Hell Tower of Ungara

November 21, 2017:

The Justice League are led through space to the planet Ungara where the Red Lanterns are attempting something sinister. (emits by Hal)


NPCs: Red Lanterns, Ungarans, AYA


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Rumor throughout the Corps and to some extent even the League's ears has spread that Hal Jordan angered the Guardians by stealing a unique spacecraft. It's today that the man is revealing that to members of the League those 'rumors' are indeed truth.

Housed inside the hangar of the Watchtower currently is a long metallic grey and emerald illuminated vessel. The Green Lantern is standing in front of it with the doorway open, arms folded across his chest and a smile underneath that domino mask as he awaits his teammates.
"All aboard?" The man jokes but his tone, just a shade away from serious. It's a strained jest as is his attitude.

"I will tell you guys more on the way. We need the ships localized warp gate tech to make it there in time." It's one of the fastest ever seen Hal will boast later, meant for intergalactic travel. Part of the reason why he stole the /Interceptor/ and it was not being put to proper use by those back on Oa. There honestly is a long list of reasons.


Of course J'onn is here to support Hal in what he needs, but he is curious about this rumor of theft. In all honesty, even with it being true the Martian is not surprised, but now he is hoping to hear the reason for stealing it. With a simple nod of his head, J'onn moves his way towards the ship, "Hal, you know that you will have my support, but I am very interested to hear the reasons as well as the method in which you have…" he pauses, perhaps a small smile, "…procured this vessel."


Diana stood there within the large hangar chamber aboard the Watchtower and she eyed the craft that Hal was presenting to them…

When he said 'all aboard' thats when Diana's blue eyes went over to look pointedly at him.

"You want me to… go somewhere in that, thing?" She asked him in her accented English. "You want me to go -further- away from EArth. In…" Her blue eyes then went back TO the craft. "That, thing." She said to him.

A heavy sigh escaped the Princess' lips and she gently shook her head. She stood where she was in a blue robe that concealed her armored form beneath it, but her sword and shield were mounted on her back nonetheless.

The Amazon would look then toward J'onn, noting that he probably asked the better questions. But she was 'new' to space and she did not truly enjoy it a lot, yet.

Caitlin's a bit of a nervous overpacker, and hustles into the League hanger with a stuffed backpack and a mechanic's toolkit in her hand. The warpgate tech is probably leagues beyond her understanding of physics, but… well, there always seems to be /something/ that breaks, no matter how advanced the machinery.

"Hey! I'm here! Don't leave without me!" she says, stretching her legs out to hustle towards the spacefcraft. She's swapped out her lightweight attire for a League flightsuit, with thermal insulation, helmet mounts, and rebreather apparatus. Caitlin's fairly tough, but she needs air like any other human.

"Oh, hey J'onn! Diana! Are we all going along?" she says, looking more enthused at the prospect of going into space.


"He said something like…" Starfire is behind Hal and folds her arms across her chest, propping her shoulder along the sleek 'metal' wall. "… No he said nothing about commandeering or plundering." A small smile forms of Starfire's lips, the corners lifting while emerald eyes slide towards J'onn and Di.

"AYA does not like being called thing, she is very smart and is no help with learning the toaster." After the initial attack to make a statement, more have come to Earth in regards to these Reds? (Is that a *BAD* term?) and it was beyond time to take it right back.

… Or whatever Hal is up to aside from pissing off his Leetle Bloo Bosses.


"Main reason? It wasn't being put to proper use." Hal half-assedly explains to J'onn, the story has much more to it but thats what hes giving for the moment. A small smile assures the Martian there is more and he'll hear it.

"Yes, Diana. I rode in you 'thing' its your turn to ride in mine, which Starfire is right. Her name is Aya. Talking like that is going to hurt her feelings." A tap on the hatch as Caitlin shows and the man is sidestepping to allow her in, "You're probably not going to need all that and the thought didn't even cross my mind." More the merrier, more the required likely.

"We're going to be leaving immediate space, this I figure is the quickest route. Any of you ever heard of Ungara?" Hal questions stepping in last letting it seal up. A females musical lilted voice chimes up, "Greetings pilot Hal and companions. I am AYA, please, be seated."

A headshake at that and the Lantern is buckling in.

"Ungara is under attack. It has been for a bit by Red Lanterns, I wasn't alerted to this until just about an hour ago." It stings to admit that, Abin Sur, the man whose Power Ring Hal now wears once belonged to him. A great Lantern, a legend that has a shadow Hal has a hard time stepping out of.

"We are going to render aid if need be. Hope everyone is ready for this." Because he, can't say that he is 100%.

An engine sound and the starcraft starts to hover.


J'onn waves to the assembled crew that will be accompanying Hal on this little jaunt, "I would like to study the vessel while we are traveling, Hal…" His red eyes brightening a little at the thought, "…it has been some time, since the death of my people, since I have had the opportunity to review technology of this level."

