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November 14, 2017:

Misfit and Impulse meet in Gotham


Late night deserted Gotham street


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SOOO Booooo ooo OO oo oo RRRrrring.

That is the sentiment Misfit has as she bat-perches on a building with an excellent view of the section of Gotham she is patrolling. For some reason there hasn't even been a decent mugging to stop this evening. Nothing on the police scanner either. What the hell Gotham. The night you can't provide any crime to be foiled. I mean sure there are crimes being foiled on some of the others patrol routes but none for Misfit.

"Arrrgh" the young woman mutters and stretches leaning dangerously on the ledge she is on trying to get a better view of the streets below.


Spoiler had warned him about poking around Gotham for fear of attracting a certain person's attention. Of course, Impulse did as he pleased either way, and even though he'd since gotten more of an explanation thanks to Red Robin, it still hasn't kept him from passing through the neighborhood. Usually the only reason that he does so is because Tim lives in Gotham, and if you're in Gotham, why not have a quick bit of sightseeing?

The young speedster's not really looking for trouble but he wouldn't be adverse to helping out someone if need be, Bat-territory or not.

He's a blur of red, white and yellow when and if seen at all, blazing down streets without a break.


Misfit perks up. "Holy carp." she mutters head tilting and she taps her goggles trying to lock onto that blurring going down the streets "It's the Flash!" okay wow how many JLA'ers can she meet in one week. I mean sure Batman. But Batman is always around looming and brooding. This though is a new one. "Rocking!" with that she steps off the ledge and before she can plummet she vanishes into thin air with a slash of purple and pink smole >pinkurple>

There is a slash of smoke ahead of you as she appears "Hiii…. damnit." you are already zipping along quickly. Misfit teleports again, then again "Hi.. hey… yo… slow…. down… a .. bit…" it is a series of teleports, bouncing with flashes of colorful smoke as she tries to get you to stop.


-was there someone talking just now? Even if Impulse is tearing down the street at such high speeds, he can process things at the same rate. And that was definitely some explosion of color that he caught out of the corner of his eye. And there, and there again- but the snatches of words he catches are even less as they're still flowing while he's already moved on.

Hist least with the realization that someone might be meaning to flag him down somehow, the speedster begins to slow down a notch or two. It might just give the pinkurple smoke bomb a chance to actually head him off at the pass.


There are a couple of more smaller teleports "Sloow … down…" and then well Misfit really hopes he gets the general idea or this next bounce may hurt. She teleports into his path but way down the street there and puts her hands up "Woooah woah woah woah…. hi!" she is ready to flinch teleport out of the way if she can, but damn this guy is fast like this. Gosh the Flash…. The thought definitely crosses her mind about dropping abat tripline there but then he might just crash into a building nad hurt it.. and himself.. and yell at her.


Where'd they go? Impulse catches a few more bursts and the words- and then suddenly someone's in front of him. "WHOA-!!" he blurts, and he's got only split seconds to react. The surprise stranger doesn't have to do a thing, or maybe she's about to but she might have been a millisecond too slow. Instead, Impulse goes right through her, vibrating through physical matter to make him virtually untouchable and more importantly, not make anyone street pizza. He skids to a stop right after, letting out a breath in relief before he turns about to look back.

"Hey- you okay??"


There is definitely a squeeeeeek of pure alarm and fear for a minute there. Misfit bounces away right after you vibrate right through her and when you look back all you see for a second there is a whisp of pink and purple mist disappating into thin air.

After a few shaky breaths she calls down from her perch atop a street lamp "What the hell was that!?" if there is any harm, the bounce fixed it. Wierd like that. So she looks perfectly fine. "I… wait a second!?" she teleports back down in front of you now and just stares "You aren't the flash!"


There's this moment of 'oh man, I vaporized someone into pigment whaaat' until he hears someone shouting from above. Impulse cranes his head up to see. But then she disappears again, reappearing now on ground level. He stares back in surprise. "That's a cool trick!" he says, near simultaneously with her exclamation before he blinks as he processes it. "Uh, no. I'm Impulse."


There is another slash of smoke as she bounces behind him, then to one side, then to the other isde, then back to the front. "Okay… well… the costume is awesome.. and you are very fast." Misfit pauses hmmming softly.

"Okay this is still pretty cool even if you aren't the flash." then she blinks behind her goggles and grins "Oh hey thanks.. I call it bouncing. It is totes useful." she sticks a yellow gloved hand out to Bart. "Misfit."


For all that she's moving all about him so quickly with her 'bounces', Impulse seems to have no trouble tracking her, his head turning wherever she reappears. He grins at the compliments. "Thanks. And yeah, that's kinda my thing." Being fast.

