Genosha Today (Update 2)

November 07, 2017:

(News/Update - NOT A LOG) Genosha following the X-Men lightning coup through August and September.


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The final scene has ben played out (thanks all who showed!)

It will have been a month now since Genosha has been exposed to the world entirely. President Reneau was apparently shot to death by David Moreau who was then executed by Magneto. The X-Men have a mixed public appeal in Genosha, many see them as liberators others see them as mutant oppressors. Their involvement is known to very little outside of Genosha save for select government agencies, SHIELD and rumor. There might be some leaked footage from the battle in Hammer Bay since Genosha's Secured Net was taken down by Cypher and Shadowcat (thanks to Illyana's assault team on the Sentinel Factory).
Sugarman disappeared through a portal escaping custody or worse.

Outside aid is being requested to help reform the country but the Genoshans are trying for a strong stance in independence, there will be many years of fallout to deal with the diplomatic and social changes as without their mutant slaves the country is undergoing serious reform. Their economy is at an all time low.

Magneto has positioned himself rather forcibly but with the backing of many sympathizers and freed slaves at the helm in the reform, to the point that he may be considered for a place in the country's office.
An unknown black ops team ransacked Sugarman's lab, all that is known is they had American dialects. What they acquired is unknown or classified.

Genosha should now be considered a turbulent island struggling to gain a foothold on its own politics after a horrible and quick civil war. One that is still happening, the reformation has led to a lot of change but the mutants are now entirely free and taking a stance behind Magneto to make sure they stay that way even going so far as to raise a monument to him flanked by smaller statues of X-Men and even Superman. Reneau is now celebrated as a martyr who died for their cause which in turn flipped many more patriotic Genoshans upon hearing she was executed by the Genegineer. Which, a new one has also been assigned named Sasha Ryan, she is considered to be more benevolent and turning Moreau's darker work towards a positive route, one that will aid Genoshans, not enslave them also her task is now to safeguard any remaining Earth-295 technology that was left behind.

The Hellfire Club purchased the old Sentinel Factory that the /Right/ or Human Council was using as their own, Sebastian Shaw has promised to turn it in to a production facility that will assist mutants find work on the island and further the ideals of green and safe energy for the paradise island. This has not been met without some resistance as he is seen as yet another American and an outsider but due to previous land rights belonging to foreign parties, this could not be legally disputed too strongly.
The real Madame Reneau was last seen leaving Carrion Cove on a plane with Emma Frost.
Madelyne Pryor in a comatose state still has been moved to the Mutant Research Center on Muir Island.
Talks of an X-Team or Excalibur relocating to Genosha have circulated but no steps have been taken as of yet.

All and all for now Genosha is done. The ordeal is behind the X-Men as a whole and forward progress can be made. Also remember this entire plot happened with an IC 'set' amount of time, since then our characters will have moved on largely but it was not so long ago that psychological fallback can still be felt, suggestions are people approach Jean on those grounds for grief counseling.
Genosha is now a free land to fire plots, ideas, growth, changes etc at. Kick those ideas out there a few loose ends still remain; Such as Atlanteans having been used as guinea pigs, where Sugarman went, what is Magneto trying to accomplish, what is SHIELDs stance, so on and so forth…

OOC; All done and thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

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