Wake Me Up

November 18, 2017:

Lorna awakens… as does Marcos


NPCs: Nurse Annie



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Eclipse was down and out….after that attack from the demon bear, he was getting fixed up by someone before they probably left so that he could rest. He had taken a bit of a beating…and he overused his powers -far- past their limits due to his anger. at this point, he has no idea that Lorna is actually alive…

He looks so peaceful that it's almost disturbing…thoug heventually, his eyes open to take in the light of the room…he was on a bed…with an IV and other appropriate medical equipment. "Lorna……Lorna…." he looks like he's about to panic because he still believes her to be long gone.

He slowly sits up, thoug hit's clear he's hurting.


The green haired mutant, funnily enough was in the next bed over. She looked similarly out, though there was no IV in her case. Nurse Annie however, happened to be in the room at that moment that Marcos started to wake and the woman came over to him, settling a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, shh, it's alright. Lorna is right over there." The nurse tried to settle him back to the bed more firmly.

"We had to sedate her, she was out of control when she got back. She's fine otherwise. She should be waking up again soon. I promise." The nurse leaned back, giving Marcos some space to see the sleeping Lorna on just the next bed over as she had promised. "Now don't go getting back up, you'll rip out the IV. You are very dehydrated."


Marcos looks over at the love of his life…"she…she's alive…" a tear actually escapes his eyes no matter how hard he tries not to. "Can….can you take me to her…j-just move my bed next to hers somehow or…or…" he says with heartfelt warmth.

He looks her over, how she looks at peace. "SHe lost control?" he asks a bit, though he sighs a moment, taking a breath. He was never afraid of her, but it was the -guilt- of not being there…not making it in time that just ate away at him. "Lorna…I'm sorry…" he says to himself.


Annie made a sympathetic sound as the grown man tears up as he looks on at the sleeping, green haired mutant. "Yes, she's alive. Physically, she's doing better than you are too." The nurse sighed softly as Marcos asked to be helped to the bed where Lorna rested, her brows furrowing.

"You need your rest. In a proper bed, you know." She tsked, but moved to hook the IV onto a wheeling stand instead. Then she returned again with a chair, settling it beside Lorna's bed. "You won't fit on these beds with two people. But I can help you get up to sit beside her for a little while." She held out a hand to Marcos in offer to help him.

"And yes, she lost control. It really horrible. She came back in a terrorized state. Nearly ruined what remains of the mansion too."


Marcos just felt -ruined- when Annie told him the news of how Lorna just lost control. But when she perhaps reluctantly agreed to help Marcos over to sit at Lorna's bed, Marcos extends his hand weakly to take Ann's. "Thank you….."

He rises with shaking legs, his body overspent from his outburst in the attempt to defend the mansion against the attackers. Once he made it to Lorna's side though, he would nod appreciatively to Annie and rest his hand on Lorna's green mane. "Lorna…" he whispers. "I'm here…I'm here now."


Annie looked perhaps, a bit disaproving at how much Marcos was shaky on his feet. Still, she helped him to sit, wheeling over the IV with him. "I'll be back in an hour. But then you need your rest." She murmured softly, moving to the door and exiting quietly. The door shutting without so much of a creak. Marcos was left alone with a gently sleeping Lorna.

It was some time later, less than an hour, but more than a few minutes, that Lorna showed signs of waking. A groan escaped her, her eyes moved behind her eyelids and her whole body tensed as if ready to fight something off. She sat up with a gasp, a whimper and her eyes flew wide. A hand leapt out and a lamp on the end table opposite of where Marcos sat, flew to her hand.

Her heart beat rapidly in her chest and her breathing was shallow and rushed.


Marcos nods to Annie at her instructions before she leaves, looking then to Lorna as he awaited next to her, his hand caressing her hair. But it was when she woke up that this would get interesting. When she summoned the lamp to her hand, he put a hand on her shoulder "Lorna…Lorna! it's me! Marcos!" he looks her in the eyes, he didn't flinch in defense…he recalls her nightmares.

"I'm here now….I'm here now…" he smiles warmly to her. "My Lorna…." he looks into her eyes deeply then.


Lorna looked around wildly, green eyes wide, her breathing a shallow pant for air. "Marcos we need to run, we need to get out of here. It's going to come back. It's waiting in the shadows. We have to go. Now." She grit out, looking panicked. Then her eyes settled on the IV in his arm and she stared.

"W-what happened? Where are… what.." She seemed to slowly come back to awareness, her breathing slowing to a more normal rate. Though she had yet to release her grip on the lamp.



Marcos would look at Lorna with wide eyes "Lorna, Lorna! calm down….calm down…what are you talking about? I know it'll come back…until we kill it." he says somewhat determined now. "Don't worry…we're safe, at least for now." he says in an attempt to calm her.