"AYA?" J'onn asks Starfire, "Is that her name?" his hand reaching out to move along the smooth exterior, "She is an extraordinary specimen." He tells them both in a solemn voice.

"I am only passingly familiar with Ungara, as this will be my first time traveling there…" J'onn nods slowly to Hal, "…but as always, I will provide whatever assistance I can." and then he moves into the vessel Aya.


"Yes, but I asked you to fly in my 'thing' across the United States." Diana replies to Hal. "There's a difference."

With that said though, she walked toward the space ship and carefully reached her right hand up to place her fingertips gently upon its hull. She leaned forward and whispered softly. "I am sorry. You are not a 'thing'. You are very lovely, I am sure of that." Lets just assume that the ship can hear her!

With a smile given, Diana would turn back to the others and start to board the vessel, her blue robe waving around her legs as she walked. "This is going to be fun. I am sure of it." She said in a more upbeat tone.


"Offering assistance to people in need, even if they are not of Earth, is a very exciting prospect." She'd say while finding a place to seat herself within the craft.

Hearing the commotion from the hangar, Superman arrives in short order, in his full majestic garb as he arrives with a soft landing. Then, he walks towards the League. "Alright, what'd I miss?"

He looks then at the ship, then back to Hal, then the ship. "Oh." apparently those rumors he ended up hearing were true. Shame. He takes a bit of a sigh. "Alright, where are we going?"


Caitlin flashes a quick, dimpled grin at Hal. "What, you think this is all clothes? Most of this is snacks," she says, stowing her bag with quick efficiency.

She straps in when everyone else does, and as a precaution during takeoff she secures her helmet and pressurizes her suit. The big ginger superheroine pays close attention to the thumbnail sketch of the debrief, and gets out her small tablet to bring up the League's databases— though admittedly, her attention's a little distracted by the prospect of a space ship in general and a sentient one in specific. A burning desire to pester Hal for a few hours about the technology behind the vessel conflicts on her face with a need to appear at least semi-professional, so she compromises and leans over to whisper at J'onn.

"So… is AYA sentient? Can you do the—" she wiggles her fingers near her brow. "I really want a look at the stabilizer core but I don't want to … hurt her if I pull an access panel open," she mutters to the Martian, glancing around the ship's hull uncertainly.


Starfire presses fingertips to the opened hull's walls and parts them as Diana makes her own accord to Aya, the realization and variance of desires to 'dissect'… So Aliwn like! Stereotypes!

Fairchild is offered a light nod as well as Superman before Starfire moves to go deeper within and claim her own seat, though, even as the craft begins to hover she lifts with it.

No seatbelt!

But the violet of attire begins to gain a sheen of metal, accented in the crest of Tamaranean Ruby Gems at the 'Peaks'.

"They attacked first." 'Nuff said.


"Knock yourself out, J'onn. I mean, unless AYA says otherwise you're good. I doubt she will." Hal gives Diana a grin, "Thats what we do." He says proudly.

Aya actually speaks, "Thank you." to the Amazon's compliment. "I do not mind one bit, Martian Manhunter."

Superman's sigh gets a chuckle from Green Lantern, "Lets pretend I did something very minor for a much greater good."

"You ever not hungry? She doesn't exactly feel, Caitlin. You're okay."
"Starfire, belt!!"


The once homeworld of Abin Sur, the former Green Lantern of 2814 does not take the Interceptor long to reach. Not with lift of and a sudden jolt forward as green energy gates begin to wrap over it's engines and around the vessel, they pound in rapid fire at the ship as it skips through them launching them through space-time. It's not pleasant but it's not horrible. They very much need to be seated while this occurs or they will find themselves suffering vertigo a vertigo that extends beyond just 'reality' but to their very core. Fortunately many of them are built of sterner things than mortals or protected in their own right. Which, for them, its a much lesser sensation.

Soon movement ceases around them and they SNAP back to reality. The tracers of light broken by darkness no longer happening around them and they're in a slow descent towards a planet of the same colorations of Earth, green, browns, blues, whites but broken up around a glimmering sigil of red, a sigil of red that sits upon the entire planet surface, the Red Lantern's logo. Their emblem and it's blazing like hellfire on the planet glaring up at the world's giant glass sphere of a moon. Immediately those onboard even gazing upon the symbol can feel an emotional influence towards anger and irritation.


"I am not sure, Caitlin…" J'onn tells her at first, and on a whim he does reach out mentally to see if the ship registers to his psionic senses. He may not be able to communicate the same way a Cyberpath could, but the Martian is familiar with sentient technology.

As he searches for signs of sentience, J'onn asks Starfire, "Excuse me, Starfire, what do you know of AYA?" His questions are cut short as they make their trip to the embattled planet.

Upon arrival, the surge of negative feelings, J'onn reaches out to the League Members «I can create a Mental Connection between us, it will allow faster tactical coordination, and I may be able to offer some abillity to protect against the emotional and mental influences.» Even as J'onn says it, he begins to focus his own mind to lock out as much as he can the feelings of Anger and Vengeance.