At least he doesn't look too offended when she implies that he's not who she was looking for in the first place. "Bouncing, huh? I've never heard of that. It's…kinda like warping from place to place? Is there a limit?" He looks at her hand before smiling again, moving to shake. "Misfit, huh. How many of you guys are there…" The whole Bat-like motif and all…


She shakes the hand virgoously and then grins, bit lopsided but it is a very genuine thing there. Misfit seems, well genuine is a good word for her demeanor. "Bouncing. I mean I guess some people might call it teleporting but .. bouncing just feels more accurate." a roll of her shoulders as she considers it. "Warping.. well.. I don't actually have any clue how it works. Batman has theories but he isn't.. uh.. verbose… about them. I can totally hit metropolis… I haven't really thought about going farther than that.. I mean maybe I can.. I should try that sometime…" she trails off for a breath.

Then Misfit ohs realizing you had a question still. "How many.. oh.. Gotham.. uh.. well Robin.. Me.. Spoiler.. Batgirl.. Batman… I guess five?" then she pauses "You.. are a hero right….?" she squints behind her goggles.


"How's it wo- oh." Well, so much for that question. "Well, so long as it works, I guess?" Impulse knows that sort of mindset doesn't really fly, and it does help in the longrun to figure out what exactly you're doing and how it works, but he supposes anyone with Batman ties must know what's best for themselves. "…for a guy that I thought likes working alone, he sure has a lot of people around," he can't help but observe. "I know Red Robin and Spoiler. Haven't run into Batgirl yet." At her question he grins. "Well yeah! I'm with the Titans. …you seriously haven't heard of me?" Maybe it's fair, considering most of his activity had been…well, anywhere but Gotham.


"OOh.. Titans… yeah.. I mean I know Robin is involved but I haven't really had a chance to pester him about it much yet. He isn't around as much.. because.. you know.. Titans." Misfit grins though. "He.. well he does like working alone. I mean he does. He is very broody just don't tell him I said that." she shrugs a bit. "Also sorry I don't know much about the teams outside Gotham yet. Still pretty new at all this in the grand scheme of things."

There is a pause then Misfit asks "Do you know the flash… are you like his sidekick when you aren't with the Titans?"


Impulse stifles a snicker. "Promise I won't," he says, knowing how…broody Batman is. The guy didn't seem to approve of him in general, although the speedster has no idea why!!

"Well, Rob's a workaholic so I'm not surprised. I was-" He manages to stop himself from mentioning that he'd just gone to visit Tim at his place. "-wondering if he um…hung around here still, but I guess he's been taking Titans business pretty serious. But he takes everything serious so…"

Blink. "I know the Flash! Um….not his sidekick though, no. Actually I haven't gotten to run into him. Heh. Speed joke. But no, seriously, we just haven't been able to catch up- augggh that wasn't on purpose."


Yeah no kidding, Misfit could be a nefarious villain and dressing up like a bat associate. Then again. Impulse could be a nefarious villain posing as a speedster. "I'll have to give Robin some hell about not hanging around more next time I see him." she smirks, it is a crooked sort of smirk. "He is pretty much as serious as Batman.. I mean.. not like we don't all have dark burdens but they never seem to smile. Spoiler is awesome though."

"I like you.. your ironically punny .. or funny… but yeah speed jokes." Misfit grins "So Titans… do you fight villains cooler than insane people in costumes?"


"Robin smiles!" Impulse claims. "-he's got a weird sense of humor though, so yeah. No surprise it takes some work getting one out of him. Spoiler's all right I guess." He tries not to be too dismissive about Spoiler. There's still a lot of complications around that subject. It's not that he has any problem with her, but she's been a little wary about him the last time he'd run into her. It was kinda weird. Well, that and he'd found out from Rob that she'd dated his grandfather. Aaaawwkward.

"Um…. Well, we stopped a talking gorilla and a brain in a jar from letting all the animals loose out of the zoo? Iiii don't think that necessarily counts as cool, though…"


"Robin >rarely< smiles… then again I am a little.. uh.. unconventional and I think they mostly just default into lecture mode and worry I will cause some disaster or another." she pauses "But they care tey really do." Misfit offers a chipper upbeat smile. "Also that totally sounds awesome… around here it is mostly muggings.. bank robberies.. murders.. occasionally people dressed in costumes but not with powers.."

She grins "Did the brain have super powers or was it like.. or the Gorilla.. I mean besides talking and being alive still.. because that sounds awesome." Misfit pops bouncing and peers at you from behind then back to the front. "What do you do for fun besides fighting crime? .. or training… do you guys have fun?"


