November 25, 2017:

Spoiler takes fried cookies to Oracle to bribe her to help vet a lawyer.



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The witching hour. The usual time for the batlings to be up and about and active. Tonight has brought the aubergine batling to the Clocktower, needing a bit more information than she was able to locate on the Avengers' servers. Tonight, Spoiler needed her access point at Delphi. Tonight, Spoiler hoped Barbara would be in. The red-head's Google-fu is stronger than her own.

She parked her skycycle in a hidden shadow on the roof, and then made her way down after pulling a small bag from one of the seat compartments. Recently, she may have Fried All The Things with some Titans, and a few deep fried Dosidos managed to survive the onslaught of a Speedster Teen.

These are NOT Bat approved diet cookies.

With glasses on the end of her nose, Barbara Gordon peers into a computer screen as she types something, then glances at another, then shifts her gaze to another and a cute little warning pops up with Spoiler's avatar, saying that she's arrived at the Clocktower. Barbara shifts in her chair and smiles, watching the little blinking animation of Spoiler's progress on the elevator, maybe thinking it feels like the old days. She crosses her legs, her smile fading a little thinking it isn't exactly like the old days.

In the elevator, a mysterious voice rings out, "Spoiler, I see what you've got there. That better not be fast food," the all-knowing Oracle says, "Cause my fried food sensors have gone off," she tells Stephanie, chuckling a little, "Just joking. I don't really have fried food sensors. I should though."

"You really should, but it's not fast-food," Spoiler replies, purple lips smiling warmly in a way they hadn't in a long while.


Spoiler steps from the elevator, pushing off the cowl as she makes her was to Barabara's side to hold out the small brown paper sack, which has those tell tale greese spots.

"It is fried. Girl Scout Cookies," Spoiler says, blue-green eyes brighter than they have been since Barbara last saw her with that boyfriend… who happened to be The Flash… who's been missing for months. He's been missing for about as long as Stephanie's been down.

"I was hoping for a little bribery?"

Barbara Gordon chuckles, "Ha, I knew it," she comments quietly, taking the little satchel of illegal diet breaking cookies, "Hmm? A bribe? You don't need to bribe me, Stephanie," she explains idly, as she opens the bag carefully like a scientist, peering inside thoughtfully. She snaps the bag closed with a start and smiles, perhaps not wanting to be tempted to reach in and snag one or two or three cookies, "Just because I'm Batgirl again doesn't mean I can eat whatever I want," she explains critically, then opens the bag again slowly and looks in, "Although…" she begins, but closes it again quickly and sighs, "Okay! What do you need?" she asks her.

Stephanie can't supress the giggle, even if she tried, as Barbara is swayed to help her by the power of Fried Cookie. Because really, who can resist fried anything?

"Matt Murdock. I'm vetting him," Stephanie says once her bribe has done its work and left the ginger plyable. The blonde takes a chair near by.

Barbara Gordon angles herself in her chair to delicately deliver the satchel of cookies to the side table, her hands on either side like it's a gold bar, "Hmm? You're doing what to him?" she wonders. She looks back at Stephanie now and takes her iPad off the other opposite table, because the Clocktower is slowly eliminating all paper once used religiously within, "Did you want a vitamin water?" she asks.

"Vetting. I need more than just a standard background check. I've already pulled the basics but… if you're not busy," Steph asks, a slittle sing song in her voice. She nods to the offer of water, pushing herself up.

"You want one too? They're still int he same place, right?"

Barbara Gordon gives a nod, "Yep, help yourself," she says, instinctively not getting up, which causes her to frown, so she stands up from her chair and follows Stephanie into the other room. "Alright, I can dig into…Matt Murdock did you say?" she asks again.

Steph is so very used to Barbara NOT getting up, that it didn't phase her in the slightest. She's already in the kitchen byt he time Barbara catches up and seeing her up and about makes Steph double tka eslightly.

"Uhhh…. Yes. Matt Murdock. He's a lawyer in New York," Stephanie says, paused for a moment before she moves to where Babs has the waters and getting two bottles out.

Barbara Gordon catches up with her in time to help her close the refrigerator, then nods as she stands there, playing with the end of her hair as she thinks about something. She looks up at Stephanie again and clues in, "What? Oh right, lawyer. Okay I got it," she tells her, swinging her iPad up with her left hand to tap a lil note reminder that Stephanie's lawyer needs a background check. She then asks, "Why do you have a lawyer?" she wonders.

