Demon Bear: The Fall: Lorna Dane's Dream

November 17, 2017:

The shadows prey upon the weakness of heart and mind. Lorna's dreams aren't very welcomed.


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Fade In…

Darkness rolls over Lorna Dane and the green-haired woman falls.

Down. Down. Down.

Into winter's embrace as coldness reaches out to nip at skin, hair and clothes. It strives to numb fingertips, toes and to crystalize frost upon the folds of her clothing.

It may feel like the blackness is unending as all sense of up, down, right or left is lost, but eventually (like everything) Lorna Dane's fall eventually ends.

Ground can be felt, a solidity there that wasn't, and with something of a terra firma now found the world alights.

It starts as a glow to the east, almost mimicking the sun, but soon enough that pinprick of light expands and as it does so the light washes outward. It races across the area around her -

A city can be seen. A broken city. Flames eat at the buildings and destruction can be seen as far as the eye can go. Lorna will find herself within a street, if it can still be called such. The street itself is just chunks of cement and asphalt, with water lazily rolling down the slope of the potholes and craters that pockmark the street.

For now the city is eerily quiet. Devoid of the sounds of the people who once lived here, or the battle that caused this particular destruction, and Lorna finds herself alone.

Lorna groped and grasped for magnetic fields that weren't there to slow her fall, and that in and of itself was terrifying to her. To fall with nothing to control. To hold onto. She couldn't help the scream that ripped from her throat, part desperation, part terror. The cold was a bitter reminder that she was not where she belonged. Lost in shadows.

Her landing at least didn't kill her, small favors there. As she slowly came down from her panic to notice the world around her, she shivered, wrapping her arms around herself.

The leather jacket she'd added to her previous costume for winter work, really wasn't enough. Though to be fair, design wise she'd been planning it for Genosha. Not.. where ever.. here was. She looked around slowly, her brows furrowing as she started to walk. Her footfalls sounded loud to her ears with the silence of the city and a prickling followed at the base of her neck and down her spine.

She didn't call out, but kept to the walls of the fallen buildings, her green eyes narrowed as she tried to reach out with her senses for signs of metal.

The solitude stays with Lorna as she walks, hugging the side of the nearby buildings. Only the crackle of glass might possibly being heard within the quiet around.

Occasionally in the distance the groan of a building succumbing to its own end might be heard.

When the green-haired woman reaches out with her powers she'll continue to find a disturbing lack of metal around herself. In fact, the only metal she can feel is what she carries within her clothes and upon her body. The rest of the city reads with a finality to it, a blankness, as if it truly nothing exists here within this burning world.

But, a person can smell smoke, their touch can feel the roughness of the buildings around, and ears can still hear.

It's only as Lorna steps from the safety of her current building and then to the next, that she finds herself no longer alone. The woman cloaked in bear-skin walks beside her. Her face continues to be mostly concealed by shadows, but this close on can make out her mouth, her chin and her darker complexion.

"Lorna Dane." Intones the woman hollowly as she moves to keep pace with her.

Lorna moved cautiously, though her hands remained at her sides, most of her costume was metal. She'd always been prepared to use it as armor, but had built in enough to serve as temporary weapons as well. Metal was metal, and she had infused every fiber of her outfit with it. Still, she didn't pull it free of the cloth, rather kept her eyes around her, on edge, as she walked.

The buildings, lacking any metal whatsoever tripped her up. She was so used to seeing cities through her senses. The high keening of electrical wires burned within each, giving her outlines in her mind's eye as sure as the metal rebar, pipes, and studs that kept the towering buildings together..

To not sense that left her blind, and left her in a bad temper.

So to see a woman come out of the shadows, and keep pace beside her, she scowled. Eyes narrowed as she watched the strangely shadowed woman.

"Who are you? And where am I? I know I'm not dead, because I'm pretty sure hell is a bit more firey and I know this isn't anyone's idea of heaven."

There's very little response to the scowl or the look that's sent her way by Lorna Dane.

The shadowed woman just continues to keep pace even as the green-haired woman asks those questions of hers.

The silence might stretch into something uncomfortable, but eventually the Cheyenne woman says, "Ask Scott, or Illyana, or Nate Grey who I am, they'll tell you." Begins the woman, her voice ringing oddly around the two, "For you, however, I'm here to help. To show you a future. Your future. Something that might and could happen, but also might not. It's all dependent on what steps you take in your life."

And with that last word the cityscape blurs, the buildings, the streets, the fallen wires all disappearing around the woman.