Diana would offer a smile to Sueprman when he joined them. "Ready for watching me get the space jitters?" She asked the red caped man. Her eyes would then scan over the others that had come with them…

A sigh escaped her lips when they prepared for their journey and her eyes closed at the unpleasant feeling of it… only to re-open upon their arrival. Diana would start to rise up from her seat when she saw the sigil blazing upon the new world.

"That does not look like a welcoming banner." She softly muttered, a look of concern across her face.


Caitlin stares out the porthole with fascination until she sees that revolting red banner burned onto the surface of the planet. She stares at it for a few seconds, then shudders and turns her face away.

"Ugh. That makes me sick just looking," she complains. At J'onn's offer, she nods vigorously at him. "Please, that would— anything would help. This already feels like a bad idea," she says, with an unusual note of complaint in her normally sweet voice.


Superman smiles to Diana "Hello Diana. Always am!" he sits down and straps himself in before they take off. When J'onn offers a mind link, he nods «Works for me J'onn. If it's effective and not harmful, lets do it.» a grin there.

Though he does look to the Red Lantern sigil "It most certainly doesn't. Do we know how long the world has held those sigils? The Red Lanterns tend not to play around when it comes to planets I feel." he recalls his last confrontation with them.

But he does rise to his feet, eyes narrowed.


"It s what she is called.." Starfire returns to J'onn as AYA speaks up as does Hal. The mention of her seat-belt getting a long exhale of a huff before she grips the holster with one hand, strap with the other… And holds on! "She is a friend."

But what braces her is the tail of flame that casts a low ember glow from the ends of hair, hovering as if in stasis around her and fingers laced between n amethyst armor grip down, feet plant. Emerald eyes smile at them all…

… But upon arrival and the settling into outer-orbit the smile narrows her eyes, casting emeralds into nearly sapphire with the burn.

A slow blink clears this reaction, in tandem with the voice spoken but not heard. A glance to the others as she thinks back, no longer as shy as she was on first meeting. «We need as much help as we can get. No play.»


Ungara is (or was) a planet of Eternal Spring after intervention from the Lanterns last time. Multiple civil wars after the death of Abin Sur escalated the violence, destruction turned global and world ending. The planet itself was thrown off axis and quakes, waves of ice and crashing oceans threatened to obliterate the entire world. More than a hundred millian Ungaran's perished.
Thanks to the massive satelite or 'glass moon' that has been constructed the world was stabilized, put in to a paradise like state but that isn't at all what they're seeing and the red gleam being cast out towards the massive 'lens' is amplifying the power of the Red Lantern's across this portion of 2814. It's strong. That emotional output and J'onn J'onz will find himself tested in his defense of his friends emotions.
"Those bastards." Hal's own rage spikes, his head shaking left and right quickly. Fighting it down enough hes lost in his response to Martian Manhunter and the others having to bite back a snappy remark that has nothing to do with a typical response. No. Thats the 'red' burbling under the surface.

"We're going in!" He can't spare responses, his teeth are grit and they're now en route towards the planet within seconds breaking through it's atmosphere.

It is upon immediate breach they will see the a spire that stands above all things in the very center of the Red Lantern emblem. A hell tower. A beacon of power and influence over great distances that allows the Empire of Tears to turn entire planets in to conduits of pure rage.

The closer the Justice League gets the more they can feel it. Hal only hopes J'onn can withstand the emotional pressure.

"Safe to eject!"
Just as Hal yells that a red lance of energy pierces the sky and shoots across the wing of the Interceptor causing it to careen left in to a spiral, Hal is fighting it, trying to recorrect. They clearly have not entered unseen.


Diana would watch their descent into this foreign planet's atmosphere, it all was very uncomfortable for her to be so far out of her element, her home was very far away… further than it had ever been… and it was difficult for her to shove that thought out of her mind, but there were clear and present dangers here.

When the shot came to their ship, Diana braced herself with her gloved hands going to the bulkheads inside of the alien vessel, she easily held herself still while observing… she released a calming exhale and then pulled the blue robe from her body and turned toward the ship's hatch.

Diana moved to disembark or to 'bail out'. She looked back to her comrades for one moment and then SHOT out of the ship at a very high speed!


Superman didn't even budge when that blast came at their ship. "Stay safe Hal. and watch your temper, it only fuels them." Superman says calmly, recalling what happened last time. Though once the all clear for bailing out was given, Superman nods to his teammates, and flies out at sonic speeds right after Diana, making a bee line for the planet.

to start off, he would twirl out of the way of blasts headed towards him, or attempt to tank them depending on the speed of the blasts itself. Then, he would try to see what specific placements were firing at them, narrowing his eyes as he did so.


Perhaps it is the imagery on top of the reaction of her fellow JLA members in the moment.

But there is a deeper tie to the Lanterns and this plight.