"I don't. I've reached the limit of what I'm going to get out of interning at the DA's office," Stephanie replies, cracking a water bottle and handing it over to her big sister.

"Are you feeling okay? Anything hurting?"

Barbara Gordon puts the iPad under her arm, takes the bottle from Stephanie and frowns as she cranks off the cap, "I feel fine," she says a little defensively, and adds, "It's just everyone I know thinks it's weird I feel fine," she adds and shrugs a little. "I don't think I've ever met Matt Murdock," she explains.

Stephanie takes Barbara at face value, noting the defensiveness and shying away from angrying her further.

"I haven't either, which is why I'm researching."

Barbara Gordon flicks her hair and adjusts her glasses, "Oh I thought you I said you were his intern," she comments and then adds a smile, "It's okay. Research is still a thing I do. Check it out, I have this algorithim—" she begins and then chuckles as she gets overly technical, "It's cool," she says more simply.

"No. I'm interning at Gotham DA. I'm thinkign about switching out," Stephanie starts. her hands twist at the cap to loosen it for herself. She drinks down the cool liquid to keep her eyes from glazing over at the technobabble. This is why Steph didn't like sitting with Babs and Tim when they got excited about something techy.

"Yeah. Sounds like it," Steph agrees without having understood what the algorithm does.

Barbara Gordon has a drink of super vitamin water and nods twice about the technical achievements of an algorithim. She then furrows her brow at her nose concernedly, "Okay, so you're going to move to New York then?" she wonders, "I guess that would be a little bit of a change," she adds.

"I already commute between the two alot, what with what I do with the Avengers. I don't see that changing any time soon," Stephanie replies. "So, I'm not really moving. Just looking to get some more experience with things."

Barbara Gordon trusts Stephanie with a little smile and nod, "Okay," she tells her, "You're such an important person. Listen to you. Avengers veteran superhero," she says, apparently impressed by Stephanie's resume.

Barbara may not have meant it that way, but it sounds like she's being teased. Pink dusts Stephanie's cheeks and she tucks her chin down and looks away.

"I'm really not," Stephanie argues the point, freehand coming up to tuck a lock of blonde behind an ear.

Barbara Gordon looks worried she upset Stephanie, "No, I'm impressed. You've accomplished a lot," she explains and smiles, "Oh hey, ask Captain America if he needs an Oracle," she comments amusedly.

Still blushing, Stephanie's shoulder tense a bit. Offer the Avengers Oracle, who is better than her at every computer task that team has come to rely on her for? Offer the Avengers Oracle, who has retaken the Batgirl mantle, a mantle that Spoiler knows she may be tresspassing upon by the sheer act of wearing a similiarly cut and molded uniform, will once again be better than her physically as well.

"Yeah. Sure. I'll… I'll do that," Stephanie promises, knowing that she will do just that. The next time Stephanie's around the Super Soldier, she'll remember Barbara's amused comment, and she'll make the offer, and by then Steph will have found the way to make it heartfelt and sincere. The blonde drinks down some water to keep the light frown from being visible.

Barbara Gordon is impressed Stephanie will spread her name around to THE Captain America, "Wow, thanks," she says and then adds, "What's the matter?" she says, adjusting her glasses.

"Nothing important," Stephanie says almost smoothly. She refinds the smile after a moment, though it's not quite as far into her eyes as it had been.

"How long do you think it'll take? Vetting Mr. Murdock?"

Barbara Gordon thinks about what she'll say to an important man like Captain America, "What?" she wonders, "Oh not very long. I'll start the algorithim when I get back to work. I'll go do it now, if you like."

"There's no rush. I just… I wasn't sure," Stephanie says, turning from Babara to look about the kitchen while drinking a bit more water. Come is the easy smiles for her. Stephanie's not sure wehre they went.

Barbara's kitchen hasn't changed very much, "Don't worry. I'll put it on a little stick for you," she explains, "Anything else you need?" she wonders.

"A little… ah, sure. Or you can flag it to my profile on Delphi when it's ready," Stephanie offers after drinking a bit more of hte water. She ponders the question - anthing else you need - as if she could dissect it from all angles and make some headway on it.

"No? I don't think so. Not really, anyway. I just thought I'd sto by and … say hi and ask for your help."

Barbara Gordon lowers her chin and finally gets a clue in to what Stephanie is really doing here, "Okay, well that's alright," she says, "I'm going to get back to work now."

"Yeah. I'll get out of your way then," Stephanie hurries to say. She chugs the last of the water before tossing the bottle into the recycling bin and heading toward the elevator.

"Umm. thanks, again."

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