When the world reasserts itself, Lorna will find herself upon a rooftop of a skyscraper. Next to her stands that cloaked woman and the Cheyenne points outward to the devastated city and the broken horizon that can be seen. "Shall I show you what caused this?" She asks, the question rhetorical, because already movement can be seen across the street. A battle rages -

A group fights from the street against a person floating above them. Around the woman, for it is a woman, are hunks of metal and metallic debris. The group of heroes below her are slowly losing, as three people lay dead upon the street. That doesn't seem to stop them, especially the leader. A man with dark hair. A man that Lorna knows.

Marcos Diaz.

His expression is grim as he shouts orders to those nearby.

Two separate halves of a car slams down into the group and from that the a glimpse of the woman can finally be seen.

Green hair halos around her head, a familiar face can be seen, and a sneer twists her expression into ugliness.

Lorna staggered as the city blurred around her and they were transported to the top of a building. She caught herself with a step away from the shadow cloaked woman, peering out at the ruined city beyond. Her frown only deepened as she followed the woman's gesture to the city and offered to show her exactly what happened to the broken city.

The green locked mutant moved to the edge of the roof top, her heart pounding in her chest as she stared at the bits of movement that she spied.

Then she gasped as she recognized herself and the sinking feeling in her stomach hit rock bottom. She clutched at the roof's crumbling edge, ready to leap as she finally recognized who was fighting this version of herself, surrounded by metal. She couldn't make it in time. Couldn't fly. Everything was.. so very, very, wrong.

"No. No.." She gritted out, and as the car slams down on the group she felt her throat constrict as she twisted around to glare at shadowed woman. Her fear twisted her heart, and she shook with barely contained rage.

"What are you, the ghost of Christmas yet to come?! That's not me. I would never do that. I love Marcos." She snarled, breathing hard as if she had run a marathon. "Whatever trick you're playing at, it's not true. That's not me."

The 'hood' of the cloak tilts slightly, the the glassy eyes of the dead bear that compromises the hood staring resolutely at Lorna Dane.

"Christmas yet to come." Muses Danielle Moonstar. "I like that, but no. No I am no ghost, but this place allows me to see into the future. Mine and yours, or any one really and when I look at yours this -" And she points again to the woman who's Lorna and yet not. "Is what I always see."

Stepping closer to the edge, so that she too can get a closer look, Dani continues with. "Love. Such an interesting emotion and one that can be so easily twisted into something more. Foolishness. Stupidity. Hatred. Especially hatred. Opposite sides of the coin."

"Let's see what happens next - three still live." Adds the black-haired woman and her 'face' turns back to the battle.

And while it may not seem like it, what Danielle Moonstar says is the truth. One of those halves of metal slowly begins to melt and slag. From behind it, or perhaps within it, three figures step through. Marcos, a woman who looks like fire and a woman with lavender skin and purple hair.

"See?" Comes the whisper, "Your love survived. Though perhaps he'll regret that."

And true to word, the Lorna that floats above the trio flicks a wrist. With that movement ribbons of metal arc downward to the three. The two woman are ruthlessly impaled by the sharpened 'spears', whereas Marcos isn't. Instead those strands of seemingly flexible alloy wraps stiffly around the man's wrists and ankles. Then he's lifted upward, thanks to the metal that binds his limbs together.

Lorna paced, like a caged tiger unable to fly, unable to do anything but watch in growing horror at what this 'future' self was doing to the man she loved. She snarled, slamming her hands against the sides of the building. This wasn't happening right now, right? The woman had asked her if she wanted to see what had happened. It was a vision. And Lorna had no means of stopping it. Of preventing it.

That helplessness dragged at her and she trembled from the emotions that welled inside her. Her gloved hands creaked as she watched, her knuckles white beneath the leather.

"I would never hurt him." She repeated, her voice stuck in her throat. What if they were the ones that had gone off the path? Why did she assume it was her?

Because there's no metal anywhere else in this whole city. It's as if someone or something yanked it all out. And you are the one that everyone watches. The one that has the capacity to turn so very, very wrong.

Her mind was not the best of friends, and her depressive, anxious thoughts were quick to jump on the darkest option. The one that gave her nightmares. Nightmares that Marcos, always battled away. The ones in which he swore he would balance her, never let her get this bad.

A small, weak, 'no' fell from her lips at the sight of Marcos bound and her chest constricted painfully.

The darkness is always there to resist the light. The vision is no different.