And there goes Hal before the clatter of the metal 'seat belt' hits the arms of the chair. AYA rattled and Starfire is already lifted from the seat to pursue, that heat behind her eminating, fingers swirling through a maisma of perse illuminated power. Diana is not alone in the sudden rocket out, but for a moment, in that connection.. «J'onn! Do it!»

Star almost YELLS it through minds, the demand… the plea on the accent and the look.

Fairchild then is offered a hand that is blanketed now in a glistening sheen of amethyst armor. "Need a throw?"

No, not a lift… They were rocking out with…

Caitlin shrugs off her seatbelt, fumbling. Invulnerable or not, wearing a safety harness is just good practice, kids!

She makes sure her oxygen mask is circulating properly and moves to stack at the door with Diana and Kal. She can fly (kind of) but throwing oneself into the lower atmosphere of a hostile planet is a daunting prospect. She's gathering her courage when Starfire offers her a hand, and flashes a brilliant smile at Kori. She slaps her palm into the Tamaranean's grip.

"Carol always says I make a good ballistic weapon," she says, with a laugh that turns into a nervous giggle. "Let's do it!"

With a *whoop* and a pealing laugh of nerves, Caitlin is flung into the sky, and folds herself into a green arrow aimed at the ground. It's very improbably a high-velocity fall will do her real harm, and dense and strong as she is, she's akin to a ballistic weapon in flight.


J'onn immediately begins feeling the pressures from defending not only himself but his teammates. In their minds, he reminds them, «Control your Hate, Anger, Thirst for Vengeance.» Even as it bubbles across his shields, the stoic Martian focuses his mental energy on helping shunt those same emotions away from his teammates.

As the command to bail is given, J'onn phases through the hull, and follows Superman and Wonder Woman to the planet at speeds that even some metahuman eyes cannot follow.

«Hal, what should be our focus against the Red Lanterns? Is there a device or a base of operation we should look to disable?»

The oxygen levels and gravity of Ungara are close to Earth's own. Enough so there is no unexpected changes in breathing, toxicity or weight to worry those on board. Though, the League gathered are many of it's strongest and often do not have to worry about such issues… as it were.

The flip-turn of the Interceptor has Hal still working to correct it, making sure it doesn't crash land in to the side of the Hell Tower or landscape below. "I'll be fine, Superman." The Green Lantern hisses, he can feel Martian Manhunters buffering aiding his own rather impressive will. His rage stems from the fact it is Ungara, a planet that once religiously looked to Abin Sur, the desecration and disrespect towards it, the harm. It's making it hard for Hal Jordan to focus on the Green's aspects. At least he has his team.

Diana and Caitlin's freefall willl delive them both planetside at speeds that would kill those of mortal origin, past clouds, mountains shrinking of plains, world below until it's coming upon them in an explosion of earthy debris, terrain erupting around them in booms that will create massive craters.

Superman will see the source of those crimson beams, two Red Lanterns one a blue skinned creature with tusks that looks about as wide as he is tall and a slender female with black hair and pale white skin, their eyes both red. Their lips peeled back to show teeth. The expulsion of red energy fired off towards the Man of Steel in a continued barrage. "DIE! DIE!" The 'gothalien' screeches with each shot fired form her palms. Those blasts likewise carry towards Martian Manhunter as he is within that area of effect.

Groundside once the debris clears the Diana and Caitlin will find themselves staring at a horde of reddish pink skinned men and women with dark hair or bald heads, the Ungarans, they look out of their minds. Clothes torn, tattered, blood on fingers and hands, a battlefield of bodies strewn for as far as the eye can see. They look confused at the large clouds of 'debris' that has been thrown up, unable to see what lies inside those twin craters yet.

Starfire is not unfamiliar with these enemies. Kyle her and Hal have been hunting them for over a month now through various sectors of space, she'll recognize one of them, slender and long bodied that sits upon the Hell Tower like it's some throne. A grin parting its beak like face. It unlike the others speaks, "Come to see this world feast on itself? Let yourselves embrace the RAGE!" His hands throw above his head and the Hell Tower surges with life. Light. A red glow and the emotional influence will pour out in waves. Fueled now by that Lantern.

Hal is doing his best to right the Interceptor as J'onn speaks, «Tear that Tower apart. Destroy it! Just becareful the closer you get.. » No need to explain. It's obvious what is to be done next and what can happen. They'll feel it. The Hell Tower is pressure, pure emotional pressure to the point of physical. Lets hope no one loses themself to their own anger and battlelust.


Caitlin starts flying on her own power a thousand feet above the ground. It's enough to stall her momentum and prevent her from smashing facefirst into the rocky soil. She turns into a green streak, using her velocity to make a more difficult target.

"Knocking things over is my specialty!" she whoops, too thrilled by the flight and the landing to be angry or enraged. She turns her vector towards the tower, and aims right for the base of it. The ginger-haired superheroine lands a hundred yards away and breaks into a full sprint, churning up a trench of dirt in her wake as her boots claw for purchase. With a plume of debris flying backwards, Caitlin dashes towards the tower and hits it near the base with all the force she can muster, and muscles dense enough to shrug off explosive tank rounds.


