Magical Migraines

November 24, 2017:

Lorna wakes up after the attack on the Mutant Protest by her half siblings, Pietro and Wanda. Marcos tries to comfort her.

Lorna and Marcos' apartment


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Fade In…

Lorna was on the bed, stretched out on her side and miserable. The lights were as low as were possible in the room and a trash can was at the side of the bed—along with a glass of water and a bowl of untouched soup. Marcos had had to carry her more or less, up to steps to their bedroom. She hadn't been able to stay awake in the car, and when he roused her, she'd heaved up bile, complaining that her head wouldn't stop pounding or spinning.

She'd been asleep more or less for the past few hours. Now, she slowly came to, her head still hurting and she made to slide out of the bed and head toward the bathroom. It wasn't particularly easy, and she moved slowly, exhaling a breath as she sat up and clutched the edge of the mattress to stabilize herself. Her head swam and she pressed a hand to her temple.

"Oh fuck me.." She muttered, and reached for the glass of water to clear the sticky, sour taste in her mouth.


Marcos was worried sick about Lorna.

He knew that Wanda and Pietro were both tough..tough…-tough- mutants, but he didn't think it would be this bad. When Wanda attacked Lorna mentally, Marcos tried to help her, and he did, breaking that witch's concentration. He stayed at Lorna's side the whole way though, not willing to leave her alone, even if work demanded it.

"Hey, hey hey…it's alright, here." and he her that glass of water she reached for. "Slow drink. Drink too much and you might hack it back up alright? slow and steady." he then took his hand and rubbed her upper back. He looked -quite- worried about Lorna…he had thought the effects would have worn off or something by now… a scary thought.

the past few days have been interesting.


Lorna wasn't used to having so many people playing mental hopscotch with her head. In the last two weeks she'd suffered Dani's psychological manipulations that had preyed on her worst fears. Now? Now she was dealing with what her half sister had done to yank memories of what she'd known of Pietro and Wanda before. To see if she had been lying. And Wanda had not been kind.

It was like having a migraine, and it very likely was a physical manifestation of just how much her half-sibling had been brutalizing her mind. Whatever mental illness Lorna already suffered, all of this was certainly not going to help matters.

She sipped at the water carefully with Marcos' help, her eyes squeezing shut as she passed the glass back to him after a moment. Her frame leaned heavily against him, and she released a shuddering breath. "We have to go to the mansion. I need Jean or the Professor to help me get everything back together. It's.. all scrambled. And it hurts." She muttered, reaching up to press her hand against her eyelids and exhaling a rought breath.

"I don't know what she did to me."


Marcos wrapped his arm around Lorna when she leaned against him with all her weight, as he was used to doing. his lips kissed her temple once…twice in affectionate worry. Marcos didn't know what to do, because….well, he's not a telepath. But in this situation? He sure as hell wish he was one, just for the purpose of helping Lorna. In short, he feels quite…useless.

"I know….I think only a telepath can help you. I don't think you'll recover naturally, or at least not in one that'll be quick." He sighs a moment, resting his head on her own in a gentle, comforting manner. "I don't know what she did either…but I promise you, we'll fix it."

He nods a few times, his hand reaching down to hers to tangle with it affectionately.


Another sigh followed and Lorna gave his hand to took her's a squeeze. A weak smile flickered to life on her lips, though her eyes remained shut. "It's like a nasty migraine that won't go away. I mean.. I guess that's what migraines do. I just can't be out of comission like this again." She finally opened her eyes, and looked to Marcos.

"I'm going to do something that's going to piss off a lot of the X-men and Nate especially. I…" She trailed off, and pursed her lips together briefly.

"When we go to Genosha, I'm taking the helmet. I'm going to ask my father if he can fix it. Or do something. I can't continue to face them if Wanda can shut me down so badly."


Marcos smiles to Lorna when she opens her eyes to look at him. He always got lost in those eyes of hers, something was always so entrancing about them. Though when he hears her speak of her god-awful migraine, he nods a few times. "Yeah…I'm sorry I can't help you there. If I had anything other than light, I could…" he sighs a moment. "We'll get help from the Professor and Jean. They'll know what to do."

Though when he hears that she's going to go to Genosha to ask Magneto to fix the helmet, Marcos raises a brow. "Lorna….are you sure that's such a good idea? Magneto may try to attack you or something, we don't know what's going on in that head of his." he says concernedly, and that concern is well founded.

But he gives her hand a squeeze. "But…if you think it's the right thing to do, it is -your- family. I'm with you."


Lorna sighed heavily, and swallowed a lump in the back of her throat. "I know. But I don't think he'll try to attack me. I mean it's been years since I last saw him, but he.." She paused, considering. "I talked to Scott about this, we both think that he won't attack me. I have to confront him about Pietro and Wanda, see if he knows about them. About them being in the Brotherhood. He knew about me, I have a hard time thinking he doesn't.. know about them." She sighed and leaned in to press a kiss against Marcos' cheek while her hand squeezed his.

"..The biggest concern everyone has when it comes to me and my father is whether or not some day he'll convince me to join him." Her lips thinned and she sagged back against Marcos, looking worn and tired. Exhausted. Her eyes slipped shut again and she reached up her free hand to rub at her temple.

"They need to make a pain killer for when people get in your head and fuck with it."


Marcos blushed like he always did when Lorna kissed his cheek, and he returned the favor, kissing her lips -lightly- as to not mess with her head further. But he hears her words, every delicate sound that describes the nature of what she wants to do with the knowledge she has of the Twins and Magneto. "I guess….I just worry about you you know?" he wraps both of his arms then, lying back on the bed so she could use him as a pillow.

"I think he'd try that with every mutant he comes across personally….But…I dunno. I'll keep my promise to you, I'll never let you fall." he smiles to her warmly. "I love you."


Lorna smiled again, faintly, with exhaustion still in her movements as he kissed her lightly. She sagged back against him as he leaned back onto the bed, cradling her head against his chest. With a tired sort of way, she reached out and grabbed his hand, pressing it against her temple and holding it there. Heater-packs eat your heart out, she had her boyfriend.

"Just keep that there for like twenty minutes and we'll call it good, yeah?" She mumbled.

Of course as Marcos continued about not letting her fall, Dani's words twisted in her stomach and the remembered image of her stabbing Marcos to his death sat ill in her mind's eye.

She winced, but it could have just been from the head ache as much anything.

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