Her grin's infectious, but then it also helps that Misfit seems to be a much more laid back Batling than the others he knows. Impulse laughs. "Yeah, I get that." He's been subjected to a few lectures himself, but whether he's paid attention during them or not is another thing entirely.

"Well, yeah, I guess there's no end to crimes like that, unfortunately." He spins around, back and forth as she goes disappearing and reappearing. It nearly makes him dizzy, but he'd rather be moving than standing around. "I'm not sure. I think it was just super smart. They were trying to control kids with these things they stuck to them, same as with what they were doing for the animals going on a rampage. I have no idea where a gorilla and a brain get that sorta tech. Not to mention a rocket launcher." He shrugs.

"Oh, but we do lots of fun stuff! Play video games, stuff ourselves on pizza… We have this pretty sweet thing called the Mud Room at the Tower that serves as a training room. It makes these simulation…things."


She groans "No wonder Robin is always off with you guys.. we never get pizza…" Misfit shakes her head sadly. "I mean good food. Not complaining. Still it is all training and patrols and when I bitch I am told I can always go to school if I want to do that instead… guh." Misfit shakes her head then looks down the street then down an alley. "Also yeah no end to crimes like that. Gotham is.. I really can't grok it sometimes how much crime is in this town. I mean .. we kick the stuffing out of them and throw them in jail but they break out all the time… and don't get me started about Arkham Asylum… it is so high tech but still.. all the breakouts… like revolving door of crime. Crazy town." blink "Not meaning to be offensive to the crazy people in the Asylum but it is nuts. Totes."

"Does the room make simulation things out of mud… I mean do you literally train in the mud.. also favorite video game? I'm >the< best at video games."


"Though.. don't load games on the bat computer.. that.. that gets a lecture to end all lectures…"


"Whaaat, no pizza???" By the look on his face you'd think that Misfit had told him the world wasn't really round. "Don't you get like, any free time?" There's a brief pause. "-you don't go to school? Aw. I still gotta do school. I mean, I guess it's something to do and having a quote-unquote normal life is important but…eh." Impulse supposes he can't complain. Max has always had his best interests at heart, or so he's said.

"Yeah, can't blame you for feeling like that." Really, what good was it putting people away if they just got out again? Weren't they supposed to learn or something?

"Mud? Oh, actually…yeah? I think so. Err…. Double R explained it once but I…don't think I was paying attention. Games though- it'd have to be between fighting games and shooters. …I play too many and kinda get through 'em quick so it's more fun having someone else to play against." Speedsters.

There's kind of an amused smirk as Misfit seems to be speaking from personal experience when it comes to games on the bat computer. "Hoo boy. Noted." He wonders what she'd think if she knew that Robin played games in his personal Nest on occassion.


"Trust me." she nods gravely "I like competitive games like that, shooters, fighters, mobas. Overwatch is like my favorite right now. Mostly Tracer.. I feel like they actually made her based on me but I know they probably have never heard of me.. also I'm not British." she pops up to a street light "Cavalries here!" then bounces back down in front of you and grins.

"Well sometimes I get pizza on my own when out on patrol.. the regime is healthy though and lots of training. Also no school… I .. probably should get my GED but it isn't like I am ever going to do anything but fight crime… not like I am going to be a lawyer or anything.. my skills are bouncing and kicking ass… also video games?"


That gets a laugh from him. "Huh, I can see that. I haven't played as much lately. It's fun swapping between characters though- but I prefer offense." That's probably not a surprise coming from a speedster.

Smiling crookedly at her, he shrugs. "Well…I guess that does kinda limit your options." Has he ever considered anything more than following in his grandfather's footsteps? Impulse decides not to think about it right now.

"Oh- I'm not um. Interupting patrol time, am I?"


Misfit blinks and then taps her goggles and squints reading something only she cans see "uuuuh… yeah… I .. urk.. dangit." she blinks and then focuses on Impulse "Okay so .. uh I need to bounce.. hah.. I mean seriously though." she gestures. "Robin knows how to get ahold of me. Also .. uh…" she fishes into a pouch and then scribbles on a piece of paper "Burner sim card will route to my comm… if you want to play video games sometime?"

She snaps the pouch closed and raises her hand wiggling her gloved fingers "Was awesome meeting you!" prepping to bounce out.


Impulse grins, nodding as he takes the slip of paper. He gives her a salute. "Sure! Guess I'll see you around!" he says, hopping back a few steps himself. It's kind of late anyway and he did get kinda side-tracked from getting home. Well, hopefully Max won't be sitting up waiting. Again.

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