The worst parts of just who Lorna could be are seen within the light of the fires. The hazy brightness of the smoke-filled skies above.

It shows the other green-haired woman pulling the Marcos to her. Past the floating debris that circle around her and close to her.

The two are inches apart and it's clear they're talking. Marcos almost furiously so. The other Lorna seems less incensed than the man. She listens, however, to what he has to say a cruel smile lifting a corner of her mouth upward. It's only as Marcos finally loses all his cool and begins to shout, that Lorna's expression changes. That cruel smile turns to rage in an instant.

"NO!" She shouts, her voice echoing over to the rooftop the real Lorna and Danielle Moonstar stand upon. "YOU NEVER LOVED ME!"

And within her left hand metal crawls from the woman's bracer and forms into a sharp and hasty shiv. "NEVER!" She shouts one last time, before she plunges the homemade dagger between Marcos' ribs, aiming for his heart or lungs.

The man gasps in surprise and pain, and even as the light begins to fade from his eyes, and blood bubbles from his mouth, he still manages a broken, "Lorna … you were told … lies. I still l —" That last word never finishes, not when the man's form goes limp with death.

And with that the scene pauses, the crackling fires quiet and everyone stops moving. Except for Moonstar and the real Lorna. "Darkness resides in you, Lorna Dane. And it controls all your actions. Always. That is what is foreseen for you."

Lorna felt her anger go out of her in a rush as she stared, watching the scene play out and useless, helpless to stop it. She couldn't hear what went between the two, didn't know what passed between them until her other self shouted. And her hands rose to clap over her mouth. She struggled against watching the vision, closing her eyes against what she could feel was coming.

She didn't have to see what happened next to know what happened, though watch she did. Her mouth opened and her hands fell to she sides as tears welled up in her eyes that she struggled against. She couldn't breath. Couldn't formulate a coherent thought other than a gaping, yawning, crushing sense of powerlessness and hopelessness.

Her breathing was staggered, and she struggled against the sight that she would never be able to unsee. But Lorna Dane was anything if not strong, she hated being weak. Being powerless, being helpless. She hated it, and it was an inherited trait that seemed to have been passed onto her possible siblings as well.

And so she focused on her anger. Perhaps.. just like her darker self had done.

"No. The future isn't set in stone. If it was, there wouldn't be other worlds. Other chances. This isn't my future. It's a possible one. Just like all the others. I would never, hurt anyone I love like that. I would never, destroy a whole city and kill everyone in it. This isn't me. This will never be me. I have friends. I have family. And they would never allow me to fall so far into that madness you just showed me."

Lorna's words are listened to. Her denials heard. Moonstar lets the other woman talk for as long as she needs to, until she's finished.

Hands part the bear-hide cloak to reach up to the 'hood' that covers Danielle's head and face. Pushing it back, the Cheyenne allows the other woman to see who she really is.

"Like our family saved me? Or stopped me?" The Cheyenne asks, her questions stated sharply, "If they can't stop me how would they ever stop you?"

The world around them unfreezes and the other Lorna gently touches the face of Marcos for a moment, then with a flick of her wrist, his body is tossed aside. Contempt in those movements of hers.

And with that last scene the world once again fades away. The coldness from earlier reasserts itself, reaching to leach heat from both women; though Dani doesn't seem to aware of it.

Lorna stood her ground as the woman parted back the bear cloak to reveal who she was. She stared, her lips parting as her stomach dropped out of her and she swallowed the thickness that formed in the back of her throat. She had no words to retort and like a flame snuffed out by the wind, so went her anger. She had no idea where Dani had been. She had no concept of what had happened to the woman. And that guilt only fed the self loathing that boiled to the surface at the images of her other self tossing Marcos' limp form away.

The coldness leeched away what little warmth Lorna had, and she shivered, wrapping her arms around herself.

"Why show me this? Why? What happened? To you.. to .. to my future.." She seemed to struggle to get the words out, her teeth clenched around each one.

Little is said to the question about what happened to Dani. Those secrets are best left unsaid.

That, however, doesn't stop the black-haired woman from answering the other questions. "To hurt you, of course. To show that you'll never escape what's inside you. We are who we are, possible futures aside, and that -" Meaning the woman that just killed Marcos, "Is who you really are."

And just like that the darkness beneath Lorna's feet erupts. Shadowed hands rise up and reach for her ankles, her legs, grasping at her to try and pull her down. Back into their shadowy depths, their frostbitten touch and back into the lightless and soundless world.

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