Superman would barrel roll around those blasts of hellish hate, of raging light. instead firing his own beams of intense heat from his eyes, aiming for the two red lanterns shooting at him as he continues to barrel towards the ground level. «Diana, Caitlin, Hal, I recommend you three take care of that tower. Starfire, want to do some Lantern busting with me?» the man of steel offers as a plan.

Attempting to think quick because ground is coming fast! Superman weighs his options on how he wants to specifically resolve this situation without causing unnecessary destruction. enough of that has happened already.


«Understood, Hal. We will focus on bringing the Tower down.»
J'onn replies to the Green Lantern, and returns his focus to the series of blasts headed in His and Superman's direction. J'onn twirls, flips, slides, and generally dodges most of the beams sent his way. One, however, does find it's mark but the Martian minimizes most of the damage it does by phasing through the blast. Usually this is an entirely effective method, but given the nature of these attacks it still burns through him which causes a grimace to show as he fights through the energy.

As J'onn moves towards the tower, his size and mass begins increasing until he is about as tall as a five-story building, and his meeting with the ground causes a thunderous crash. Despite his size, though, J'onn blurs through the crowd at the same superhuman speed.

As he closes on the building, he feels the pressure mounting on his psyche «Superman and Starfire. If you stay farther away from the Tower fighting the Red Lanterns, I will focus my shielding for those nearest the epicenter of emotional conflict.» They can hear the strain in the Martian's mental voice.


Diana would swoop in low on the planet's surface and she'd observe the activities happening down there. Her attention would raise up to that tower though, she'd fly toward it and angle in a direction that would take her around the building as a whole, she wanted recon on the situation so she could know better how to handle it.


Starfire is not about to let Fairchild fall alone, and right behnd the shift in gravity with a break through of 'Zone' the crater followed through with opposing blasts of Red are met with the meteorites of a reciprocal Red and Green of a different hue, but when Cait hits the Terra and tears a divot through it towards the towers she lofts towards Superman. «J'onn, … X'Hal help us…»

A look to Di, Hal, and Farchild; as she impacts the tower. "Bring it down like a ballast!"

A glance to Superman.

"We have your backs!" A nod and a Blast Of Red is swept beyond in an arch of comet's tail before she hovers beside Superman.

"Let's be the distraction, then. Show them what they are up against." A mutter. "I do not like the Sith."

But beneath it all she smirks even as the Throned Red speaks.

Her rage is her Passion

A blast of Red parts Supes and Star quickly from below, but like a hail-storm, Starfire is returning that fire with her own. «We got this! Let us know if you three need back up!»

In a trail of fire she is lifting higher… slow… "On your mark…" To Supes…


The Hell Tower's glow radiates around it like a flame, a flickering nimbus of crimson light that encourages further destruction, violence, vengeance. It wants them to unleash.
Each punch Caitlin delivers the tower causes a BOOM and for the structure to quake, a small splinter beginning to appear yet with each strike a wash of emotion pours free, gushes out in waves of heat and bloodboiling elation.

Superman's barrel roll and laser blasts cause the pale woman to release a wail of pain, the cry of victory at hitting Martian Manhunter with one of those projectiles forgotten as she is dropping out of the sky like a fly that has just been swatted.
The blue alien with the tusks holds up his forearms to deflect a beam, then retaliates by racing at Superman completely ignoring Starfire in it's focused bullrush, closing the gap with mighty huge fists flailing in an uncoordinated flailing of haymakers. Sheer brute power makes these strikes superhumanly fast. Whatever race this creature is it can fell mountains with each blow. a perfect dance partner for Superman.

Hal's free of the Interceptor now, AYA taking over the controls as it's out of immediate danger spiral. "The Ungarans… " Hal's first concern, the Hell Tower is being defended by civilians. Ones that are now surging towards Caitlin, Diana and the now massive leg of Martian Manhunter. The Ungarans are stronger now, empowered by the Red they're individually not enough to take down the likes of the Justice League's heavy hitters but together, in a herd or swarm they may be able to deal actual damage. Though 'ragezombies' they be they are not slow either, leaping and jumping to running with a furious pace. One that has them chasing down Wonder Woman as she attemps to relocate to the backside of the tower.

A green bubble starts to rise up around those gathered, waves of it pushing outwards shoving what Ungarans it can away. It's rough in it's press but mostly harmless to them. Many slip through though, mostly those trying to defend from the direct attackers on the Hell Tower; J'onn and Cait.

Starfire will see that thin beaked alien studying them watching as they begin to dismantle the tower then it looks up at the glass sphere. It's grin reappears, "Yes, destroy the tower. Unleash all of it's power!" It then begins to ascend fast in a red streak. It's trying to leave the planet?
Glass sphere in the heavens^ The 'fake moon')


Superman smiles to Starfire "Good to see that enthusiasm! keep it up." he gives a thumbs up to her, but he does smile at her implication… "get set…." Superman narrows his eyes at his attacker, and assuming Starfire says 'go!' he bomb rushes the clearly strong alien, pulling back his fist for a haymaker of epic proportions aimed for it's jaw!

