a whole lot for us to do honestly. Not at least until I can get you to my lab for a much more permanent solution. What I have just done now is only temporary unfortunately. You will be safe for travel and several days though until we get needed supplies."

"In a round about way he is saying you're cleared." Ripclaw explains quietly. A cloth being used to wipe blood from his clawtips.

"Well, fuck," where is he bleeding now? Or where is he not bleeding now? To be honest his side does not hurt much, so Lucia nanites must have patched him pretty well. "I am supposed to drain electricity and radiation. Works better when I am awake," replies Exergy, looking warily to Ripclaw bleeding claws.

"You must be Doctor Corben," he adds, looking at the older man. "Where am I and where is Neuromancer?" He tries to stand up. Checking the computer for the time. He probably was going to sleep over twelve hours given his sorry state when he got here.

"I was about to inquire about the radiation." Doctor Corben muses. "Hopefully what we have done is enough. With your particular gifts it makes it questionable." The old man begins setting things aside, sterilizing and cleaning pausing only to offer over a bottle of Jim Beam to Exergy. "Cures most of what ails humanity."

Ripclaw sighs at the alcohol and gives a look at the newcomer, "You're in a safe location. Unimportant for now and Neuromancer is resting also in a safe location not here. Shes taxed herself quite more than I think she used to lately, Pavel, right? That is what you said I believe. I am Robert and this is Gregory Corben. You should be familiar with us from your SHOC dossiers." He cannot speak for memories. They're never intact for anyone who has undergone the treatments CDT inflicts on it's subjects. "We are awaiting for the scans to complete to make sure these are defused and then you can join the rest of us."

"Then the real dangerous part of this entire procedure begins." Doctor Corben adds in, frowning at the man's skull. "These brainboxes get more and more advanced each new model. It is getting harder to keep up which is why Neuromancer will be so very important to us."

"I am… maybe Pavel," Exergy is honestly not sure. False memories over a pretty extensive mind-wipe. He has only some fragments. He takes the bottle and frowns, considering if he wants to get buzzed just as he wakes up.

Yes, definitely yes. But he will wait at least a little.

So the bottle is put down, if kept close.

"If you want to do scans, you need ultrasounds. Or me being awake to let them electromagnetic waves pass through. Otherwise my mutant power will metabolize the radiation and you will get nothing or something very blurry." And then the main question, "what is a brainbox? Is how they control us?"

"It'll come back to you. Between the pain you've suffered, the box and anesthia you're likely out of sorts right now." Corben says encouragingly while the man handles the bottle.
"Then we definitely have to wait for that until I can get you in to my lab. Yes, the brainbox is their little control center, it attaches and replaces portions of your frontal lobe, at best we can neutralize and repair it but there are memories you will never get back. It will however give you back your free will and perhaps some old memories, some."

"If you're lucky. It will take some adjustments and it is going to be a transitional phase for you… the memories will always be fragmented and feel like they were someone elses. I'm sorry for that but know this, you are not alone." The Native places a hand on Exergy's shoulder, "Try to rest. Your ordeal has just begun, you are no longer a slave though and that much I promise you is truth. Your freedom right now is and should be all of our biggest concern."

Doctor Corben snickers and takes the bottle back whether Exergy has sipped of it or not, "Ripclaw, the name is misleading the man thinks hes some heroic warrior out of time. You'll get used to it but… hes not wrong, our goal here is to ensure freedom. You'll drink that juice eventually… even my old cranky ass did."

Exergy grimaces, looking at himself. The asymmetrical lattice of metal 'tattoos' over his skin. The blood and grime of a week on the road. He probably stinks pretty badly. But that is not the reason of the wrongness he feels. "Damn thing failed a few days ago, I suppose. Otherwise I would still be a happy killer and…" and maybe he would have gotten killed like Wolf Spider. "Shit. Like all the others."

Where was that bottle? Getting more tempting.

Freedom, though. It is a start. Stay free is the priority, he knew that instinctively when he fled. "Alright. I can… I will live with that. Thank you for your help. I want that thing out of my head as soon as possible. Then I will think about what to do later. When I am more myself. Is that alright?"

"Take what time you need." Ripclaw says, "Rest up, rest easy and as soon as we are able and have the needed supplies." A look to Corben as if in question, "Then we will go ahead and finish removal. You're on your own then to make your choices. That is another day."

Corben and the pale man with the bladed hands will depart, leaving Exergy to tend his wounds and get comfortable in the sparse location, it has the necessities to at least take care of him. Even a mini fridge. They'll return in time.

Having choices, real choices, is both daunting and elating. But does he really have choices? As long as Cyberdata exist, they will hunt him down. He can't hide forever. "I know what I have to do," states Exergy, "but no… we will talk once that device is gone. I am not going anywhere. I do need to think. Thank you for the rescue and the refuge."

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