"Lorna…it's me. It's me." he rests his head against her neck, a tear coming from his eyes. "I thought I lost you….." he says softly, in a weak voice. It must have -broke- him to see her dragged into the shadows. "I…I didn't make it to you in time…I….I thought…" and if he lost her…

He lost everything.


Lorna exhaled a shuddering breath, her hands reaching out to cup his cheeks as the tears welled up in his eyes and his voice broke. She still trembled, still panted for air as if she'd been running nonstop in a marathon. "You didn't lose me. You didn't lose me.." She whispered, her voice shaking as much as her hands did.

"I .. you almost did. But I came back. I'm here. You're here. We're both here. We're alive." She traced her hands against his jaw and down his neck to his shoulders as she leaned in close. As if reassuring herself just as much as he was, that they were both very much still alive.

The lamp sat forgotten on the bedding beside her.


Marcos keeps his eyes on Lorna, resting his forehead against hers. "You're alive…" his hands move to hold her cold, shivering hands. His hands of course still providing the warmth needed and luxury desired.

"I don't care how you came back…you're here." he wraps his arms around her to embrace her tight. "You're alive." he says with almost a tear falling from his features. "I won't ever leave you to that darkness again. I swear it. I swear." he declares protectively. "I love you Lorna."

He lets out, leaning away just a little to look back at her. a wide smile touching his features in relief, scared he was dreaming before he kisses her.


Lorna's lips were cool, cooler than they should've been, but perhaps that was the results of fear. The kind that had chilled her to her bones and felt her mind in a fractured state that had required her to be sedated. A state that had lasted long enough for Marcos to wake. Long enough for resident telepaths to ensure that she wasn't going to wake up and start wrecking the whole of the mansion.

Too long.. and there were fractures in her mind that had yet to surface. Things she pushed back with all of her will and buried beneath the immediate fact that Marcos was there, alive and safe and holding her…

She didn't cry. She couldn't cry. It hurt too much and to go down that path would leave her weak and bawling for days in bed. She knew that feeling well and for the moment tried her best to be there for Marcos.

Her hands closed around his own, squeezing gently as he warmed them. He was running hot. A scalding sensation on her fear chilled skin. Everything from his lips to his hands left a path of heat against her skin. "Yeah.. I'm alive." She whispered against his lips, reaching up to rub at the tear that trickled down his cheek. At least it wasn't liquid fire, like his blood. That was something.

"Hey.. I came back to you. I will always come back to you. Okay? It's not … you don't have to put it on yourself to save me. I can and I will always, fight to come back. You mean the world to me Marcos. Our life together means the world to me."


Marcos smiles warmly to her, after the kiss he just held her close. "and you, Lorna…mean the world to me. Should we be worlds a part, even then I'll find a way to find you. I love you." he states, his love and passion for her transcending all else in his life.

"Because if I lose you…Lorna, if you die…I die." yes…he loved her that much. "I wouldn't want any life where you're not in it." he admits fearlessly. He gives her hand a warm squeeze, her features a warm smile. But it seemed his emotional strength returned then, and it was his turn to be there for Lorna. "Are you alright?" he asks, though he already knows the answer.


Lorna leaned into his embrace, still shivering from time to time. She was chilled, not cold, but chilled. And was slower to warm despite his heat. Her eyes drooped as she leaned against him, mindful of the IV still in his arm. She kept watch over it, more than anyone else possibly could, given that she could sense it's presence as sure as someone could see a light on in a dark room.

"Marcos. If something ever happened to me.. permanently.. you need to survive. You need to keep going. I want to know, that you'll still fight on, even in my absence. Or would you want me to to do the same? To give up? To die if I lost you?" She tilted her head back, arching a green eyebrow upwards.

"Because .. I love you, and I don't want to think about you just giving up. Promise me, if something ever happened to me that you would do that?" She reached up a hand to cup his jawline, her brows furrowed and a serious thinning of her lips followed. Emotion thick in her voice.


Marcos looks at Lorna, his time of emotional weakness now passed. He listens to her every word, each vowel holding an impact on him. "Alright….alright." he holds a hand to her cheek lovingly. "I promise that if something should happen to you…I'll find a way to survive, to live on….and if something happesn to me…I want you to be happy, and never look back." he looks her in the eyes. "I promise. Do I have your word that you'll do the same?" he asks her.

"I love you too…we'll be here for each other…in this life or the next." He wrapped his arms around her to hold her close, his chin resting on her shoulder.


Lorna kept those green eyes of her's locked on Marcos, her frame leaning into the comforting warmth of his hand against her cheek. It was like she'd leaned against a sun-baked brick on a winter's day— exactly what she wanted. Still, as he strove to pull a promise from her in turn she leaned into the embrace he offered instead.

For a long moment, she didn't speak.

"I promise I'll try. For you." She finally got out, leaning back to wrap her hand around his own. "I'll try my best." She amended, her eyes searching his face.

At least this way she didn't have to talk about what had happened.

"..I guess this mess puts our travel plans on hold for the moment."

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