A Meeting in the Sky

November 15, 2017:

Spoiler encounters Superman when they patrol the same skies. A rather straightforward conversation develops.

New York Airspace - Sky Above North Eastern America

The city of New York sprawls beneath, a living, breathing thing.
Its population of 8.3 million people go about their business, largely
unheeding of what happens in the skies above them. Unless, of course, it
involves something spectacular — like a meteor strike, violent storm, or
clash of superhuman proportions. Then, they might remember to look up.
High above, the sky is bright and cold. Here, you're above the
clouds, below the stars, and in that place where the falling angel meets the
rising… well, airplane, actually. Or space shuttle. Take your pick.
In either case, the ground below is a long, long way off. Mountains
rise and fall, prairies stretch out like postage stamps, forests appear like
tufts of grass in a patchy lawn, and oceans sparkle in the light of the sun
or moon. People… People are pretty much microscopic from this height,
actually. So, unless you've got a telescope, don't even worry about trying
to see them.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Batman, the Flash, Captain America


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Fade In…

Another patrol night. This time in New York. There was some intergang activities to keep an eye on, things rated too low priority for the Avengers usual cast to get involved. There's been little to do with them since she unraveled some of the criminal ties New York was gaining to Gotham.

Really, up high has begun to feel safe. No one dogging her steps and making her want to live her life looking over her shoulder.

Spoiler has set her skycycle to hover mode, and her login on Oracle to montior Twitter and NYPD radio bands for things she's flagged as IMPORTANT, so that she can lean forward on her bike, fold her arms over the 'dash', and lower her head for a nap.

Several hundred feet above the rooftops of Manhattan.

Superman was already flying through the skies of Manhattan, looking down below at the people there and how they acted and conversed, ready for even the smallest whisper for help. Though that's when he comes to a complete stop when he sees Spoiler, tilting his head at the young lady.

Curious, he flies over to her and puts a hand on her bike. "This is a nice motorcycle. Been awhile since I've seen these in the sky. Though I don't think I've met you before." he smiles warmly then, his hair shaggy and a mess with the wind…which only increases his charm by 1 million.

He flashes Spoiler the warmest smile.

A soft bleep. Under her cowl, Stephanie's eyes open and focus on the alert. It's a simple radar, having caught a blip moving on her position. By the time Superman is reaching a hand for her bike, she's pull herself up into a semi-reclined almost not quite sitting up spawrl, chin in hand. She turns to peer at Superman and the motiff is unmistakable: The Bat.

Where Batman is blacks and greys, this blonde's uniform is charcoal grey and aubergine - a dark eggplant-skin purple. The cut of the cowl and lilt to the white lens of the eyes are a more feminine shape of Batman's. The emblem on her chest stands in relief without being a sharp high contrast hue. Like the Bat, her uniform is lined with the tiniest layer - molecules - of lead.

"While you hardly need an introduction, Superman," Spoiler says. Her dark purple painted lips hardly moving as she speaks.

Superman smiles to Spoiler warmly, though when she speaks, he takes a full look at her, humming softly. "I would guess….Batman influence?" he asks curiously, hovering effortlessly in the air. Though he already knows if this is true, his X-ray vision won't work, and thus does he just smile at Spoiler. So much for the easy way of finding out who she is.

"Heh…well, at least you know my name, yet I have yet to know yours. May I ask what your name is, miss? Not your real one, if you wish, clearly." he chuckles then.

"Obviously," Spoiler intones as she pushes herself up a little straighter in the 'saddle' of her flying motorcycle. For a long moment she ponders being snarky, channeling her mentor at the Kryptonian, but his warm charm wins out.

"I'm known as Spoiler," she replies, managing not to smile full yin return, although there's a faint almost there grin.

Superman smiles to her a moment, but he does chuckle when she reveals herself as Spoiler. "Spoiler." he echoes, almost like it has power to the name, before he nods a bit. "A pleasure to meet you Spoiler. So, joyriding through the skies? or on patrol?" he asks curiously.

Though his eyes look her over up and down, smiling faintly to her. No he was -not- checking her out. perv. He simply was admiring the outfit.

"Patrol," Spoiler replies, head bobbing faintly in a nod. She notices how he looks her over, and with an effort of will doesn't react.


Superman's eyes then move to the bike itself. Quite the design. Though when asked, he would nod with a small chuckle. "Yes, I am on patrol as well. Though I ended up seeing you and thought I would say hello." he smiles warmly then.

The design is NOT Batman's work. It's been modified by the caped crusaider, but the original hull and bodywork is nothing like what Batman would use. And then there's the techonology level. It's a little too …future for Gotham's Dark Knight. This piece of hardware smacks of The Avengers, and perhaps explains what a batling is doing in New York City Airspace.

"Oh. Well, thank you. Hello to you,too," she replies, somewhat awkwardly. It's a subtle shift, but one that deages her from the maybe mid-twenties she had been sounding straight back into the unceratin years of a teenager in high school.

Superman notices the awkward, yet subtle shift in her tone. Though he does notice the incredibly futuristic aspect of her gear that she has present. "Hm…little too…futuristic for Batman's liking I think." he shrugs "But it means you get to be an individual. Nice." he chuckles faintly, before floating on ahead.

"So, do you know how Batman is doing? I haven't seen him in some time."

"He's busy."

The reply is quick, terse, and right back to the near-growl that sounds almost like an adult from the now possibly youthful blonde batling. And then, as if hoping to keep off the subject of where is the Batman:

"I consult for the Avengers. This was part of my stipend, so I had a way to travel between locations quickly," Spoiler says, tone slipping back toward youthful as she nudges her skycycle forward to keep pace with the kryptonian.

Superman nods a few times…it's to be expected. Though her fast answer has him only a little curious, but he lays off.

"Ah, I see. If you see Captain America, do tell him I said hello? It's been some time since I've seen him."

Beneath the cowl, Stephanie quirks a brow.

"If I see him. We tend to keep to different schedules. I'm more of a night owl, after all. But, maybe on the next mission?" she offers.

Superman nods a few times. "That's fine. Just say hi for me whenever you can if you like." he chuckles then, though he does look to his right to see Spoiler keeping pace with him. "How long have you been with the Avengers?"

Stephanie Browneeping pace is the only way she'd have been able to keep a conversation going. No super hearing, after all!

"Half a year, maybe?" she replies, putting it before Flash's disappearance and her first of three log ins at the Watchtower.

Superman nods a bit, though slows down just a tad to make things easier for Brown. "I see. You must be a good member of the team. Happy you got into the Avengers and stayed for so long. World needs good people to defend it." he smiles then warmly, before his eyes return forward.

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