A Night of Normalcy and Billiards

November 20, 2017:

Scott and Jean have a quiet night of catching up and some pool.


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A day in the life of the X-Men when there are no students, no Brotherhood and no world threatening catastrophe's. Scott Summers is in the rec room, the a rack in hand, the wooden triangle being set down over the balls at it and grouped together.

It has been more hectic than usual but with the holidays many students have cleared ground, it's a free roam of the mansion for those who live in it year around.

Scott is dressed in a simple black tee, jeans and tennis shoes. Nothing abnormal beyond his usual looks, hair messy as it's not been cut in a bit but scruff hes been sporting up until recently is gone, shaven clean.

With Jean busy in her stance against Genosha and it's affairs hes had a lot of free time. He did his part of the fight and now shes doing hers.

Jean was just returning from a conference dealing with Mutants and Genosha, something relatively unimportant and minor in the grand scheme of things.

She had been extremely surprised by the state of the school upon her return, very grateful that kids were heading home for the holidays.

Making her way through the halls towards the Rec Center where she sensed the presence of Scott, she stepped in wearing heels, a black skirt, a blouse, and a tight-cut blazer that made her look somewhat professional.

"Did you have a party without me?" Jean asked as she stepped into the room and headed right for the mahogany bar to make herself something to drink.

Pool stick in hand Scott takes aim and breaks, stripes and solids in all directions. A tip of his head to one side and he watches them find corners and sidepockets. It's the KLAK of the billiarids spheres that almost drowns out Jean's voice. Not quite though.

Scott turns around in time to see her, those red shades of his hiding his eyes but his smile appears. Whites of teeth barely visible behind his lips. "Several actually." The brunette replies dryly.

"One of those trips?" He inquires as shes already seeking a drink. "A hid a bottle of Jack behind the mineral water." The pool stick is set aside and he moves over near her, hands upon the bartop. It's the only thing keeping him from snaring her up in a hug. It doesn't take a telepath to know that much.

Jean returns the smile as she retrieves the hidden bottle of Jack Daniels, "The trip wasn't so bad, it's the state of the mansion that has me worried." Jean wanted to be surprised that the X-Men could not catch a break in a cruel world full of misfortunes, but it was becoming harder and harder to be surprised as the years went by.

"I'm glad to see you're okay and that I haven't come home to any funerals." No news was often good news. She reaches a hand across the bar to rest upon Scott's sensing that desire to hug her, "You up for talking about what happened?"

Scott's hand opens up to ensnare her fingers with his own briefly before he lets go. "Not much to talk about honestly. Not yet." He says, the frown that appears across his brow and the walls that suddenly form in his mind say otherwise, "I… " It's as if he is aware now he is trying to block her out, "It was ugly. Too many lost and hurt, still hurting and Magneto is freed. We saved it from itself only to inflict more pain and confusion on it."

Stepping around the bar Scott leans his hip against it standing beside her while she hunts for her drink, "The mansion is fine for now." For now, if only he knew soon a 'Demon Bear' will be thrashing its way through the entire complex but thats another day.

"Magneto shouldn't be free but it was a nessecary price we paid to give Genosha a chance at freedom. We're not the international police, not even for mutants." Jean replied to Scott, a lingering concern that SHIELD may not like them toppling governments and making themselves the equivalent of a world power in that regard.

"At least you're starting to look like your old self." Jean reached up with her free hand to gently touch Scott's shaven cheeks, "Not that I minded the scruff, bit Logan-ish though."

"A price. Always a price to be paid." Scott agrees, he doesn't let himself relax though. Even as she touches his cheek and mentions the scruff, a brow lift that joins up from both shades.
"Say goodbye to facial hair forever." He teases her. A hand lifting up to give her hip a momentary squeeze.

"Politics. We left it all up to politics. I think thats where I feel like a real devil." Likely he is joking but there is some seriousness to his tone. Scotts jaw tightens and releases, muscle under skin hopping.
"Nate is back at least. I am sure you felt that."

Jean's hand slowly withdraws and she goes back to pouring a drink for herself, "If we don't leave it up to politics, we would find ourselves the target of attention we don't need. It's not our job to play kingmaker, even if we think we could make the best decisions."

Scott lets out a thoughtful noise, "Aren't we always suspect and target anyways. I stand by what we did despite my concerns." More of the obvious that he's bored with. A push off from leaning against the bar near her and he picks up that pool stick again, "How long are you here?"

Moving around to the other side again back to the table. Scott asks, "Join me?"

"For the forseeable future." Jean replied with a little grin before moving around the other side of the bar with the drink in hand, not entirely sure if she would drink it but the idea of having it handy was comforting.

"I'm hoping things can stay quiet a little longer at least before the kids come back again. It would be a nice break." Jean's eyes travelled to the pool table and back to Scott, "So whose winning? Scott or Cyclops?" The question may have been philosophical or it may have just been a joke about Scott playing pool with himself.

"Quiet is the plan." Scott assures and he studies the table, "Neither yet. Scott is about to though unless you want to join and try to dethrone the champ?" An offer towards one of the other sticks. "Tonight I figure is for just silence, I didn't expect you or I wouuld have made other plans. Dinner or something less… " A wave of his free hand out, "Boring… I suppose."

The red shades reflect some of the light, the philosophical aspect of Jean's question unanswered, possibly.

Jean takes up one of the pool cues and chalks it up with fresh chalk before waiting for Scott to shoot, not overly concerned with what they might have been playing, "It's ok, this is just as nice as dinner. It's quiet and we get to spend some time together. It's normal."

She seemed to be relaxing, the drink still untouched as she set it down near the edge of the table, "Besides, things are rarely if ever boring around you."

"Time together? Whats that?" Scott smirks walking around the table, his stick's butt end tapping the floor with a bounce behind him. Making him look on the side of obnoxious before he studies the table, "I got stripes." Calling it as he goes he does knock in several before missing. He never misses.

"No, boring would probably be a luxury." Scott's aware shes not touched the drink, looking at it only once before he carries on, it's not like either of them to be heavy drinkers. Maybe they should pick up some new hobbies. Younger ones. He's feeling far more age than he should.

"No, you're right. Boring would probably be too much of a luxury." ^^
Once Scott has missed, Jean examines the table, taking her time before taking a shot without any kind of telekinetic assistance, "Luxury is too good for us. I don't think that's something either of us is ever going to know unless we go the route of Emma Frost and use our powers for personal gain."

She takes another shot and misses, smiling just a little at the thought, "I think our fates were chosen for us for better or for worse the day the Professor came into our lives. Knowing how bad things could go otherwise, I wouldn't change it."

She waited for Scott to take his shot, sniffing at the whiskey before taking a little sip which causes her to cough, "I see why you hid this."

"You really think she uses her powers for personal gain?" Scott questions seriously while admiring Jean's technique and form, they've had a long time to play pool in Xavier's. Scott's gifted with angles, a mind for it one could say. Whether It's a mutant gift or not he is unsure but it's always felt on the side of cheating and he would prefer games last longer, so is known to intentionally throw it to prolong it.

"You know they were. We've got no choice but to believe that."

"Careful, we know you're a lightweight." Scott cocks a smile, "I will have to carry you up the stairs again."

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