A Meeting of Aliens

November 29, 2017:

Kara runs into Blackagar, another alien finding himself a stranger in a strange land. She learns it's possible for a brother to act against a brother, a shocking concept for her.



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Kara is walking down a Metropolis street, dressed for once in very human clothes befitting Earth, albeit her sense of style could prove questionable. What with the off-the-shoulder black top she's wearing, and the weird print on her top: a giraffe with a speech bubble that reads "moo, I'm a cat." Completing her outfit is a red airy skirt, black belt with golden circlets, and simple converse shoes. She seems quite happy and touristy, looking every which way with awe.


Kara isn't the only one sightseeing a bit.

For once…the displaced Inhuman King, Blackagar, is wearing 'normal' clothes, though it's limited to a loose-at-the-waist white polo shirt with a somewhat casual black jacket over it…blue jeans, tenneshoes. Thank you Emery and the Titans for helping him find clothes. Though he still has that metal neckpiece to help him control his Inhuman abilities.

His eyes are to the sky, seeing birds he's never seen before, towers he wishes he could climb in public, but that's not befitting of a king….something he rarely paid actual attention to. The fact he was on a different earth didn't help either.

But, with the way Blackagar is looking away from his surroundings, he's on a collision course with Kara.


Kara is certainly distracted by all the sights, so unless Blackagar is more alert then her, she'll wind up walking straight into him. As his 6'2" is a fair bit taller than her 5'5" she winds up bumping into his chest level, jarring her a step backwards, as she looks up in surprise and squeaks, "I'm sorry!"


Thankfully, Durability is one of the many gifts Black Bolt possesses as an Inhuman…otherwise he would have had a rather intimate date with the concrete ground, as such, does he also stumble back, looking down a moment in a sort of startled manner at Kara, but he emits no sound.

But when Kara starts to apologize, he just gives her a warm smile, shaking his head and waving his hands, then gesturing to himself as if to silently say it was his fault. Strange how he hasn't even yelped or anything when he ran into her.


Kara blinks at Blackagar's gesturing, moving a little closer, giving him a better look before asking with concern, "did you lose your voice? Do you need help? I'm not sure I can do much, but I may know someone who could!"


Blackagar gives Kara a small smile, giving a few nods before he stands up straight, putting a hand on her shoulder than taking his other hand and making a slice motion around at his throat a few times.

He can't talk. Mute? Likely. But is it by choice or biology? But he does look around a moment, before he touches his temple, then touches hers if she lets him. A telepath?


Kara pouts and looks to be sympathizing with Blackagar, "oh my! I'm so sorry! That must be horrible! Can I do anything?" She asks, before looking hesitantly at the hand reaching out to her, but she bravely allows him to touch her, even though she's not sure what to expect. "Is this how you say 'hello'?" She asks, testing a theory.


Blackagar smiles softly to her. Most people would shove him or slap his hand away. This one's different….and it earns her the warmest of smiles.

But when he was asked if she could do anything about it, he shakes his head and puts a finger on his lips as if telling her quietly not to panic….and she would hear a voice in her head.

«Hello…please, do not be alarmed. My name is Blackagar Boltagon. I cannot speak….for if I did, terrible destruction would follow.»


Kara looks jarred when she hears the voice in her head, blinking a few times, and staring in disbelief at Blackagar, «is that your voice!?» She tries to answer by thinking to him «you're Blackagar Boltagon? I am Kara Zor-El,» she starts before shaking her head, «oh, I meant, erm, Kara…D-Danvers! That's the one, Danvers!» Then he explains the situation, and she looks all the more confused «if you speak you cause destruction? That sounds terrible!»


Blackagar nods warmly to Kara, offering a small smile to her, but it's quite sincere. «It is..» his voice is smooth…calming, like a peaceful sea and a quiet meadow. It's sweet, almost indescribably so. «Kara Danvers. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.»

He nods a few times and looks saddened at his inability to speak, lest others be harmed. «Yes, I am a victim of such cruel fate. I am an Inhuman. a species deriving off humans….but we gain powers and abilities, not so much different than mutants, aside from how they are gained.» he shrugs a moment. «The name…Zor-El. Are you Inhuman too?» He asks curiously, recalling it.


«And yours as well, Blackagar Boltagon! You're not from around these parts, are you?» Kara asks the obvious question introduced to that alien sounding name, and obviously the telepathic powers. «Not quite…I guess, I could tell you, since you're different, I am actually Kryptonian. Maybe you heard of my cousin? He goes by Superman.»


Black Bolt seems to smile a bit and shakes his head as to her perceptiveness. «I am not….in truth, I am not from this earth at all…but a parrellel one. Though such is a long story.» Though he seems to smile even wider when she says she's Kryptonian. Not of earth.

«Ah…I see…he is the one with the shield upon his chest?» He outlines the shape of that famous S-shield that notoriously stands for 'Hope'. «I have seen him a few times flying through the sky. It is good to meet another similar to me in certain ways. How did you come upon this world, if I may ask?» a gesture to the benches then.


«I knew it! Hahaha! Takes one to know one, right? And that's the one, wearing the emblem of our House on his chest, I do it too, when I wear my Kryptonian outfit,» Kara offers with a smile, «much like he did, spacecraft…I was supposed to look after him, he was supposed to be a baby…erm…I guess time is relative in space, huh?»


Blackagar gives her a small, mental chuckle, a warm smile given her way. "I see….that explains that particular notion. I would sometime like to see it….I don't know many Kryptonians…your cousin being the other one.» he shrugs softly…. «I know the feeling. I was transported here by a treacherous brother….On my world, I reside in a large city, called Attilan. On earth's moon. I am the King of the Inhumans.» he reveals. «But…for some reason, I am here, on a parrelel and strange world….before a few weeks ago, I had barely left my city for the first time in an effort to understand humans…the world around us.»


«A trecherous brother? Why would a brother be trecherous? That sounds wrong!» Kara is apparently aghast by the very thought. «I hope you will be able to overcome this ploy against you, Majesty!» Kara is quick to show her support, still jarred that a brother would act against a brother.

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