He could just tell this one was strong. Gut feeling? Regardless, Superman is on the attack! «Don't worry about us J'onn! we have you covered!»


As J'onn begins his assault, he can sense Hal's concern over the Ungarans, and their current mad state. Redirecting his attentions to the horde that made it through Hal's shield, J'onn quickly shrinks back down to normal size, «Caitlin, continue your attack, I will deal with the Ungarans, subduing them as is necessary.»

Moving in a blur from Ungaran to Ungaran, J'onn captures them in a bubble of telekinetic force, and begins to secure them as a group as quickly as he can collect them. For the Ungarans that are closest to Caitlin, J'onn reaches out mentally to them, and changes their view such that they think they are running /away/ from Caitlin at the tower. When they look around, they will find the tower is behind their previous location, and hopefully start running the way they came.


"Yep, I'm on it," Caitlin says through gritted teeth. It's not anger she's fighting off. It's… something else. Something hard to get a handle on, even for J'onn. Losing one's temper isn't really about a 'loss' of control. It's giving into rage. Into fury. Letting emotions make the decisions.

But, of all the Leaguers on the field, J'onn is the only one who might realize that Caitlin is truely, deep down, afraid of losing her sense of self.

She digs in her heels and punches the tower's shell with all she has. Every impact shudders the dirt around her heels. Every blow rings like a bell, all the considerable force she can deliver concentrated into textbook two-knuckle punches. Little splashes of blood mark the growing cracks in the tower, her knuckles splitting from the force of repeated impacts that could shatter a tank in half.

Caitlin puts her head down, fists up, and boxes the tower with everything she has, trying to lose herself in the zen of martial arts instead of losing herself into the mindless rage bubbling around her.


The monster chasing Diana was closely observed, though she didn't outright make it obvious that she was tracking it. She came to a slow halt when she found a moment of reprieve from all the ragemonsters down beneath her and she turned to face the tower… to look upon it as it was assaulted by members of her team…

When the ragemonster chasing her came to her and leapt with a deadly desire to end her, Diana simply swung her budy in a graceful motion and sent her large metal round shield THUDDING against the creature! Powerfully she diverted his lunge, deflecting him away with a mighty shield bash!

The Amazon princess would sigh then and she'd reach for her sword, flying upward again to find the other's on her team, and clear them of similar threats should they try to stop the members of the League.


"… GO!…" Starfire and Supes take the skies, blasts and beams of energy transferred between, a backup line of fire as Superman lays in his haymaker!

Emerald eyes of the Tamaranean are nammrowed, her face framed by the astral glow of heat - whisps of yellow/orange/*light* (bulb?!). The Heckle of the Rising Red heard and registered, His silhouette reflective in her translucent Emerald eyes. "Enthusiasm… Superman!" A point upward towards the 'escapee' Red and Star is rising rapidly, the solar powered blasts a rapid fire to lay craters between hispath and that of his target while she ascends.

But realization… «Stop, J'onn! They need to stop the assault! You need to back away. Stay clear… » The concern evident, panic as she loops through a dual fight of Red, the blazing path an attempt to cease the pursuit.


The brawny alien in that forward rush matches impact for impact with Superman until a haymaker of epic force is dished out by the Kryptonian. A tusk splinters in to shards, a blue face twists around knuckle impact point and a BOOM explodes around both men it's a pause in time and then the Red Lantern in a spew of red bloody vomit in a final failed attack skids away from the League's strongest man. Like a stone thrown across a lake the blue invader hop tumbles in to a limp sprawl.

The Ungaran so close to ensaring Caitlin find themselves being entombed in telekinetic bubbles, theyre strong and as there are many of them it makes it hard to push them around but the Manhunter manages. It's touching upon their minds that he will feel their visions of pain, suffering, hatred and rage. Almost hivemind like in their orientation until they are being sent an opposing direction, racing off after the illusion.

J'onn's efforts have given Caitlin extra time. Time enough the Tower's eastern side starts to buckle and splinter, another hit and it begins to topple sideways, cracking apart like some dirty brown and black spined glacier.

Hal spins around to follow Starfire's pursuit of that skinny Red Lantern, "Let him go Star!"

Diana's dazzling display of prowess bowls the Ungaran ragers aside. A swath opened up around her before theyre trying to press on again. She's far outclassing them but their persistence makes it hard not to injure further as shes likely learning, they're even throwing themselves in to her shield with loud THUDS and thumps as if they will break it for their fellows to surge past, swarm her.

That alien who is racing towards the heavens and that glass sphere turns to stare down at them after an evasive dance in the air, a laugh burbling forth.
"TAKE YOUR PICK EARTHERS…. Save the planet or save the galaxy! You've given us more than enough of what we need!"


Upon hearing Starfire's mental call, then receiving the concern and conversation she overhead, J'onn quickly relays the information to everyone else using the mental link «It appears that destroying the Tower may cause a full release of whatever pent up aggression has been collected. We need to desist in destroying the tower.»

Now that he sees the tower start to tumble, he changes his tactics «We need to move the Ungarans as far away from the toppling tower as possible!» Starfire's urgency is replicated in J'onn's mental voice, even though he is unsure what the outcome is, he believes that being as far away as possible when the Tower is fully destroyed is important.


Superman cracks his neck lightly after that sonic boom of a bunch. "I felt one of those." he compliments just lightly in what may be mistaken for arrogance, Superman turns his attention to the strange voice that hovers in the sky, and Superman goes right after them!

"I got something for ya!" and if they looked, it'd be Superman attempting to fly right into them and tackle them to the ground…straight on blitz!


Caitlin's lost herself in the task at hand. She's not out of her mind— not yet— but there is a certain zen in the work at hand. Shattering the Tower, using her fists, throwing punch after punch… these are things she's good at. It's work she loses herself in. It's not until she's already shattered the stabilizers and cracked the foundation that she remotely hears the distant, barked orders to desist, and even then against the din roaring in her mind, Caitlin is unwilling— or unable— to stop her task, until the Tower *cracks*, a deep a profound sound that shakes the very earth, and with a groan of pained protest starts to list.


Her lunging flight didn't last long as Diana ended up back on the ground, where she was now being rushed and having to bash the enraged zombies away from her repatedly, shoving back at them with a wall of her shield! But when they all started to pile up… Diana lunged backward, jammed her shield down into the earth at her feet and then slammed her wrists together!

A shockwave would roll out away from her, powerful kinetic energy that would send the monsters surely flying far away from the world displaced Themysciran princess!

It would certainly get the ball rolling on getting these things away from the tower, right…?


The answer is…

"All or nothing!" Starfire calls, the exchange of aths is between Superman and herself, he is pursuing the 'Throned Red' and she is diving back when she hears J'onn take on her warning of a beacon across minds, but her sudden backwards swan-dive is one that expells a sputter-burning path towards Fairchild and her assault on the tower, a zig-zag while J'onn sends the warning, Superman lays out the Galaxy's protection, Di, blasts citizen's aside along side the #TeamGreen that also keeps their 'AYA' safe and reading.

Fairchild, however, is Stars goal!

A crumpling piece of the tower's 'prison space' is lofted and launched around Fairchild like a cage, the peak blasted to (hopefuly) send her back and away in a tumult of ricochet'd end-over-end in the Cage of Rapunzel until it lands in an upheaval of Ungara land, barring a path with the slow roll.

«"SorrySorry!Sorry?"» In tandem with the blast Di offers! Is she sorry??



The Ungaran hordes still swarm around them yet remain held back by Diana and Hal's combined abilities, her martial talents and his multiple constructs. The concussive wave she pounds forth knocking more than a dozen of them end over end away from the Hell Tower they have put their back against.

Hal hearing the Martian Manhunter pauses and recalls a construct, a fist up in the air and the green light shines from the Tower to the Glass Sphere ofa Moon that floats above this planet. The green hues illuminate then show the red tether from tower to glossy globe.

"He's right! The solar lens that harnesses Ungara's sun is acting as a conduit. They repurposed it. The Hell Tower has an insane surplus of emotional energy gathered in it if we…. " He was about to say they cannot move an entire planet of people, to debate a choice, but… that is already decided for them.

Fairchild has delivered a finishing blow. The Tower is spider webbing at the base, foundation around it giving under as the weight becomes too much. Its starting to fold in on itself.

That beaked Red Lantern that Superman just launched himself has blood spraying from its nails, eyes and mouth, this blood begins to solidify in to a shield barrier before it, one that the Kryptonian destroys with little resistance then slams in to that Lantern, the impact forcing a squack out of it, "Ach, too late! TOO LATE its ours now! You chose a planet over the universe and more… " It begins to laugh loudly then suddenly quits to try and slam it's beak in to Superman's face.

A blaze of red bursts forth from the tower opening outwards a blossom flowering of a hellbeam the size of a skyscraper launches towards the atmosphere fired off towards the 'shiny sphere', Starfire is too late to stop Fairchild if that was her intention, all or nothing is correct.

"Oh no." Hal Jordan whispers. It doesn't take a Lantern to feel the Crimson power shed from that 'beam' its all the rage they harnessed from Ungara in one giant shot.

As the blast fires off the Ungarans begin to collapse, the influence they felt leaving with that blood colored stream.


It takes a /lot/ to hurt Caitlin. But she's not Diana, or Kara Zor-El— with her feet off the ground, she's much akin to the proverbial Anteus. She goes flying with tremendous velocity, smashing through several low outbuildings and then *SMACKING* hard into a rockface, enough to crack it into several larger shards.

Caitlin hits the ground with wobbly knees, barely keeping her feet with a hand on the rock face near her. "Ooooooh," she groans, clutching the side of her head where it hit the rock and finding a bit of blood from the violent impact.

the collapsing tower provides a blast of it's own other than the red beam firing skywards, and the Martian stands as the wind and debris flies past him as the death knell of the Hell Tower. His eyes follow the beam, and he bursts into the sky attempting to beat it to it's target «Hal, can we stop the beam from hitting that sphere?!» J'onn asks as well as broadcasting out to the rest of the team.


Superman just takes the headbutt, to little effect, but before he can retaliate, that giant laser goes off! eyes wide and looking onin shock "Oh no…" he sees where the beam is headed, he drops the Lantern and flies with everything he's got to intercept it.

«I HAVE TO TRY!» and it sounds like the sky broke, cracked open with as fast as he flies into outer space, intending to move in front of it to tank the blast if he has to.


Diana's shield is gathered back up after she sent out that blast of kinect deflection. She spun around to watch the light beam rocket into the sky as well… but she didn't chase after it, she would look to Hal, since this was his… sphere… surely he'd know what to do next.

The sight of Superman soaring up toward the beam caught her eyes though and she would shake her head softly side to side. She wasn't sure if he could do anything, or simply be… vaporized by that energy?

Diana shot up into the air as well, though she only went up with the intention of getting a birds-eye-view of their surroundings once again.



Starfire's attempted throw of the spire to stop Cait fell short of interrupting the downfall that meets a beam of red fired towards the glassy moon. «No… We do not try..» A low murmur in response,it sounds nearly like a resignarion as she watches Fairchild's fall nd impact she had hoped to intersect, but instead Starfire redirects her path towards the RED Beam tractoring off the planet's fallen invasion, Emerald eyes lifting from the tumultous roll while flame erupts around her in a plume of the exerted speed.

Cait and Di have the Un(earthen) strength and Strength to bear it on their own level of alter-plainar.

J'onn… Superman… More brawn and meta-brains, additional abilities to aid…

The Lanterns… This is their field to guide the rest.

Otherwise Earth would fall and Burn!

Decision made, the barrel roll of flame seeks a burn out to intercept the Red Lantern's Final Call!


«It's the cultivated rage of an entire planet. If it doesn't incinerate you… you're going to become engulfed in it and end up Lanterns. DO we want the two of you to become Red Lanterns? I THINK NOT.» Hal Jordan mind *shouts* through J'onnz psi-link but hes already racing to join them in the sky. Superman is in front of the blast first able to watch it coming towards the 'Lens' not even a blink later and Martian Manhunter should be at his side and Green Lantern is trying to outpace it while twisting a tracer of green behind him looping around the titanic crimson beam, a smothering shackle of green streamers. It looks almost like a giant snake. While Jordan twists upwards to join the rest of them Starfire streaks past in her flaming display a tail of contrasting oranges to the emerald / crimson.

Diana's leap to flight puts her above it all, shes not with the trio of men and the Tamaran in it's immediate path but she is getting a first person view of everything. Caitlin's form below an after thought laying in the wreckage of what remains of that Hell Tower.

Final moments for them all as it grows larger and more /heated/. The inspired rage of Ungara no doubt felt. At this proximity there is no option but to absorb it and embrace much of it's bleed. Time to think fast or prepare to test what they're truly capable of withstanding.


«Hal, you and I can try to split the beam around us as well as the lens….» J'onn throws an idea out as he begins building a visible telekinetic spike that is going to try to funnel the beam around the three of them as well as the lens. «Kal, you and I can try to use our eye beams to divert the energy as well, or at least dissipate some of it…» Already J'onn's eyes begin to glow with his Martian Vision, «I will attempt to put up mental shields on the three of us as best I can if all else fails, or we are only partially successful.»


Superman keeps flying with everything he's got!and when he finally passes the laser….he moves in front of it, staring it down with a breath…this could be the end….but he cracks his neck and takes a breath, mustering every single ounce of power he's got to withstand it!

"RAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" he warshouts beforehand, that S-shield shining proud!


«Best option we got» Hal agrees to J'onn's plan and sweeps in trying to splinter the 'beam' as Kal-El crashes in to it full on. Yet another splice through hell red unfortunately in the center that gigantic ray is SUPERMAN.
Martian vision on full paints in with the crimson, dices the beam in splinters only to have it still crush through and in to him much like Superman. A rippling coil of bloody rose that pierces through him yet the glass sphere behind them is protected, safe from the rage emission.
Engulfed with the others swallowing up around her starbolts Koriand'r disappears, where all the League members soared valiantly to defend Ungara's artificial moon now four spaced limp figures drift.

Red streamers disperse in to the cosmos around them and flames of cardinal flicker from each man and the alien woman.

The planet's blazing lantern sigil is fading away, drawing in and vanishing, where there was death it looks like the sky is clearing away from apocalyptic clouds to flat blue.
Ungara has been saved. The Hell Tower emission dispersed but at what cost?

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